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Best of Vtech Brands March 2020

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    Vtech 2 In 1 Learn Zoom Motor Bike (80-181700)

    Vtech 2 In 1 Learn Zoom Motor Bike (80-181700) 609

    Get Price Vtech 2 In 1 Learn Zoom Motor Bike (80-181700), Vtech Learn Zoom Motor Bike (Vtech) Zoom Around The 2-in-1 Learn And Zoom Motorbike By Vtech. This 2-in-1 Bike Has Handle Bars That Move Like A Real Bike And Easily Transforms From A Tricycle For Unsteady Toddlers Into Toys And Games
    1. Plus: Interactive Toddler Activity Panel Features Lights, Buttons, Rollers And Gears That Introduce Objects, Colors, Shapes And Road Safety.
    2. Super easy to assemble and came with the batteries in it ready to go. Not too loud and the perfect size for our 15 month old to play on. It is very stable in the 3 wheel mode and not to high so when he does fall , it is not far. My 3 and 1/2 yr old also loves it and wants to ride it. Swapping back a... go to https://wujus.com/vtech-learn-zoom-motor-bike-6090zczu90o/#vtech-learn-zoom-motor-bike
    3. Plus: Ride On Toy Has A Motion Sensor That Encourages Little Drivers To Ride Around With Playful Music And Motorcycle Sounds; Toddler Push Toy Has A Steering Wheel For More Control.
    Cheap Vtech 2 In 1 Learn Zoom Motor Bike (Toys And Games) 80 181700
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    Vtech Go Go Smart Wheels Tow Truck (80 126900)

    Vtech Go Go Smart Wheels Tow Truck (80 126900) 4418

    Show Details Vtech Go Go Smart Wheels Tow Truck (80 126900), Go Go Smart Wheels Tow Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Tow Truckyour Child Can Listen And Learn The Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Learning Tow Truck. This Electronic Car Is Perfectly Sized For Little Hands And -Vtech Go Go Smart Wheels Tow Truck
    1. Extra: Play Tow Truck Features Vtech Smartpoint Technology That Responds To Vtech Smartpoint Locations Across The Different Go! Go! Smart Wheels Playsets.
    2. Extra: Includes 3 Sing Along Melodies And 40 Unique Educational Phrases And Sounds; Light-up Driver Button Activates Learning, Music, And Sounds.
    3. My daughter likes this toy, as do i. One can enjoy it without one of the corresponding tracks. It comes with batteries. The pilots name is "henry. " he talks about going to the airport, my daughter starting dancing or sometimes clapping to the songs right away. https://wujus.com/vtech-smart-wheels-tow-truck-44180bkpfnt2/#vtech-smart-wheels-tow-truck
    Inexpensive Vtech Go Go Smart Wheels Tow Truck (Toys And Games) 80 126900
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    Vtech Call Chat Learning Phone (80-139300)

    Vtech Call Chat Learning Phone (80-139300) 2463

    Fast Deal Vtech Call Chat Learning Phone (80-139300), Vtech Call Chat Learning Phone (Vtech) Call & Chat Learning Phone Your Child's First Smart Phone. Features 15 App Buttons Plus A Special Chat Button And A Fun, Chatty Parrot Character Who Guides You Through The Activities Toys And Games
    1. This gets a bit on the annoying side fairly fast as a parent, but my daughter enjoys it for the most part. She is probably a bit young- almost 3, to be able to really enjoy it. https://wujus.com/vtech-call-chat-learning-phone-24630h8oinx2/#vtech-call-chat-learning-phone
    2. Extras: Kids Pretend Phones Allows For A Pretend Phonebook; Add And Store Up To 5 Family Or Friend Numbers That You Can Pretend To Call.
    3. Extras: Pre-k Learning Toy Teaches Numbers, Letters And Time Concepts With Fun Apps And Games; Personalize With 5 Different Ring Tones.
    For Sale Vtech Call Chat Learning Phone (Toys And Games) 80 139300
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    Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center - Online Exclusive (80-156360)

    Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center – Online Exclusive (80-156360) 1589

    Purchase Now Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center - Online Exclusive (80-156360), Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center (Vtech) Shoot, Score And Learn This Online Exclusive Smart Shots Sports Center By Vtech. Toss The Basketball Into The Hoop To Score Points Or Kick The Soccer Ball Into The Net To Hear Fun Toys And Games
    1. Spotlight: Animated Light Up Led Scoreboard Counts Baskets Up To 10 And Plays Encouraging Animations, Sounds And Phrases; Purple Side Lever Restarts The Scoreboard Count.
    2. This is a great toy. Got it for my daughter who is 2. 5 years old. She loves it. It makes sounds and is the perfect height. I highly recommend it. https://wujus.com/vtech-smart-shots-sports-center-15891hd25cka/#vtech-smart-shots-sports-center
    3. Spotlight: Shape Buttons Introduce Shapes, Numbers And Sounds; Early Learning Center Comes With 50+ Songs, Sounds And Phrases.
    Price Cut Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center - Online Exclusive (Toys And Games)
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    Vtech Drop Go Dump Truck (80-166500)

