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Price was $18.99. My daughters love playing with this play-do set and putting the little trays in the oven and. Pulling down the bar to hear the oven 'ding'. Its very cute and has alot of molds around the whole thing for them to make different shapes. And put it on her play-do ice cream with the little ice cream scoops

-O. Reed

Play Doh Shoppe Frosting Bakery Playset (Play Doh) With The Frosting Fun Bakery Playset And Play-doh Plus Compound, You Can Create Amazing-looking Play-doh Cakes And Cupcakes Realistic-looking Frosting Detail! Classic Play-doh Compound, Toys And Games

  1. Addition: Frost And Decorate With Play-doh Plus Compound.
  2. Addition: Play-doh Plus Compound.

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We got this for our almost three year old for christmas. After watching her fall in love with a set we got one of her cousins, we decided to find one that she might like too. When she opened it, she was so excited! it's her first play-doh set and she absolutely loves it! she asks to play with it all the time and it's easy to get out, play with, and put back away. It comes with a good amount materials - five play-doh colors, a baking sheet with imprints, a spatula, a rolling pin that leaves a design on the play-doh when rolled, 4 cookie cutters, a plate, and an extruder. The cookie cutter shapes are heart, circle, square, and star. I love that it came with so many colors and you don't need a lot to do the cookies. It's pretty easy for her to use especially the cookie cutters. The play-doh is starting to dry out pretty quickly, but it's easy to get more. Best Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery Playset as-of ( Feb 2021 ) | Hasbro-Toys And Games Review Addition Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery Playset Realistic-looking creations. Frost and decorate with play-doh plus compound. Play-doh plus compound. A whole new way to decorate. Plus up your creations. Includes playset, 2-piece extruder, shelf, tray, cake stand, turntable, display dome, 4 cake cutters, 4 extruder tips, cupcake liner, cake server, plate, plastic knife, fork, 2 cans of play-doh brand modeling compound and 2 cans of play-doh plus compound .

Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery Playset Review (285 A0318)

The kids love this. The only thing i don't like is when you are making the icecream, a whole bunch of playdo gets stuck and you can't get it out unless you put more playdo through (which, then it mixes colors). -V. Cunningham

Play-doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery Playset

  1. Rank: Toy
  2. Brand: Play-Doh
  3. EAN: 0885546425414
  4. Product Dimensions:
    Height:9.13 inches
    Length:4.49 inches
    Weight:33..5 pounds
    Width:12.64 inches
  6. Manufacturer: Hasbro
  7. Recommended Max-Age: 1188
  8. Suggested Min-Age: 36
  9. Model: A0318
  10. MPN: 285 A0318
  11. Quantity: 1
  12. Part/Serial Number: 285 A0318
  13. Group-Order: Toy
  14. Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  15. Product-Name: Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery Playset
  16. UPC: 653569747130
  17. Warranty: No Warranty

Toy(653569747130:Toys And Games), Play-doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery Playset (0885546425414:Play Doh), With the frosting fun bakery playset and play-doh plus compound, you can create amazing-looking play-doh cakes and cupcakes with realistic-looking frosting detail! with classic play-doh compound, you can make a pretend cake layer at the cake stamping station. next, move your creation to the frosting station. with play-doh plus compound, you can add pretend frosting and add all sorts of decorations and details to your creations! use different tips on the extruder to create lots of different swirls, twirls and other details! play-doh and all related characters are trademarks of hasbro..

Play Doh Shoppe Frosting Bakery Playset Toy

Play Doh Shoppe Frosting Bakery PlaysetPlay-Doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery Playset (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

My child loves this set. Its play-doh. How can you go wrong. Plastic pieces are sturdy and hold up to typical abuse from a 2 year old. When it dries out, we add a bit of water. Works great.

Play-doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery Playset (Toys And Games) A0318
Click to see NoticePlay-doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery Playset (Play Doh)"I'm not sure why anyone would give this product anything less than five stars. I just started working in an elementary school for autism and this starter kit is a go-to. I use it as a reinforcer/reward after the kids have complete there required activities and i can still target my therapy goals while they are "playing. " i can use it to target follow directions. The blue pan has lots of different items imprinted (i. E. Pretzel, candy, cookie) and i can ask them to make me target objects/vocabulary in different colors. It comes exactly as pictured. The rolling pin has designs on it which most kids find cool, but i have had a few kids who just want a regular rolling pin. Not that big of a deal. The cookie cutters work fine. Most of my kids stay away from the tube thing. I know it can be tricky to get the play-doh out and my kids just don't seem that interested in it. As for it sticking everywhere, it's play-doh. You have to know where to use it. Clean table tops work just fine. Be mindful of any paper you may have nearby (for me it was my notes) as it is nearly impossibly to get off of paper. This is a great buy for kids whether at home or in a school setting. I definitely recommend it! . . Please remember to click yes if you found this review helpful."

