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Price was $29.50. A nice refreshing game that is easy to learn and fun to play. Card quality is excellent and the artwork is pleasing.

-J. Cecilia

Monarch board in monarch you play as an heir to the throne. your mother, the queen, has lived out her years and will soon pass on the crown. the time has come for you and your siblings to demonstrate -resonym monarch board game

  • Additional: All-female Protagonists.
  • Additional: Unique, Gorgeous Scratchboard Art.

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This game is a great addition to our collection. Most of our games are euro strategy games that take hours to complete. This game is great in that we get that strategy feel with a 30 minute playtime (can be much faster or slower depending on how quickly you want to finish). . You have plenty of ways to seek victory using a single suit or by combining suits of cards. Will you pursue a single type of card at the exclusion of others, or employ a mix-and-match balanced style? either way your shot at winning seems pretty fair. . This game balances the need to collect a simplified form of resources (just food and gold) with the ability to buy cards that bolster or inhibit one another. If you re on the fence, watch the dicetower game review on youtube as it pretty accurately describes what you re getting into. . We love it! The Best monarch board as-of ( Oct 2021 ) | Resonym-Toys And Games Review Additional Resonym Monarch Board Game Strategy game for teens and up where you play as sisters vying for the crown. All-female protagonists. Unique, gorgeous scratchboard art. Competitive and collaborative gameplay. Fosters diverse leadership styles .

Resonym Monarch Board Game Review (mon01mf)

A group of us 35 year old men play this as a filler in between other games. It's easy to explain the rules, and it's not exactly ruthless but also not exactly cooperative. The reason we keep playing is that the outcome isn't decided right away - even if someone gets a whole bunch of cards up front, that player needs to build up food and gold while the other players can catch up. At the same time, you have to keep an eye on the other players to make sure they don't have a hoard of resources to end the game before you're ready. I'm looking forward to playing it more! -W. Paige

Resonym Mon01mf Monarch Board Game

Family Game
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monarch board Toy, In monarch you play as an heir to the throne. your mother, the queen, has lived out her years and will soon pass on the crown. the time has come for you and your siblings to demonstrate your intelligence, compassion, bravery, and strength as leaders. out perform your siblings to demonstrate your ingenuity and strength. choose strategies that will bring prosperity to the land and glory to your court. defend the realm from threats and famine. only the player with the most majestic court will be named heir in this family strategy game for 2 to 4 players. Resonym Monarch Board Game (MON01MF-Resonym).

Resonym Mon01mf Monarch Board Game Toy

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Very nice set collection game. The rules are very easy to teach to people new to board gaming. There's a nice amount of hard decisions and backstabbing for a game this simple, and the game is fairly short too, which is good. This game will be hitting the table a lot, i think.

Resonym Monarch Board Game
Click to see NoticeResonym Monarch Board Game (mon01mf)"Monarch is a competitive strategy game where you play as one of four sisters seeking to take the throne. To accomplish this, you must populate your court with items and characters that increase your influence, while avoiding unwanted guests that other sisters send to distract you. . Component quality and setup: monarch was an extremely easy game to learn and set up. Given a few minutes, i was able to quickly read the rules and set the board for play. . The components consist of 13 cardboard tile punch-outs that represent villages or farms, a number of cardboard punch out coin and food tokens, a deck of playing cards, and thick banner cards. Everything is durable and high quality. The game also comes with baggies for the tokens, as well as a larger cloth bag you could stuff the tokens or tiles into. . Gameplay: ultimately, your objective is to have the highest crown allotment by the end of the game, which is determined when a player s court is filled up. To buy cards that increase the value of your crowns, you must earn coin by taxing the villages (who demand food) or harvest food from the farms to pay for taxes. . Strategy and thought enter the game when the thematic path cards are purchased and their synergy comes into play with the chosen banner that sister ends up flying. For instance, a sister that has chosen wisdom as her path (and met the wisdom requirement to fly that banner) receives additional crowns for inviting wisdom-path cards into her court and into the farms and villages. Other sisters are working to flesh out their respective paths as well, while depriving the wisdom-path sister of wisdom cards, or sending unwanted guests into her court to distract her. There are also card types with synergy, such as fantastic beasts and fashionable clothing that can be added to a sister s court. . Meanwhile, lunar events can be drawn which have a global impact on the game, such as offering a bountiful harvest or depleting everyone s coin reserves in half. . Overall impression: monarch is suitable for novice and experienced gamers alike. It was extremely easy to learn, to setup, and everyone had a good time playing. The only thing i had to look up on the internet is what classifies a beast because the rhinoceros refused to give me crowns if i had another beast in my court (there s a faded emblem in the card s text box denoting if it is a beast or clothing item). Otherwise the action was fast paced and engaging. The cards were all interesting, and their synergy was apparent to everyone so players would actively take measures to try and capture a card or prevent its acquisition."

