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Price was $7.93. This has been such a fun game to teach and play with our 8 year old. It's been so fun to spend this family time together. Highly recommend for an families that love to play games.

-U. Whiteman

Farkle Classic Dice Become A Farkle Fanatic This Classic Dice-rolling, Risk-taking Game That Comes Its Own Dice Cup. Take A Risk And Keep Rolling To Build Your Score. Or Play It Safe So You Don T Lose -Farkle Classic Dice Game

  1. Highlight: Roll The Dice, Hoping For Scoring Combinations!.
  2. Highlight: Be Safe And Take Your Points, Or Keep Rolling For More And Risk Losing Them All In A Farkle!.

Low-Priced Farkle Classic Dice Game (Toys And Games) 6910

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Ordered this for my mom. She played the game not too long ago and fell in love with it. I read reviews that the cup was cheap, but it's less then $10 so i won't complain. It's a plastic cup, but that's no biggie. It comes with everything you need and the instructions are clear. You don't have to use the cup if you don't like and the dice aren't cheap like they're going to break. They do seem like they aren't made of the strongest material, but they aren't going to break. Overall, great for the price! a nice, fun gift that the whole family can enjoy. Best farkle classic dice | Patch Products-Toys And Games Review as-of ( Jun 2020 ) Highlight Farkle Classic Dice Game It's the classic dice-rolling, risk-taking game!. Roll the dice, hoping for scoring combinations!. Be safe and take your points, or keep rolling for more and risk losing them all in a farkle!. Fun family or group game!. For 2 or more players, ages 8+ .

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Love it! completely happy with it and the whole transaction. -K. Zelda

Playmonster 6910 Farkle Classic Dice

Product Dimensions
Height:5.38 inches
Length:3.00 inches
Weight:0.55 pounds
Width:8.12 inches
ItemPart/Serial Number
Factory Sealed Wraped
Patch Products
Recommended Max-Age
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Part/Serial Number
One Size

farkle classic dice Toy, Become a farkle fanatic with this classic dice-rolling, risk-taking game that comes with its own dice cup. take a risk and keep rolling to build your score. or play it safe so you don t lose your points in a farkle. it s a fight to the finish in this fabulously fun game of strategy and luck! Farkle Classic Dice Game (6910-Playmonster).

Playmonster 6910 Farkle Classic Dice Toy

farkle classic diceFarkle Classic Dice Game (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Fun for everyone! . . We heard about this game from some family members and knew we needed to add it to our collection. It is easy to learn and fun to play - it has become a go-to game when we are entertaining.

Farkle Classic Dice Game
Click to see NoticeFarkle Classic Dice Game (Playmonster)"Lots of fun, great game to play with the family. We skip the cup, it's loud. If you know how to play, you can use your own dice and keep track of points on a slip of paper."

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LCR Left Center RightTM Dice Game - Blue Tin

Our life is full of things from chocolate to cereal, football to flowers and they all have logos. But could you name them if you saw them? logo is the game that puts your consumer knowledge to the test! tap into the knowledge you've piled up over the years and discover astonishing facts and surprises that will entertain the entire family! .

LCR Left Center RightTM Dice Game - Blue TinLCR -Left-Center-RightTM-Dice

Price :    $4.99 (was $6.95)
  • Lcr/left center right is a fun, fast-paced dice game that you won't be able to put down
  • Game includes three lcr specialty marked cubes, 24 chips and instructions in a special tin
  • For 3 or more players
Brand :    george &
Weight :    0.20 pounds
Model :    00106
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Qwixx - A Fast Family Dice Game

This quick-playing dice game will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end! qwixx is simple to play but each decision is crucial - the more numbers you cross off, the more points you score. With no downtime between turns you'll have a chance to gain from each and every roll. Just one round of this thrilling game and you will be caught up in qwixx-fever!

Qwixx - A Fast Family Dice GameQwixx-Fast-Family-Dice-Game

Price :    $6.95 (was $7.97)
  • Reinforces probability, math and strategic thinking
  • Includes 6 dice
  • Rules of play and in spanish
  • Playing time: 15 minutes
  • 1 score pad
Brand :    gamewright
Color :    multi-colored
Size :    5"
Weight :    0.37 pounds
Model :    1201
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Uno Card Game

Uno is the classic and beloved card game that s easy to pick up and impossible to put down! players take turns matching a card in their hand with the current card shown on top of the deck either by color or number. Special action cards deliver game-changing moments as they each perform a function to help you defeat your opponents. These include skips, reverses, draw twos, color-changing wild and draw four wild cards. You ll find 25 of each color (red, green, blue, and yellow), plus the eight wild cards, inside the 108-card deck. If you can t make a match, you must draw from the central pile! and when you re down to one card, don t forget to shout uno! the first player to rid themselves of all the cards in their hand before their opponents wins. It s fast fun for everyone! includes 108 cards and instructions. Colors and decorations may vary.