Play-Doh Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset

Welcome to the play-doh sweet shoppe world, where kids create the menu. Here you can create lots of colorful, wacky treats without the sweets! when you create with both classic play-doh compound and softer, squeezier play-doh plus compound, you can make the most realistic-looking fantasy desserts you can imagine. What crazy treats will you make today? have you ever imagined owning your own soft-serve ice cream parlor? now you can create the softest, twistiest pretend ice cream cones and sundaes ever with the perfect twist ice cream set. It's so easy to make realistic-looking play-doh plus ice cream using the perfect twist ice cream set. The only hard part is choosing which fun colors you want to use. Now it's time to decorate with silly sprinkles and crazy candies! load the sprinkle station with classic play-doh compound and twist the handle to crank out lots of make-believe sprinkles. You can also use the classic compound to add fun candy shapes with the half-molds. Create a make-believe soft-serve treat by pressing out some smooth and fluffy play-doh plus ice cream, then add some classic play-doh sprinkles and candies to top it all off. Don't forget to grab a spoon and share your imaginary treats with your friends! start by loading 1 or 2 play-doh plus colors into the cartridge, then attach it to the tower. Pull the handle to spin your dish or cone as you fill it with colorful fantasy soft-serve ice cream. Add lots of fun decorations, then place your pretend sundae on top of the tower turntable to display it for everyone to see! play-doh and all related terms are trademarks of hasbro. 2013 hasbro. All rights reserved. The information provided here is as complete and accurate as possible; however, product names, colors and/or materials are subject to change without notice. Many of our products, including the designs and features contained therein, are protected by trademarks, patents and/or copyrights. Appropriate legal action will be taken against any infringers of these rights. Features/specifications swirly play-doh plus ice creamcreate the softest, twistiest pretend ice cream cones and sundaes ever with fluffy play-doh plus compounddecorate with classic play-doh compoundcrank out silly sprinkles and shape crazy candy toppings with classic play-doh compoundplay and displayshow off your awesome creations with the turntable on top of the tower5 cansplayset includes 3 cans of play-doh plus compound and 2 cans of play-doh brand modeling compoundsweet shoppe experiencemake lots of realistic-looking, wacky treats without the sweetsages 3 and upfun to play with, but not to eatadult assembly requirednotice to parents: contains wheat. Nontoxic. Conforms to astm d-4236playset base and tower, support arm, can holder, dish holder, cone dispenser, banner, 5 cones, 2 dishes, 2 spoons, sprinkle maker, cartridge, instructions, 2 cans of play-doh brand modeling compound and 3 cans of play-doh plus compound

Play-Doh Perfect Twist Ice Cream PlaysetPlay-Doh-Perfect-Twist-Cream-Playset

Brand :    play-doh
Color :    Multicolor
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.43 pounds
Model :    A2104
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (play-doh product review) for Play-Doh Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset available as-of ( Feb 2021 )
  • Use the sprinkle maker to decorate your creations
  • Crank out realistic-looking "ice cream" with the perfect twist ice cream playset
  • High quality toys for children all ages
  • Made using safe materials
  • Tested for quality and durability

Play-Doh Confetti Compound Collection

So clever-grand daughter will love the confetti in it!

With this play-doh confetti 6-pack, every creation is a celebration! each can contains a different classic play-doh color sprinkled with lots and lots of colorful confetti. It's a parade of open-ended creativity, and to jumpstart imaginations, this set also features 2 cutters! hasbro, play-doh and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro.

Play-Doh Confetti Compound CollectionPlay-Doh-B3423AS0-Confetti-Compound-Collection

See Play-doh Confetti Compound Collection (Play Doh) FAQ.

Granddaughter was so excited when her package arrived! she loves play-doh and saw it had confettei in it right away -Notice from O. Newell, Rotherham

Click to Show play-doh confetti compound collection (play doh) Details

The play-doh confetti compound collection was a hit with my great granddaughter.

Play-doh-confetti-compound-collection-(play-doh) set picture

- L. AudreyMy daughter loved the "sparkles" in the play doh

These are little containers but perfect for a five year old! the colors are pretty and playful.

