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Price was $6.36. Durable

-D. Juliana

Phone My Own Developmental Encourage Interactive Play And Help Develop Communication This Fun Phone. The Four Colorful Buttons “talk” To Baby Encouraging Language Development, While The “screen” Lights Up, -Sassy Phone My Own Developmental Toy

  1. Bonus: 4 Colorful Buttons “talk” To Baby.
  2. Bonus: Light In Center Attracts Baby’s Attention And Offers Visual Stimulus.

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My son really likes this toy. The moment i press the button he calms down and stares at the phone. He likes it when it says "what's your name". The volume is good enough if there is no other sound otherwise it's little feeble. The rattle which comes with this phone is also good. Best phone my own developmental | Sassy-Baby Product Review as-of ( Feb 2020 ) Bonus Sassy Phone Of My Own Developmental Toy Phone flips open and closed to encourage fine motor skills. 4 colorful buttons "talk" to baby. Light in center attracts baby's attention and offers visual stimulus. Develops cause-and-effect awareness. Encourages baby to make believe & imitate adults .

Sassy phone of my own developmental toy Review (80025r4)

Very nice! -T. Shirley

Sassy Phone Own Developmental Toy

  • Order: Baby Product
  • Brand: Sassy
  • Color: Multi/none
  • EAN: 8852412477305
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:8.00 inches
    Length:1.25 inches
    Weight:0.10 pounds
    Width:5.88 inches
  • ItemPart/Serial Number: 80025
  • Manufacturer: Sassy
  • Recommended Max-Age: 24
  • Suggested Min-Age: 6
  • Model: 80025
  • MPN: 80025R4
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 80025R4
  • Sub-Type: Baby Product
  • Category: BABY PRODUCT
  • ReleaseDate: 2009-08-10
  • Size: 1.2 X 5.9 X 8 Inches
  • SKU: B002L3T9WO
  • UPC: 087113941178

phone my own developmental Baby Product, Encourage interactive play and help develop communication with this fun phone. the four colorful buttons "talk" to baby encouraging language development, while the "screen" lights up, capturing baby's attention and helping to promote concentration. the phone opens and closes, helping to develop baby's pincer grip, a necessary skill for independence. the high contrast colors on the handle allow baby to focus, strengthening vision. Sassy Phone My Own Developmental Toy (80025-Sassy).

Sassy Phone Own Developmental Toy Baby Product

phone my own developmentalSassy Phone Of My Own Developmental Toy (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

This is a pretty simple toy but my 5 month old daughter loves it. She was always trying to reach for my phone, and my phone cover is almost the same color as this toy. She likes to chew on the ring, open and close the phone, and press the buttons. I like that the noises are not too loud (aka not too annoying for me). It also says hello and goodbye in english and spanish. It is one of the few toys she likes enough to roll over for when she was learning. For the price you can't beat it!

Sassy Phone My Own Developmental Toy
Click to see NoticeSassy Phone My Own Developmental Toy (80025r4)"This little flip cell phone is very cute. When you press the buttons they say different things like "hello/hola", "goodbye/adios", "leave a message", etc. It is a nice, simple, beginners phone toy and it is a very good price. I also like the loop at the top so you can hang it from a toy bar, and it has a couple rings as well for your little one to play with or chew on."

Infantino Flip Flop Frog Rattle

Nice size for my 6 month old granddaughter. She can easily grip and hold onto this and loves that things move and make noise. Very happy with this purchase.

Shake, rattle and smile. This easy-grip rattle pal encourages discovery and exploration with colorful, bouncing beads, spinning rings, interesting textures and jolly jingle sounds.

Infantino Flip Flop Frog RattleInfantino-Flip-Flop-Frog-Rattle

Infantino Flip Flop Frog Rattle (if 228) FAQ.

Teething surfaces, well made, and with bug eyes. I think if it had a complete smile, rather than "half a mouth, " it might be more attractive to infants, but the contrast of the black and white eyes works quite well. . Maybe it's just our daughter, but compared to other toys, she doesn't choose this one much. Excited by it at first, but, at almost nine months, she is more interested now in blocks, board books, and stuffed toys. Or anything that could electrocute her, fall on her, or harm in some other way! ; -) -Notice from E. Melissa, Derbyshire

Click to Show infantino flip flop frog rattle (if 228) Details

Our 12 week old is obsessed with this toy! she loves it! we hold in front of her and she very intentionally bats at it and is transfixed by all the colors and moving pieces when she makes contact. She never gets tired of her play sessions with this. Best small toy purchase we have made.

