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Price was $169.99. We love this radio flyer ultimate comfort wagon! the cooler that comes with it is fantastic and holds much more than we thought it would. We loaded this thing down and still had no trouble pulling it up and down the hills at the zoo. I wish the bottom of the seat lifted for more storage but only b/c it seems like a waste a space when there could be more storage underneath. This thing already has a lot of room to store things, though, so we aren't upset. We especially like that the handle doesn't drop when you let it go and doesn't go back far enough to accidentally hit a seat (or a child's head). Highly recommend this wagon. :)

-H. Pete

Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon (Radio Flyer) 3181 Features: -stow Necessities In The Included Easy-attaching Bag, And In Pockets Behind Each Seat. -folds Up For Easy Portability. -canopy Protects Tender Skin From The Sun’s Rays Toys And Games

  1. Benefits: Expandable Rear Storage Bag Folds Away When Not In Use.
  2. Benefits: Removable Padded Seat Covers. Seatbelts For Added Safety.

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I love this wagon, it was easy to build i was able to put it together by myself in little to no time and i love the seatbelt feature is great for keeping the kids in their seat. The first time we used this wagon a lady had pulled over just to tell us that she thought the wagon was cool. :) Best Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon as-of ( Oct 2021 ) | Radio Flyer-Toys And Games Review Benefits Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon Five seating and storage options-seating for two, flatbed, covered storage & ride, activity surface, xl storage & ride.. Expandable rear storage bag folds away when not in use.. Removable padded seat covers. seatbelts for added safety.. Child and adult cup holders. handle folds over for easy storage.. 10" dura-tred tires for a quiet ride. removable uv protection canopy. .

Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon Review (3180)

I love this wagon, it was easy to build i was able to put it together by myself in little to no time and i love the seatbelt feature is great for keeping the kids in their seat. The first time we used this wagon a lady had pulled over just to tell us that she thought the wagon was cool. :) -S. Gilmore

Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon

  1. Rank: Toy
  2. Brand: Radio Flyer
  3. Color: Ultimate
  4. EAN: 0638563342727
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:13.75 inches
    Length:41.50 inches
    Weight:30.00 pounds
    Width:18.50 inches
  6. ItemPart/Serial Number: 042385100890
  7. Manufacturer: Radio Flyer
  8. Recommended Max-Age: 180
  9. Suggested Min-Age: 18
  10. Model: 3180
  11. MPN: 3180
  12. Total Items: 1
  13. Quantity: 1
  14. Part/Serial Number: 3180
  15. Group-Order: Toy
  16. Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  17. ReleaseDate: 2009-07-01
  18. Size: 42.00 X 18.75 X 13.75 Inches
  19. Product-Name: Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon
  20. UPC: 798746063358
  21. Warranty: 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects

Toy(798746063358:Toys And Games), Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon (0638563342727:Radio Flyer), 3181 features: -stow necessities in the included easy-attaching bag, and in pockets behind each seat. -folds up for easy portability. -canopy protects tender skin from the sun's rays and removes in a snap with a quick-clip attachment system. -each seat is equipped with a seatbelt. wheels included: -yes. age group: -3 to 4 years. ride-on type: -push/scoot. seating capacity: -2 seater. outdoor use: -yes. country of manufacture: -china. number of wheels: -4. dimensions: overall product weight: -23 pounds..

Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon Toy

Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort WagonRadio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I was very undecided about this wagon but it turned out to be a great purchase for my girls, ages 14 mos and 4 yrs. Especially in this heat the canopy is much needed and the girls are looking forward to walks, more than ever than in a stroller. I assembled it myself without my husband home!

Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon (Toys And Games) 3180
Click to see NoticeRadio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon (3180)"This wagon is amazing. I bought it for my nephew when he was 3 months old and he loved it. The canopy is great and gives him the shade he needs and i also bought a small fan to clip in there to keep him cool on hot muggy summer days. The bag in the back is spaceous that you can fit jackets, lunch, water bottles, diaper bag etc. When open its like a square that's about 12 in x 12 in and prob 12 in deep. There is also 2 cup holders in the front by the handle for me to put my drinks and his bottle or drink (there are also ones in by his feet on the floor). I love the cushions on the sets and love how the belt comes around him and also up between his legs so he doesn't slide and is very secure. The seats fold down into many different combos. One is a flat table and the other one is an eating top cause it has a cup holder. You can also take the cushions out and lay the seats down into a bed and put the cushions on top so he can take a nap. The wheels don't have air in them and they are not that noisy hard plastic so the rubber wheels makes the ride smooth and less noisy. I know a lot of people say there wagon came without certain parts but honestly if that happens don't worry the customer service was super friendly and are very quick at getting you what you need. We thought we were missing a part and called for a replacement but ended up finding it and canceled the replacement part. The lady was super nice! people that see this wagon rave about how fancy and nice it is. And i already had two of my friends by one for their neices/nephews! if you're going to spend money on a wagon spend it on this one! i promise you won't be dissapointed. Another family member bought a step 2 wagon and it's so basic and the wheels are loud that you don't even wanna go on long walks. Spend the extra money and get a nice one with a a canopy and storage that will come in handy when u go to a zoo or amusement park. My nephew will have this for years to come. And i am so glad i chose this wagon!"

Gund 2016 Collectible Holiday Teddy Bear Plush

Gund is proud to present an online store-exclusive teddy bear perfect for your holiday celebration. This year's adorable plush features a classic 14" seated polar bear design all dressed up in snowflake-pattern mittens and cap. The online store logo is featured prominently on the paw. Start your collection this year, or add to an existing set. Surface-washable for easy cleaning. Appropriate for ages one and up.

Gund 2016 Collectible Holiday Teddy Bear PlushAmazon-Collectible-Holiday-Teddy-Plush

Brand :    gund
Size :    14 inches
  • Appropriate for ages one and up
  • 14" seated polar bear design
  • Logo is featured prominently on the paw
Model :    4058254
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Radio Flyer Little Red Toy Wagon

This little red toy wagon is a small version of the original wagon you loved as a kid. Featuring a seamless steel body, working handle with solid grip and durable rolling wheels for lasting quality, this toy wagon is perfect for stuffed animals & toys, or for using as a gift basket or home décor. For ages 3+.

Radio Flyer Little Red Toy WagonRadio-Flyer-Little-Red-Wagon

Brand :    radio flyer
Color :    Red
Size :    1
Weight :    2.00 pounds
  • Working handle with solid grip.
  • Durable rolling wheels for lasting quality.
  • Perfect for gift baskets, home décor, or holding small toys.
  • Seamless steel body with no-scratch edges.
  • A toy version of the original wagon.
Model :    W5
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys, Purple

Nuby's bpa free octopus floating bath toy is a fun and interactive toy to make bath time more enjoyable. The cute and engaging toy comes with one floating octopus and three rings to toss on the octopus tentacles. It helps to develop hand-eye coordination and stimulate your baby s senses. This toy provides endless fun in the bath or pool!

Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys, PurpleNuby-Octopus-Hoopla-Bathtime-Purple

Brand :    nuby
Color :    Purple
Size :    5"
Weight :    0..41 pounds
Model :    6144
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys, Purple available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
  • Includes 1 octopus and 3 rings to toss around the tentacles
  • 18 months + / bpa free
  • Fun colors and shapes stimulate baby's senses
  • Floats in water to make bath-time or pool time more fun
  • Helps develop baby's hand-eye coordination

4-in-1 Stroll 'N Trike

This is a great little trike. It took me about an hour to put it all together, and the instructions were pretty easy. There is a little nub you have to hammer onto one of the wheels and two are included in case you break the first one since that is probably the only opportunity you have to crack plastic since you have to whack the nub pretty hard with a hammer. I love how the seat has 3 adjustment points, the pedals can be set to be stationary or to turn with the front tire (i. E. You have the option of allowing the child to pedal the bike), and the safety ring (with cup holder) is great for our 2 year old since he is still a little wobbly. There is a strap so you can tie your kid in, though our guy is really too big for it. The hood is pretty low quality and attaches with plastic clips. We found that it really only works for kids 2 years old simply due to the kid's height being an issue when older. The hood is also part red and part pink, even though the picture shows it as being all red (didn't really matter to us but it might bother some). Before our little guy turns 3 i'm sure we'll be turning this into a tricycle for him.

