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Price was $14.99. Meh, not impressed with quality of the forks, spoons, and spatula but, i love how the skillet "frys" and the pot "boils" when they're used with a step 2 kitchen.

-Z. Matherly

Lifestyle Dining Room Pots Pans All Around Quality And Durability Make This Kitchen Set A Best Seller. The 22 Piece Set Includes 2 Plates, 2 Bowls, 2 Tumblers, 2 Knives, 2 Forks, 2 Spoons, Serving Spoon, Spatula, -Step2 Lifestyle Dining Room Pots Pans Set

  1. Details: Includes 2 Plates, 2 Bowls, 2 Tumblers, 2 Knives, 2 Forks, 2 Spoons, Serving Spoon, Spatula, Salt And Pepper Shakers, Pitcher, Pouring Pot, Fry Pan, Boiling Pot And 2 Lids.
  2. Details: Fully Assembled.

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Bought these to go with the play kitchen that was given to us. My girls love them! they are extremely durable and have had every test done to them to see if they would break. (my kids love to try to break everything). These are all still in one piece! the lids fit great and are easy to use and hold. I would reccomend these to anyone! Best lifestyle dining room pots pans | Step2-Toys And Games Review as-of ( Jun 2020 ) Details Step2 LifeStyle Dining Room Pots and Pans Set 22 piece set. Includes 2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 tumblers, 2 knives, 2 forks, 2 spoons, serving spoon, spatula, salt and pepper shakers, pitcher, pouring pot, fry pan, boiling pot and 2 lids. Fully assembled .

Step2 lifestyle dining room pots and pans set Review (700399)

Wanted play kitchen supplies that weren't pink for my grandson, and these are very nice. Not that cheesy plastic that will break easily and a good selection of neutral-colored pieces. -H. Patton

Step2 Lifestyle Dining Room Pots

  • Order: Toy
  • Brand: Step2
  • Color: Multi Colored
  • EAN: 0885166834658
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:4.00 inches
    Length:12.50 inches
    Weight:2.00 pounds
    Width:12.50 inches
  • ItemPart/Serial Number: 700399
  • Manufacturer: Step2
  • Recommended Max-Age: 72
  • Suggested Min-Age: 24
  • Model: 700399
  • MPN: 700399
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 700399
  • Sub-Type: Toy
  • Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  • UPC: 885552132894
  • Warranty: No Warranty

lifestyle dining room pots pans Toy, All around quality and durability make this kitchen set a best seller. the 22 piece set includes 2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 tumblers, 2 knives, 2 forks, 2 spoons, serving spoon, spatula, salt and pepper shakers, pitcher, pouring pot, fry pan, boiling pot and 2 lids. fully assembled. Step2 Lifestyle Dining Room Pots Pans Set (700399-Step2).

Step2 Lifestyle Dining Room Pots Toy

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This is a nice set, as are most step 2 products. I bought this to use in my little girl's step 2 welcome home play house. I had been buying metal sets, thinking they would last better- but instead i'd get a rusty mess after a few months. I decided to get plastic instead and i am so glad i did! they are easy to clean, have just enough stuff not to make a gigantic mess, and definitely encourages them to play. Of course, that means plenty of mud soup for momma, but that's ok ; ) watching them play kitchen brings back so many good memories of my own sister and i )

Step2 Lifestyle Dining Room Pots Pans Set
Click to see NoticeStep2 Lifestyle Dining Room Pots Pans Set (700399)"First off, if you're looking for the best deal, you'd be better off purchasing a large play food set that includes pots, pans and dishes. That being said, if you're looking for a nice set of realistic, gender-neutral dishes, cookware and utensils - then this is the product for you. I have a son so i really wasn't interested in all the pink stuff out there. It's not that i even mind a boy playing with pink stuff, but i personally don't have a kitchen full of pink pots and pans so why should he? all the items are well-sized and fit nicely in his ikea duktig kitchen and a bonus is that the pot and pan are translucent so you can see the red glow of the stove burner. . Note: i paid full price for this item. I take the time to write reviews because i myself rely greatly on reviews when deciding what to purchase. So if you found this review helpful, please click, "yes". :)"

Step2 101 Piece Play Food Assortment

Overall, this is a good product for the price and number of items you receive. I read reviews before purchasing, so i knew what i was getting. A few of the pieces - the cookies and pie slices - are concave and actually open on the bottom. This, however, does not change my son's enjoyment while playing with them. I've also received a set of the melissa & doug fruit as a gift, and while they're of better quality, you only get what you pay for, which was about 10 pieces for the same price as this set of 101. So, if you're looking for a wide variety of pieces that your child(ren) will enjoy, this is a great set. If you're looking for top quality and willing to pay for it, look elsewhere.