Uno Card GameMattel-42003-Uno-Card-Game

Brand :    mattel
Color :    multi-colored
Size :    8 x 3-3/4 x 81/100 in
Weight :    0..36 pounds
  • Four suits of 25 cards each, plus the eight wild cards
  • Earn points from other players when you go out first
  • Reach 500 points to win the standard game
  • Includes 108-card deck plus instructions and scoring rules
  • Two-handed, partner, and tournament options for even more action -everything you need to know is inside the instruction guide
Price :    $3.49 (was $4.16)
Model :    42003
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Uno Card Game available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Farkle Score Sheets

At patch products, we are serious about fun! some days, you will find us playing games-to test them, of course! we are a group of energetic, talented and passionate employees who love what we do and love exploring new ideas that lead to exceptional games, puzzles and toys. Every day, we are busy packing the most value possible into quality, family-friendly products that are fun! we believe in the team approach to creating fun-starting with product development, licensing and graphic design, continuing on to the work hard play hard award manufacturing stage and following through with shipping, marketing, sales and customer service. The patch team includes our vendors who supply us with quality materials, and our marketing partners-the restaurants, hotels, radio stations and other places you will find people playing our games. Our fun is contagious!

Farkle Score SheetsPatch-Products-Inc-6922-Farkle

Price :    $2.50 (was $4.99)
  • Great for use with classic farkle, farkle dice cups and farkle frenzy
  • If you love playing farkle, you may need some score sheet refills
  • Games and toys that the whole family can enjoy
  • High quality toys and games
  • Products that are great fun from children to adults
Brand :    patch products .
Size :    -
Weight :    0.25 pounds
Model :    6922
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (patch products . product review) for Farkle Score Sheets available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Ideal Rage Card Game

Ideal rage card game is a great game that utilizes strategy as well as color and number recognition. At the beginning of each round, the 2-8 players are dealt cards and must guess how many cards they will wind up with. The first card played is the trump color and players must match that if possible. The highest card in that color wins the round, but if a player doesn t have that color, they can play a rage action card which could do a number of things to mess with your opponents, including changing the trump color! you score points for each trick won, predicting how many cards you get and using rage cards. The player with the highest score after 10 rounds wins! includes 110 cards and instructions. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.

Ideal Rage Card GameIdeal-0X8-28280-Rage-Card-Game

Brand :    ideal
Model :    0X8-28280
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Includes 110 cards and instructions
  • Fast-paced and fun game for 2-8 players
  • Get rid of as many cards as you can per turn until you only have one left
  • The card game of revenge
  • Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.
Price :    $4.99 (was $6.05)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (ideal product review) for Ideal Rage Card Game available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

SKIP BO Card Game

Skip-bo is the ultimate sequencing card game from the makers of uno! players use skill and strategy to create stacks of sequentially numbered, ascending cards (2, 3, 4 ) until they have no more left to play. Once everyone is dealt their own personal stockpile of cards, play begins by drawing from a central pile and building up to four build piles. The skip-bo wild cards break up static situations and may be played as any number. Use these cards wisely, for they can really help you beat your opponents! the first player to deplete all of his or her skip-bo stockpile cards is the winner! includes 162 cards and instructions. Colors and decorations may vary.

SKIP BO Card GameMattel-42050-SKIP-Card-Game

Brand :    mattel
Color :    multi-colored
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.57 pounds
  • Skip-bo is the ultimate sequencing card game!
  • Includes 162 cards and instructions
  • The first player to use all the cards in their personal stockpile wins!
  • Players use skill and strategy to create sequencing stacks of cards in ascending order (2, 3, 4. )
  • The skip-bo "wild" cards add extra twists to keep the game interesting and help you beat your opponents
Price :    $2.99 (was $6.48)
Model :    42050
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for SKIP BO Card Game available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Phase 10 Card Game Styles May Vary

Came on schedule and was packaged well, so the cards were not harmed. This is a fun game and can be played by young and old, so it's a great family gathering game! it is easy to learn and doesn't take too long to play a game, so several rounds can be played, in a couple hrs. This was a game; i played when i was a kid, played it w/my boys and now bought a new pack, so we can continue the tradition. It's easy to pack, since it's a card game-takes very little room, in the suitcase, to "take on the rd". For relaxation at the cabin, hotel, or friends'/relatives' home! this is one your family or friends will enjoy!