The 4-in-1 trike is the ultimate grow-with-me trike. It offers 4 ways to ride, to accommodate ages 9 months to 5 years: it easily converts from a stroller to a steering trike, learning-to-ride-trike, and finally a classic trike. The 4-in-1 trike features safety features for the youngest riders, including removable wrap around safety bars with cupholder and snack tray, and a 3-point harness. The trike has quiet ride tires when pedaling. The height-adjustable push-handle and unique stroller-style canopy remove for older riders. The sturdy steel frame and adjustable seat ensure it will last for years.

4-in-1 Stroll 'N TrikeRadio-Flyer-811X-4-in-1-Stroll

See 4-in-1 Stroll 'n Trike (Radio Flyer) FAQ.

So i wanted to buy my daughter a trike that i can push until she reaches the peddles and also adjusts to her size. I really needed this to be a sturdy, easy to maneuver, and durable trike for long periods of use since we do plenty of walking. I did a lot of research! too much some might think :)) i asked people around the neighborhood if they liked theirs, read reviews on online store, as well as other sites, read all the instructions and descriptions, watched videos; i mean, i really did my homework! . . First, i want to share what i liked and didn't like. . Pros:. -durable and reliable - i haven't yet had to rescrew the bolts and we use it a lot! . -many options to make a child any age comfortable. -easy to steer and very safe, basically feels like pushing a stroller. Can be easily pushed off the sidewalk without picking it up. -sunshade is really useful and can be folded for sunbathing. -great value, so many options for such a great price. . Cons:. -squeaks after first walk, needs to be oiled once in a while. -i needed a lot of time to put the bike together; also the tools they tell you to use are not sufficient to screw everything tightly. But all this is worth it to make it feel very safe. . Finally, the reasons why i chose to buy this instead of all the other trikes offered on online store:. . 1. The handle is strong, made out of steel, and doesn't break off. I've read in some reviews that some trikes have handles that come off and feel cheap because of the plastic materials they are made from. This trike is not like that. It feels very reliable. 2. The wheels are rubber, not plastic like on most of the other trikes. I feel like they will last a long time. 3. It has a hatchback, meaning there is a compartment on the back that can hold keys, phones, toys, and rocks that your child might collect on your walk. We put flowers there sometimes :). 4. This trike has a little tray that my daughter uses for a drinking cup. Very comfortable if you are going for a long walk. None of the other trikes had this tray. 5. And lastly, the seat moves, the harness can be taken off, the pedals can be adjusted to stay still while you push the bike. Basically many things that other trikes didn't have. . I'm so glad i didn't purchase little tikes or italtrike because from what i hear and read i would've been very disappointed. -Notice from B. Monique, Telford and Wrekin

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We purchased this for my daughter's first birthday. She was (and still is) a little big for her age and wasn't able to reach the pedals at one. She found other places to put her feet, though. . I love that it has a removable cage around it to keep tiny ones who don't always have the best balance from tipping out, and keeps their sippy-cup nearby in case they want a drink. The little compartment in the back seems handy, but you really can't fit much of anything in it. We used to put a diaper and small pack of wipes for trips to the park, and i'm sure our little one will be able to keep little toys in there when she starts exploring on her own, but it's just not as handy as i expected. . Now that she is older, we're trying to use it (with the cage removed) to teach her to pedal. It allows me to maintain control if need be, while also letting her pedal independently when she wants to.

4-in-1-stroll-'n-trike-(radio-flyer) set picture

- R. EvaThis trike is awesome! i should have bought it earlier! my two-year-old loves riding to the park in this. She sometimes tries to peddle but she's still a little short so mostly rests her feet on them. The handle for parents is great, so much better than just the push handles that are impossible to steer. We also get a lot of use out of the back compartment. I use it to put a snack in for her and she likes to collect treasures at the park and fill it up. We also bought a bell and streamers for it from online store.

I was looking into buying this trike for my son for months but was unwilling to pull the trigger on it for $100. But i finally saw it on online store for $65 and felt it was a deal. I am fairly happy with the trike, i mean it is mostly plastic like other reviews have stated but for the price i got it for i am pleased. . Putting it together took about 30 mins. My son loves it and it's nice having something different for him for when i talk him out other than the stroller. I like that he can use it for years to come. A good buy for $65 or so, not for the $100 it retails for.

