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Price was $105.74. Excellent purchase but as other posters have mentioned the red paint rubs off and gives out pretty quickly, 18 months of heavy use in all weather and the red paint on the rails was peeling badly. A can of "berry pink" all surface rustoleum fixed it up nicely, now my daughter has a wagon with pink rails. A $5 can of paint and a couple hours extended the wagon's life indefinitely. We are full-time rv-ers in a 40' 5th wheel trailer. Most folks in this lifestyle have a collapsable canvas wagon for towing loads of laundry, or children because it supposedly stores easier, this model radio flyer wagon is better, with removable sides and fold under handle it stores just as easily as the canvas models. For use with children (we have two, 2 and 4) outfit it with some accessories as mentioned in other posts, a pad and a clip on canopy or umbrella are much needed if using for child transportation. The handle seems longer than other wagans but being a taller dad at 6'2" i wish the handle was 6 inches longer but it's not unbearable. If paint hadn't failed, this would be a 5 star review.

-Z. Marguerite

Radio Flyer All Terrain Cargo Wagon (Radio Flyer) Take An Off-road Adventure In The Largest Radio Flyer All-terrain Wagon Featuring Removable Wooden Sides And Real Air Tires For A Smooth, Comfortable Ride On Any Terrain. The Extra-long Toys And Games

  1. Special: Removable Wooden Sides For Easy In-and-out.
  2. Special: Real Air Tires Handle Any Terrain.

Modest Radio Flyer All-terrain Cargo Wagon Ride On (Toys And Games) 29z

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Bought this wagon for $80 + tax right after the holidays and assembled it in the spring. Removed the wheels from the box to off gas outside in the meantime. Both the red panels and the wheels have a very strong odor out of the box and require off gassing for several weeks in fresh air and sunshine before use. . Our red panels also have several mysterious black skid marks on the insides, which i haven't been able to remove with cleaners; a minor complaint, but i expect more from radio flyer! . . Aside from the strong odor (which does fade with time)and some slight dings to the paint job, overall this wagon is excellent quality. I have friends who live on a farm and use this model regularly for various farm tasks. It's held up well, aside from some normal fading that you'd expect on the paint and wood. The removable panels are a nice touch and surprisingly useful. . Basically a 5-star product, if not for the initial horrendous odor and the spotty chinese quality assurance. Recommended to anyone other than folks who'd have to store this in their living space before it's fully off gassed. It really is a great family wagon, and if you're willing to wait for the smell to fade then you'll be very happy with it. Best Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon Ride On as-of ( Oct 2021 ) | Radio Flyer Import-Toys And Games Review Special Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon Ride On Extra-large body for maximum hauling capacity. Removable wooden sides for easy in-and-out. Real air tires handle any terrain. Extra-long handle folds under for easy storage. No-pinch ball joint keeps fingers safe and controlled turning radius prevents tipping .

Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon Ride On Review (29Z)

Love the wagon! great for around the neighborhood and especially for the beach! you know that the babies will not fall out of the wagon. As easily and there's enough room for the twins plus toys! i highly recommend it. -V. Rowe

Radio Flyer All-terrain Cargo Wagon Ride On

  1. Rank: Toy
  2. Brand: Radio Flyer
  3. Color: Multicolor
  4. EAN: 0042385112817
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:21.00 inches
    Length:44.00 inches
    Weight:31.00 pounds
    Width:20.50 inches
  6. Manufacturer: Radio Flyer - Import
  7. Recommended Max-Age: 84
  8. Suggested Min-Age: 18
  9. Model: 29Z
  10. MPN: 29Z
  11. Quantity: 1
  12. Part/Serial Number: 29Z
  13. Group-Order: Toy
  14. Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  15. Product-Name: Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon Ride On
  16. UPC: 042385112817
  17. Warranty: The Product Warranty Is Good Within One Year From The Date Of Purchase. A Dated Sales Receipt For Proof Of Purchase Is Required. A Two Year Warranty Policy Will Be Provided To All Customers Who Register Their Product At Radioflyer

Toy(042385112817:Toys And Games), Radio Flyer All-terrain Cargo Wagon Ride On (0042385112817:Radio Flyer), Take an off-road adventure in the largest radio flyer all-terrain wagon featuring removable wooden sides and real air tires for a smooth, comfortable ride on any terrain. the extra-long handle folds under for easy storage..

