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    Mindscope Twister Tracks Bump Race (TT254BGR)

    Mindscope Twister Tracks Bump Race (TT254BGR) 1009

    More Info Mindscope Twister Tracks Bump Race (TT254BGR), Mindscope Twister Tracks Bump Race (Twister Tracks) Twister Tracks 254 Bump & Go Neon Glow In The Dark Track Set Comes Over 12 Feet Of Bendable & Flexible Track. There's No Wrong Way To Build: Bend It, Flex It, Curve It. Use The Bright Toys And Games
    1. Highlight: Vehicles Contain Color Changing/flashing 4 Led Lights + 1 Black Light (2aaa Batteries Required Per Vehicle, Total 4aa Required Not Included).
    2. Highlight: 250 (over 12 Feet) Of Flexible Neon Glow In The Dark Colorful Track (5 Colors: Blue, Magenta, Green, Orange, Yellow, Track Already Assembled In Sheets Of 1 Foot).
    3. Kids love love love it! super easy to put together! loved it even more when we turned off the lights! i got extra track and a bridge/track-switch set and it pretty much took up an 8'x4' area! you will want to get rechargeable aaa batteries though. One set of batteries lasted a few hours, but that wa... go to https://wujus.com/mindscope-twister-tracks-bump-race-10090vvymdj0/#mindscope-twister-tracks-bump-race
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