Grey Fox Games Champions of Midgard

Great game for people that like worker placement games, but that also want an extra level to the game mechanics. Most worker placement games can lose an edge of excitement due to being "solvable". The added aspect of dice rolling to defeat monsters gives the player a higher level of investment than just collecting resources to trade back in to complete a task. . Pros. -game piece quality. -art work. -game play style. -space in the box for all game pieces. . Cons. -max of 4 players (this is situational, depending on the size of your gaming group)

Champions of midgard is a middleweight, viking-themed, worker placement game with dice rolling in which players are leaders of viking clans who have traveled to an embattled viking harbor town to help defend it against the threat of trolls, draugr, and other mythological norse beasts. By defeating these epic creatures, players gain glory and the favor of the gods. When the game ends, the player who has earned the most glory earns the title of jarl and is recognized as a champion of midgard!

Grey Fox Games Champions of MidgardGrey-Fox-Games-Champions-Midgard

Champions Midgard (Grey Fox Games) FAQ.

Great game to play. If you have played lord's of waterdeep, this game will be easy to learn. My husband and i played it 3 times in a 12 hour period. This game is multifaceted and requires some strategy but a great family game! if you like to play board games, i would highly recommend this one. -Notice from Y. Angelica, District of Columbia

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Great game for non-hardcore types who want 90 minutes of conquest and glory. Really good choice if you're looking to introduce "non-gamers" to something that won't overwhelm them with recordkeeping or complexity. Fairly basic meeple placement game with some luck involved. Strong viking theme, which really makes the game enjoyable. One of the champions is decidedly weaker than the others (the seaworthy) but it's easy enough to leave him out in 2-3 player games.

Champions-midgard-(grey-fox-games) set picture

- D. MableA fantastic game that scales very well with different numbered groups. . Only issue i have with it is that it has great art for the "wood" and "food" resources on the board, but the game pieces for "wood" and "food" are terrible, tiny, wood cubes. Everything else in the game is beautiful and i would gladly pay more for "wood" and "food" pieces that match the board artwork.

Great game great graphics easy to learn plays great with four to five players couldn't ask for a better game

M. Olga, Hartlepool

Brand :    grey fox games
Color :    Multi-colored
Weight :    4.02 pounds
Model :    GFG96736
Quantity :    1
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Toy :    Best Toys And Games (grey fox games product review) for Grey Fox Games Champions of Midgard available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
Price :    $46.46
  • Ages 10 and up
  • 60-90 minute playing time
  • For 2-4 players

Renegade Game Studios Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

This is a great game. Its rules are simple enough that the rules can be taught in just a few minutes. The gameplay can have a few levels of strategy. The fact that placing a tile nets your opponents cards can play into your thinking. Since you could be handing them enough cards to get a dedication. You also want to keep an eye out for opportunities to match as many colors as possible, or get as many tokens as possible with platforms. On the surface it is a simple game, but it has a few layers that a discerning player can utilize for victory. . When you are done, you will have a unique piece of art to enjoy. I like taking a picture of it before putting the game away. Pretty much everyone that has played it has enjoyed it. Personally, i think it is well worth the money. Buy it, and enjoy it with your friends and family.

