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    Mega Puzzles Save-a-puzzle Glue, 4 Oz. (DFD51)

    Mega Puzzles Save-a-puzzle Glue, 4 Oz. (DFD51) 1838

    Very Cheap Mega Puzzles Save-a-puzzle Glue, 4 Oz. (DFD51), Mega Puzzles Save Puzzle Glue (Mega Puzzles) Save Your Puzzle Save-a-puzzle Glue. It Saves, Laminates, And Preserves Finished Jigsaw Puzzles. Glue Dries Quick, Clear, And Bright, Permanently Giving Your Favorite Puzzles A Finished Toys And Games
    1. Included: Dries Quick, Clear, And Bright.
    2. Worked great. But , it did shrink toward the middle. I didn't know this was happening til it was dry. Out of 1000 pieces, one piece in the middle is pushed up a little. There may be a way to prevent it, it can't be seen from a distance and with the glass frame i installed the puzzle in. But, as a pe... go to https://wujus.com/mega-puzzles-save-puzzle-glue-183800uxr3sy/#mega-puzzles-save-puzzle-glue
    3. Included: Bottle Includes Applicator Brush.
    Discounted Mega Puzzles Save-a-puzzle Glue, 4 Oz. (Toys And Games) Dfd51