Yamodo. Monsters and aliens will have you doodling for hours as you create drawings & definitions for made-up yamodo. Words. Each card starts with a wacky word and the beginnings of a doodle. Create your definition and add to the doodle. Pass it around to other players to have them add to the story, or create your own masterpiece.

Phase 10 Card Game Styles May VaryPhase-Card-Game-Styles-Vary

Phase 10 Card Game Styles May Vary (Mattel) FAQ.

I played this several years ago at a grownup party and loved it so i was excited to get it for my kids who love playing games. Unfortunately, it kind of fell flat with them, at least so far. I have five boys between 9 and 15. The first couple of hands, i had to kind of help the younger ones and keep reminding everybody about the rules but they caught on pretty quickly. With six of us playing, it would have taken forever to get through ten or more hands and the kids lost interest when everybody was on phase 3 or 4. It was late and they'd already been playing various card games for several hours at that point so it's understandable but every time i've mentioned this game since then, they've all kind of turned up their noses. They'd rather play uno or skipbo. We'll try to come back to this one sometime when they're fresh and hopefully they'll enjoy it. If not, i can still play it with my grownup friends. -Notice from Q. Theresa, North Dakota

Click to Show phase 10 card game styles may vary (mattel) Details

We just learned how to play this. And it's awesome! this game is so much fun for our family on game night. I'm so glad we learned how to play. There are ten phases you have to get through in order to finish the game. Everyone in the group can be on different phases, the same phases, or a combination of phase levels, just trying to beat each other to the end. If you like card games you will definitely love this one.

Phase-10-card-game-styles-may-vary-(mattel) set picture

- H. JoanneI love uno, my husband hates it, but we both love phase 10. Its a fun game, that requires some thinking, though not too much either - and can last for more than an hour with 4 players - we always carry this with us on our family vacations.

My family gets together and plays a lot of games. This is the one card game we all love to hate! we have played another rummy-style game called shanghai forever where you save a different combination of runs and sets each hand. This is like that but with a twist. If you don't lay down your cards in any given hand you are "left behind" and must repeat that hand while other players advance to the next. As a result, at times everyone is saving different things. It is fun but if you are stranded three hands behind everyone else it can be pretty frustrating. Over all, a fun game though and easy for kids and adults to play together.

R. Cassella, New Hampshire

Brand :    mattel
Color :    multi-colored
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.28 pounds
  • Brought to you by mattel
  • From the makers of uno
  • A rummy-type card game with a challenging and exciting twist
  • Object of the game is to be the first player to complete 10 phase sequences
  • Great family game for 2-6 players
Price :    $4.99
Model :    W4729
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Phase 10 Card Game Styles May Vary available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Yahtzee Classic Board Game

What more can you say except this is the classic yahtzee game, most of us grew up playing and i love that now i have a younger generation learning how to play and enjoy. No, it doesn't come with pencils, but they are really cheap, i picked up a pack of 20 for . 50cent at the dollar store. And yes, the cup is egg shaped but this doesn't bother me, if it does you just grap a cheap dollar store one!

It's the classic dice-rolling challenge of yahtzee, and you'll shake, score and shout! can you roll the right combinations to beat the competition? with each round, decide which dice to keep on your first, second and third rolls, then roll again or play it as it lays. Try for a full house or gamble everything on a yahtzee - five of a kind! whoever has the high score after 13 rounds is the ultimate winner. You and your friends will want to play again and again, so roll it to the limit for the yahtzee win! .

Yahtzee Classic Board GameHasbro-00950-Yahtzee-Classic-Board

Yahtzee Classic Board Game (Hasbro) FAQ.

I love yahtzee, and played it way too much about 20 years ago! my daughter saw this and i told her how much fun i had playing it so she wanted to give it a try. She likes it. My only complaint is the new cup. The opening is too small and she kept dropping the dice when she tried to put the dice back in the cup. -Notice from L. Dorothy, Texas

Click to Show yahtzee classic board game (hasbro) Details

It's yahtzee! got this for my friend's son for his birthday. He has played yahtzee before, but only on his tablet and again the computer. . So far he likes it - not thrilled that he has to do the math for the score himself. A fun after dinner game when you need a break from the tv.

Yahtzee-classic-board-game-(hasbro) set picture

- R. CarrieWe played this game as children and my adult son remembered playing this with my parents. He has the original set and has begun to teach it to his young children. I had to have one in my house as the kids are here often. They love it! i was excited to get the classic original

Bought this to go in a christmas gift basket that i'm making for family. We have played this game for years. This game can be played with all ages over 5 years old. You might have to help the little ones a long the way. A good family game. Fun. Fun. Fun.

