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    Mattel Games Uno Emoji Card Game (Matell Games)

    Mattel Games Uno Emoji Card Game (Matell Games) 5895

    Fast Deal Mattel Games Uno Emoji Card Game (Matell Games), Games uno emoji card it s the uno you love, but this version of the beloved game features cards emoji faces and symbols and a special rule that requires players to imitate those emoji expressions! as -mattel games uno emoji card game
    • Great game, we play on average three times a week with our kids. Quick easy game to play for family weekday game night before bedtime. Very fun, and the whole family can play even though we are all different ages. https://wujus.com/mattel-games-emoji-card-game-58951ix1kip4/#mattel-games-emoji-card-game
    • Supplementary: Same As Basic Uno But Includes Special Emoji Rule Cards That Require Players To Make And Hold Hilarious Emoji Expressions!.
    • Supplementary: First Player Or Team To 500 Wins.
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