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    Laser X Two Player Laser Gaming Set (88016)

    Laser X Two Player Laser Gaming Set (88016) 1495

    Add to Cart Laser X Two Player Laser Gaming Set (88016), Laser x two player laser gaming set (nsi) laser x is a real life laser gaming experience. set includes everything you need for 2 laser x players. toys and games
    • Really fun. I need to order a second set for the kids in the neighborhood. Much better than looking for foam balls or disc for nerf guns. I wish the targets were on your back as well. Great product. My son loves it! https://wujus.com/laser-two-player-laser-gaming-14951meg7qrk/#laser-two-player-laser-gaming
    • Highlight: Interactive Voice Coach Gives Tips, Feedback During The Game. Plug In Headphones And Hear The Laser X Soundtrack And Sound Effects.
    • Highlight: Compatible With All Other Laser X Sets. Play As Teams Or As Individuals.
    Discount Laser X Two Player Laser Gaming Set (Toys And Games) 88016