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Price was $16.94. I received the original simon back in the mid 80s when i was a little kid and my sister and i wore it out trying to out do each other. I wanted to pass on the same fun to my small four year old son and decided to buy this updated version from online store. I read through many of the reviews and was a bit apprehensive about purchasing it because many noted that the colors utilize a new touch sensor that is not that sensitive or malfunctions often. (for those who dont know how the game works, it lights initially one of the four arcs on the circle. The child then mimics that by touching the appropriate arc. Then simon will repeat the initial color but add on one more. . And so on, until it becomes very hard for the child (or adult) to remember the pattern). Simon arrived from the shipper just fine and so far, two months later (knock on wood), this modern version of simon is doing just fine. Unlike in the old version which had big plastic push down paddle buttons, this version only requires a light touch on the appropriate color to follow the random pattern. My small son had no problem getting the idea and was having fun in two minutes. I have not experienced any problems with the touch sensors yet but simon is more sensitive (and works better) if placed on a hard surface. The game is slightly less sensitive if placed on carpet or some soft object. Other than that, simon has been great and even includes new modes that did not exist back in the 1980s. So far, pretty happy and five stars!

-G. Fabian

Simon electronic memory game (schylling) simon, the classic 1970’s handheld memory game, is back in its original form. ever-increasing sequences of the flashing 4 lights are accompanied the electronic harmonic tones. batteries toys and games

  • Feature: Can You Remember The Flashing Light Sequences And Repeat Them Correctly? As You Get Better The Level Of Difficulty Increases.
  • Feature: The New Updated Design With New Lcd Counter Keeps Track Of The Score; Has Single And Multi-player Modes.

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As expected, this is as much fun, if not more fun than the original simon i had as a kid. The fact that this one uses static or touch sensitivity makes it much faster and easier to use. I remember the frustration of not hitting the button all the way down as a kid on the old version and missing the pattern. With this new one, there are no issues like that. The sound is great, the build is great, and overall this is a very nice upgrade to a classic game that i spent countless hours using as a kid. . Was delivered very quickly, and packaged nicely. No complaints at all. The Best Simon Electronic Memory Game as-of ( Jan 2021 ) | Schylling-Toys And Games Review Feature Simon Electronic Memory Game The classic 80's game of quick action, memory and recall is back and has a sleek new look and improved performance; it's surprisingly addictive.. Can you remember the flashing light sequences and repeat them correctly? as you get better the level of difficulty increases.. The new updated design with new lcd counter keeps track of the score; has single and multi-player modes.. Features the immensely popular original 3 games from the original simon.. 3 aa batteries included, for players 7+.. Hold the game or play on the tabletop. Hypnotic lights and sounds. Tap and swipe, quick start. Fast-paced play, ages 8 and up. For 1 or more players. Requires 3 1. 5v aa .

Simon Electronic Memory Game Review (1897)

I bought this game for my children to show them what we used to play when we were their age. We all love playing this game, the only suggestion i would say is put a volume button on it. It is very loud when someone is playing it. -O. Cathy

Simon Electronic Memory Game

  • Rank: Toy
  • Brand: Simon
  • ClothingSize: One Size
  • Color: Multi
  • EAN: 0885212934240
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:9.00 inches
    Length:9.00 inches
    Weight:1.00 pounds
    Width:2.00 inches
  • ItemPart/Serial Number: 1897
  • LegalDisclaimer: Ages 7+
  • Manufacturer: Schylling
  • Recommended Max-Age: 180
  • Suggested Min-Age: 84
  • Manufacturer-Warranty: Parts
  • Model: 1897
  • MPN: 1897
  • Total Items: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 1897
  • Group-Order: Toy
  • Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  • Size: One Size
  • Product-Name: Simon Electronic Memory Game
  • UPC: 014397018975
  • Warranty: No Warranty

Toy(014397018975:Toys And Games), Simon Electronic Memory Game (0885212934240:Simon), Simon, the classic 1970's handheld memory game, is back in its original form. ever-increasing sequences of the flashing 4 lights are accompanied with the electronic harmonic tones. batteries and instruction manual included..

