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    Kinetic Sand Sand In Motion , 11 Lbs (Waba Fun)

    Kinetic Sand Sand In Motion , 11 Lbs (Waba Fun) 1847

    wujus.com Kinetic Sand Sand In Motion , 11 Lbs (Waba Fun), Kinetic Sand Motion 11 Lbs (Waba Fun) It Has The Following Features: It Is Indoor Play Sand The Properties Of Motion, It Is Different From Traditional Sand Play- This The Sand Moves! , It Enhances Sensory Awareness, Fine Art Supplies
    1. Properties: Easy-to-shape Sand That Molds Into Simple Desktop Designs; Dust-free.
    2. Properties: Playing With Kinetic Sand Gives A Moment Of Relaxation For Both Young And Old; Never Dries Out.
    3. My 7 yr. Old grandson has multiple challenges, including aspergers and adhd. He loved playing with the sand. I also bought the molds to make a castle, which was a big hit. I used 2 cookie sheets-1 to dump the sand on and 1 to create on. It kept the sand better contained although it is an easy clean ... go to https://wujus.com/kinetic-sand-motion-11-lbs-18470ffd3p4a/#kinetic-sand-motion-11-lbs
    OnSale Kinetic Sand Sand In Motion , 11 Lbs (Art Supplies) Wab 150201