Place tiles, adorn the palace lake, and dedicate lanterns in this beautiful, fast-paced board game set in imperial china. 36 lake tiles 56 lantern cards 20 engraved wood favor tokens 30 dedication tokens 1 custom wooden fishing boat rulebook the harvest is in, and now it's time to celebrate! lanterns: the harvest festival is a tile- placement game set in imperial china. Players act as artisans decorating the palace lake with floating lanterns. The artisan who earns the most honor before the festival arrives wins the game. On your turn, you can take these three actions one time each: place a lake tile, which gives every player (even your opponents! ) a lantern card based on the orientation of the tile. (it also could give the active player bonus lantern cards or favor tokens, depending on the placement. ) spend favor tokens to trade one lantern card for another. Dedicate sets of lantern cards to gain the honor you need to win the game.

Renegade Game Studios Lanterns: The Harvest FestivalRenegade-Game-Studios-Lanterns-Festival

Renegade Game Studios Lanterns: Harvest Festival (00502rgs) FAQ.

Place a tile. Wherever the colors face, a corresponding card goes to that player. Match a color between two or more tiles, and get yourself a bonus card or three. Match a tile with a symbol, and get a token that can be used to swap cards. What are you doing with these cards? making dedications (sets) of four, three pairs, or one of every color. Get them fast, though, because sets will become less valuable with each one played. When all the tiles have been laid, everyone gets a final turn to complete any last-minute dedications. Whoever has the most points, wins. As quick as this is to learn and play, there is plenty of depth to be had. Not only are you trying to help yourself, but it's also in your interest to keep others from completing their goals. It's not a "take that" game in any way, but rather a thoughtful abstract game that scales its depth to match the players' skill levels. This game plays fantastically and looks amazing on the table. I recommend lanterns for families and more serious game groups alike. Great stuff, this! -Notice from Q. Betty, Iowa

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This review was written by my daughter-in-law:. . My husband recently discovered this game at a work retreat, we later went to a game shop to test play it, and now we've purchased it and played 3 times the day it arrived. It is the perfect game for when we're feeling like a strategy game but don't have the energy or time to play our favorites (amerigo, agricola, imhotep). Sometimes it was a little frustrating to have the luck of drawing lake tiles, but the decisions that can be made with each tile make up for the randomness. There is enough strategy for us, where we are thinking at least one turn ahead and trying to limit each other's actions, but it is also simple enough that we feel confident our non-strategy gaming family and friends will enjoy playing it with us (though we've yet to test this theory). At the end of each game, our end scores were within 1-3 points of each other; it was nice to see that even in the end when one of us thought we were fairly behind, we still had a chance of getting even or pulling ahead if we played our hand exactly right. . Play time for us ranges between 20-35 minutes, and the components are artwork are lovely to hold and see. We're looking forward to getting the expansion soon!

Renegade-game-studios-lanterns:-harvest-festival-(00502rgs) set picture

- G. RubySo, easy to learn and some good depth. My 11 year old loves strategy games and didn't want to play this because it seemed too easy or too light. To be clear this is not a deep strategy game, but it has enough that my 11-year-old really like it and asks to play it. My wife says: a chill game that has a bit of competition to it. . On a random turn you collect one card (cards are used to make sets. Sets award points like in rummy) and your competitors do as well. Where the strategy is that with planning (and a bit of luck) you can have turns where you collect 2, 3, 4, and in rare cases 5 cards while your competitors just collect the one. That's the fun. Setting yourself up in a way where you're turning sets in every turn and your competitors cannot.