G. Shayna, Connecticut

4-IN-1 STROLL 'N TRIKE Spotlight
Brand :    radio flyer
Color :    Red
Size :    20L x 35W x 41H in.
Weight :    15.23 pounds
Model :    811X
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Removable safety tray with cup holder. adjustable seat grows with your child.
  • Grows with your child - 4 ways to ride: infant trike, steering trike, learn-to-ride trike and classic trike.
  • Secure 3-point harness and high back seat for infant safety.
  • Removable canopy for uv protection. covered storage bin for added fun.
  • Adult steer & stroll adjustable push handle. pedals become footrests for early stages.
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for 4-in-1 Stroll 'N Trike available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Little Tikes My First Bouncer - Indoor Inflatable

The little tikes my first bouncer is the perfect introduction to bouncing, climbing and sliding fun for little ones. The built-in blower inflates in a snap and makes it easy to keep kids bouncing for hours! this energy-burning inflatable has a reverse blower, making it easy to take down when it's time to put it away. Product features: features include climbing ramp, slide, and enclosed bouncing area compact design makes this great for indoor use built-in blower inflates in under 2 minutes at the flip of a switch reverse blower setting for easy deflate and storage mesh net enclosure for safety and easy visibility made of heavy-duty, puncture-resistant material 2 children can bounce at once max total weight 100 lbs ages: 18 months - 4 years

Little Tikes My First Bouncer - Indoor InflatableLittle-Tikes-First-Bouncer-Inflatable

Brand :    little tikes
Color :    Yellow
Weight :    10.00 pounds
Model :    641817
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (little tikes product review) for Little Tikes My First Bouncer - Indoor Inflatable available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
  • Built in blower inflates in seconds at the flip of a switch
  • Perfect first indoor bouncer for toddlers with a climbing ramp, slide and enclosed bouncing area
  • Mesh net enclosure lets parents keep an eye on the action
  • Reverse blower setting for easy deflate and storage
  • Built for 2 children to bounce at once

Pampers Baby Wipes Sensitive 7X Refill, 448 Count

Gentle cleaning for your baby s sensitive skin changing your baby can be one of the most loving moments of the day. The 1 choice of hospitals* and the 1 sensitive wipe, * pampers sensitive baby wipes are clinically proven mild, dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and perfume-free. Their unique softgrip texture offers gentle cleaning for your baby s sensitive skin. Plus pampers sensitive wipes are 20% thicker versus regular pampers wipes. During changing time, give your baby our best gentle clean: pampers sensitive wipes. *based on hospital sales data *based on u. S. /canada sensitive nationally branded sales

Pampers Baby Wipes Sensitive 7X Refill, 448 CountPampers-Wipes-Sensitive-Refill-Count

Brand :    pampers
Size :    7x (448 Count)
Weight :    9.10 pounds
Model :    -5636
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Health And Beauty :    Best Health Personal Care (pampers product review) for Pampers Baby Wipes Sensitive 7X Refill, 448 Count available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
  • Clinically proven mild
  • Dermatologist-tested, perfume-free, hypoallergenic
  • The 1 choice of hospitals (based on hospital sales data)
  • The 1 sensitive wipe (based on u. s. /canada "sensitive" nationally branded sales)
  • Helps restore natural ph of the skin

Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon (3180) Price : 139.38, was : 169.97 as 2017-02-14
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
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We had a step 2 canopy wagon which had a hard top with storage and cup holders for parents. I loved the shade it offered too. The only problem: i had to replace the wheel arm twice, so we went through 3 of them in 4 years. We paid $100 for the wagon. My husband was so tired of it being cheaply made, that he looked up radio flyer wagons. The company has been in business for decades and make quality products. Pros:. 1. We ordered this and it came the next day when it wasn't supposed to be here until the day after. 2. Right away we noticed that the wheel arms were strong and durable, not thin, flimsy metal. 3. The canopy has uv protection, which i love and is easily removable with a convenient storage bag. 4. There are 2 cup holders on the floor inside the wagon for the children and two cup holders for adults on the outside, which is so nice. 5. The seats fold down and you can turn the cushions around so your child can nap. (this is my favorite part). 6. The bag attaches to the back of the wagon and is extra large so you can fit alot into it. 7. I could go on and on about what i love about this wagon, but i want to get to the point! best wagon ever! we have taken this to six flags great america and magic waters waterpark and it is so convenient. There is extra storage behind the rear seat and i put our first aid kit there. (we have 2 rambunctious boys who get boo boos all the time) the wagon is easy to push and pull. The wheels are so quiet compared to my step 2 wagon. One last thing, the handle has 2 stops on it (unlike my step 2) so it holds itself up when you stop walking or you can lay it in the wagon without it falling. I wish we would have bought this 5 years ago! . Cons:. Only one: my step 2 wagon handle can lay underneath the wagon and can fit into any trunk, like my impala. We now have a vw routan van which is spacious inside, but the radio flyer wagon handle will not fold underneath, so when i load it into the van, (my littles sit in the captains chairs) i lay the handle in between their seats on the floor in the aisle and the rest of the wagon sits in the back. It's easy to do, just kind of a pain that it will only fit one way in my van because it is so big.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Has anyone used this at the beach? how does it drive over sand?

(1) Question: Do both seats have a seatbelt? how do they tires perform on grass?

(2) Question: Can you put all terrain wheels on this wagon?

(3) Question: Are the cushioned seat covers removeable?

(4) Question: Can the wagon be adjusted to have a flat bottom so that a child could lay down to take a nap?

(5) Question: What are the tires like (plastice or rubber)? how long do you expect them to hold up?

(6) Question: What is the weight limit?

(7) Question: Can you push it instead of pulling it

(8) Question: Inflatable tires?

(note) Question: where/how to get Radio Flyer (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Radio Flyer's products


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Ok. So when my wife told me she wanted a wagon that cost $160, slamming my head into the wall sounded like a better idea. Two days later (thanks online store prime! ) we had a lovely box of wagon parts in my living room! it doesnt take a rocket surgeon to assemble it, however i recommend actually looking at the instructions. In typical dad fashion, i set about assembling it by intuition and grit alone. After boogering up one front wheel install, i decided the ikea-ish instructions might be used to my advantage. After that it was relatively smooth sailing. Upon completion, i strapped my son in (10 months) and his older cousin (3 years) climbed in, threw the wife over my shoulder, killed a sabretooth tiger, and off we went for a romp around the neighborhood. It pulled very smooth, handled our off-road (grass) excursion like a champ, and had plenty of storage for my niece's stuff, her baby-doll and all her stuff, as well as the wife's purse and some water bottles. All that and we didnt even use the attached storage bag in the back. The wheels are not hard plastic, as some other reviewers have said, but are a foam rubber type of material. Not sure how someone could confuse the two, but there are special people everywhere. At the end of the day, i am very happy with the deflation of my wallet for this epic chariot for the offspring, and would recommend it to anyone looking to haul their minions around, whether that be to the park, the beach, the zoo, the salt flats, a lunar surface or any other place you may venture to. Happy wagonning!

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This is one of the best things we ever got for our twins. We got it when they were 12 months old. They were early walkers (started at 10 months) so they needed to be restrained when we were out and about. The girls are 19 months now and this is still their favorite when the weather allows it. They love facing each other. We love the canopy to keep out the sun and have had no issues with it. The seat pads ride up sometimes and that's a little annoying, but that's it. We use it on a bike path near our house, so it's easy, paved terrain, and this is perfect for that. We keep it in the garage, assembled and ready to go. Before we got this we used the bob duallie for all our walks but the girls prefer this by a lot. They can sit up and see everything and each other, vs. The bob where they are sitting back and can't see much and are much more harnessed in. They have started fighting us about using the bob for these reasons. They last much longer on walks in this stroller. I don't find it uncomfortable to pull at all. We used the 3 part harness until recently, now we just use the lap belt part. If you have twins, get it!