Infantino-flip-flop-frog-rattle-(if-228) set picture

- K. HakalaA little awkward of a size (too large) for my 6 month old to hold very well, but he still enjoys it.

This is lightweight and easy for little hands to hold. It has a few things to entertain baby as opposed to your basic rattle. I only expect to get a couple months use out of this but it's a great toy for the price!

N. Lorenz, Nova Scotia

Brand :    infantino
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    206-842Z
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Bouncing rattle beads promote fascination
  • Bpa free
  • Complete with movable hands and feet and 4 click-clack rings
  • Easy to grasp and fun to shake
Price :    $7.07 (was $8.07)
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Infantino Flip Flop Frog Rattle available as-of ( Feb 2020 )

Sassy Electronic Keys

My 6 month old loves these keys. They are a rubber material that is great for teething, and the buttons make several sounds and are easy to press. Well worth it, especially for the price. I gave them 4 stars only because i wish that each button played different sounds. As they are, both buttons play the same set of sounds.

Inspire baby's imagination with pretend keys that are just like yours! press the buttons to hear multiple sounds that help develop understanding of cause & effect. The textural variety of the keys fosters tactile exploration which enhances brain activity, while the bold, saturated hues stimulate baby's developing vision. The soft, textured surfaces of the keys encourage mouthing, aiding in the development of communication skills.

Sassy Electronic KeysSassy-80158-Electronic-Keys

Sassy Electronic Keys (80158) FAQ.

Although my darling granddaughter is just now learning the fine art of grabbing items, she loves it when i play with these keys with her. They are brightly colored and the little remote thingy makes electronic noises when you push the buttons. My princess will have them in her little hands very soon and i am certain they will entertain her for months to come. -Notice from X. Michele, Mississippi

Click to Show sassy electronic keys (80158) Details

These keys are the safe version of mine. My 7 month old loves them. The sounds they make aren't super annoying which is a plus for parents and they are a great teething aid!

Sassy-electronic-keys-(80158) set picture

- J. MahoodBaby loves pushing the button to hear the noises!

I thought a bad purchase - bigger than they look in picture. But no, the granddaughter loves them.

P. Nielsen, Cambridgeshire

Price :    $5.27
  • Bold, saturated colors stimulate baby's developing vision
  • Press buttons to hear multiple sounds that help develop understand of cause-and-effect
  • Colorful keys clack together for auditory response
  • Soft, textured surfaces of the keys encourage mouthing, aiding in the development of communication skills
Brand :    sassy
Weight :    0.1 pounds
Model :    80158
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Sassy Electronic Keys available as-of ( Feb 2020 )

Sassy Spin Shine Rattle Developmental Toy Colors May Vary

This teether is adorable and my son enjoys all the different textures it has but he does not like when i put it in the freezer to chill the two wings on top that have water in them. The other plastic and rubber materials get too cold for him to enjoy chewing on it when its cooled but overall it still serves its teething duties well

Sassy's spin shine rattle inspires vision with its bold colors allowing baby to focus from birth. The chunky center bar makes it easy for baby to grasp, strengthening fine motor skills. The bright, bold spectrum of colorful beads helps visual perception and encourages eye-tracking, while the gentle rattle sounds develop sound differentiation and sound location skills. Also, the click-clack rings provide auditory and visual stimulation for baby.

Sassy Spin Shine Rattle Developmental Toy Colors May VarySassy-Shine-Rattle-Developmental-Colors

Sassy Spin Shine Rattle Developmental Toy Colors May Vary (80016) FAQ.

Baby loves this toy. She responds to the black and white contrast. Though the picture shown is not the same a the one we purchased? it has a good texture and a good sound on rattling. My only complaint is that water can get into it as was discovered upon trying to clean it. -Notice from K. Monique, Gateshead

Click to Show sassy spin shine rattle developmental toy colors may vary (80016) Details

It was a gift and seemed to really interest our 5 mo old grandson. Colors are nice & bright and it makes "just enough" noise for a little one.