Radio Flyer All Terrain Cargo Wagon Toy

Radio Flyer All Terrain Cargo WagonRadio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon Ride On (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

This wagon was purchased for my grandson's birthday. I was searching for a reliable safe wagon that can be pulled also through the sand. I hesitated to purchase this wagon due to the plastic wheels but found them to be an asset. It is a much smoother ride and able to make it through mud and sand! i was particularly pleased with the overall size. My daughter can place both children in the wagon along with other items for their many journeys of fun.

Radio Flyer All-terrain Cargo Wagon Ride On (Toys And Games) 29z
Click to see NoticeRadio Flyer All-terrain Cargo Wagon Ride On (29Z)"I love this thing. It looks great, rides well, and is holding up. We use it around the neighborhood, at mardi gras, and to haul things in general as needed. The only improvement would be for radio flyer to provide them with the wooden base sealed from the factory. After assembly, i read some other reviews suggesting that the purchaser seal the base, but by then it seemed like it'd be too much of a hassle. I still haven't made time to take it back apart and seal it, but i hope to take care of that soon to ensure it lasts a lifetime. Assembly was easy with clear instructions."

All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon

When i was 3 years old, i had a radio flyer wagon that took some major abuse from my friends and i. We constantly rode around in it and it just kept on going. Fast forward 30 years and i started looking for a similar wagon for my 2 year old. I came across this atv version when i was searching for steel radio flyers. While it's not the same wagon, it's definitely been beefed up in all the right ways. . The build is fantastic. Strong steel basin attaches to equally strong steel wheel structures. The wood that makes up the rails is high quality (pine, i think) that has a good coat of lacquer on it to protect from the elements. Putting together all the pieces was a bit challenging; but it turned out alright and took about an hour. The wheels are made of tough, dense rubber which should handle just about any debris. . Rf seems to have improved the safety of their toys too (or i had soft skin as a kid). There are no-pinch hinges and all the wood rails lock in with screws. The grommets that hold on to the wheels are tight and will probably never come off. I had to hammer them on with full sized hammer. The bolts are not exposed and everything that might cause errant scratches is underneath the chassis. There aren't any buckles or straps to keep kids in, but that's not really the type of kid this toy caters to. . My only complaint would be from my son: it's too rough-and-tumble (bumpy in his words). When going over sidewalks, there is very little suspension dampening so it's a bit of a butt-buster for small kids. I imagine he will grow out of that as he gets older. . Conclusion: there are many wagons out there. There is a reason why radio flyer is still around and 1. Excellent build, quality experience. I hope my son buys one for his kids some day. Now if only i can get one in my size.

All-terrain steel & wood wagon with sturdy, all-steel construction, rugged air tires and wooden stake sides, this classic red wagon is built to handle adventures both on and off road. The all-terrain steel & wood wagon combines a classic design with the added benefit of 10" rugged air tires designed to provide a smooth ride on any terrain! this wagon also features an extra-long handle that folds under for storage, and a controlled turning radius to prevent tipping. Maximum hauling capacity rugged 10" air tires handle folds under for easy storage controlled turning radius all-steel body with no-scratch edges classic design with wooden sides the original classic red wagon with wooden stake sides and air tires to handle any terrain. Features: rugged 10 air tires for a smooth ride on any terrain. All-steel seamless body with no-scratch edges. Wooden stake sides. Extra-long handle folds under for easy storage. Controlled turning radius prevents tipping. Classic design handles on and off-road adventure. Ages: for ages over 1½ years body: 37. 25" x 18. 5" x 9. 5" wheels: 10" x 3. 5" weight: 36. 6 lbs. Weight capacity: 200 lbs. Model: 32

All-Terrain Steel & Wood WagonRadio-Flyer-32Z-All-Terrain-Steel

See All-terrain Steel & Wood Wagon (Radio Flyer) FAQ.