P. Zelda, Enfield

Brand :    play-doh
Size :    1 Pack
Weight :    1.12 pounds
  • Features 6 unique confetti-themed colors
  • Great for open-ended creativity
  • Each color is sprinkled with colorful confetti
  • Includes 2 cutters
  • Includes 1 butterfly cutter, 1 star cutter, and 6 cans of play-doh confetti compound.
Model :    B3423AS0
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (play-doh product review) for Play-Doh Confetti Compound Collection available as-of ( Feb 2021 )

Play-Doh 10-Pack of Colors Exclusive

Well i had no problem with the product but i didn't look at the size of the containers. These aren't the regular size which makes it kind of a rip off because playdoh individuals are like a dollar. These are probably half the size so it was a little disappointing but totally my own fault

With 10 different colors of modeling compound to play with, this is a case of creative possibilities! it s a rainbow assortment of compound colors that lets you create just about anything you can imagine. Press, smoosh, squish, roll, squeeze and shape with play-doh modeling compound, the only limit is your imagination! play-doh and all related characters are trademarks of hasbro.

Play-Doh 10-Pack of Colors ExclusivePlay-Doh-10-Pack-Colors-Amazon-Exclusive

See Play-doh 10-pack Of Colors Exclusive (Play Doh) FAQ.

I should of read the product detail because i thought these were the full size ones. When these are the small mini ones. I give it 5stars because it was my error on not reading the details. Because i would never pay this much for the small. Ones when i can get the bigger ones for the same price -Notice from R. Sally, Tower Hamlets

Click to Show play-doh 10-pack of colors exclusive (play doh) Details

Wasn't paying attention and thought i was purchasing the regular size container, not the mini. I give it a 4 because of value. I feel that you don't get much for the cost. You could spend the same on 5-6 regular containers. The play-doh 2-: still super soft and serves the purpose.

Play-doh-10-pack-of-colors-exclusive-(play-doh) set picture

- Y. MahoodI wasn't paying attention when i purchased these and didn't notice the size. But they will still be greatly enjoyed!

This has created endless hours of creative possibilities for my boys. They love the rainbow colors and even sometimes like to mix them (eek)! together with different tools, they have spent hours creating with this play dough. It's best for children over the age of 2 to ensure they won't eat it! we are very satisfied with this product.

X. Jessica, Stoke-on-Trent

  • 10 different color
  • Includes ten 2-ounce cans
  • Case of colors has plenty of play-doh modeling compound
Brand :    play-doh
Size :    10 Pack
Model :    29413F01
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (play-doh product review) for Play-Doh 10-Pack of Colors Exclusive available as-of ( Feb 2021 )

Play-Doh Cupcake Celebration Playset

The sprinkle maker is tricky for little ones to do, but there are so many cool molds all over it. My 4 year old absolutely loves this playdoh set.

Get the whirly, twirly fun started! give your play-doh bakery creations a sweet ride on the crazy cupcake ferris wheel, then stop at the bottom and squeeze a dollop of play-doh plus frosting on top. Next, pop your pretend cupcakes under the sprinkle crank to shower them in colorful play-doh sprinkles. You can also create colorful pretend cookies, imaginary animal crackers, and make-believe candies to complete your play-doh dessert extravaganza! play-doh and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro.

Play-Doh Cupcake Celebration PlaysetPlay-Doh-B1855-Cupcake-Celebration-Playset

See Play-doh Cupcake Celebration Playset (Play Doh) FAQ.

It's of acceptable quality and should be exactly what you would expect from this type of product. -Notice from H. Patton, Hampshire

Click to Show play-doh cupcake celebration playset (play doh) Details

This is a good item but the wheel part won't stay on. My daughters have had a good time playing with it but they have been frustrated with that. It would be nice if there was a pin or something to hold it on.

Play-doh-cupcake-celebration-playset-(play-doh) set picture

- U. AliceHaven't used it yet but my niece was super excited when she opened it!

