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    My Bouncer Little Castle Attached (az 650 350w)

    My Bouncer Little Castle Attached (az 650 350w) 5759

    Get Price My Bouncer Little Castle Attached (az 650 350w), 3-in-1 little castle bounce 118 l x 102 d x 72 h attached ball pit perfect for use indoor or outdoor - compact & yet provides a spacious & safe play area. overall size measured : 118" l (incl. ball pit) x 102" d (72" for bounce house + 30" for slide -my bouncer 3-in-1 little castle bounce 118 l x 102 d x 72 h attached ball pit slide
    • Omg he loves it. It was all i hoped for and more! everyone that comes over is amazed that he has his very own bounce house. We blow it up everyday for at least an hour after his bath and it really helps him burn off energy! best item i have bought him so far! https://wujus.com/my-bouncer-little-castle-attached-575904vwxxg6/#my-bouncer-little-castle-attached
    • Benefits: Balls Required - For Safety Reason, Manufacturer Recommended A Minimum Of 500 Jumbo Size 3" Balls To Fill The Ball Pit. Please Do Not Buy The 2. 5" Or Smaller Balls, As You Would Need 1, 000 Balls, Twice The Number Of Balls In Order To Fill That Same Volume. We Recommended Our 3" Jumbo Size Crush-proof Ball: For Pack Of 300 - B00an3pilk For Pack Of 500 B00an3z73e ( Save $ If Purchased The Bounce House Bundled With 500 Balls, Please Check B00afnkg0q ).
    • Benefits: Easy Setup - Bounce House Inflates & Ready For Use In Less Than 60 Seconds With The Included Blower Pump (must Be Running Full-time). Deflates & Pack Away In Less Than 2 Minutes. Overall Weight Less Than 35 Lbs Including The Blower. For Easy Storage & Transport. Package Includes The Bounce House, A 350w Ul Low Noise Continue-flow Blower , Bag For Easy Storage & Transport, Ground Stakes, Weight Bags (empty, Free Bonus A $29. 95 Value), Patch Materials And Simple Instructions.
    Discounted My Bouncer Little Castle Attached (Toys And Games) Az100 0607