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Best of Playmonster Brands May 2021

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    Chrono Bomb Action Game (Playmonster)

    Chrono Bomb Action Game (Playmonster) 577

    Half Price Chrono Bomb Action Game (Playmonster), Playmonster 7010 Chrono Bomb Action (Playmonster) Chrono Bomb Is A Super Secret Spy Mission Where Kids Use The Included Clamps And 27. 5-ft. String To Create A "laser" Field To Crawl Through. At The End Of The Maze Is The Bomb, Counting Toys And Games
    1. Additional: It's A Super Secret Spy Mission! Set Up Your Clamps And String, And Crawl Through To Get To The Bomb!.
    2. Additional: Don't Bang The String-the Sensor Will Detect The Movement And Make Time Count Down Faster!.
    3. We weren't sure about this game due to the mixed reviews by with realistic expectations, this is a great game! no, it isn't real lasers. Yes, you have to get creative with making your obstacle course. That being said, we've had a blast playing this with family. Take time to enjoy coming up with the ... go to https://wujus.com/playmonster-7010-chrono-bomb-action-5770upayyca/#playmonster-7010-chrono-bomb-action
    Discounted Chrono Bomb Action Game (Toys And Games) 7010
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    Smart Start Puppy Up (Playmonster)

    Smart Start Puppy Up (Playmonster) 5804

    Discover it Smart Start Puppy Up (Playmonster), Smart start puppy it's the tipsy, topsy numbers game that includes three levels of play: number recognition, counting and addition! pick a card and practice counting or adding the puppies and checking -smart start puppy up
    • I originally bought this through online store mexico for my toddler and loved it. I wanted to purchase a second one as a gift to a woman who runs a foundation for kids with autism and special needs, but unfortunately, it was no longer available through online store mexico. I had to buy it through on... go to https://wujus.com/playmonster-7844-smart-start-puppy-58040upayy16/#playmonster-7844-smart-start-puppy
    • Extra: Stem With Multiple Levels Of Play: Number Recognition, Counting And Addition!.
    • Extra: Includes 30 2-sided Cards, 19 Puppies, 10 Numbers, Puppy Scale, Rules; No Batteries Required. Colors May Vary.
    Discounted Smart Start Puppy Up (Toys And Games) 7844
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    Lauri Tall-stackers - Pegs Pegboard Set (Playmonster)

    Lauri Tall-stackers – Pegs Pegboard Set (Playmonster) 5167

    Purchase Now Lauri Tall-stackers - Pegs Pegboard Set (Playmonster), Lauri tall-stackers - pegs pegboard this set is perfect for young hands and minds. the 8" square lauri crepe rubber pegboard has 36 holes, so kids can make lots of designs. and they will love to see how high they can -lauri tall-stackers - pegs pegboard set
    • Benefits: Perfect Beginning Construction Set For Little Hands Because It's Fun And Educational; For Ages 2 And Up.
    • Benefits: Play & Learn: Color Sorting And Matching, Adding And Subtracting, Counting, Fine Motor Skills.
    • This is a great developmental toy, especially for kiddos with fine motor challenges, because the pegs will stack up, and it can also be used for teaching concepts of colors and patterns. . We've had it for 3 years now, and finally, finally, our son is able to get the pegs into the foam board. That i... go to https://wujus.com/lauri-tall-stackers-pegs-pegboard-set-51670000j4hk/#lauri-tall-stackers-pegs-pegboard-set
    Bargain Lauri Tall-stackers - Pegs Pegboard Set (Toys And Games) 2444
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    5 Second Rule Jr. Board Game (Playmonster)

    5 Second Rule Jr. Board Game (Playmonster) 3175

    Buy Now 5 Second Rule Jr. Board Game (Playmonster), Second Rule Jr Board Game (Playmonster) It Seems Like It Would Be Easy To Name Three Flavors Of Ice Cream-but Can You Do It Under The Pressure Of 5 Seconds Twisting Down, And The Other Players Staring At You? You Have To Toys And Games
    1. Attribute: Read A Card And Give An Answer; But You Have To Do It In 5 Seconds!.
    2. My grandson is 10 and it was a little confusing for him-the order in which questions are asked and by whom. We made that part a little easier but then he would "blank out" when it was his turn with the pressure of answering within a time limit. We adjusted for that as well but he was already frustra... go to https://wujus.com/second-rule-jr-board-game-31750upayy70/#second-rule-jr-board-game
    3. Attribute: Silly Answers Are Sure To Slip Out, And The Whole Family Will Have Fun With This Easily-played Game!.
    Competitive 5 Second Rule Jr. Board Game (Toys And Games) 7424
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    Farkle Classic Dice Game (Playmonster)

    Farkle Classic Dice Game (Playmonster) 3739

    Fast Deal Farkle Classic Dice Game (Playmonster), Farkle Classic Dice Become A Farkle Fanatic This Classic Dice-rolling, Risk-taking Game That Comes Its Own Dice Cup. Take A Risk And Keep Rolling To Build Your Score. Or Play It Safe So You Don T Lose -Farkle Classic Dice Game
    1. Highlight: Roll The Dice, Hoping For Scoring Combinations!.
    2. Highlight: Be Safe And Take Your Points, Or Keep Rolling For More And Risk Losing Them All In A Farkle!.
    3. This game is fun for the whole family. Basically, you try to reach 10, 000 or higher before your opponents. You roll six dice and must have a "counter" each time you roll. Every counter can be left out of the next roll, but you may throw a counter back if you have at least one counter each turn. If ... go to https://wujus.com/playmonster-6910-farkle-classic-dice-373900na0hp0/#playmonster-6910-farkle-classic-dice
    Low-Priced Farkle Classic Dice Game (Toys And Games) 6910
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    Celebrity Name Game (Playmonster)

    Celebrity Name Game (Playmonster) 4864

    Fast Deal Celebrity Name Game (Playmonster), Celebrity Name Now You Can Play The Fabulously Fun Game, Just Like They Do On Tv! Celebrity Name Game Is A Blast: You Get The Names Of Celebrities, Characters, Famous Places, Etc. , And You Make -Celebrity Name Game
    1. Supplementary: You Have To Give Clues To Get Your Team To Guess The Name, Thing, Place, Etc.
    2. Works well. A lot of fun! just like tv show! have enjoyed playing this. I recommend it! https://wujus.com/playmonster-7421-celebrity-name-game-48641fsv2yyk/#playmonster-7421-celebrity-name-game
    3. Supplementary: Some Rounds Are Timed-hurry! -and Some Rounds Are All-play, It's An Exciting Mix-up Of Fun!.
    Low-Priced Celebrity Name Game (Toys And Games) 7421
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    5 Second Rule - Just Spit It Out (Playmonster)

    5 Second Rule – Just Spit It Out (Playmonster) 1928

    Very Cheap 5 Second Rule - Just Spit It Out (Playmonster), 5 second rule - just spit it out (patch products) it should be easy to name 3 breeds of dogs but can you do it under the pressure of 5 seconds twisting down, and the other players staring at you, waiting for you to get flustered? toys and games
    • This is a pretty fun game. The rules are simple and straight forward. Five seconds feels like no time at all. Until you realize that a lot of people are making it in that time. The timer is fun although slightly flawed. I mean it makes nose, but sometimes a ball or two just gets stuck. But it's a re... go to https://wujus.com/second-rule-just-spit-out-192803blqg6m/#second-rule-just-spit-out
    • Benefit: Make Great Gifts.
    • Benefit: Factory Sealed Gift Bundle!.
    Discount 5 Second Rule - Just Spit It Out (Toys And Games) 7428