The original set of high-quality non-toxic modeling clay, which i'm not afraid to give his malyshu. Otlichno develops imagination and motor skills

G. Pete, Lincolnshire

Brand :    play-doh
Color :    yellow pink blue red orange
Weight :    2.70 pounds
Model :    B1855
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (play-doh product review) for Play-Doh Cupcake Celebration Playset available as-of ( Feb 2021 )
  • Includes unassembled playset with 5 cupcake molds, frosting extruder, sprinkle crank, circus tent cookie mold, roller, plate, scoop, fork, 2 cans of play-doh brand modeling compound, and 3 cans of play-doh plus compound
  • Circus tent doubles as a cookie mold
  • Twirl the wheel to top your creations with easy-squeeze play-doh plus frosting
  • Crank colorful play-doh sprinkles all over your pretend cupcakes
  • Shape some colorful pretend cupcakes and give them a sweet ride

Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Swirl Scoop Ice Cream Playset

Dish or cone? how about both? make your wackiest ice cream dreams a reality with crazy clown sundaes, bonkers banana splits and any other super cool things you can imagine! create classic silly sundaes with the scoops, while the easy-squeeze handle helps little hands make the swirliest play-doh plus soft-serve. Don't forget to pile on play-doh candy toppings with the half-molds! when your sweet-looking masterpieces are ready, display them on the shelves for all to see. Don't worry - they won't melt! play-doh and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro.

Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Swirl Scoop Ice Cream PlaysetPlay-Doh-Sweet-Shoppe-Swirl-Playset

  • Made using safe materials
  • High quality toys for children all ages
  • Tested for quality and durability
  • Easy-squeeze handle makes extruding simple for little hands
  • Make fun, crazy sundaes with play-doh ice cream and play-doh plus soft-serve
Brand :    play-doh
Model :    B0306
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (play-doh product review) for Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Swirl Scoop Ice Cream Playset available as-of ( Feb 2021 )

Play Doh 36-Can Mega Pack Exclusive

Nice assortment, although i agree with other reviews that it would have been nice to have at least one "true red" rather than a bunch of deep orange/hot pink shades with no true red. Also, there were a couple of duplicate colors. But this was still a good value.

With 36 different colors of modeling compound to play with, this is a huge pack of creative possibilities! it s a rainbow assortment of compound colors that lets you create just about anything you can imagine. Press, smoosh, squish, roll, squeeze and shape with play-doh modeling compound, the only limit is your imagination! play-doh and all related characters are trademarks of hasbro.

Play Doh 36-Can Mega Pack ExclusivePlay-36-Can-Mega-Amazon-Exclusive

See Play Doh 36-can Mega Pack Exclusive (36834F01) FAQ.

I ordered the mega pack of 36 containers, choosing the "frustration free" packing for $19. The cans are 3 ounces each, which works out to about 18 an ounce-a great deal, in my opinion. The "standard" play doh can size is 5 ounces. I've posted photos so that you can see the difference in size. These are easier for my little ones to hold and open. I let them choose two or three colors at a time, and then there are plenty left for months to come. If the dough dries out, just add about a teaspoon of water to the container and let it sit for a couple days. Another reviewer lamented that many of the colors are similar, or that there are not equal numbers of each color. The box states that color selection may vary, and i don't see that as a problem at all. Just don't take the advertising photo literally-you may get a different mix of colors, but you will get many different kinds nonetheless. This sure beats searching for play doh at the store and then paying way too much for a couple cans. -Notice from A. Sarah, Leeds

Click to Show play doh 36-can mega pack exclusive (36834f01) Details

My children love play doh and go through a lot of it so this playdoh mega pack is great. For several years, i have given playdoh out to kids as party favors at my kids' birthday parties. I like having a stash of playdoh on-hand for play dates so that kids can have their own new playdoh and germs aren't shared as much. Similarly, if my kids are sick they can still play with playdoh and i can feel ok about tossing the can when they're done. This package of colors does have some similar colors but that didn't bother my kids.

Play-doh-36-can-mega-pack-exclusive-(36834f01) set picture

- M. DianaLike most kids growing up i loved playing with play-doh. This past april i figured what better way to be the greatest dad ever than a huge package of 36 different colors of play-doh for my son's! needless to say it was a hit. It packaged in a nice box and honestly i wanted to jump right in myself and play with it but i let the boys have it first. :) they totally loved it immensely and the fact that there are 36 cans meant no fighting! everyone could use any color in the rainbow and have a great time creating anything their little minds could think up. I also really liked the smaller cans, because i was able to open a little at a time. There are no tools or forms included in the kit so unless you have any its pretty much free from molding and building. There are some examples but for the most part it is up to your child's imagination. . If you're on the fence about this, jump off and hit add to cart. You won't regret it!

Great value at $16. Months of fun for a small investment. My 2. 5 year old loves his play-doh (and mom is a big fan too). Cans are not full sized but approximately 2/3 the size of a regular can. I will attempt to attach photos so that you can see the comparisons of both the containers and contents.