Sassy-spin-shine-rattle-developmental-toy-colors-may-vary-(80016) set picture

- B. CarolynMy infant son loves this rattle. We have several rattles at home but this is his favorite.

Adorable! warning though, do not put this in a bottle sanitizer! ha! i didn't even consider the water-filled wings might boil. Welp, they do. And so mr. Bug now has a busted wing. Oh well. I love sassy and i'll forgive them this time. If you buy the sassy inspire bounce around, it comes with a flutterby teether attached (the one that came with ours was even cuter with purple wings) i bought another of this kind too to replace my grave mistake, and it freezes nice and is very easy for baby to hold. She loves his happy face and the multiple textures. He's a bit heavy for a little one to handle, but probably perfect for a teething 6 month old.

V. Margaret, South Australia

Brand :    sassy
Color :    Multicolored
Size :    Sassy Spin Shine
Weight :    1.59 pounds
Model :    80016
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Sassy Spin Shine Rattle Developmental Toy Colors May Vary available as-of ( Feb 2020 )
Price :    $3.74
  • Variety of textures to explore with hands & mouth
  • Bold, contrasting colors help baby focus
  • Gentle rattle sounds attract baby's attention
  • Click-clack rings provide auditory and visual stimulation
  • Chunky center bar helps develop grasping muscles

Sassy Pop n' Push Car

I purchased this toy as a first car for my daughter and while she liked it, she didn't quite love it at first. Granted, she was about 8 months old at the time and was more interested in watching i or my husband roll the car around for her. She grew to enjoy watching/hearing the beads pop as the car moved along. Now at almost 16 months old, she likes playing with it, but it's still not her favorite toy and she doesn't play with it unless i or my husband pull it out of her toy bin to play with. She also owns a green toys car and she tends to want to play with that car more. . I removed a star for two reasons but not because my daughter didn't love this toy as much as i wanted her to. First, this toy is overpriced by a few dollars here. At buy buy baby, they have it for $2 less and if you use one of their coupons, you'll really get a great deal. Second, i wished that sassy produced this car in at least one other color, like in red, not only to provide parents with a color option, but if they had 2 kids, each child could have one. . All in all, it's a cute car, it zips forward with ease (smaller kids might need some help at first), it's sized right for little ones, and it's pretty durable. If you have a child who loves cars or you just want to get a car for your little one, this is a nice choice.

The pull-back wheels of the pop 'n push car zoom forward when released, encouraging baby to crawl after it. The colorful beads "pop" as the car moves, allowing baby to connect the sound to sight. The textured wheels of the car encourage tactile exploration.

Sassy Pop n' Push CarSassy-Pop-n-Push-Car

Sassy Pop N' Push Car (80042) FAQ.

I read the reviews on this toy that were less than positive. I beg to differ. My child is 10 months and loves this toy. . The toy is better suited for hard floor surfaces. If your home is primarily carpet i might not suggest it. -Notice from W. Whiteman, South Tyneside

Click to Show sassy pop n' push car (80042) Details

I purchase this car because it was the right price and i though my daughter would like having her own car to play with like her older brothers. The car is a nice size and drives well on my wood flooring. It does make a popping sound when the beads inside bounce around and it is a bit loud but still not as bad as some of her other toys so i can deal with it especially if it makes her happy ha ha. In fact all of my kids ages 1, 5, 6, & 12 enjoy playing with this dang thing, they sit in a circle in my living room and pass in across to each other and i love that they can do it while getting along (for a while at least, baby steps right lol)! the only downside is that i wish there was a more "girly" color option like yellow and green or purple and blue instead of just blue and green. Not that my daughter cares at all but being as that she is my only baby girl i really am liking the whole having everything pink and purple for her sort of thing so that her older brothers do not want to play with her toys as much ha ha.