This generous 101-piece assortment of play food is a must have for playtime cooking. Includes a variety of foods that nicely enhance playtime experiences with step2 kitchens and playhouses.

Step2 101 Piece Play Food AssortmentStep2-Piece-Play-Food-Assortment

Step2 101 Piece Play Food Assortment (896699) FAQ.

Do you have a lonely kids play kitchen that is yearning for fake plastic food? this will do the trick. . It's durable hard plastic mixed with some rubbery most pliable plastic. Your kids could really give this stuff a beating and it would still have the look of fake plastic food. . It's definitely not to scale. The whole chickens are the same size as a pringle and the celery is the size of one of the french fries. Oh well. Your kids will still have fun unless they have an issue with things not being to scale -Notice from R. Nielsen, Louisiana

Click to Show step2 101 piece play food assortment (896699) Details

Pieces were good, i took out all the junk food ones (donuts, pizza, fries, etc) which weren't many. My son loves them. I didn't give him all 101 pieces at once because it's just way too many, there are 2 of most of them anyway so we took out one of each and put the others away. The only thing i didn't like is that they have little holes at the bottom of the pieces, and in the instructions it says to wash all the pieces before letting your kids play with them but if i had done that, all the water would get in and possibly grow mold i fear. Other than that, pieces are good, sturdy and colorful.

Step2-101-piece-play-food-assortment-(896699) set picture

- P. EvaMy granddaughter loves this product. The food and vegetables are realistic looking enough that she can recognize them and has begun saying what they are (16 months). I was concerned that the pieces would be small and she would not be able to tell first what they were and second would/could choke on them. Instead they fit nicely in her hand and the color and shape help her learn to say what they are. Go nicely with her kitchen set. Various objects from pizza and tacos, potato chips to ice cream cones, and broccoli to apples. She really enjoys them. Nice product at a good price

I have been impressed with the wide assortment of foods in this set. My son loves playing with this and is a great addition to our kitchen. The plastic is durable and has held up to a lot of not-quite-so-pretend meals. . Most of the food is sized for a two year old to play with, but my kid loved to shove things in his mouth for a lot longer time than most. As such, i had to pull a few of the pieces out because they were smaller or shaped just right to fit completely in his mouth. I now have a one year old that i don't worry about playing with the larger sized pieces of food as well. Eventually, as they get older, i will add in the few pieces i removed.

V. Sheila, Richmond upon Thames

Price :    $25.99
  • Ships in certified frustration-free packaging
  • Great addition to any step2 kitchen or playhouse
  • The perfect accessory to enhance playtime experiences
  • Includes a variety of foods including fruits, vegetables, meats, breads, pastries, sandwiches, breakfast, snack, dessert and more
  • Contents may vary
Brand :    step2
Color :    multi/none
Size :    101 pc.
Weight :    0.99 pounds
Model :    896699
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Step2 101 Piece Play Food Assortment available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Mommy Please Pretend Food Kitchen Play Set, 125-Piece

There is so much play food in this order, i honestly can't even believe the variety. It's small, plastic play food. It's nothing super fancy, but well worth the price. One portion of the food came in a sealed bag, the other portion of the food came in a little box with small items just scattered freely (play crackers, fries, pringles etc). It wasn't stacked or taped together or anything, just freefalling in a small box inside the larger order box. No big deal, just make sure you have a play crate to put it all in. My 15 month old is only interested in throwing the food around at this point. But i'm happy with the purchase.