C. Pearson, Ile-de-France

Brand :    play-doh
Size :    36 three-ounce cans
Weight :    8.55 pounds
Model :    36834F01
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (play-doh product review) for Play Doh 36-Can Mega Pack Exclusive available as-of ( Feb 2021 )
  • Mega pack has plenty of play-doh modeling compound
  • Comes with (36) 3-ounce cans
  • Perfect for play dates and parties
  • Includes (36) 3-ounce cans of play-doh modeling compound

Play-Doh Sparkle Compound Collection

"your play-doh creations will be bright and sparkly with the sparkle compound collection! you get 6 colors of shiny, twinkly sparkle compound and 2 cutters to make flowers, gems or other beauties. The only limit to your artistry is your own imagination! play-doh and all related characters are trademarks of hasbro. "

Play-Doh Sparkle Compound CollectionPlay-Doh-A5417-Sparkle-Compound-Collection


Play-doh Sparkle Compound Collection (Play Doh) reviewImage of Play-doh-sparkle-compound-collection-(play-doh)Play Doh A5417 Sparkle Compound Collection (Play Doh) "your Play-doh Creations Will Be Bright And Sparkly The Sparkle Compound Collection! You Get 6 Colors Of Shiny, Twinkly Sparkle Compound And 2 Cutters To Make Flowers, Gems Or Other Toys And Games
  1. Bonus: Make Bright And Shiny Creations With Play-doh Sparkle Compound.
  2. Bonus: Includes 2 Cutters To Make Your Creations.
Price Cut Play-doh Sparkle Compound Collection (Toys And Games) A5417
  • 6 colors of play-doh sparkle compound
  • Includes 2 cutters and 6 can of play-doh sparkle compound.
  • Includes 2 cutters to make your creations
  • Make bright and shiny creations with play-doh sparkle compound
Brand :    play-doh
Size :    1 Pack
Weight :    0.25 pounds
Model :    A5417
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (play-doh product review) for Play-Doh Sparkle Compound Collection available as-of ( Feb 2021 )

Play-Doh Playful Pies Set

Granddaughter loves play-doh. When she is here we play with it all the time. Pies, cookies even pizza.

Dish up pleasant play-doh pies with this playful pies set! with a pie plate, a fruit basket, and 5 pie-themed tools, this set lets budding make-believe bakers squish and smush some silly sweets fit for a pretend play-doh pie shop. Roll out some squishy play-doh pie dough, use the molds on the underside of the fruit basket to create fantastical fruit fillings, and then top off the colorful creation with crazy cream! this playful pies playset is irresistibly imaginative. Play-doh and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro.

Play-Doh Playful Pies SetPlay-Doh-B3398AS0-Playful-Pies-Set

See Play-doh Playful Pies Set (Play Doh) FAQ.

Gift for 3 year old granddaughter. she loves it! -Notice from O. Lynette, Massachusetts

Click to Show play-doh playful pies set (play doh) Details

This item did meet my expectations. My 3 year old loved it.

Play-doh-playful-pies-set-(play-doh) set picture

- D. AnonymousMy daughter loved it! i purchased as a birthday gift for my 3 year old. We love playing with it together. Awesome value!

My wife bought this for my 3 year old daughter who loves to making pretend food. It's not much, but it adds to the many play-doh items she owns, and loves.

E. Candy, Somerset

Brand :    play-doh
Weight :    1.04 pounds
  • Create playful pretend play-doh pies
  • Includes 4 cans of play-doh brand modeling compound
  • Includes pie plate, fruit basket, 5 accessories, and 4 cans of play-doh brand modeling compound
  • Baking-themed accessory tools and trays
Model :    B3398AS0
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (play-doh product review) for Play-Doh Playful Pies Set available as-of ( Feb 2021 )

Play-Doh Doctor Drill 'n Fill Retro Pack

I am not sure who is enjoying this more me or my 4 year old daughter. I love retro toys. My daughter likes making the teeth and drilling them. We had a great little chat about how eating too much sugar and not brushing can lead to the dentist having to drill rotten teeth. I plan on buying another one for my friend who is a dentist's daughter.

Celebrate 60 years of creative play-doh fun with the classic doctor drill 'n fill set! for decades this guy has helped the idea of going to the dentist feel more fun with lots of silly dentist-themed activities kids can enjoy again and again. Start the patient's appointment by shaping some teeth with the tooth mold. Fight cavities by giving them a buzz with the electric drill and filling them in with more play-doh compound! add some braces with the roller, and keep the patient's teeth nice and clean by squeezing some pretend toothpaste through the toothbrush. And to celebrate the play-doh brand's long history of inspiring kids' imaginations, we've given our mustached friend a makeover with exclusive retro-style packaging that's sure to bring us all back to the good ol' days. Hasbro, play-doh and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro.