Simon 1897 Electronic Memory Game Toy

Simon 1897 Electronic Memory GameSimon Electronic Memory Game (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

So much fun! this model doesn't have the high buttons like those of us in there 30's were used to as a kid. But after a rd or two its old hat.

Simon Electronic Memory Game (Toys And Games) 1897
Click to see NoticeSimon Electronic Memory Game (1897)"I was hoping this would be exactly like the classic 1980s toy, but it has some kind of "touch technology" instead of legitimate buttons. I feel that the touch pad doesn't register 100% every time, but i suppose that it has less moving parts to wear out. It has a round counter on it, and i believe it has several game modes. We haven't messed around with it completely yet. I do recommend this toy for someone who is feeling nostalgic for the 80s or someone looking to improve their short term memory retention."

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  • Pop-o-matic die roller rolls the die
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It's the family favorite operation game with fun try me packaging and truly classic funny ailments! cavity sam is feeling a bit under the weather, and kids will love to "operate" and make him better. Use the tweezers to take out all of cavity sam's 12 funny ailment parts that parents might remember - such as a wishbone, charlie horse, and adam's apple. Players choose a doctor card and "operate" to remove that ailment from sam, and collect the money if they can avoid the buzz. The player with the most money wins! hasbro gaming and all related terms are trademarks of hasbro.

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Classic Operation Game (Hasbro) reviewImage of Classic-operation-game-(hasbro)Hasbro B2176 Classic Operation Game (Hasbro) It's The Family Favorite Operation Game Fun Try Me Packaging And Truly Classic Funny Ailments! Cavity Sam Is Feeling A Bit Under The Weather, And Kids Will Love To "operate" And Make Toys And Games
  1. Highlight: Features Classic Ailments.
  2. Highlight: Can Play Solo Or With Friends.
Discounted Classic Operation Game (Toys And Games) B2176
Brand :    hasbro
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  • Try to avoid the "buzz"
  • Features classic ailments
  • Use the tweezers to remove cavity sam's ailments
  • Can play solo or with friends
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  • Earn points from other players when you go out first
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Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots Game

A classic for over 40 years! it's the game where the original battling robots try to knock each other's blocks off! red rocker and blue bomber battle it out in the arena, with realistic sounds and jaw-jolting action. For 2 players. Ages 6 and older.

Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots GameMattel-CCX97-Rock-Sock-Robots

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  • The classic game from 1966 in which the battling robots try to knock each other's blocks off
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Simon Electronic Memory Game (1897) Price : 13.96, was : 18 as 2017-02-21
United States
Great Britain
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Good old fashion fun. Great for memory and works exactly as i remember playing as a kid.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Our instructions got lost during the christmas craziness. i can't seem to find them online. can anyone help me out?

(1) Question: What size batteries and how many does simon game take?

(2) Question: Which toy company is the manufacturer? originally, it was milton-bradley . so is it hasbro?

(3) Question: How to silence sounds?

(4) Question: Im confused! the product description is "product dimensions: 10 x 10 x 2 inches ; 1. 3 ounces"people are saying they are getting keychains! what is it?

(5) Question: When we try to play the game it won't allow us to push the buttons and doesn't respond to touch. is it broken or is it locked when it first arrives?

(6) Question: Does the game play faster and faster like the really old version? or does it stay the same speed?

(7) Question: Does this simon have a "silent" mode?

(8) Question: Can the simon electronic game by played with one hand?

(9) Question: Whats the diameter? thank you

(note) Question: where/how to get Simon (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Simon's products


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My daughter had one as a child and now her children enjoy simon as well. It helps increase memory and hand-eye coordination while having fun. My two-year-old grandson steps on it and sits on it and it is still in good shape. It has different levels of difficulty so as one level becomes easy, the child can move to the next level. Or people of different ages can use it at different levels, making it challenging but not frustratingly difficult for each person.

Bestsellers, Toys And GamesTop Simon Electronic Memory Game (1897) FAQ Content

Best simon electronic memory game (1897) in review

I am verified purchase. After reading the reviews, the prime concern was the new simon being touch pad which prompted other issues. We have had simon for a week and i was expecting my husband and myself not to enjoy the new simon. To put it frankly, do not listen to those reviews! all of us in my family down to our 2 year old have tablets, iphones and etc which we are already acclimated to new texhnology. We have absolutely no issues with new simon touch. To my taste the only real difference btw old school simon and new school simon is when you make an error, it does not repeat the pattern back to show you the correct sequence. All in all i'm very satisfied , my 9 year old loves it and i enjoy playing against my husband. Very savvy for the makers of simon to make it a touch pad since we are in the age of technology.