We guarantee your toddler will stay busy while pretending to shop for groceries, play kitchen, and creating delicious pretend meals for the family to munch, or your money back! (don't actually munch it or you might break a tooth). Organic pretend food choices teach healthy eating while pretend treat foods keep your little ones busy in imaginative play! from an organic macaroni and cheese lunch to a variety of healthy pretend breakfast foods - followed by pizza and ice cream party - your toddler will have fun while learning and pretending! preschools and doctors offices love these miniature plastic food toys. They also make great gifts for small children. (potentially a nice gift for some fat guys in the woods who like to pretend play) these toy foods are great accessories for melissa and doug food sets and kidkraft kitchen sets. Realistic looking pretend can foods and cake mixes inspire hours of imagination and grocery cart play. And remember, when the pretending stops and the toddler-toy throwing begins, most of these toys are lightweight, miniature plastic food - so no one gets hurt! this huge 125 piece set includes an entire six piece pizza pie for a fun pretend cutting food experience! plastic food set also includes: realistic waffle with butter, red pepper, green pepper, red apple, two green apples, asparagus, whole miniature chicken, chicken legs, bananas, broccoli, cauliflower, chocolate bars, carrots, ears of corn, croissants, cucumber, pretend eggs (brown and healthy), fried eggs, donuts, purple and green grapes, potato chips, french fries, red and green peppers, pear, orange slices, watermelon, mushroom, whole pizza, ice cream cones, cherry pie, strawberries, bread, hamburger buns, hamburger patty, sliced tomato, lettuce, cheese, hot dogs and buns, condiments, organic chocolate milk, organic milk, juice cartons, maple syrup, french bread, potatoes, tomatoes, crackers, lemon and more!

Mommy Please Pretend Food Kitchen Play Set, 125-PieceMommy-Please-Pretend-Kitchen-125-Piece

Mommy Please Pretend Food Kitchen Play Set, 125-piece (LYSB01COI9EAC-TOYS) FAQ.

This was great there was so many food pieces i actually split it up for 2 separate gifts and it wasn't that cardboard crud! it was plastic all that could easily be placed in a laundry mesh sacrifice and sanitized as needed when little lovies get sick and you want to cut down on germs. I was very pleased as we're said receiving children! thank you i would recommend to anyone. Fyi you may need to use parental judgement on choking hazzard due to some pieces are smaller than i would trust under age 3. There also was a great mix of healthy food and "fun" food good to use a teaching modle for how we should eat and what foods to limit. Have fun! -Notice from Y. Kristen, Pennsylvania

Click to Show mommy please pretend food kitchen play set, 125-piece (lysb01coi9eac-toys) Details

I bought this for a group of three little sisters. I wanted to make sure to purchase something that would allow them to be creative, imaginative and of course, to share with each other. They absolutely loved this play set. They have been playing restaurant, kitchen and catering. The pieces are nicely made and have been holding up well between all the playing. I am thinking of purchasing more for other kids that i know would have a great time playing with these. I definitely recommend!

Mommy-please-pretend-food-kitchen-play-set,-125-piece-(lysb01coi9eac-toys) set picture

- F. AllenI purchased this for my granddaughter who will soon be 3. She loves playing with the set and it's perfect for her size. This was a perfect addition to her play kitchen! the set included a whole pizza a hamburger patty with cheese lettuce and a slice of tomatoe with the bun. Two pieces of pie. Five hotdogs with buns. Pringles potatoe chips and french fries along with all the fruits and vegetables you can think of. Oh and there was a whole cocked chicken as well as 4 or 5 chicken legs and two whole eggs as well as two fried eggs. This really is a nice set for the little ones

Considering what i paid for this, it is not a bad product. The french fry box is made of (cardboard) paper rather than plastic; the kids crushed it within an hour. It does not fold back together to well. The kids crushed the hard boiled eggs the same day. The majority of the other pieces have survived 3 weeks in counting of play from a 5-yr, 2-year, and 1-year old. Since opening this on christmas day the kids have played with it every single day. Would i buy it again? yes, in a heartbeat. I like that it has a more healthy food than unhealthy food. You can use it to teach the kiddos to make healthy choices about what they eat and to balance their diet.