V. Lara, Montana

You might like to see Melissa & doug standard unit solid-wood building blocks wooden storage tray 60 pcs (melissa doug) sixty natural-finish, smooth-sanded hardwood blocks are packaged in a handsome wooden crate for easy storage. ideal for building, balancing, and hands-on early-math learning. great toys and games
  • Extra: Packaged In A Handsome, Wooden Tray For Easy Storage.
  • Extra: Ideal For Introducing Early Math Concepts, Including Shapes, Parts-to-whole, And Sorting.
Competitive Melissa Doug Standard Solid Wood Building (Toys And Games) 503 Melissa Doug Standard Solid Wood Building
Or you might like to consider Melissa Doug Solid Table Chairs (Melissa Doug) Pull One Of The Two Durable Chairs Up To The Child-size Table-they're Sized Just Right For Kids, But Strong Enough To Hold Moms And Dads Too! This Hardwood Table-and-chairs Set Has Toys And Games
  1. Supplementary: Chair Seat Height: 11".
  2. Supplementary: Sturdy, Solid Wood Construction.
Discount Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Table 2 Chairs Set - Light Finish Furniture Playroom (Toys And Games) 2427 Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Table 2 Chairs Set - Light Finish Furniture Playroom (Melissa

E. Mary, Hounslow says

This wagon is amazing! i was a little hesitant to spend almost twice the amount of $ compared to the other brands, but i am so pleased i did. It is very well built (such a huge difference for us made product), super quiet, easy to navigate, and our 2 year old loves it. It's a fun ride for him, although it's super functional for the adults. We took him to the zoo, and he got a great tour, while not getting tired (it's not the same feeling in the stroller). And i want to mention again how quiet it is. We've tried it on pavement, grass, gravel. Tires are made of some special blend of hard plastic. There is also a lot of storage space: the bag in the back is very roomy, and the under seat storage compartment is very handy. Seat covers have pouches on the back for small items. We absolutely love this wagon, it looks very durable so i'm sure it will serve us well for years.

F. Beale, Bury

Pros: versatility of seat configuration; shade; large bag for storage; seat belts; drink holders; seat cushion covers; high seat backs; ability to put seats down to make interior completely flat for sleeping or diaper changing; . . The reason why this is not a five star: it would be nice to have an option to have all terrain wheels for this wagon so that it can travel easier in off road conditions. Otherwise great buy and best price and fastest delivery thru online store. Com.

W. Alba, West Virginia says

Awesome wagon. Took my husband and i about 30 minutes to assemble. The included instructions were easy to follow. The wagon is large and great for our twin 2 year olds. I love all the different configurations of the seats and that i can also create a flat surface that i can lay my 5 month old on to sleep or get changed when brother and sister are out and walking. The wheels are nice and make a lot less noise than the hard plastic wheels offered on other wagons. I really wish there was a door so that the kids could get easily in and out, especially when the canopy is on. Speaking of the canopy. It offers great shade but it is essentially held together with poles like in a tent and can get dislodged very easily. Every time we took the kids in and out, we knocked the top of the canopy out of place. It isn't dangerous- the canopy still remains upright when dislodge but it is definitely annoying. I like that there are 4 cup holders and even more if you have it configured with one seat and a tray. The cell phone pockets on the back of the seat cushion are nice but my iphone 6 plus does not fit. The storage bag on this wagon really takes the cake. It is huge and holds up to 25 pounds! also, the bag can be folded up and secured closed when not in use. It is not meant to be taken off the wagon. I got this for an awesome deal through online store warehouse. The box was damaged as described but the wagon and all the parts were in perfect condition. Please note that if the seats are configured so that they are both facing the same direction, the seat belt is no longer in a usable position for one of the seats.

D. Campbell, Montana

My son loves this wagon! the canopy is perfect for keeping the sun off of him. He sat in the wagon just looking around for over an hour with no problems, so i know he was comfortable. Even when i tried to take him out he wanted to stay in it. The wheels are quiet except for a little shaken if you're on blacktop like the road. The wagon is sturdy. I couldn't have picked a better wagon for him, it's everything i expected. Handle folds down for storage so it fits in the trunk of my car with a little maneuvering, but worth it!