H. Denise, Calderdale

Brand :    hasbro
Color :    Other
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.78 pounds
Model :    00950
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (hasbro product review) for Yahtzee Classic Board Game available as-of ( Jun 2020 )
Price :    $6.90
  • If you get one yahtzee, try for another for 100 bonus points
  • Whoever has the high score wins
  • Score 50 points with a yahtzee (5 of a kind)
  • Game includes shaker, 5 dice, score pad and game guide
  • Score points for a full house, straight, 3 of a kind or 4 of a kind

Winning Moves Games Yahtzee Classic An Exciting Game Of Skill And Chance

The fabulously famous dice game, introduced over 50 years ago, continues to delight millions of players. This edition has the same styling as the original game with an aluminum-rimmed dice cup, five dice, score pad, and bonus chips. The object of the game is to score the most points by rolling five dice to make certain combinations. The dice can be rolled up to three times in a turn to try to make one of the 13 possible scoring combinations. A game consists of thirteen rounds during which the player chooses which scoring combination is to be used in that round.

Winning Moves Games Yahtzee Classic An Exciting Game Of Skill And ChanceWinning-Moves-Games-Yahtzee-Exciting

Brand :    winning moves games
Color :    Multicolor
Size :    One Size
Weight :    1.09 pounds
Model :    1167
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (winning moves games product review) for Winning Moves Games Yahtzee Classic An Exciting Game Of Skill And Chance available as-of ( Jun 2020 )
Price :    $8.79 (was $8.99)
  • Aluminum rimmed dice cup, five dice, score pad and bonus chips
  • Aluminum rimmed dice cup, five dice, scorepad and bonus chips
  • Same styling as the original game

farkle classic dice game Price : 5.96, was : 9.19 as 2017-04-11
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Farkle Classic Dice Game (Playmonster) Reviewed by on wujus.com

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The F.A.Q. for farkle classic dice game

We played this with our family at their house and we liked it so well as a family get together game, we bought this for ourselves. It takes thought and you do have to add points. I would recommend this for anyone 10 years and up. You can also play it with a large group of people.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Are the dice that are included full size dice?

(1) Question: Would this be fun for a 6 year old?

(2) Question: Is farkle the same as yahtzee?

(3) Question: Are the directions in english or french?

(4) Question: Are the cups padded on the inside?

(5) Question: Is this the same as cosmic wimpout?

(6) Question: I'm trying to find the info to determine whether this is the leather cup or plastic cup. can't find info.

(7) Question: Is this game virtually the same as yahtzee?

(8) Question: Must write down player's score after each round, or sum current and previous total each time? trying to understand how to know when you reach 10, 000

(note) Question: where/how to get Playmonster (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Playmonster's products


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I wish i could give it a 10 stars! my mother first introduced me to this game it is absolutely the best game to play for families. I am a huge game player and i love the traditionals. Monopoly and such but farley is great! i would recommend to anyone. I have one for home and one for travel!

Game Accessories 110122661, Games 110022661, Toys & Games 110397561Top Farkle Classic Dice Game (Playmonster) FAQ Content

Best farkle classic dice game (playmonster) in review

Great game for younger kids and lots of fun for adults too

B. Carolyn, West Virginia

You might like to see Pop Game Thrones Tyrion Battle Axe Vinyl 1 X Pop Game Of Thrones (series 3) Tyrion Lannister In Battle Armor Vinyl Figure. Attractive Display Box. Perfect For Your Desk Or Shelf. Collect Them All. -Funko Pop Game Thrones Tyrion Battle Axe Vinyl Figure
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  • Supplementary: Bumblebee Is Bee-utiful In Yellow And Black With Classic Bee Stripes.
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Z. Sarah, Merton says

Great, fast service, will recommend to others.

C. Glenda, Worcestershire

Great game, tons of fun, easy to learn. It's a combination of yahtzee and taking a risk or gamble in a dice game. It's a great game for a large group of people, or even just a couple of people. It's an easy-going game that anyone can play, and we really enjoy it.

W. Susan, Havering says

This dice game is similar to "ten thousand" and most of the cost went into packaging and printing the score pad. However, it's a game that any number of people can play, including just two. The minimum age would be someone who can add. A great idea is to use the game to practice adding and saying numbers in a language one is learning. Our family enjoyed this as a large group game.

F. Emily, Stoke-on-Trent

Great game!