G. Kathlene, Westminster

Brand :    mommy please
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Huge variety of familiar foods includes a whole pizza pie - for a creative pretend food cutting pizza party! fun toy for toddler girls and boys. small pieces suitable for a 3-year old children and over.
  • Guaranteed that your 3 year olds and older will stay busy while pretending to shop for groceries, play kitchen, and creating delicious pretend meals for the family to munch, or your money back! (don't actually munch it or you might break a tooth).
  • All new heavy duty set - with bpa free plastic milk cartons and other boxed items. no more cardboard pieces, instead heavier duty plastic cartons. rest assured our set still includes fun food fact labels and organic varieties, which make these great early learning resources.
  • Perfect accessories for melissa and doug set or kidkraft kitchen -contains all 4 food groups. organic play food choices and pretend treats keep small kids engaged in imaginative and educational play.
  • 125 pieces of bpa free pretend play food - five more pieces of fun than those tiny food sets with only 120 pieces!
Price :    $17.64 (was $24.97)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (mommy please product review) for Mommy Please Pretend Food Kitchen Play Set, 125-Piece available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

KidKraft 63330 Tasty Treat Pretend Play Food Set

Needed a set of playfood to go with the new play kitchen (step2), and decided to go with this one based on reviews and price. My 3 year old and all his friends are absolutely thrilled with the set. There's a huge variety of foods to choose from, most are doubled so i put away the doubles to replace the (eventual) lost and broken pieces. A few pieces combine together, like the burger (buns, patty, lettuce, cheese), pbj (toast, peanut butter smear, jelly smear), hotdogs (bun, sausage), and ice creams (cone, scoops) but due to the slick plastic they come apart very easily, which has at first resulted in some tears, but now is fine. Most pieces are a hard plastic, but a few are soft. The labels on the boxes and cans are stickers and so do not slide on or off, which i like. I guess some of the foods look quite realistic to the little ones, we have some teeth marks on some of the items. So definitely keep an eye out for that. Our son was never one to moute/teeth on his toys, but the donuts and sodas are apparently irresistible to him now! . Overall, extremely happy with the quality/quantity of this set.

It's time to eat! our tasty treats play food gives kids all the pretend food they could possibly need. Combine it with one of kid kraft's trademark wooden kitchens and you're set!

KidKraft 63330 Tasty Treat Pretend Play Food SetKidKraft-63330-Tasty-Treat-Pretend

Kidkraft 63330 Tasty Treat Pretend Play Food Set (Toys And Games) FAQ.

Lots of food which is great because i purchased this for my 3 grandkids. There's enough "food" for all of them to play with. They have shopping carts and a cash register so it provides entertainment when they are "shopping". The items are well made. I have purchased some of this type of toy in the past but the boxes fall apart and the plastic didn't hold up. This set holds up well. I would recommend this to anyone who has kids/grandkids or for a pre school for their pretend play. I was able to purchase this item at a reduced rate for providing an unbiased review. -Notice from S. Campbell, Indiana

Click to Show kidkraft 63330 tasty treat pretend play food set (toys and games) Details

This is a really nice set of play food! our daughter got a play kitchen from the whole family for christmas and this was an add-on by my husband's 92-year-old grandmother. I love that it has such a great variety! there are healthy things, and unhealthy things. The boxes are actually plastic which is a huge plus. Our son, who is 6 years older, only had the paper ones and they were toast in maybe a year. The plastic is hard. This is not the squishy type of play food that you can squeeze and air comes out a hole. I suppose that doesn't matter to most people, but i wanted to note it. . We have used this to talk about food groups with our 8 year old and our toddler, of course, loves playing with it. Actually, our 8-year-old also loves playing with it!