Sassy-pop-n'-push-car-(80042) set picture

- Z. PearsonThis car is awesome, it is heavy duty, easy for little hands to pull back, and can roll on carpet if pulled back enough. From 6-18 months this car went with us every time we visited someone's home. It was so easy when he was little to hold him in your lap while sitting at the table and have the car drive between two people so you can talk and keep a squirmy teething baby entertained. When he was old enough to crawl on the floor it kept him occupies and often made dogs go crazy chasing it across the room that it would also keep dogs away from his face. It can be pushed forward without breaking the pull back mechanism and endure the weight of a toddler putting all of his weight on it as he plays with it. It has taken countless dives onto hard floors from table tops without scuffing up. My only complaint is that the tiny little face on the front is hard to make out from the back side so the baby is often confused as to why it doesn't pull back and drive off sometimes.

My 8 1/2 month old son just started playing with his new sassy pop n push car. It makes a great first car! i am glad i read the reviews because the picture does make it look bigger so this video will help you see the actual size. He is just rolling it back and forth, but if you roll it back it rolls forward on it's own.

V. Guest, Manchester

Brand :    sassy
Color :    Original Version
Weight :    0..1 pounds
Model :    80042
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Helps develop motor skills and crawling
  • Pop-up beads introduce concept of cause and effect
  • Soft, rounded car body is safe in baby's environment
Price :    $4.99 (was $9.02)
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Sassy Pop n' Push Car available as-of ( Feb 2020 )

Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

A quick read through of the many reviews here will tell you that different parents have different experience with the suction pad. I'm one of the unfortunate ones where the suction pad didn't quite work for me. . It doesn't stick at all to the high chair, which i figure out could be due to the texture of the high chair serving tray. I experimented with a few different surfaces of varying materials and texture but the longest time it stayed stick to a surface is just slightly over a minute. I also tried the "lick and stick" as suggested by one of the reviewers here but that didn't work for me as well unfortunately. . Despite the poor suction, my baby is sufficiently entertained by it. Apart from the core "feature", the spinning wheel, she is also noticing the finer details, which are the small rotating panels within the spinning wheel. She also noticed the beads contained within the wheel (which makes the sound when it's spinning) and this makes her want to tilt the wheel around just to see the beads move around. She also loves to grab at the rings at the bottom. . In short, despite that it doesn't suck well, my daughter likes it enough that it comes on of the additional toys that i play together with her. It's just not one for the dining table though.

Capture baby s attention with the spinning wheel, cascading beads and bright colors of the sassy wonder wheel! the spinning wheel encourages baby to reach, tug, and bat, strengthening hand-eye coordination. Trapped within the clear structure are colorful beads, which help baby connect the sound to sight. The spinning center pieces provide a higher level of visual tracking and strengthen fine motor skills. The wonder wheel has multiple texture points, encouraging baby s tactile exploration. Plus, the suction cup base attaches to flat surfaces such as high chairs and table tops for frustration-free play.

Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity CenterSassy-Wonder-Wheel-Activity-Center

Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center (80160) FAQ.

Purchased this for my baby at 6 months. Baby loved touching the different textures, spinning it, listening to the rattling sounds when it spins, looking at the colors. At 7. 5, it is still one of her favorites. She still love doing all the stuff previously mentioned, but now she is strong enough to pluck the wonder wheel off a table and disengage the suction cup holding it down. She likes to flip it upside down and chew on the rubbery suction cup. She likes banging it around and then flinging it on the floor and watch me pick it up for her. This little thing provides baby with lots of entertainment value. Would recommend. -Notice from M. Olga, Northwest Territries

Click to Show sassy wonder wheel activity center (80160) Details

My almost 7 month old son loves this! my son's eyes lit up as soon as i pulled this out of the box- i'm sure it was the colors and the rattling beads. His hands started shaking as i fumbled to get it loose from the packaging, and when i stamped the toy onto his tray, he tentatively put his hand forth to touch the wheel. At the slightest touch, the wheel began to spin crazily and the beads began to party like it was 1999. He had the most mesmerized priceless look i've ever seen with a toy and he kept it spinning by tapping the wheel. Honestly i wish i had thought of capturing his reaction on video. This thing is a winner. I dunno know how they did it, but they delved deep into the mysterious minds of babies and somehow pulled this gadget out. I was gonna buy some bland white suction toy (obviously designed with the parent's sensibilities in mind) i saw at target baby floor seat aisle, but i'm so glad i listened to my nagging mind that said all those online store reviews can"t be wrong. They weren't! it less than $8! buy it!