F. Guest, North Lincolnshire says

I am a nanny and bought this for the little girls i care for as a birthday gift. It has wowed us all from the moment it was put together. The double seating is comfortable for young children, the bag on back is very roomy and can fit so much from several large towels for the beach or waterpark to a picnic lunch for 4-6 people and it easily collapses and folds up with clips to keep it safely stowed. The whole wagon is lightweight and easy to pick up and stow in the back of a minivan or trunk of a car. The seats fold down flat and the handle neatly folds down out of the way as well. The safety belts come in handy for keeping the young safe from standing up and falling out while you're pulling them. The umbrella is perfect for shading those young babies from the sun but can be a little awkward to remove or put in place as well as store because it doesn't fold down easily. The umbrella /awning is the only reason i gave this 4 stars, otherwise it would have been 5 stars. This truly is a wonderful wagon, functional and yet very stylish! you will be the envy of the playground pulling this beauty behind you!

U. Peggy, Michigan

The pros for this wagon are lots of storage room, comfortable seating, versatility of seating arrangement (my two year old loves for me to fold the seats down for her to lay down), easy maneuvering, cushioned seats, and shade from the canopy. . The cons would include having no door - i would agree with another review that it is difficult for my two year old to get in or out of with the canopy attached - and the tray being at the same level with the top of the wagon - when you fold one seat over to make a tray the sides of the wagon do not extend above the tray which makes it seem like some thing could fall out easily if you hit a bump. . My just turned two year old can climb in and out easily by herself. It was easy to assemble. It did take a little to get used to the steering which moves the body of the wagon instead of just the wheels for turns. This is a lovely wagon that we really love!

W. Theresa, Rheinland-Pfalz says

I never purchase anything without reading reviews and it come down between this one and another one because it folded down. It was more of a utility wagon anyway, but the reviews for this one kept saying how big it is and that unless you had a large vehicle you wouldn't have room to haul it. Well i didn't listen to it and bought it anyway. Best wagon ever! it's not as big as other reviewers make it sound, but is definitely roomy and tons of storage space. My little girl was ecstatic over it. After i put it together (maybe 20 minutes total, (canopy took the longest for me because i couldn't figure out how to get the center brace to curve upward instead of downward. Lol) we took it on a 1 mile test run around the subdivision. There are hills where we live and it was very easy to pull. I had to hammer a little on the front wheels upon getting home to stop the washer from jingling so bad, but other than that it was great. My daughter couldn't decide on which seat to sit in and kept switching from seat to seat. :) other reviews also stated that it's easy to tip. No, no it's not. I purposely tried to turn sharp to see if it would and nope. I think their problems were with the wheels being put on wrong. There is an r & l printed on the metal for the front wheels. Hard to see, but it's there. And if you are looking at the wagon, it's not your right and left, it's the opposite, as if you were in the wagon and looking at the handle bar and then it would be your right or left. The instructions clearly explain that, but it could easily be put on wrong if you don't read them. Haha. Anyway, this is an awesome wagon and we can't wait to take it to the houston zoo next weekend for her birthday. :) look no further and buy this wagon, because my little one doesn't want to get out of it! :)

M. Erin, Oklahoma

I had been drooling over this wagon for months, probably before our twins were even born, so when we started brainstorming for a 1st birthday present for the babies, the storm didn't last long. This was a definite go-to gift, and it did not disappoint. The babies absolutely love their wagon. I can tell from their apparent joy that they choose this one well over their stroller, and their parents love it, too. . First of all, there's the uv protection canopy, which comes in really handy in the georgia heat, which is already starting up now in early spring. Secondly, i like the padded seat covers and the seatbelts, although i'd prefer that the seatbelts be of the five-point variety rather than the three-point type that come with the current model. The seat covers add comfort and the seatbelts obviously provide safety. What else can i say? oh, that the backs of the seat covers have little pockets: one seat cover has two cell phone pockets and the other has a single, larger pocket for whatever you can fit in it (sunglasses, sunblock, taser, etc. ). Thirdly, there's the fact that there are so many configurations with the seats. You can fold them both down to use the wagon as, well, a wagon-to carry stuff in or give the baby(ies) a place to nap. If you have just one kid in it, you can leave one seat up and fold one down for a little desktop. And there are several other options as well. Then, there are the large drain holes in the bottom to prevent messes or to keep your children from using the wagon as a canoe to escape from you. The drain hole feature isn't described anywhere online or elsewhere that i can remember, but i immediately recognized how important this feature would be, due to the messy nature of children (not necessarily because i fear my children are plotting to run away. Or float away in this case). Also, i really like the no-tip handle, which is attached to the wagon body and not the wheel axle like the old wagons we had when i was a kid, which would explain all the head injuries back then (that and the lack of helmets). Then, there's the awesomely huge storage bag attached to the back, which is really impressive. I don't remember the description on the website really emphasizing how huge this thing is and the fact that it rests on an aluminum frame for extra support. You can load an entire picnic in it, or just use it to smuggle a third kid into the park. And finally, there are a million cupholders on this thing! ok, there are really only four, but the fact that there are two up front for mommy and daddy (or other significant other) and two for the kids in the cargo area (with drain holes in the bottom) is brilliant. . If you're considering getting this type of wagon, with all the choices and configurations out there, you definitely want to strongly consider this one above all others. You're not going to find as many bells and whistles as this one and the price on this one, here at online store, which was $155 at the time i bought it, can't be beaten, either. I checked extensively online, and this is about as cheap as you're going to get, so go get your kid(s) one. They'll thank you for it, and you'll thank yourself, as well.