Kidkraft-63330-tasty-treat-pretend-play-food-set-(toys-and-games) set picture

- P. TaylorThese are very good quality! i really do love them and they actually deserve 4. 5 stars in my opinion. I just couldn't ignore one small snapping detail. I bought these this christmas 2015 and my child and cousins love them. So do i. They are not life size, but perfect kid size (we have children in the family from 19 mos to 3 years old) for play with or without a kitchen playset. . Pros. They are sturdy plastic, even the boxes, cartons and cans are plastic and not cardboard. I expect they will last a few years. A pretty decent range of healthy foods along with your average junk food. . Cons. The watermelon has pink melon meat instead of red. (what? ! lol. ). The hot dogs do not snap into the buns (they do not stay in for actual play). The fries to not snap into the containers (nope). The ice cream scoops do not snap into the cones (this particular feature lack makes my 19 m/o cry! aw, mama's baby. ). . The con list seems longer, but the quality of this product outweighs the cons. Plus, this box of food items is just enough to fill my daughter's pottery barn kids shopping cart (which is super sturdy with no sharp edges) to the top! two great investments! :). . Bottom line: i love this product. I do recommend it, though i would suggest kidkraft fix the cons on the list if they are looking to maintain 5 star status. But, only my opinion. :)

The photos do not do justice to this set. I was impressed and surprised at the quality and realism of the pieces. They appear to be colored plastic, not coated or painted, and just the right size for child plates. It is a huge set with 2 of each item, representing all food groups. I especially like the "boxed" items like milk that is sturdy plastic and not cardboard. Highly recommend. I will parcel out the items over time as the entire set is overwhelming big.

L. Cageen, Milton Keynes

Brand :    kidkraft
Color :    Multi
Size :    1
Weight :    1..2 pounds
  • 115 pieces; including fruit; vegetables; snacks; pizza; waffles and more
  • No assembly required
  • Goes great with our kid kraft kitchens
Price :    $12.65 (was $16.99)
Model :    63330
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for KidKraft 63330 Tasty Treat Pretend Play Food Set available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Step2 Traditions Table & Chairs Set

New traditions table & chairs set

Step2 Traditions Table & Chairs SetStep2-Traditions-Table-Chairs-Set

Brand :    step2
Color :    Brown
Weight :    21.00 pounds
Model :    896800
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Step2 Traditions Table & Chairs Set available as-of ( Jun 2020 )
Price :    $50.73 (was $61.87)
  • Minimal adult assembly required
  • Chairs: 21"h x 13. 5"w x 13"d. maximum weight of each chair is 75 lbs.
  • One table & two chairs - age grade is 2+.
  • Table & chairs can be used as a craft table, eating table and more!
  • Product dimensions: table: 19. 5"h x 27. 125"w x 27. 125"d

Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen Grill, Brown/Tan/Maroon

Grand walk-in kitchen & grill

Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen Grill, Brown/Tan/MaroonStep2-Grand-Walk-Kitchen-Maroon

Brand :    step2
Color :    Brown/Tan/Maroon
Weight :    53.00 pounds
Model :    8214KR
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Valuable storage areas throughout
  • Its large sink with faucet, custom appliances, and "stainless steel" refrigerator enhance role play
  • Attached dining area
  • Includes a 103-piece accessory set
  • Kitchen has 3 realistic electronic features: grill, stove top, and phone
Price :    $197.49
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen Grill, Brown/Tan/Maroon available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Step2 Cooking Essentials 10-Piece Stainless Steel Set For Kids

The cooking essentials stainless steel 10-piece set by step2 includes mini cookware that will bring a new level of realism to your child's pretend cooking time. This play set will go great with any play kitchen or playhouse. These pots and pans are sized to fit little hands and are crafted with a quality that will last for years! made in china.

Step2 Cooking Essentials 10-Piece Stainless Steel Set For KidsStep2-Cooking-Essentials-10-Piece-Stainless

Brand :    step2
Color :    Silver
Size :    10 Piece
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    803499
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Step2 Cooking Essentials 10-Piece Stainless Steel Set For Kids available as-of ( Jun 2020 )
Price :    $26.58
  • Includes stock pot and two large pots with interchangeable lids, sauce pan, colander, spatula and two potholders
  • Wash all pieces thoroughly before use
  • A great addition to step2 play kitchens
  • Bring a new level of realism to your child's pretend cooking time
  • Classic pots and pans are styled for realism

Step2 LifeStyle Dream Kitchen Playset

The step2 lifestyle dream kitchen unleashes imaginative play as kids cook and create in it! toddlers and preschoolers will spend hours of fun make believing that they are cooking in their very own kitchen, just like mom and dad. With plenty of accessories and electronic features, multiple little chefs can play together with this play set. Plus, its modern home decor will blend well with your child's playroom or bedroom.