It s not rare for me to like a game. I like lots of games, tons of games. I have so many games i like i rarely get to play as many as i d like in a given month, week or game night. So imagine my dismay at finding yet another game to like. It s a good, no it s a great problem to have. Lanterns looked good to me before i ever got my copy. The rules are tight, the game looked fun and i really loved the theme. So rather than bury the lead any more, here s the quick scoop. This game is really good for a 20-30 minute game. Good enough that i have no problem recommending it. In fact, i m going to make a comparison in a further down that may surprise you. Enough! on to the review. . Lanterns is a tile laying, color matching, set collection game for 2-4 players, which takes about 20-30 minutes to play. I don t know what the ages are officially but i can say without hesitation that my 9 year old wiped me off the table. Twice. And the second time i was really trying to win! . . Game play. . This game really has only three things in it you re trying to do, but it lends itself to a decent amount of strategy for a 30 minute game. First, each player has three lake tiles representing the lanterns of different colors floating on the water. The last action you ll take on your turn is to place one tile, resolve the effects and then draw another tile. This continues until all tiles are drawn and placed, which causes the game to end. . As players place tiles, they collect sets of lantern cards matching the colors on these tiles. They can then dedicate sets of lanterns and exchange them for dedication tokens points. Here s how this works during your turn. . First, players can choose to use favor tokens they acquired in previous turns. Players get these by interacting with lake tiles that have platforms on them (the center tile in the image above). Two favor tokens can be used to exchange one lantern card for another. Why would you do this? because you re striving to collect sets of lantern cards. . If you have four of a kind of any of the seven different colored lantern cards, you can dedicate them and collect the top red dedication token. If you have three pairs you can collect the top blue dedication token. If you have one of each of the seven colors, you get the top green dedication tokens. These tokens each start with 8, 9 and 10 respectively and the numbers go down as players obtain them. This is what you use to get your end-game points. . Lastly on your turn, you must place one of your lake tiles. It has to be adjacent to another lake tile (one starts the game off) and this allows you to collect a lantern card based on the color facing you. That s kind of cool. Each other player also collects a lantern card based on the color facing them that means that every turn, each player gets to do something, which is always a good thing in my book. If you happen to match any two colors (white with white say) even if that color is not on your side of the tile, you also get a lantern card of that color. That is where the bulk of the strategy comes into play. You want to help yourself as much as possible but also face the fact that every tile you play also helps your opponents in some way. If you place a tile with a platform, or place a tile adjacent to another tile with a platform, you get to collect a favor token. . My thoughts. . Here s that comparison i promised. While the mechanics are a bit different and feature a directional component, this game very much reminds me of splendor in complexity, strategy and that general feeling. I know, right? . . I ve played both games an equal amount of time and i ve gained equal enjoyment from them both. Lanterns makes a nice pattern during game play which makes it visually appealing. It does have the tile laying aspect which appeals to a certain set of gamers just because it is what it is. Strategically your using pattern matching to plan ahead and acquire the sets of lantern cards you need to collect to turn in for points. Sounds fairly simple, but ends up with a bit of complexity as the game goes on. I found myself holding my tiles up in front of me and turning them about, looking for the perfect match to help me the most and benefit my daughter the least. I failed in that, but had a great time doing it. This might lead to a bit of analysis paralysis in those who are prone to such things, but nothing like a lightweight euro would. . Bottom line. . I like this game, as i said at the beginning of this review. I like it enough that i m actively planning on playing it more. It s a great filler style game, which would be perfect for my occasional lunch time work group. Also great for a game or two before my kids have to go to bed.

N. Parker, Minnesota

Price :    $20.97 (was $23.49)
  • Voted most anticipated abstract strategy game of 2015 on board game geek
  • 20-40 minutes playing time
  • Tons of replay value
  • 2  -  4    players
  • Beautifully crafted components
Brand :    renegade game studios
Weight :    1.28 pounds
Model :    00502RGS
Quantity :    1
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Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Renegade Game Studios Lanterns: The Harvest Festival available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

IELLO Welcome to Dungeon Board Game

Iello's welcome to the dungeon is a micro dungeon crawler by masato uesugi and paul mafayon for 2 to 4 players with push-your-luck elements and disappearing equipment. Dare your opponents to tackle the dungeon with less-and-less equipment to fend off the increasing horde of monsters.  this push-your-luck dungeon delve tests your courage and shrewd choices.  beat the dungeon twice or be the last warrior standing to win the game.