T. Harrison, Manitoba says

I can't say enough good things about this wagon! we use this wagon every day and it has stayed as nice as it was the first day we got it. It is so easy to pull and move the seats around. My husband and i are very tall 6'4" and 5'10" and we can comfortably stroll around the block with this sturdy wagon. Love love love it!

N. Isabel, Quebec

We bought this after our kids got too big to fit in the double stroller (2 1/2 and 5 years old). I love all the combos you can do with it. They can face each other, or if they can't keep their hands to themselves, they can face the same direction. If i only have one with me, the other seat turns into a desk or eating table, or even just a storage area that is closed. I love this and we've gotten so many people commenting on how cool it is. The turning radius is remarkably small considering its size. I was able to manuever it in and out of a women's bathroom on my own. My only complaint would be that the bar that goes through the middle of the umbrella portion is exposed, so my youngest keeps trying to grab it. He has yet to break it, though, so that's a good sign of its durability. The bag on the back is huge, and can fit my kindergartener's entire backpack for school. It's fairly easy to pull and push if you only have one child, but does get somewhat heavy with two bigger kids. On a rainy day, we even had two five year olds and my two year old in it all at the same time. We are able to fit it in the back of our minivan storage area, no need to put any seats down. We love it, and my boys consider like a toy. Very fun and very worth it!

Q. Terry, Northumberland says

This wagon can do no wrong! i bought it for my 2 1/2 year old son, who has outgrown strollers and needed something fun to ride in. We have taken this to the zoo, the county fair, the park, for long walks, to the parade. If i had the guts to tie it to the roof i would take it on vacation! . When we go to the park for picnics, i can belt my son in and fold down the extra seat so he has a shady place to eat and he can't run off before we're ready to let him go play. That is a big plus for me! . Also, let me tell you about the storage room! that bag on the back is a godsend! i can fit an entire (loaded) diaper bag in there with a bit of room to spare to toss my wallet on top. I love that it snaps shut, too. There are also pockets on the seat backs and some extra cargo room inside the wagon itself. My son has ridden in this with one of his 2-year-old friends and it was really nice! the wheels are super durable and the turn radius is great! i've shopped in cvs with ours and didn't even run into anything! . The sun shade is great, and easy to take off and on. I would recommend this to anyone with toddlers. You will love it! . The only thing i would change is maybe a door that opens on the side, but i love this wagon anyway. I can't wait to take it to the pumpkin patches this year!

V. Carol, Solihull

I bought this for my two daughters and i love it! it was well worth the price. It has so much functionality with the cup holders and storage basket. The canopy was a little confusing to put together because it almost seemed like i was going to break it, but once we got it, it made more sense. . I also love, love, love that you can change the directions of the seats! i really can't say enough good about this wagon because i am so in love. Overall, other than my struggle with the canopy on the first try, it was really easy to assemble. There is so much storage space it will make your head spin. Under the seat storage, the basket storage, and whatever else you can fit in the middle between the two seats if you have two kids inside. This is a definite game changer for my little family. Trips to the zoo, and even the nature trails are now so much easier. Forget the stroller, because this has really stolen the show for me. . Note: when you assemble, you will need a hammer. It doesn't come with one n the package, so you will need to have one handy.

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