Step2 LifeStyle Dream Kitchen PlaysetStep2-LifeStyle-Dream-Kitchen-Playset

Brand :    step2
Color :    Silver
Model :    852100
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Electronic stove burner features fun lights and sounds to enhance the kitchen role play
  • Cupboards, cabinets, pull-out drawers and bins will neatly store all your little one's accessories when playtime is over
  • Refrigerator door features a molded-in water dispenser
  • Pull-out silverware drawer lets kids keep forks, spoons and knives organized
  • Large sink allows kids to pretend to wash the dishes
Price :    $164.99 (was $174.04)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (step2 product review) for Step2 LifeStyle Dream Kitchen Playset available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Melissa & Doug Let's Play House Grocery Cans Play Food Kitchen Accessory - 10 Stackable Cans With Removable Lids

If you're a parent, knowing that this is a melissa & doug product might be all that you need to know. The company has a reputation for making some high-quality childrens' products. If you're only reading this review to figure out whether this is a well-made product, you might not need to read any further - it's a good product and a good value at this price. . Okay, still reading? . . This is definitely a good product, and my children really enjoy playing with it. We purchased this along with the melissa & doug "fridge food set" and found both to be great "food" toys, but although the kids play with them at the same time, the products are rather different from each other. . This product contains a set of "cans" which feature very nice graphics (or "labels") and removable plastic can lids. I appreciate that although the lids are removable, they fit tightly enough that they are never in danger of falling out accidentally. The cans themselves are made from a heavy paper or cardboard type product, and seem durable. . With 19-month-olds currently playing with them, i can also appreciate the relative light weight of each of the cans - when thrown (not that we encourage throwing food cans in our house! ) the cans cause no damage to people, pets, or surrounding objects. . In summary, i'd definitely buy this again. It might not be exactly what i expected when i originally ordered it, but the kids love playing with it, and i feel it's a good value at this price.

Stock a pretend pantry with this collection of lidded cardboard play-food cans and you'll have all the ingredients for colorful, imaginative grocery-store play. Open and close, fill and stack, sort and match the canned food toys-this set has a pretend-play flavor for every taste!

Melissa & Doug Let's Play House Grocery Cans Play Food Kitchen Accessory - 10 Stackable Cans With Removable LidsMelissa-Doug-Grocery-Kitchen-Accessory

Melissa Doug Grocery Kitchen Accessory (4088) FAQ.

Okay, so i have searched, researched and researched, read numerous comments, compared prices of similar products and these were not what i expected. They are soooooo cute and made of a card board like material that i think will hold up well! my 4 1/2yr old loved the look and that she can pop the lid off the cans - so did i! i only wish that there were pieces made to go inside them that came from m&d. Some of the reviews that i read stated that they wished m&d made the cans to be like the other wood food items that the company make, well i purchased the other items fridge food and pantry food sets and some of the pieces are can food items. If the company made the to be the same way, i think that not only would they be too heavy, but may cause serious injury. The soup can that came with the pantry set feels a tad bit heavy in weight that all the other items and in compairing that to hollowing it out, the thickness, and design of the product, i think it was maybe a good idea to stick with the cardboard-like material. Overall, i love the concept behind this product! -Notice from T. Nancy, Idaho

Click to Show melissa doug grocery kitchen accessory (4088) Details

These are great little "can" goods. They are just the right size and the lids even open making it even more real play for the kids. Great packaging and great colors. Good variety of goods as well. Too cute!

Melissa-doug-grocery-kitchen-accessory-(4088) set picture

- G. ClaraThis is a super cute set of play food cans. I didn't realize when i purchased these but the lids come off. My daughter received another set of playfood for christmas and she was able to fit some pieces into the cans which makes it more fun for her when pretending to cook. They are also well made and sturdy which is what i love about melissa and doug products!

These are so much better than the thin cardboard play food. The fact that these have lasted over a month (and still look new) makes me happy. The lids are plastic and add to the overall durability.