Bought this for my grandson for his birthday. He loves it! it is far more sturdy than the plastic types. It is big and roomy for 2 kids. The party kids all had to take turns around the san jose rose garden. We did place a small blanket in the bottom. It's safe and perfect for even 18 month old kids. The sides are high enough for them to hold on to easily. It was also very useful to bring in supplies from the car. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Little tikes wagons always fell apart too quickly. Radio flyer, metal & wood wagons are the way to go if you want it to last. -Notice from J. Lindsey, Shropshire

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My 3 1/2 year old son loves his new wagon! we go for evening walks almost daily, and this will be joining us. We were able to easily put the wagon together, no parts arrived damaged, and nothing was missing. Tires are fully rubber, and a pretty decent thickness. They'll last a long time, no doubt. The wooden sides are fairly sturdy, too. I was worried, after reading some reviews, that it would need to be reinforced. All-in-all, i would buy this wagon again. It is definitely worth the price, and our family really enjoys it.

All-terrain-steel-&-wood-wagon-(radio-flyer) set picture

- K. MeyerI got this at online store warehouse for $105. It was posted used and very good but what i actually received is a new, unused wagon with just a dent on the metal part of one side corner of the wagon. Hubby got his hammer and a towel to poke it carefully and voila! it went back to how it is supposed to originally looked! we are so happy with our wagon and my 6 and 1 yr old are both happily enjoying their wagon right now. We noticed a bad smell coming out from the tires as well that's why we assembled it outdoors and leave it out in the garage. We did put it altogether without waxing and pre-treating the wood as it was suggested but we are doing it next week when we have time to go to the store. It was easy to set-up and we couldn't be happier seeing how many precious memories we will build with our family with this wagon around. Summer is the best time to be outdoors but we can see ourselves using this a lot 3 seasons except for winter where my daughter would use it as her play and reading nook. A purchase worth buying!

Ever since i saw the movie radio flyer, i have wanted a wagon and not just any wagon, but a radio flyer wagon. I was already into my teens when i watch the movie so my parents said no. So fast forward 15 years later and with a two year old boy, i was ready to purchase my first ever wagon! i looked at all the models and finally chose this. The barriers make it safe and the air tires allow me to use it with ease. This has become my sons favorite mode of transportation. Forget the stroller! he will sit on this while we take walks, go to the park, etc. He'll just chill in there watching the scenery. Since it's steel and the barrier is wood, i put a thick blanket and a pillow so he's comfortable. This wagon is really well made and it looks like it will last a life time. . As for the strong smell. It's true and it's quite strong. I've had this for a few months now and the smell is going away slowly but it wouldn't change my mind on purchasing it.

S. Susan, Torbay

Brand :    radio flyer
Color :    Red
Size :    36.00 x 21.00 x 20.00 Inches
Weight :    29.00 pounds
Model :    32Z
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Rugged 10" air tires for a smooth ride on any terrain.
  • Controlled turning radius prevents tipping.
  • Classic design handles on and off-road adventure.
  • Extra-long handle folds under for easy storage.
  • All-steel seamless body with no-scratch edges. wooden stake sides.
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Radio Flyer Wagon Canopy

The radio flyer wagon canopy is the perfect way to keep your kids cool and protected on sunny days. The uv protection canopy includes four clamps that fit all radio flyer wagons and hold the canopy securely on the wagon. The canopy is constructed with a tent-pole assembly which allows you to easily add and remove the canopy as needed. The canopy also comes with a storage bag for convenient storage when not in use.

Radio Flyer Wagon CanopyRadio-Flyer-WC30-Wagon-Canopy

Brand :    radio flyer
Weight :    2.70 pounds
Model :    WC30
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Easy to set up (tent pole assembly)
  • Fits all full size radio flyer wagons (plastic, wood, and steel). not recommended for use on radio flyer outback wagon and 2-in-1 wagon.
  • Uv protection canopy
  • Comes with a small storage bag
  • 4 clamps hold canopy securely on wagon
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Make a statement at your next party with this adorable woodland creatures 11pc balloon party kit! this kit contains (1) 36 inch fox shaped mylar balloon, (1) 36 inch raccoon shaped mylar balloon, (1) 30 inch hedgehog shaped mylar balloon (1) 26 inch owl and (1) 36 inch squirrel shaped mylar balloons. Along with 8 count of 11" green and brown latex balloons, plus (1) 18 inch woodland critters birthday balloon. Balloons are a perfect and inexpensive way to add color and fun to your next event. The shaped balloon requires helium to be blown up and the latex balloons can be inflated using helium or blown up with air. Easy, simple party decorations for your baby shower or birthday party.

