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    Rotten Apples Board Game (No Kidding)

    Rotten Apples Board Game (No Kidding) 2500

    Add to Cart Rotten Apples Board Game (No Kidding), No Kidding 63410 Rotten Apples (No Kidding) Rotten Apples Is The Hilarious (and Often Tasteless) Adult Party Game Where A Wicked Sense Of Humor Is Greatly Rewarded Combine Green Answer Cards And Brown Prompt Cards To Complete Toys And Games
    1. Always enjoyed apples to apples, but have a new fav. Had a group of 10 over and we laughed our butt off. One guest said it was as bad as cah. Great game, adults only. https://wujus.com/no-kidding-63410-rotten-apples-25000p7xwoxq/#no-kidding-63410-rotten-apples
    2. Special: Players Each Choose Green Cards They Think Best Fit The Prompt. Cards With Dual Suggestive Meanings Will Surprise All!.
    3. Special: Apples Picker Selects Their Favorite "answer. " If You Card Is Picked You Win The Round And Become The Next Apple Picker!.
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