IELLO Welcome to Dungeon Board GameIELLO-Welcome-Dungeon-Board-Game

Brand :    iello
Weight :    0.60 pounds
  • 30 minute playing time
  • Beat the dungeon twice or be the last warrior standing to win the game
  • 2-4 players
Price :    $11.99 (was $14.99)
Model :    51234
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (iello product review) for IELLO Welcome to Dungeon Board Game available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Queen Games Alhambra Board Game

The award winning game designed by dirk henn. Granada: at the foot of the sierra nevada mountains, one of the most exciting and interesting projects of the spanish middle ages begins: the construction of the alhambra. In the role of master builders the players try to hire experts from all across europe to erect buildings for their palace, who all insist on their "native" currency. The players have to be smart about their purchases to build the most impressive palace in the end.

Queen Games Alhambra Board GameQueen-Games-Alhambra-Board-Game

Brand :    queen games
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    60373QNG
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Family game
  • Beginners to advanced players
  • Playing time: 60 minutes
  • High level of interaction
  • Easy to learn
Price :    $26.90
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (queen games product review) for Queen Games Alhambra Board Game available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Wonder Forge Disney Villainous Strategy Game

In this epic contest of sinister power, take on the role of a disney villain and strive to achieve your own devious objective. Discover your character s unique abilities and winning strategy while dealing twists of fate to thwart your opponents schemes. Find out who will triumph over the forces of good and win it all!

Wonder Forge Disney Villainous Strategy GameWonder-Forge-Disney-Villainous-Strategy

Price :    $39.99 (was $49.95)
  • Clear instructions - easy to learn with clear instructions! additionally, each of the 6 villains has their own guide. these guides will inspire you with strategies and tips for crafting the most successful plan to win!
  • Great for disney fans & families - whether you're playing with a group of devoted disney fans, classic strategy gamers, or with your family, disney villainous is perfect for any game night occasion!
  • Characters you love - in this asymmetric style of game play, each disney villain has their own objectives and goals. once you've figured out the best way to play as one disney villain, try to solve another! you have 6 different disney villains to choose from - maleficent, jafar, ursula, captain hook, queen of hearts, and prince john. the fate decks also feature your favorite protagonists like, ariel, aladdin, peter pan, tinker bell, robin hood, dormouse, and more!
  • Develops strategy skills - use your character's unique abilities to reach your objectives. you can also play the fate deck against other disney villains to thwart them from attaining their objectives.
  • What you get - disney villainous is a light strategy game for up to 6 players. in the box you'll find 6 boards, 84 tokens, 1 cauldron, 6 reference cards, 6 villain guides, and instructions.
Brand :    wonder forge
Model :    Not Applicable
Quantity :    1
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Toy :    Best Games (wonder forge product review) for Wonder Forge Disney Villainous Strategy Game available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Tiny Epic Galaxies Space Board Game

Tiny epic galaxies is driven by an exciting dice-rolling mechanic that rewards thoughtful programming of the results. Players control a home planet and a series of space ships within their own personal galaxy. As players upgrade their galaxies they gain access to more ships and more dice. Each turn, a player will roll a set of dice, how many dice are rolled is determined by the level of that player's galaxy. Each side of the die (6 sided) represents a different type of action: movement, colony action, harvest from culture planets, harvest from energy planets, improve an economic influence, improve a diplomatic influence. After the roll, the player then sorts the results of the roll (one selective re-roll is allowed) and organizes the dice in a desired activation order. Each die, in order, is then resolved and the results are immediate! this gets very exciting, as it allows the player to pull-off unseen combos and surprise other players. But don't fret! other players have the option to copy other player's actions. At a cost! in addition to upgrading galaxies, effective resource management provides luck-mitigating options that can sway the game in a calculated player's favor. As players expand their galaxy by colonizing other planets through economic and diplomatic influence, they gain victory points and the special powers brought in by those planets! you are the ruler of your galaxy and there are no limits to your expansion!