Woodland Critters Ultimate 14pc Balloon Party KitWoodland-Critters-Ultimate-Balloon-Party

Brand :    betallic
Quantity :    1
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  • (1) 36 inch fox shaped mylar balloon
  • (1) 18 inch woodland critters birthday balloon
  • (1) 26 inch owl and 36 inch squirrel shaped mylar balloons
  • (8) 11" latex balloons - (4 green & 4 brown). balloons will arrive flat.
  • (1) 30 inch hedgehog and (1) 36 inch raccoon shaped mylar balloon

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Expansion packs let you expand your thomas and friends wooden railway by adding tracks to any layout. The wooden railway straight & curved tracks pack features 12 pieces of straight and curved tracks to create a variety of layouts with straight paths and surprise twists and turns. Includes 8 pieces of straight tracks, and 4 pieces of curved tracks.

Fisher-Price Thomas Train Wooden Railway Straight Curved Expansion TrackFisher-Price-Thomas-Railway-Straight-Expansion

  • Includes 8 straight track pieces and 4-pieces of curved track
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  • Easy-to-assemble track
  • Realistic railway design
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Brand :    fisher-price
Weight :    0.80 pounds
Model :    Y4089
Quantity :    1
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The patented t-bar system attaches to your bike in just two minutes. The seat can then be attached to the t-bar in 15 seconds. Taking off the seat is just as quick. Buy a second t-bar assembly for your spouse's bike and you can switch the seat between the two bikes in a matter of seconds.

IBert Child Bicycle Safe-T-Seat, GreeniBert-Child-Bicycle-Safe-T-Seat-Green

Brand :    ibert
Color :    Green
Size :    OS
Weight :    3.68 pounds
Model :    49100
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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  • Better view and more enjoyable ride for the child
  • The child safely positioned behind the handlebars allows for better communication
  • Center mounted provides a better center of gravity and increased mobility for the adult rider
  • Easier, safer loading and unloading of the child
  • Unlike trailers - no dirt, rocks or water thrown in the child's face

Radio Flyer Wagon Umbrella

Protect your little rider from the sun's harmful rays with the radio flyer wagon umbrella.

Radio Flyer Wagon UmbrellaRadio-Flyer-UA18-Wagon-UmbrellaWhen the sun beats down over the long haul, this jaunty, adjustable red polyester umbrella transforms a little red wagon into a shady conestoga. And it will serve you well should you be surprised by rain showers on your journey. You could also clamp it on a lawn chair, a cooler handle, a park railing, or a backpack strap. The neoprene-padded jaws of the sturdy plastic, 6. 5-inch spring clamp move smoothly on 180-degree hinges, so the umbrella gets a flat, slip-proof grip on objects that are from an eighth of an inch to 2 inches thick-even on wet wood or slick metal. Made especially to sit pretty on a classic radio flyer wagon, the versatile, heavy-duty clamp also accommodates non-planar surfaces, such as a wide-lipped wall. Unfasten the velcro closure and slide open a taut 26. 5-inch diameter circle of shade made of chunky, top-quality materials. A 4-inch-long, . 375-inch-diameter metal-spiraled neck above the clamp allows you to adjust the shade to any angle in any direction. This beauty is made to last as long as a radio flyer wagon! the umbrella is 30. 75 inches long, and comes with instructions. Ava natov

  • Umbrella clips easily on to the side of your wagon
  • 29-inch umbrella protects your kids from the rain or sun
  • Fits all full size radio flyer wagons
  • Cute umbrella looks stylish with any wagon
  • This product is made by radio flyer, innovating play and creating memories since 1917
Brand :    radio flyer
Color :    red
Weight :    0.90 pounds
Model :    UA18
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 2-3 business days
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Radio Flyer Wagon Umbrella available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