    Vtech Drop Go Dump Truck (80-166500) 613

    Today's Deal Vtech Drop Go Dump Truck (80-166500), Vtech Drop Go Dump Truck (Vtech) Learning Is Tons Of Fun The Drop And Go Dump Truck By Vtech. Drop A Colorful Rock Into The Top Of This Cute Toy Dump Truck, And Watch It Tumble Into The Bucket. Your Little One Will Toys And Games
    1. Supplementary: Once The Rocks Are In The Bucket, The Push Toy Or Pull Toy Can Be Moved Along To See The Rocks Rumble Around Inside.
    2. My 1 year old son just loooves this dump truck. (and so does his big sister who's 4. ) it's so fun to watch him drag it around, play with it, giggle when it lights up. It just makes me smile to see him having fun (and also subconsciously learning cause and effect. This is a great buy to entertain li... go to https://wujus.com/vtech-drop-go-dump-truck-6130y53v7xm/#vtech-drop-go-dump-truck
    3. Supplementary: Learning Toy Develops Motor Skills By Lifting The Hinged Bucket To Unload The Rocks And Start Again; A Great Early Education Toy For Toddlers.
    Reasonable Vtech Drop Go Dump Truck (Toys And Games) 80 166500
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    Vtech Zoo Jamz Guitar Frustration Free Packaging (80-179001)

    Vtech Zoo Jamz Guitar Frustration Free Packaging (80-179001) 2190

    Show Details Vtech Zoo Jamz Guitar Frustration Free Packaging (80-179001), Vtech zoo jamz guitar frustration free packaging (vtech) rock and learn the zoo jamz guitar by vtech. join the animal band and play along the silly giraffe. the eight light-up buttons and strings allow your little musician to jam to the toys and games
    • My toddler plays with it once in a while. I personally think it could be better. It's not annoyingly loud, which is a good thing. It's not real big but it's not tiny either. Nice size for toddlers. https://wujus.com/vtech-jamz-guitar-frustration-packaging-21901fvs6c4i/#vtech-jamz-guitar-frustration-packaging
    • Add-on: Sing Along To Eight Familiar Tunes With The Giraffe; Play Along To Kid-friendly Songs Or Create Your Own Music; Be A Rock Star With The Cute Giraffe.
    • Add-on: Turn The Dial To Choose Acoustic, Electric Or Distortion Guitar To Learn About Different Types Of Guitar Sounds; Giraffe's Tail Plays Cool Guitar Effects.
    Buy Vtech Zoo Jamz Guitar Frustration Free Packaging (Toys And Games) 80 179001
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    Vtech Write Learn Touch Tablet (80 149400)

    Vtech Write Learn Touch Tablet (80 149400) 5643

    Explore more Vtech Write Learn Touch Tablet (80 149400), Write learn touch vtech write & learngo on a writing adventure the write & learn touch tablet by vtech! this electronic drawing tablet offers a progressive approach to early writing skills as your -vtech write learn touch tablet
    • Attributes: Early Learning Center Brings Letters To Life With 6 Learning Activities And 19 Animated Stories That Build Language Skills And Encourage Kids To Draw.
    • Attributes: Tablet For Kids Presents Lines, Shapes, Objects, Letters And Numbers To Trace On The Screen; Toddler Learning Toy Allows Your Child To Play While Learning.
    • My daughter loves the vtech write and learn and has improved her number recognition as well. I only wish there was a way to bypass the tutorial parts once they've got it down. She gets tired of waiting for her turn and will change the game or go do something else https://wujus.com/vtech-write-learn-touch-tablet-56430hd3tce2/#vtech-write-learn-touch-tablet
    Sale Vtech Write Learn Touch Tablet (Toys And Games) 80 149400
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    Vtech Turn Learn Driver (80-166600)

    Vtech Turn Learn Driver (80-166600) 1582

    See Offers Vtech Turn Learn Driver (80-166600), Vtech Turn And Learn Driver (Vtech) Drive Into Learning Fun The Turn And Learn Driver By Vtech. Your Little One Will Love Pretending To Drive Using The Steering Wheel That Causes The Cute Dog Character To Move Back Toys And Games
    1. Reviews: Press The Five Colorful Buttons On The Learning Toy And Your Child Will Be Introduced To Different Animals And Vehicles; Great Early Education Toy.
    2. Reviews: The Fun Baby Car Toy Design Encourages Imaginative Play With A Traffic Light, A Signal Lever That Triggers Fun Sounds And Music; Gear Shifter That Pushes And Pulls To Introduce Opposites.
    3. My 12 month old grandson enjoys honking the horn. I gave this 4 stars because it is well made. However, it does not hold his interest for very long. Not challenging or very thought provoking. Not enough different activities. https://wujus.com/vtech-turn-and-learn-driver-15820y53v80e/#vtech-turn-and-learn-driver
    Buy Vtech Turn Learn Driver (Toys And Games) 80 166600
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    Vtech Bizzy Mix Move Bot (80 190000)