Sassy-wonder-wheel-activity-center-(80160) set picture

- H. HarrisonThis is the only "toy" that my 8 month old likes to play with (otherwise she prefers boxes, bags and other non-toys to play with). This toy was a great distraction on a 14 hour plane ride and i was able to stick it on the fold down tray and even more exciting was when i stuck it on the airplane window. The wheel spins fast and freely and the beads inside make a fun tinkering sound.

My friend had this at her house and eventhough i had a highchair toy for my son, i "needed" this. It arrived as promised and in a packing bag. I know some people lick these to get them to stick, but i don't know it just wierds me out. So i wet my finger with some water and wipe some on the suction cup. Not too much! my son at about 9 months made it a personal mission to pull it off with all his strength, he would succeed about 30% of the time. So i mean if you have a determine child like mine they will focus on pulling it off but the other 70% of the time he loved playing with it and could not remove it. In any event, it truly distracts baby while i am getting his next bite of food. I have also had several other high chair toys and this is our favorite. Food does tend to get stuck to it and is not easily cleaned with a sponge once dried. I do have to thoroughly wash it regularly.

E. Nees, Corse

Brand :    sassy
Color :    Multi
Weight :    0.31 pounds
Model :    80160
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Suction cup base attaches to solid surfaces for frustration-free play.
  • Spinning wheel encourages baby to reach, tug, and bat, developing hand-eye coordination.
  • Centerpiece spinners enhance visual tracking, and strengthen fine motor skills.
Price :    $2.26 (was $6.79)
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center available as-of ( Feb 2020 )

Fisher-Price Musical Smart Phone

Attach this musical smart phone activity toy to a stroller or diaper bag so your little one can always stay in touch with hands-on fun! press the button for realistic sounds and upbeat music. There s even a selfie mirror to keep wee ones entertained by looking at their own reflections.

Fisher-Price Musical Smart PhoneFisher-Price-DFP50-Musical-Smart-Phone

Brand :    fisher-price
Color :    Multi Color
Weight :    0.0.95 pounds
  • Icons rotate!
  • Say "hello" to the updated smart phone design
  • Press button for realistic sounds & fun music
  • Fine-motor-skill building activities
  • Who's that? "selfie" mirror invites self-discovery
Price :    $4.69
Model :    DFP50
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Fisher-Price Musical Smart Phone available as-of ( Feb 2020 )

Sassy Poke-A-Dot Rattle

This soft, squishy rattle is perfect for baby with its bright colors and different materials and surfaces to stimulate baby. Even the neck of the rattle aids in baby's development by flexing 180 degree, providing a perfect manipulation challenge for little hands. The black & white squishy center of the sphere stimulates baby's developing vision. Auditory awareness is engaged by the brightly colored click-clack rings. And the easy-to-grasp textured handle is great for mouthing.

Sassy Poke-A-Dot RattleSassy-80644-Poke-A-Dot-Rattle

Price :    $5.99
  • Neck of the rattle flexes 180 degree, providing a manipulation challenge for little hands
  • Easy-to-grasp textured handle is great for mouthing
  • Auditory awareness is engaged by the brightly colored click-clack rings
  • Squishy, flexible material of the rattle provides baby with lots of textures to explore and manipulate
  • Black & white squishy center of the sphere stimulates baby's developing vision
Brand :    sassy
Model :    80644
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Sassy Poke-A-Dot Rattle available as-of ( Feb 2020 )

Fisher-Price Animal Friends Discovery Car


Put your baby in the driver's seat with this colorful car that's loaded with fun mechanical sounds and busy activities that help get fine motor skills revved up! there's a door for baby to open & close, peek-a-boo friends to discover, clacker beads to slide, wheels to spin, birds to click and much more! introduce baby to their new best friends with the fisher-price animal friends discovery car.

Fisher-Price Animal Friends Discovery CarFisher-Price-Animal-Friends-Discovery-Car

Fisher-price Animal Friends Discovery Car (cmv93) FAQ.

Great for our plane flight. Keep her attention as much as you could expect for an 8 month old. -Notice from U. Shirley, Liverpool

Click to Show fisher-price animal friends discovery car (cmv93) Details

Purchased this toy for my 6 month old, he seems to like it but doesn t capture his attention long enough yet.

