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    Simon Electronic Memory Game (1897)

    Simon Electronic Memory Game (1897) 3172

    Add to Basket Simon Electronic Memory Game (1897), Simon electronic memory game (schylling) simon, the classic 1970's handheld memory game, is back in its original form. ever-increasing sequences of the flashing 4 lights are accompanied the electronic harmonic tones. batteries toys and games
    • I am verified purchase. After reading the reviews, the prime concern was the new simon being touch pad which prompted other issues. We have had simon for a week and i was expecting my husband and myself not to enjoy the new simon. To put it frankly, do not listen to those reviews! all of us in my fa... go to https://wujus.com/simon-1897-electronic-memory-game-31720e9ywjos/#simon-1897-electronic-memory-game
    • Feature: Can You Remember The Flashing Light Sequences And Repeat Them Correctly? As You Get Better The Level Of Difficulty Increases.
    • Feature: The New Updated Design With New Lcd Counter Keeps Track Of The Score; Has Single And Multi-player Modes.
    Bestseller Simon Electronic Memory Game (Toys And Games) 1897