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    Genuine 50watts Professional Balancing Discharger (Skyrc)

    Genuine 50watts Professional Balancing Discharger (Skyrc) 2546

    Get Price Genuine 50watts Professional Balancing Discharger (Skyrc), Genuine skyrc imax b6ac v2 dual power 6amps,50watts lipo,lihv,liion,life,nicd,nimh,pb lead acid ac/dc professional rc balancing battery charger & discharger version 2 w/ micro usb port (skyrc) features:high 6. 0amp charge rate balance charges & balance discharges lipo, lion, life (1s-6s cells) storage mode to preserve battery longevity charges nimh, nicd (1-15 cells) auto consumer electronics
    • What a bargain. Already ordered the wifi adapter and temperature probe. For the $, this charger rocks. Limited to 50 watts, but at a dollar a watt, a good investment if you don't mind waiting a little extra time for charging, this ubnit does all the right task's. Hooked up to the free pc software, y... go to https://wujus.com/genuine-50watts-professional-balancing-discharger-254617y2g4y2/#genuine-50watts-professional-balancing-discharger
    • Feature: Lithium Battery Meter: Plug Your Lipo/liion/ Life Balance Plug Into The Charger And Use The Battery Meter As A Voltage Tester To Quickly See The Voltage Readings From Each Cell.
    • Feature: Internal Resistance Meter: Use This Function To Measure The Resistance In Each Of Your Lithium Battery's Cells. This Helps Determine The Health Of Your Cells, To Be Sure You Are Getting The Most Power Out Of Them.
    Modest Genuine 50watts Professional Balancing Discharger (Consumer Electronics)