Fisher-price-animal-friends-discovery-car-(cmv93) set picture

- O. ColleenKids loved that it can roll across floor just like a regular car!

My almost 11 month old loves sliding or rolling this car around. A few clicking sounds from sliders or little doors that open or rattle to keep him interested. No electronic components. Flat design means he can hold it easier

V. Edna, Richmond upon Thames

Price :    $9.99 (was $10.95)
  • Lots of hands-on activities for baby: peek-a-boo slider, door that opens & closes, clicker, wheels to spin and more!
  • Bright colors & sounds help stimulate baby's senses
  • Hands-on activities encourage development of fine motor skills
  • Baby's rewarded with fun mechanical sounds for their actions!
  • Introduces baby to cause & effect
Brand :    fisher-price
Color :    multi-colored
Size :    10"
Weight :    3.59 pounds
Model :    CMV93
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (fisher-price product review) for Fisher-Price Animal Friends Discovery Car available as-of ( Feb 2020 )

Sassy Keyboard Classics Developmental Toy

This baby-sized piano has musical sounds, shaking beads, and a handle for music on the go! three different classical music songs play when piano keys are pressed, teaching baby about cause & effect. Additionally, the two smaller keys light up when music plays, capturing baby's attention and helping to promote concentration. The movable beads on the handle help baby develop fine motor skills, while the rattle beads inside the clear structure help baby connect sound to sight.

Sassy Keyboard Classics Developmental ToySassy-Keyboard-Classics-Developmental-Toy

Brand :    singer
Color :    multi/none
Weight :    0.15 pounds
Model :    80043
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Rattle beads inside the clear structure help baby connect sound to sight
  • The two smaller keys light up when music plays, capturing baby's attention
  • When piano keys are pressed, three different classical music songs play
  • Learning through repetition is encouraged
  • Movable beads on the handle help baby develop fine motor skills
Price :    $6.82
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Sassy Keyboard Classics Developmental Toy available as-of ( Feb 2020 )

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

This was a little bigger than i expected. It took baby a while to be able to grab the knobs and actually play with it. But now she's got the hang of it and she loves it!

Sassy bumpy ballthe bright colors and bold patterns on this ball help engage baby's developing sense of vision. The easy-to-grasp bumps on the ball help baby hold, toss or roll it. One clear plastic end contains multiple color beads and the other contains high-contrast black and white beads, which both make a rattle noise and attract baby's attention. The soft ball construction is appropriate for baby's environment. Product dimensions (inches): 5. 5 (l) x 5. 5 (w) x 5. 5 (h)age: 6 months and up

Sassy Developmental Bumpy BallSassy-80109-Developmental-Bumpy-Ball

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball (80109) FAQ.

This ball is well made. My 4 month old son can easily grab this ball and pick it up and move it around. He figured out how to push the ball slightly and pull it back to him. . This is easily one of his favorite toys. He has 3 and this is one of them. He likes shaking it and laughs when it makes noise. I. . I really like the bumps on the ball because it is helping him with him learning to pick and grab objects. Plus, it is working on his hand and eye coordination. -Notice from O. Patton, Medway

Click to Show sassy developmental bumpy ball (80109) Details

This has been a total hit with our family's smallest member. At 8 months old she is fascinated with things that are easy to grasp, visually appealing, and chewable. We like the fact that there is nothing loose, small, sharp, etc. We have had a number of good sassy products over the years, and this toy is another nice product and kid pleaser. We are not seeing any of the "stuffing" issues that some earlier reviewers have mentioned, and we do check over everything very carefully. I will revise the review if we run into any issues.

Sassy-developmental-bumpy-ball-(80109) set picture

- Z. JoannaThis gramma can't wait to introduce her 2 month old granddaughter to this interactive "toy". Colors, patterns, and sounds are so enticing. And visually stimulating. Packaging was original and clean. Came quickly. Couldn't be more pleased. . The closest price revealed by pricblink (firefox) add-on was kmart $8. 99 plus shipping. . Http://www. Online store. Com/sassy-80109-developmental-bumpy-ball/dp/b004ahmcmi? ie utf8&psc 1&redirect true&ref oh aui detailpage o03 s00

This toy is a hit with my almost 5 mont old twins. Variety of textures and sounds keeps them entertained for a little bit, more than other toys. It's easy for them to grab. They even smile to it. I am happy. No loose threads or dangerous parts. Good buy for little ones.