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Model :    7041414
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Radio Flyer All-terrain Cargo Wagon Ride On (29Z) Price : 100.27, was : 115.25 as 2017-02-14
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The F.A.Q. for Radio Flyer All-terrain Cargo Wagon Ride On (29Z)

Great product, use it to haul my 30-35 pound twins around the yard, apple picking and halloween. They love it too. Easy to assemble, good construction, and well designed. Wood base and sides don't get overheat in the sun and are movable for easy entry/exit, the wheels do effectively handle off road terrain the air spout is well located and easy to use. . Quibbles: the handle is about 6 inches too short and the hand grip is metal and once it hits pavement (think minute 2 of its life) will scratch.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: What are the dimensions of the wagon?

(1) Question: Is this wagon all wood? is it paintable?

(2) Question: Beach?

(3) Question: What are the exact measurements? product dimensions per online store say: 44 x 20. 5 x 21 inches but other answers here say 40" or 37"?

(4) Question: Do they sell the seat pads for this model? where can i find those?

(5) Question: Could one replace the air wheels with solid rubber tires used on other red flyer wagons?

(6) Question: Are these tires air filled plastic or are the actual rubber tires?

(7) Question: How is the turning radius on this wagon?

(note) Question: where/how to get Radio Flyer (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Radio Flyer's products


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Things seem to be getting heavier as i get older. I use this wonderful little wagon all the time. With the sides on, i can fill it with groceries and get them all to the back door in one trip. With the sides off, i can pile on bags of potting soil. It has big tires that can be inflated if you want, but i haven't bothered. Uninflated they absorb a lot of shock when travelling over bumpy surfaces like exposed aggregate, uneven concrete, rocks, and bark. It's a smooth enough ride that eggs don't get broken, pots don't tip over, and it can be coaxed along rough ground where smaller, harder wheels would get stuck and that would be that. . Assembly wasn't difficult and didn't take much more than a screwdriver. The instructions were clear, all the pieces were there, and other than an accident with the stupid screwdriver, the wagon was easily assembled. . I have to agree with the many reviewers who commented on the bad-smelling tires. I've left it out in sun and rain for two months but still can't have it near an open window. The tires truly stink. . The sides have been protected from sun and rain, but some of the wood is splitting anyhow. I still love it, but i don't think it's the quality of the old radio flyers.

Pull-Along Wagons 110914661, Toys & Games 110397561, Tricycles, Scooters & Wagons 110499652Top Radio Flyer All-terrain Cargo Wagon Ride On (29Z) FAQ Content

Best radio flyer all-terrain cargo wagon ride on (29z) in review

We bought this for our bulldog. That's right, you read that right. He loves to go out but gets tired quickly especially on long walks so this way he can come with us everywhere and relax as we pull him along. Plus a dog stroller would have been too embarrassing! . . Regarding the product: it's a radio flyer and built very well. There are a few parts but nothing too overwhelming and took less than 45 minutes to put together. The shipping box had some holes but nothing fell out of it and was a bit tight and had one scratch to the wood but overall it was fine. . The only complaint is the chemical smell. All the parts have a very strong smell from either the paint or tires similar to moth balls. We're airing it out and hopefully it will eventually go away.

I. Brendon, Delaware

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D. Connie, Rhode Island says

Overall, it is what they say it is. I did get one flat tire, but i just tightened the valve inside the stem and the air leak stopped. I used a bicycle hand pump to make it right. . It does need a little extra bling before i present it to my grandson. The entire thing looks like it could use a coat of polyurethane to protect the wood. I did that and we will see how well it holds up this winter. The final test will be when his little sister joins the gang. . The next step is to add some reflective tape to the sides. That way, if he leaves it out on the driveway at night, his dad won't drive over it. . As added bling, i'm adding some fancy mercedes benz valve stem covers. . I am editing my original review. I said i ws going to put a simple coat of clear polyurethane. Well, don't use polyurethane! i coated all the red parts with polyurethane, and it does not stick to the original red paint. I had to scrape off the stuff and then reapply some other brand red paint to cover up the mess.

