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Best of Lego Education Brands February 2021

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    Lego Education Wheels Set (4598357)

    Lego Education Wheels Set (4598357) 776

    Low Price Lego Education Wheels Set (4598357), Lego education wheels set (lego education) the lego education 779387 286-piece wheels set includes a steering wheel and a variety of windscreens, roof tiles, tires, plates, axles, and wheel hubs to build moveable vehicles toys and games
    • Supplementary: Includes A Steering Wheel And A Variety Of Windscreens, Tires, Plates, Axles, And Wheel Hubs To Build Moveable Lego Vehicles.
    • Partial list of contents: qty (4) wheels that are 1-1/8" diameter, qty (28) wheels that are 13/16" , qty (16) wheels that are 9/16", qty (4) "small" windshields, and qty. (4) "large" windshields, qty. (12) steering wheels. Numerous grey colored plates for car chassis, colored pieces for fenders, axe... go to https://wujus.com/lego-education-4598357-wheels-set-77604hxcx3i/#lego-education-4598357-wheels-set
    • Supplementary: Allows Construction Of Up To 12 Different Vehicles At The Same Time.
    Price Cut Lego Education Wheels Set (Toys And Games) 4598357
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    Lego Education Large Building Plates (779286)

    Lego Education Large Building Plates (779286) 1579

    Get Discount Lego Education Large Building Plates (779286), Lego Education Large Building Plates (Lego Education) The Lego Education 779286 Large Building Plates Set Has Four Plates Including Two 9. 84 Square Green Plates, One 14. 96 Square Gray Plate, And One 9. 84 Square Blue Plate, And Provides Toys And Games
    1. My kids find these very useful and have been wanting them for a while now. They really come in handy when they are wanting to build something large and need a base. The only thing i do not like about them is they seem a bit flimsy. When you build something large on them (the intended purpose of the ... go to https://wujus.com/lego-education-large-building-plates-1579085y3yv0/#lego-education-large-building-plates
    2. Items: Two 9. 84" Square Green Plates For Creating Various Earth Landscapes Including Grass And Forest Scenes.
    3. Items: One 14. 96" Square Gray Plate For Building Urban Environments Such As Streetscapes And Roofing.
    Deals Lego Education Large Building Plates (Toys And Games) 4570274
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    Lego Education Community Minifigures Set (779348)

    Lego Education Community Minifigures Set (779348) 777

    Fast Deal Lego Education Community Minifigures Set (779348), Lego education community minifigures set (lego education) the lego education 779348 256-piece community minifigure set includes parts to build 22 multicultural male and female minifigures representing different community roles, to help children lab supply
    • Addition: Includes Parts To Build 22 Multicultural Male And Female Minifigures Representing Different Community Roles To Help Students Role-play Exploring Gender, Ethnicity, And Occupations.
    • Wow, this is an awesome set! my 7 year old son absolutely loves it. It evokes tons of creativity, and he has played with it for hours. Lots of boy lego guys and accessories, and plenty for the girls too. Super creative add ons, like a lego cat (my personal favorite), dog, laptop, jackhammer, flowers... go to https://wujus.com/lego-education-community-minifigures-set-777085y3mto/#lego-education-community-minifigures-set
    • Addition: Supports A Group Of Five Students, Age Four Years And Older.
    Shopping Lego Education Community Minifigures Set (Lab Supply) 4598355