Tiny Epic Galaxies Space Board GameTiny-Epic-Galaxies-Space-Board

Brand :    gamelyn games
Color :    Multi
Weight :    0.72 pounds
Model :    GLGTEG-03
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 2015 award winning solo game of the year by boardgamegeek play against a rogue galaxy and hone your cognitive and strategic skills with family time away from a screen
  • Tiny epic galaxies is a fun strategy space exploration game perfect for 1 to 5 players that is easy to learn and is popular with adults, kids, teens, families, and everyone
  • Tiny epic galaxies is a dice-driven, empire-building game about planet acquisition, resource management, with an intense race to 21 points
  • The tiny epic series is one of the best small box board game collections that captures an epic game experience in under an hour
  • Gamelyn games takes pride in offering the highest quality components with beautiful artwork and gorgeous graphic design
Price :    $22.00 (was $25.00)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (gamelyn games product review) for Tiny Epic Galaxies Space Board Game available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Star Trek: Five Year Mission Board Game

You are about to begin your 5-year mission aboard the uss enterprise.  but which one? you can crew the classic enterprise ncc-1701 or the next generation ncc 1701-d.  alert! you and your fellow crewmates must cooperate to resolve  dangerous situations that threaten to destroy your ship. If you fail, you all lose. Solving threats is the way you score points for your crew and win the game.  each crewmate has a unique ability. These abilities can help the team solve alerts. Use your skills wisely to give your crew the best chance at success.  so, which is the crew for you-the original series, or the next generation? .

Star Trek: Five Year Mission Board GameStar-Trek-Five-Mission-Board

Price :    $21.90
  • Made in usa
  • Great strategy game
  • Playing time 30-45 minutes
  • For 3-7 players
Brand :    mayfair games
Color :    Multi-colored
Weight :    1.70 pounds
Model :    MFG4139
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (mayfair games product review) for Star Trek: Five Year Mission Board Game available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Arcane Wonders Sheriff of Nottingham

A fun game for friends and family. At first glance you might think this game is about robin hood and his merry men combating the evil sheriff of nottingham. Not so much, this one is actually about running a customs checkpoint during the robin hood era. And it is fantastic! each player takes on the role of a merchant trying to get their goods across this checkpoint run by the sheriff of nottingham. The more items you get safely through, the more money you make. If you can successfully smuggle in contraband goods through the checkpoint, you can make even more money. Like for some in real life, the goal of this game is make as much money as you can. The meat of the game is played through the declarations and inspection phase. Players place cards that represent their goods into a colored pouch (one pouch per player), they declare to the sheriff what type of item is in the pouch and how many are there. The pouches are sealed and it is up to the sheriff whether or not these merchants are telling the truth or not. . If the sheriff opens the pouch and finds exactly what the merchant declared, then the sheriff must pay the merch a penalty fee and let those items through to the market. If the sheriff discovers items that don't match what was declared (or contraband items) then the players have to pay a fine directly to the sheriff (and loose any contraband they tried to smuggle through the checkpoint). The best part of the game is between the declaration and the haggling that all the players do to get the sheriff to either not open their pouches or open another player's pouch. You can flat out bribe the sheriff with gold (or even items from your pouch once they get through) to let you past or you can bribe the sheriff to open another player's pouch! it's all about bluffing, negotiation, and how well you know the other players. Each round another player must take on the role of the sheriff, so everybody gets a chance to play the game from both sides of the table. The game is pretty simple to understand and most people catch on to the rules shortly after a few rounds have been played. . The game features some great artwork and the quality of the cards and tokens are top notch. If you find yourself having some trouble totaling up each player's scores at the end of the game, there is a free application available on ios and android that was makes keeping score a breeze.