    Vtech Bizzy Mix Move Bot (80 190000) 5339

    See Reviews Vtech Bizzy Mix Move Bot (80 190000), Bizzy Mix Move Play Pretend Bizzy The Mix And Move Bot By Vtech By Mixing And Matching His 10 Interactive Accessories. Place The Pirate Hat On Bizzy S Head And He Ll Pretend To Search For Treasure. -Vtech Bizzy Mix Move Bot
    1. Extras: Bizzy's 10 Accessories Combine In More Than 90 Different Ways, Triggering Lights And Silly Responses; Put On Bizzy's Legs And Press The Gears Button To See Him Do A Robot Dance To The Music.
    2. Kids ages 1-5 were intrigued and entertained by this toy at christmas. I would say it's good for a 2-3 year old to play with often. I assume the 4+ kids would have gotten bored after awhile (but good for short time or silbling/ cousin/ friend play time. https://wujus.com/vtech-bizzy-mix-move-bot-53391cosejy8/#vtech-bizzy-mix-move-bot
    3. Extras: Create A Robot Symphony By Attaching His Accessories For A Variety Of Interesting Sound Effects.
    Shopping Vtech Bizzy Mix Move Bot (Toys And Games) 80 190000
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    Vtech Touch Swipe Baby Phone - Blue - Online Exclusive (80-146189)

    Vtech Touch Swipe Baby Phone – Blue – Online Exclusive (80-146189) 2941

    Low Price Vtech Touch Swipe Baby Phone - Blue - Online Exclusive (80-146189), Vtech Touch Swipe Baby Phone (Vtech) The Touch & Swipe Baby Phone By Vtech Captures Your Child's Imagination Their Very Own Smartphone For Role-play Fun! Slide Between Screens For Two Modes Of Play On This Educational Toys And Games
    1. Included: The 12 Included Apps Respond To Touch And Light Up; Toggle Between The App Screen And The Music Mode Screen Using The Slide At The Bottom Of The Pretend Phone.
    2. I got this for my nephew when he was around 11 months, he loves it! i was very surprised at how many different noises, songs and activities this little phone has. He still uses it months later and it has been great to hand him now that he's interested in everyone's real phone. This toy is also very ... go to https://wujus.com/vtech-touch-swipe-baby-phone-29410oc76mgs/#vtech-touch-swipe-baby-phone
    3. Included: Home Button Saves Your Phone Number So Toddlers Can Pretend To Call Home; 15 Melodies, Different Phrases And Sing Along Songs Keep Kids Engaged.
    Reasonable Vtech Touch Swipe Baby Phone - Blue - Online Exclusive (Toys And Games)
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    Vtech Pretend Discover Doctor's Kit (80 178300)

    Vtech Pretend Discover Doctor’s Kit (80 178300) 4085

    Add to Cart Vtech Pretend Discover Doctor's Kit (80 178300), Pretend discover doctor's play is the best medicine the pretend and discover doctor's kit by vtech. use the five included medical tools to perform checkups, diagnose patients and make them feel better. press -vtech pretend discover doctor's kit
    • Addition: Press The Stethoscope Button To See The Face Change From Sick To Healthy, Sleepy To Happy And More For A Range Of Emotions; Care For And Cure Your Patients.
    • Addition: Explore Three Fun Activities And Press The Light-up Buttons On The Doctor's Kit To Learn About Medical Tools, Colors And Objects; Rolling Ball Makes The Eyes On The Doctor's Kit Move.
    • My grandson is 11 months old and he loves this. It is made well and he enjoys putting some of these things in his mouth. Love vtech stuff https://wujus.com/vtech-pretend-discover-doctors-kit-40851coseee8/#vtech-pretend-discover-doctors-kit
    Price Fall Vtech Pretend Discover Doctor's Kit (Toys And Games) 80 178300
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    Vtech Slide Talk Kids Smart Phone (80 120400)

    Vtech Slide Talk Kids Smart Phone (80 120400) 5651

    Add to Cart Vtech Slide Talk Kids Smart Phone (80 120400), Slide talk kids smart vtech, the creator of the electronic learning products (elp) category and the award-winning innotab, mobigo, and v. reader handheld toys, is a world leader of age-appropriate learning -vtech slide talk kids smart phone
    • My 26-month-old son adores this phone. He refuses to play the games; rather, he waits for a "friend" to "call" and then he hangs up on them before laughing hysterically! occasionally, he will hold a conversation on the phone which is very one sided at his age, but, hey, as long as he is happy with i... go to https://wujus.com/vtech-slide-talk-smart-phone-5651044t2kbu/#vtech-slide-talk-smart-phone
    • Highlight: Phone Toy Has An Animated Lcd Screen That Adjusts For Vertical Or Horizontal Play; Features A Real Abc Slide-out Keyboard.
    • Highlight: Pretend Phone Can Either Play In Phone Or Message Mode; Phone Book Contains Four Selectable Friends.
    Sale Vtech Slide Talk Kids Smart Phone (Toys And Games) 80 120400