U. Ophelia, Cheshire

Great and durable wagon! i bought this so my elderly dog could still enjoy our walks together. Very strong and sturdy wagon, made my dog feel safe, and she loved riding in it! comes apart easily for transporting, the wheels are beefy and real, not the plastic crap that most wagons have. Easy to assemble. The only negative is that the red paint on the wood slats can get easily scraped off but i don't care about that. My sick dog was a 45 pound pit bull, and she fit with tons of room left over. She ended up about 30 pounds near the end, and her 50 pound sister could fit in the wagon with her too. My 50 pound dog didn't like riding as much as walking, but she is healthy so that is to be expected. When she gets older she will love to be able to still sniff the air while riding in style. It was the best gift i could give my dying fur-friend, and i will never forget our wagon rides together. Walk-n-roll! we also got the radio flyer umbrella that clips on. It worked great but is a little small, so offers okay shade. Much better than nothing, i live in the desert.

V. Gladys, Berlin says

Overall, i'm happy with the look and construction of this product. Though i have not "road tested" it yet. . The red paint on one of the wooden sides was already chipped coming out of the box. This was disappointing for two reasons: 1) inspection at the factory and/or shipping packaging should be robust enough to guard against this; 2) it makes me doubt the long term resiliency of the product. . Assembly was fairly painless and took about one hour. The instructions were well diagramed and written. . The fit between the wooden side rail inserts and the metal slots were often quite tight and required adjustment by either bending the metal slot outwards somewhat or screwing in the metal slots overtop of the rail inserts to allow the rails to fit. This adjustment won't necessarily stop the paint on the rail inserts from getting scratched as was my experience. . I would suggest lining up some kind of cushion for the bed of the wagon. A folded wool blanket would be fine but i note radio flyer offers matching red cushions. . The wagon's handle hinges nicely under the belly of the wagon which is an appreciated storage feature. . Seems to run well on the wheels. . Visually, the wagon looks great overall.

I. Wilson, Saskatchewan

The wagon is a nice size. I was disappointed in how thin the wood seat and slats are. But it is made in china not the usa. I was very glad to read the review about using the polyurethane finish. If you want it to look nice for a long time, i recommend using 3 coats too. The steering mechanism has been improved since i was a child. You cannot tip it when turning sharp corners. It was easy to assemble and took less than an hour to put together. The handle folds under for storage and transport, that is a nice improvement also. Easily hauled 2 children. Major downfall is that the adults could not ride in the wagon. ; )

S. Parker, Tennessee says

I ordered this wagon for my daughters first birthday present. It has been the best decision by far. I don't even use my stroller anymore, and i had an expensive jogging stroller lol. She loves it more because she can have toys and blankets in the wagon and i don't have to worry about her dropping them and they fall out. It was very easy to put together too. It only took about 30 min and i did it with just a screw driver. If i would have used a drill it may have took about ten min total. The handle flips underneath the wagon which is great for me because it wouldn't fit in the back of my jeep grand cherokee otherwise. This wagon is larger than the radio fliers with the red metal bottoms and its all wood! well ecept the handle and the brackets. That's what i loved about it. I don't have to worry about the bottom rusting where shell sit and ride. I wish the insides of the wheels were metal too like the old school ones but these are plastic. I don't think it will matter though. This wagon didn't come with screws to keep the sides in place so if you want them stationary youll have to supply your own screws. The metal brackets do have a hole in them where the screw would go so its easy peasy. I read so many comments about this wagon having an awful smell but mine did not. It smelled like rubber for maybe an hour but once it was out of the box the smell disappeared quickly. It wasn't strong at all. It just smelled like something new if that makes sense lol. Hope this helps! i would def recommend buying this wagon!

F. Amanda, New Hampshire

Like some other reviews the bottom is not the best quality wood. We did apply polyurethane before assembling which seemed like a good choice as the soft wood is no match to toddlers and pre-k kids. But the wagon makes for a smooth ride for my kids on our walk home from daycare. The versatility of the removable sides is both good (folds down for trunk, storage, other uses) and bad (kids can take them off when they please and sometimes at less favorable moments). It's very long which is good for hauling multiple kids and a bunch of stuff but makes the corners a bit snug. Overall pretty satisfied.