J. Mays, Louisiana says

Wish the score pad was larger - but beyond that - great fun and arrived quickly i would suggest it as a dinner party game or for kids of all ages

D. Meredith, New Brunswick

A friend introduced me to farkle a few months ago on a weekend getaway, and i loved it so much that i had to order my own as soon as i returned. Farkle is an incredibly simple, incredibly portable, and incredibly addicting game. Like with yahtzee, it's primarily a game of chance - you are rolling dice, after all - but skilled risk assessment definitely will up your chances of winning. It's a great game to play with groups of mixed age, as nobody really needs to learn any rules in advance (you can assess your situation after each roll), and you can advise other players when they need assistance. My 3 1/2 year old really enjoys playing with his dad and me - we help him see his options, and then he gets to make the call whether to roll again or stop. . While i think the game itself is perfect, i took off a star because i think the score sheet is not all that user-friendly (it would be nice to have a column where you write each round's score, and then a column next to it for the running total), and because. Well, you really don't need a farkle game to play farkle. As long as you know the points values for different rolls - which you can memorize in five minutes, and almost certainly find online - all you actually need to play the game is six dice, a pen and some paper. . All the same, the price is reasonable for a game, and the convenient storage is nice, so i have no regrets about buying farkle instead of just investing in six dice.

V. Alberta, City of Kingston upon Hull says

This game is fun for the whole family. Basically, you try to reach 10, 000 or higher before your opponents. You roll six dice and must have a "counter" each time you roll. Every counter can be left out of the next roll, but you may throw a counter back if you have at least one counter each turn. If none of your dice count for anything, you get a farkle and pass the dice to the next player. You may stop rolling before you farkle, but sometimes it is a good idea to risk a farkle when you are far behind the lead opponent. If you farkle, you lose all points for that turn. For the most part, the best things to roll are 1's (worth 100 each) or 5's (worth 50 each). Sometimes you can get a lot of points in one turn (rolling a straight from 1 to 6, for example, gets you 1500 points). . I can't copy the whole rules here. If you like dice games, you might like farkle! i'd say give it a try.

T. Denise, Bayern

We love farkle! have given several aa gifts!

I. Helen, Ile-de-France says

Great fun for blowing some time if you like "push your luck" type of games. Simple, easy to learn, portable. I would give it 5 stars if the quality of the dice were a little nicer. This is a bit nit-picky on my part, i know, but for the price of this game the dice included should be a little higher quality with more consistent pips. 99. 9% of people would never notice this, unless you are really into dice or pay real close attention to details. Otherwise, worthy of 5 stars.

R. Jennifer, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

This is a very fun game. As you roll it is all or nothing, so if you keep going you could either significantly up your score, or loose everything. Our family has played it a ton over the last year of owning and have found consistently playing it safe does not work, you have to take chances. My kids are 11, 14, and 16, and (all boys is that matters) and we love this game!

H. Allen, Bremen says

Fun for everyone

M. Sandra, Harrow

Fun game & good learning tool for simple math

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    2. Benefits: Wooden Stylus Stores In A Tray In The Cover.
    3. I purchased 3 of these to keep my 3, 7 and 8 year old grandsons busy during a long road trip and they loved them. One little problem, the bits that are left from scratching off were everywhere and not very easy to clean out of my car but, in spite of this, i wish i had purchased some for the trip ho... go to https://wujus.com/melissa-doug-scratch-art-hidden-picture-43050uk4a7ng/#melissa-doug-scratch-art-hidden-picture
    Discounted Melissa & Doug On Go Scratch Art Hidden-picture Pad - Safari Animals (Toys And Games) 9419
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    Premium Green Stackable Base Plate (Strictly Briks)

    Premium Green Stackable Base Plate (Strictly Briks) 2192

    On Sale Premium Green Stackable Base Plate (Strictly Briks), Premium Green Stackable Base Plate (Strictly Briks) Combine This Base Plate's Buildable, Stackable Bottom Our Other Brik Sets To Unleash Your Creativity And Build New Creations! These Base Plates Are Compatible All Large Sized Market Toys And Games
    1. Great quality and price! i don't shop much online but this made me g lad i did https://wujus.com/premium-green-stackable-base-plate-21921jj868py/#premium-green-stackable-base-plate
    2. Characteristic: This Base Plate Is The Perfect Size To Create Anything From A House With A Great Yard To A Huge Sprawling Castle With Towers And Spires. It Has Never Been Easier To Let Your Imagination Run Wild With The Fun Of Creating Something Uniquely Yours.
    3. Characteristic: This Unique Base Plate Has A Bottom That Is Designed To Be Stacked And Combined With Your Existing Briks For Tons Of Different Construction Possibilities! Stack Em' Up! Go Vertical!.
    Modest Premium Green Stackable Base Plate (Toys And Games) 638888956272

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