Play-Doh Doctor Drill 'n Fill Retro PackPlay-Doh-Doctor-Drill-Fill-Retro

See Play-doh Doctor Drill 'n Fill Retro Pack (Play Doh) FAQ.

I bought this as a christmas present for my 4 year old son. He pointed this out every time we were at any store. He's had some dental work done already so i think he was intrigued by this set. He has played with it a lot since receiving it and it keeps him busy for quite some time. I was impressed that the drill works, i hadn't even noticed that feature. I think this is a fun and age appropriate set. It may help some kids feel more comfortable at the dentist! -Notice from Q. Nielsen, Iowa

Click to Show play-doh doctor drill 'n fill retro pack (play doh) Details

This is a great playdoh kit. My 4 year old son loved playing with it on christmas morning. It includes tweezers, which are a bit hard to use, a tooth mold with two teeth, a mirror, a toothbrush, a roller, and a drill. The part we loved the most was that it has an electric drill; it requires batteries but is fun to use. Overall, great product! came in perfect condition and highly recommended!

Play-doh-doctor-drill-'n-fill-retro-pack-(play-doh) set picture

- K. AngelicaMy 4 year old daughter loves playing pretend with this dentist play-doh set. I bought it for her so she is more familiar with dental tools when she goes to the dentist. Right now she really enjoys being the dentist herself. It comes with a few tools and the drilling tool spins and makes a soft noise.

Great toy to practice for 1st visit to the dentist. You get a nice set of tools. My 4 and 2 year old love to play with it. The white play doh for some reason was softer than it normally is. The green and red play doh felt normal.

L. Sherry, Midi-Pyrenees

Brand :    play-doh
Size :    1 Pack
Model :    B5520
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Celebrate 60 years of creativity with a play-doh classic
  • Squeeze silly toothpaste through the toothbrush
  • Play dentist by filling cavities, making braces, and more
  • Still features the electric drill with fun buzzing action
  • Includes head, drill, tweezers, roller, toothbrush, tooth mold, accessory, instructions, and 5 cans of play-doh brand modeling compound.
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (play-doh product review) for Play-Doh Doctor Drill 'n Fill Retro Pack available as-of ( Feb 2021 )

Play-doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery Playset (Play Doh) Price : 12.93, was : 16.52 as 2017-02-15
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Play-doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery Playset (Play Doh) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for Play-doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery Playset (Play Doh)

My 3 year old visited the crayola experience and fell in love with. Play-doh. I decided to get him this set since it comes with a nice. Amount for the price. He loved helping mommy make cookies so i knew. He would love this set. He was so excited when it came. He has been. Playing with it everyday and all day without getting bored. . It comes with 5 small cans of play-doh which is decent to start out with. But i did end up buying him additional cans. He loves the rolling pin and. Is amazed at all of the different imprints it makes and he absolutely loves. Playing with the frosting tube and thinks it's so cool. It comes with a cookie. Sheet that has all different shapes and he mastered making them all. Overall, this is a great set for the price and i would highly recommend it.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Hi there. how big is this item? would it be acceptable as the lone party favor?

(1) Question: How many oz in each can of play doh?

(2) Question: How do you get the frosting tip to stay in the plunger?

(3) Question: Can the playdoh be resued over and over.

(4) Question: What comes with it

(5) Question: Can the doh be reused again? or is this a one time play thing?

(6) Question: Is this an edible version?

(7) Question: Does this set come with 2 play-doh & 2 play-doh plus like the photo shows ? i didn't order any so i hope so.

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This is a cute set! comes with all kinds of shapes for making "candies and cookies". It does include a few play-doh jars, but keep in mind that they are very small. You will most likely need to purchase some larger 16oz jars to have more options and colors if you don't already have some on hand. The plastic used in this kit is very strong, never had any of them break and they are very easy to use. They play-doh comes out easily and the shapes are clearly visible. My children had hours of fun with this. Best part is when they're done, everything stores up neatly in the included cookie jar. Lay out a sheet of wax or parchment paper for an even easier clean up when the playing is done! i believe the play-doh lasted us a few years before it started getting hard and we had to throw it out. Definitely recommend this cute little set.