E. Sharon, Lambeth says

Used at a wedding , it was too adorable. Now it found a home with my 2 nieces. One is 4yo and the other is 1yo, they both fit very comfortably. Mom and dad love it because on summer afternoons they go out for a walk with them in the wagon, no need to take strollers out and the girls feel oh so happy to be able to see all the sights while sitting in wagon. Wagon is very sturdy, wheels look/feel like really good quality. The only thing is i wish it came with hardware to make the red sides semi-permanent. I mean i'm sure you could just get some hardware at home depot and diy it.

G. Cassella, Halton

The best packaged product i've ever put together. Every piece individually wrapped and protected. Instructions were very easy to understand. Many companies could learn a lot from them about ease of assembly and directions. Highly recommend this product. Best of all the twin girls i bought this for wouldn't let go of it. Thank you

Q. Angelica, Rhode Island says

I bought this all terrain wagon for my senior golden retriever who recently had a leg amputated. We're using it to transport him when he tires on our walks but still wants to participate with the other dogs. I love the wheels and the fact it can go on "all terrain". I was disappointed on how flimsy the wooden sides were compared to radio flyer wagons from years ago. One of the sides arrived slightly cracked. Right now we're using it for our church pumpkin patch to move pumpkins around the lawn.

R. Delgado, Blackburn with Darwen

Before going with this product, i was debating between this (wood base and wood rails) and the wagon with he "wagon base" (with wood rails) atw. The wagon base was cheaper and smaller, which i thought would be pretty convenient to store in my car or drag around. However, i am so glad i went with this one instead. I have 2 kids (20 months and 3 months). I'm able to fit the 3-month old in his car seat and in the wagon and well as have the 20-month old sit in the wagon next to the car seat. I would not have been able to do that with the other smaller wagon. The 3-month old can't sit up yet, so it was great to place the whole car seat on top of the wagon. It's pretty sturdy too so it never felt like it was going to tip over. We took this to the beach and packed both kids with our gear and just dragged it into the sand. The atw is the way to go because it makes for a very smooth ride for the kids and also goes over little bumps on the road wonderfully. It has a great turning radius. My husband complained about the handle bar. He said it's too small to put his hand in it, but i feel like it's fine. The only downside of getting the wood base wagon is that you probably can't get it wet so we ended up blowing out all the sand in the wagon instead of spraying it down. The good thing about having a wood base instead of a wagon base is that the kids' buns won't get burned in the summer when they sit in it unless you put a cushion of some sort on the bottom.

Y. Nellie, Northumberland says

We have owned the radio flyer all-terrain cargo wagon for the last 2 years. The wagon assembled easily on the night before christmas. There were no surprises with the instructions. Once assembled, this wagon is ready for adventures. These adventures usually involve pulling my 3 year old daughter around the yard or to parades. The big tires roll easily over most surfaces, including high grass. The ride can get bouncy, so we folded a thick blanket and place it inside the wagon. This makes the ride a little less jarring. (my daughter explained that the wagon hurt her hiney without the blanket). . As a side note, we used this wagon much more frequently with my daughter from ages 2-3 yrs. Than we have from 3-4 yrs. As she has become a more proficient walker and gained stamina, she prefers to just walk by my side rather than be pulled in the wagon. I can picture the wagon getting even less use next spring. . I would highly recommend this wagon.

H. Candy, Arkansas

The first one we received had damaged side panels. It's probably pine- very light- but online store sent a speedy replacement and it was fine. I helped my husband put it together, and with the pivoting front axle i think 4 hands are better than 2. Our daughter loves it! (though we didn't consider how much exercise it would be at the time we purchased it. Lol). In fact all the kids love it and were very intrigued to learn the sides are removable so they could climb into themselves (we are around kids age range 1-5). It holds up to 200lbs, it's all wood and metal but the wheels. It had no problem with our slightly treacherous, bumpy, hilly back yard. I think it's very lovely and stylish. The handle folds underneath the wagon for ease of storage. We keep it in our building out back- i certainly wouldn't leave it out in the weather at all. The sides have a thin varnish but the bottom has little to no varnish.

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