In sheriff of nottingham, players will take turns stepping into the shoes of the sheriff himself, while others act as merchants attempting to bring their goods into the city for profit! beware though, while many may act as honest merchants, there is always the possibility of contraband being smuggled into the city!

Arcane Wonders Sheriff of NottinghamArcane-Wonders-Sheriff-of-Nottingham

Sheriff Of Nottingham (Arcane Wonders) FAQ.

I say, what a fun romp this was. This game can best be described as smuggling goods: the game. This, like the resistance, is a game that runs on personality. Play with a lifeless crowd, this game falls flat. Play with an animated group who likes to roleplay and isn't afraid to talk smack, and you've got yourself a winner. . Components are nice. Solid coins, detailed, colourful artwork, and a nice sturdy box. The app addition from the website adds to the atmosphere. However, fair warning: those snaps are way too tight, and buttons have been reported to rip out on the very first playthrough with many people. My friends and i went into the game knowing this, and fortunately, all of them survived. My advice is to find a tailor who could whip you up some alternative bags out of felt and some buttons/velcro that won't tear right out. Be careful. . Other than that, great game. You will have a blast. -Notice from X. Wimbish, Brighton and Hove

Click to Show sheriff of nottingham (arcane wonders) Details

I'll jump straight in and say that i like this game a lot. With the right group of people this is an incredibly fun experience. It helps if you get into character! however, the thing that knocks a star off for me is that i personally prefer games that aren't solely based on the deception element. Don't get me wrong, i enjoy stabbing people in the back (i love the game of thrones board game, for example), but i found that after a while this game can get a little repetitive. However it's beautifully presented, the artwork and the equipment you get is of a high quality. This is a great game for people who want to move past the traditional board game collection and expand their horizon.

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- N. PearceThis game is a fantastic way to start or end a game night. Best with 4-5 people. Best if the people playing are a fun group, and are willing to not take the game too seriously. Games take 40-60 minutes, depending on the number of players. . There is no perfect strategy. You can be honest all the time and collect points with your legit goods, or try to amp up your score be sneaking in higher-value contraband. If you're caught, it hurts your wallet. If you get away with it, everyone knows, and that plays into how people deal with you in the future. . There are many nuances. You can bribe the sheriff into letting you pass with your cargo without an inspection, to get some contraband past him. You can attempt to bribe the sheriff, hoping he will inspect your legit cargo, and pay you for his mistrust. Everyone takes turns being the sheriff, and making tough decisions. Can you read the other players real intentions? they might lie to get you to do what they want. . You can play an honest merchant the whole game, and then switch to dishonest for big points when the sheriff doesn't expect it. But maybe he's thinking the same thing about your tactics. What will he do? will he inspect your cargo, or let you pass without an inspection? would a "donation" to his re-election campaign streamline the process, or raise suspicion and cause an inspection? make your move, and live with the consequences. It's a riot. . With 4 types of goods available, everyone is trying to be the 1 or 2 merchant in some of them, to earn bonus points. It pays to stock up on one or two of them, and ignore the rest.

I'm in my mid 40s. A group of 3 to 6 friends come over after work on a friday once a month and play board/card games with my teenage daughters and i. Sometimes we finish at 2 or 3 or 7 in the morning. We added sheriff of nottingham to our mix (which includes games such as king of tokyo, smash up, one night ultimate werewolf, epic spell wars, ticket to ride, the resistance, dudo dice game, lcr dice game, zombies! , etc). It was another excellent addition to arguably the best night of my life. Which always supercedes the previous game night. . Read other reviews for the mechanics of play. I can only add "if you love games that turn the most honest, upstanding person into a lyin', smugglin' merchant trying to haggle their way to the market while also screwing you over, then you'll love this game". . Replay value: a+. Fun: a+. Ease to learn: a+

Y. Wade, Halton

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  • Open negotiation provides hilarious moments between merchants and the sheriff
  • 1st game in the new, exclusive, dice tower essentials line of games
  • A fun and engaging game that is sure to keep everyone guessing, bluffing, and laughing out loud!
  • A social game of bluffing, bribery and negotiation
  • Experience nottingham like never before, through the eyes of the sheriff!