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Best play-doh sweet shoppe frosting fun bakery playset (play doh) in review

My son received this for his third birthday, and he loves it. He has asked to play with it every day of the past two weeks. This is a good price for what you get. The set contains the following:. -small container of pink play-doh. -small container of white play-doh with 'sprinkles'. -small container of brown play-doh plus. -two ice cream cones. -two spoons (one big, one little). -a waffle pattern roller. -a syringe style 'icing' tool. . My son's favorite part of this set is all the little 3d candies and treats you can make from the bottom and rim of the cone part of the container. He also likes the syringe, which is very easy to use with the play-doh plus. However, the play-doh plus is pretty sticky, and it's hard to get it all out. It also smells weird. But not bad enough to lose a star.

K. Noguera, Maryland

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C. Aldana, Shropshire says

My daughter started playing play-doh this year and we usually buy it from a local store, one playdoh at a time. And then one time, i noticed my daughter kept on shouting and giggling while watching playdoh videos on youtube. I have an idea that maybe it's time for me to buy her some molder so she could start doing what she is watching. By the way, my purpose for buying her a playdoh is for her hand exercise as i am preparing her to learn how to write. I read that a dough and some toys will help her hands get ready for writing. And it works for her. She's two and she can draw balloons, flowers and other things. . Weeks ago, i purchased this playdoh molders which also comes with 4 mini playdohs. This is a good start. She really loves it. At first, i was teaching her and showing her how to do it until one time i noticed she can do it on her own. But because she is only two years old, i am always there to see to that she is not eating the dough and that she's only playing with those. So far, she is doing a great job. . She loves the fruits molder as well as the pizza molder. The pizza cutter and roller helped her a lot as a starter. She loves the plate set too but she always have problem because it's not enough as she is making a lot of fruits playdoh and pizza playdoh. There's only two plates in this set that causes her to cry or get irritated while playing coz she's asking me where to put the other fruits she made. . All in all i am very satisfied with this product. Its a good start for my child. It keeps her busy while learning a lot of things. She have a very wide imagination like putting a banana on top of the cake or pizza which is awesome to see. She's enjoying it and i am enjoying it too.

D. Annette, Saarland

Finding a toy that keeps children entertained and away from trouble for a cheap price isn t easy. With my experience with 3 very close nieces and nephews they can be very picky. The play-doh kit comes with 3 level tower that you have to set up on your own, utensils, cupcake mold, molds within the towers, and 5 different colors of play-doh. For parents of children from the ages 4-10 on a budget, looking for an easy to assemble, and fun toy for your child, play-doh sweet shoppe cupcake tower will definitely keep your child entertained. . Other toys like nerf guns sell for $40, a doll up to $20, and cars for $15. The kit when i bought it during christmas season was around $7. Now they raised the price to $10 it s a little high but still worth it maybe you can even wait for them to lower it. I do caution you, play-doh can be a tad messy and can get stuck in carpets, so i recommended having a designated spot to play with no carpet, water, or be around pets. . This play-doh kit is an easy to use toy almost anyone can play with. The kit comes with very simple instructions that my four year old niece could follow. She got this kit as a gift and immediately opened it, set it up, and made me a mini cupcake all in about 5 minutes. Having easy to follow instructions for set up and play makes more room for play time rather than becoming frustrated to begin with. . Play-doh, being soft and malleable, is made for children to explore and have fun it will keep them distracted for hours. Parents might be thinking yeah it s fun for them but are they going to be safe? that s a valid question, a lot of children like to explore and they might even begin to eat it. According to the official play-doh website play dough is non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-allergenic except for those who are allergic to gluten. Meaning play-doh is safe to eat. It is not intended to be eaten but accidental chunks won t cause any harm to your children. . Playdough has been around for many years and it s a well-known product. Everyone absolutely loves the colors and texture. It makes a great gift for birthdays and holidays. The play-doh sweet shoppe cupcake tower is easy, fun and a safe toy that i definitely recommend for your kids.

Y. Watson, Warrington says

My kids love play doh. This little cupcake set is perfect for their hands. It comes with a few smaller containers of playdoh and some even have a slight pleasant scent to them over the regular playdoh scent. Overall my kids love playing with this set. Would recommend and buy again if i needed to.

P. Dorothy, Ontario

If you read this review and find it helpful in any way, please select yes! . . This is an awesome toy! it says 3+ on it, but i got it for my 2 year old for christmas and actually, she had behaved so well the last few days that i decided to give it to her today and she loves it! i was a little worried if shed be old enough to actually work it, but she did great. The only critique i have, is that the little green lever that pushes the cookies together, is a little tough for a child to push, so she needs a little help but overall we love this!