Y. Teresa, Arkansas

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S. Shirley, New South Wales says

Classic game perfect for . Oh, i'd say 7 to 10 year old kids. Not necessary to buy the fancier air-sensor versions; game play and memorizing challenge is the same whether you tap the bars or wave your hand. Tis larger version seems worth the few extra bucks. Note, my kids won't play this for an hour or something, but every few days they'll play it a few times, which is the best one can hope for. And i sneak a game every so often, though careful not to upset their high score (which the device remembers. )

N. Neva, New Hampshire

My neices love to play this when they come over. It keeps the kids entertained and helps them pay attention better!

P. Anonymous, Bracknell Forest says

A lot of people post reviews on this saying it's not the same as the original simon, and that's true, but it's still fun to play. It's like a capacitive type touch now so you don't actually push anything down. Frankly i prefer it that way. I don't like though that they didn't speed up some of the levels, they only do that in the original. Oh, and this one is loud. I mean wow. Even after i covered the speaker with electrical tape i could still hear it in the next room. But overall i've had fun, it was worth the money (i think i paid 20).

H. Wade, Stoke-on-Trent

Kids love it. Seems a bit cheaper made than the one from when i was a kit, but it works fine.

T. Sally, Blackpool says

This is the old school simon that we all had. It's a great game and sooooooo much better than the dumb swipe version they came out with recently. Bought that one bc we thought it would be fun but it was awful-no wonder they are coming back out with the old school one. It's a great game, good fun. Didn't give it 5 stars because my boys play it for a while and then want to drop it to do something else. Then they pick it back up again in a few weeks.

Y. Walsh, Kentucky

Not as good as the original since it is missing the buttons in favor of touch pads in the colored areas. They work okay and the person i got it for likes it just the same so it was a win-win.

U. Jennifer, North Carolina says

We weren't sure if our 6 year old would like this. Instead she loves it! such a great break from the ipad and tv. We have contests all the time, and it's great for her hand/eye coordination. Quality seems to be real solid. I am going to buy some additional "simons" as gifts. And great price. *update a few months after buying this - the simon is till going strong! it's withstood drops, spills, and many bumps all over the house. It's still going strong, and i anticipate we'll get many years of joy from it. Everyone in the family has joined in on the fun. You won't be disappointed.

L. Arnett, Halton

Wife hold the record in the house with 17. Drives the boys and me crazy to beat the record. A classic.

B. Guest, Cambridgeshire says

Over a period of a few hours several kids played this game. It was confusing to switch to one of the 3 game modes, so just played in one game mode only. About 20 people played with it. It was fun and a great game for any age. It is a competitive game, everyone wanted to out do the other. The only issue we had was that everyone had to press down hard on the buttons as they stick or sometimes you had to tap twice for it to register. I have played with the new style simon game and no. This is the game to buy not the new one that is difficult to use no where like this game, don't be fooled, save your money. This model is old school and fun to use and encourages kids to want to do better. Great game. Can't mess with perfection.

P. Connie, Suffolk

Our grands love this. Took me back to when i was a child and had one. Great product for loads of fun with your family. Thank you

W. Candy, Wolverhampton says

I got this for a friend's two boys as a joke. They were on a long cross country drive and i remembered how annoying the repetition of the tone was when played in a confined space. But when we opened it and i showed the kids how it worked it never left the kitchen table. The adults seemed to have as much fun as the boys did. No-one could pass the table without trying their memory skills. It is fun and it kept us off the ipad for the weekend. I really couldn't allow myself to put the boys in a situation where mom or dad would have to say "if you press that thing one more time we will throw it out the window". The only reason i could not give it five stars is the large buttons do not always react to a push and sometime hangs. If the buttons were more sensitive it would be a much better gamming experience.

A. Hakala, Blackburn with Darwen

I had this as a kid. Still lots of fun. My memory is not what it used to be. Fun for game night with kids or adults. Lots of laughter.

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