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    Oojami Phthalate Plastic Reusable Carrying (smallball200)

    Oojami Phthalate Plastic Reusable Carrying (smallball200) 694

    Low Price Oojami Phthalate Plastic Reusable Carrying (smallball200), Oojami phthalate free bpa, crush proof plastic pit balls, 6 bright colors in reusable durable carrying case zipper, 200 piece (oojami) a colorful and exciting play ball, perfect for filling up a ball pit, play tent, playhouse, kiddie pool, play pen and bounce house. comes 200 balls and a great reusable bag. kids toys and games
    • Advantages: Each Ball Measures 2. 36 Inches In Diameter, 6 Bright And Attractive Colors: Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Orange And Yellow.
    • The 200 balls were conveniently packaged in two zippered plastic bags of 100 each ! we used one bag in the "ball pit" inflatable for our grandbaby; the second one we put away so that as balls were 'lost' around the house, they could be replaced with 'no muss, no fuss'. They are colorful, lightweight... go to https://wujus.com/oojami-phthalate-plastic-reusable-carrying-6941m9gm4mq/#oojami-phthalate-plastic-reusable-carrying
    • Advantages: Great For Filling Any Ball Pit, Tent, Playhouse, Kiddie Pool, Playpen And Bounce House.
    Modest Oojami Phthalate Plastic Reusable Carrying (Toys And Games) Smallball200