X. Adrienne, Western Australia

Brand :    sassy
Color :    Blue
Size :    5.5 long x 7.5 wide x 8.9 high
Weight :    0..66 pounds
Model :    80109
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball available as-of ( Feb 2020 )
Price :    $11.99
  • Gentle rattle sounds create neural connections in babies brains from birth through 3 years
  • Multiple textures & materials engage baby's developing tactile sensitivity & teach baby about variety
  • Bright colors & bold patterns are visually appropriate for baby's developing vision
  • Chunky sized bumps encourage reaching, grasping, and transferring from one hand to the other

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Cant wait to give this to my grandchild for christmas

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My boys really liked this phone when they were babies, and still play with it occasionally at age 3. Unfortunately, we just discovered that you can't replace the battery - the phone is sealed shut! the original battery lasted us a long time, but as an environmentalist, it really bothers me that this is yet another toy to go in the hazardous waste bin. We were hoping to pass it along to friends with younger children. Despite years of use, the phone looks almost new. . Other reviewers mentioned that the volume on this phone is "too low, " but it's supposed to be that way! when you hold it up to your ear, the volume level is just right. I am glad that the volume is low, because i wouldn't want my babies putting high decibel sounds right up to their ears. Bonus: this was the only electronic toy that we could bring out in public (restaurants, stores, airplanes, etc. ) because the low volume wouldn't annoy other people. . If the battery could be replaced, then i would have given this toy a five star review.

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Best sassy phone my own developmental toy (80025r4) in review

My infant daughter loves this toy. She is starting to figure out how to press the buttons. I like it's simple design and bright colors.

N. Gina, Oxfordshire

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Z. Barbara, Harrow says

This is an old favorite. We used it with our first child who loved it and played with it for years. We bought another one for our youngest and once again it is a baby favorite. I'm not quite sure what it is about this particular phone but it grabs our little one's attention every time.

Z. Jackson, Reading

I bought this phone for my baby nephew and he loves it! i wanted a cute phone that would make noise and not have lettering on the numbers for the baby to suck off. Im glad i bought this!

C. Pete, Lancashire says

Fun sounds

E. Guest, Connecticut

Very cute and well made!

E. Connie, Idaho says

Five stars mostly for the great customer service at the sassy company. After our little guy's phone took a bath, we called to ask how to dry it out (since it is machine-sealed). I called outside of business hours and left a message with little hope of a helpful reply. But, the next day i was phoned by a representative who not only knew what to do, but had knowledge of their own tests experience with this product and water. Then, out of the blue, a week later we got a replacement phone in the mail. We didn't even ask for that and wouldn't have expected it had we asked.

R. Fabian, Wigan

Love the noises, and she loves to chew the teething end! only complaints: its hard plastic and light, so she swings it around and has wacked her head. And its loose and closes easy, and could pinch little fingers, but i solved this by putting a soft hair elastic around the middle preventing it from closing.

V. Shayna, Bracknell Forest says

Bought this for my four month old daughter. She loves this little phone and now is almost eight months old and still carries it around.

G. Denise, Cheshire

Nice gift to keep kids off of your phone if they want to play with yours you can just hand them theirs what a great concept right?

K. Smith, Warrington says

This toy is great for keeping in the diaper bag. It is pretty basic (one flashing light, four push buttons, and a few phone sounds), but worth the few bucks. My favorite thing about this toy is that it is very quiet in comparison with other electronic toys, but makes enough noise to keep my little one interested.

D. Matherly, South Dakota

Simple little phone but perfect for my little one.

Y. Beale, Ealing says

He loves it! better than some of those play phones (imo) that light up like a carnival- i don't prefer overly stimulating toys for my baby. So this fits the bill.

M. Shirley, North Lincolnshire

My baby grandson loves this phone. He plays with it presses the buttons and it makes nice music. Love sassy items

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