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Great game. So easy to learn after one play through. My 9 year loves this game, her and her older sisters are the best battling princesses. Would recommend to anyone. I demoed this at gencon 2015 and was sad when i forgot the name of it, saw it again at gencon this year, and immediately bought it. So glad i checked it out.

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(0) Question: Is this good for just 2 players?

(1) Question: Is this game meant for only girls

(2) Question: Is this a game where two people could each play as two payers so it makes it sort of like 4 people are playing? (hope that made sense to you! )thanks!

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Fantastic 3-4 person game. We brought it to our local game night and it was an immediate hit. Easy to explain and play, but lots of replayability and different strategies that must be used each time you play. . The artwork is beautiful and the mechanics of the game are well thought out, making this a complete success. . It's nice to finally have a game that all the characters are women (although 3 of our 4 playing it were men and had a great time! ) in a male-dominated game industry. . We love this game and you will too!

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Not only did the three family members who chose to play take delight, but also the three others who chose against being a fourth player decided they wanted to play after all so, after the first game, we played again right away.

Z. Tracey, Mississippi

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V. Whiteman, Arkansas says

Great game super fun, the 1st game is a little slow to start out but by the 2nd everybody is competing to rule the kingdom

Q. Brendon, Georgia

Great game!

L. Smith, Alabama says

Challenging game of logic. Once you sort out the rules, so much better than traditional board games.

K. Theola, Stockport

The game can be taught in about 20 minutes, game play is about 30 minutes, and i've played it several times now with a group of adults. The mechanic is pretty straightforward, and allows for variety of play. It's a good "warm up" game before delving into longer, multi-hour games. . Very pleased with the quality of the cards. These aren't flimsy paper / cardboard, and will hold up over time. . Only critique is the box is much larger than it needs to be. I recommend downloading the rules to pdf and getting a different box for it. Since this doesn't affect game play, no starts deducted.

A. Elida, Wigan says

A great game for new tabletop players and old alike! it plays and teaches very easily! we all had a great time on our first play-through and we wanted to play again. Lots of fun! . . There is a fair bit of hate online for this game, but i don't understand where it comes from. The gameplay is somewhat straight forward but there are many ways to win and several cool mechanics that keep things interesting. It is not a 4-hour-war-epic of a game with a 100 page rule book - it is something you can pull out and play in 30-45 minutes (depending on of players) and have a good time!

I. Alma, Bremen

Title says it all. I have played this game with family of all ages. Youngest being 13, and oldest being 66. Great game for any almost any age.

K. Matherly, Maine says

I love the theming and the game play so much! it's a favorite of my preteen niece and my parents who are in their 70s. Great versatile and fun game!

O. Pearson, Medway

Easy to learn (but different each time played) and fun game to play. Makes a great addition to any board-gamers collection

D. Melissa, Warwickshire says

Love this game.

Q. Edna, New Jersey

Tldr: just one of the best board games for anyone at any age (well at least 10 and up) out there! . . Game components: 3. 5/5. Gameplay: 4/5 (for a light to almost medium game). Game value: 4. 5/5 (good re-playable and easy to teach). . Even if it's primarily a competition, there's a sense of co-op especially when you are building your kingdom's domain to be fruitful! . 2 player variant is ok, but the game plays better when there's 4 players.

S. Hurst, Arizona says

This was a great game to play with euro and non euro gamers. It's fairly easy to pick up and the theme carries through the play.

M. Candy, Louisiana

We have a lot of fun with this game and my tween-age girls. Lots of strategy and negotiation involved which is new and fun for us with our boardgames!

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