X. Miller, Oregon says

I bought this for my three year old daughter who had been begging for a play-doh set of her own. For under ten dollars, there's quite a bit included in this set- small cutters, a mini extruder, lollipop sticks, molds, a small roller, and four small cans of dough. She loves the variety of items included, and i like the fact that it all goes back into the container after play. All that being said, it's much smaller than i was expecting and the four cans of dough are not full sized. I'd recommend ordering the playdoh case of colors to go along with the set for added play value.

O. Donna, Kingston upon Thames

If you have not tried the playdoh plus, you really need to. It is the softest but easiest to mold playdoh i have ever tried. So on to the toy. This is cute. Lots of little molds to make on the cake tower. Twisty cupcake topper in the middle. Plates and silverware. Little cupcake maker mold. This is a big hit with my kids. It's fun and all ages can play easily. 5 small playdoh containers. Easy to set up too. Easy to take apart and get the doh out of the twister part. Very cool and everyone loves playdoh

W. Stacey, Oklahoma says

My kid loves this stuff - especially since the roller creates a perfect waffle pattern to make cones. Admittedly, i do not like clay of any kind, so i was hoping this would be easy to clean up, but it's not. It breaks into tiny little pieces and it's so soft, that it smears when you wipe it. If you wait for it to dry, it's much easier to clean. Additionally, the tube to push through the dough to make the "ice cream" gets the play dough caught in it, so it requires some parental clean-up, if your kids aren't old enough to know how to do it themselves. Ultimately, i prefer it to the original because of how soft it is and the fun colors it comes in.

V. Morgan, Massachusetts

My daughter loves playing with this but her trouble as a 5 year old is using the icing tool to push out the playdoh onto her creations. It isn't the easiest getting the playdoh out of the bottom - sometimes have to stick my finger inside to push the playdoh down. Cleaning that tool out is a headache, especially using the playdoh plus - it is softer than the regular playdoh and that makes it harder to gather/clean. The plus playdoh is to be used to make the icing look more realistic but since its worse to maintain, we will use the regular stuff. My daughter loves the dinging on the oven when it is pushed down. . If you get this, don't buy a bunch of the plus playdoh due to the hype. Just buy regular playdoh.

A. Melissa, Oregon says

My daughter is really into play dough right now so she was super excited when my mom sent her this for christmas. She has been enjoying it. The turquoise piece in the middle works my nerves sometimes because remnants of play dough get stuck in there and of course leaves little crumbs everywhere once it dries up and falls out. I spend a lot of time cleaning out that piece when my daughter is done playing. Play dough on hardwood floors is no fun.

G. Meyer, Vermont

I am giving this to a little girl who is extremely spoiled and not very friendly. I know, i know. That's not very nice of me to say. But it's the truth. Her parents think her behavior is cute. They do! it's cute when she sticks her tongue out at people. It's cute when she screams and throws things. It's just so stinkin adorable! so, i think she'll, most likely, make a total mess with this toy and probably grind it into the carpet, etc. I hope they think that's "cute" too. I loved play-doh when i was a kid. My children loved play-doh when they were small. I think this will be a nice learning opportunity for someone. Either the little girl will learn how to play with play-doh properly, or mom and dad will learn that her behavior isn't always "cute. " they may also learn how to clean play-doh out of carpet and upholstery. It's all good. I love play-doh!

F. Helen, Portsmouth says

I get the honor of spending time with my 3 year old grandson. He loves this sweet shoppe set from play-doh. We had hours of fun playing with this. He made me all kinds of ice cream cones including ice cream with bubble gum pieces the play doh was made to look like it had candy sprinkles in it that he swears is bubble gum. I have to admit, it is my favorite play-doh mix. . It came packaged in a reusable container to store the stuff in. It came with an ice cream scoop and a spoon for (pretend) serving. I love how creative he gets when he plays with play-doh, makes me a proud gramma. This was definitely worth the $8. 56 i paid.

L. Denise, Windsor and Maidenhead

My daughter loves to play with play-doh! she'll be 3 in january, so this is either going to be a christmas or birthday present. This set comes with 4 of the mini containers of play-doh, a "candy jar" which all the tools and cutters fit in. I'm even happier i bought this on sale on online store's deal of the day! . . The jar is not huge, i would consider this a mini set. I'm familiar with play-doh, and i wanted this set for the variety. My daughter has played with assorted pieces of this set before, so i know she can use them. I do however think the product listing should say the containers of play-doh are the smaller ones, but if you are like me, you always have play-doh around. . What i liked most about this set, is that it comes with the jar for storage and the variety of pieces that come with this kit.

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