H. Meredith, Delaware

Price :    $6.79 (was $9.99)
  • Includes 10 cans in a variety of sizes and designs
  • Promotes sorting and grouping, color recognition and aware ness of different types of food
  • Sturdy and colorful cardboard sides
  • Plastic lids pop on and off with ease
  • Play food cans that open and close
Brand :    melissa & doug
Color :    Multi Colored
Size :    Inquiries - by email
Weight :    0.70 pounds
Model :    4088
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Home (Toy product review) for Melissa & Doug Let's Play House Grocery Cans Play Food Kitchen Accessory - 10 Stackable Cans With Removable Lids available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Liberty Imports 120 Piece Deluxe Pretend Play Food Assortment Set

My kids absolutely love to play pretend and cook or play grocery store. I thought this was an amazing deal for how many pieces you get. The food comes in a netting bag, so we purchased a basket to store it all in after opening. The play food is bright, colorful and more realistic than some we have seen. I love that there are two of everything, it minimizes arguments between who has what. The food is too cute and opens up a world of imaginative play. We are all very happy with this purchase.

A huge set of play food, containing a wide variety of food and drink items, from fruits and veggies to pizza and fries, ice cream and much more! the set includes a full assortment of plastic play food in bright colors with food items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Who's hungry? this adorable pretend food play set is sure to keep kids' imaginations running wild. Great for learning about the food groups and making healthy choices. Encourage your child to play imaginatively and creatively. Recommended age: 3+ 100% satisfaction guaranteed! lifetime warranty from liberty imports . Notice: the "liberty imports" seller is the only authorized seller, we do not sell wholesale so there should be no other sellers; any other sellers are illegally selling their own products using our registered trademarked company name. In this listing, purchasing from any seller other than "liberty imports" will result in a potentially faulty product that may be unsafe and cause injury. Please be sure to purchase this product from the "liberty imports" seller to avoid any problems with your product and to ensure both your safety and satisfaction. Thank you.

Liberty Imports 120 Piece Deluxe Pretend Play Food Assortment SetLiberty-Imports-Deluxe-Pretend-Assortment

Liberty Imports 120 Piece Deluxe Pretend Play Food Assortment Set (8815) FAQ.

I bought this set for my 2-year old, whom received a toy kitchen for her birthday, but no food for the kitchen. This is by far one of her favorite things to play with. Here's my breakdown:. . Pros:. - 90% of the pieces are really high quality. The plastic is hard and after a few months of play we haven't lost any of the plastic pieces yet. Most of the pieces are really well formed too. By that, i mean that they actually look like the foods they're representing. The lettuce leaves look like lettuce leaves, not sad little green sheets of plastic. The color on the pieces are also really good. The strawberries are especially nice. The foods overall have a really good sense of realism to them. - variety: there are a ton of different food items, and my daughter really enjoyed sitting down and learning the names for each of them. There are also a lot of different foods to do different things with. My daughter puts all of her juices and bottles in the fridge, and puts her pizza in the oven, etc. . Cons. - some of the pieces defy the good quality of the majority of the bag of foods. The bacon is made of soft plastic, and is really bendable. I had to take it away from my daughter because she was attempting to eat it. The paper boxes were also gone almost immediately. I tried to tape the seams up so my daughter wouldn't pull them apart, but she destroyed them anyway. The boxes might be better suited for an older child. - if you have a smaller child, you're really going to have to pick through the bag and see what you need to remove. Other than taking away the bacon, i also removed a few other pieces that were small enough for her to swallow and choke on, like the fries. . Overall, this is a great little set, and my daughter loves it. It was a really good buy, and i would definitely recommend it. -Notice from F. Rebecca, North Somerset

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My 2 years old son loves it! he loves to make a cheeseburger n hot dog by himself. Love they looks so real n colorful! my son able to name 95% of the items. Plus they doesn't have much those box products which i think it's waste money and that's the reason why i picked this set at the first place. Good products!

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- Z. AndersonThis was such a great buy! my kids love to play in their kitchen and now they have food from each food group and snacks and drinks, there was only 2 pieces i had to through away because they were cardboard and got smashed but they didn't even notice because there are so many pieces.

Cute toys and most are plastic but my son squished the milk box since it was flimsy cardboard and some parts had stickers he chewed off. Though most parts are plastic. Two types of plastic were used one is more pliable and the other is very hard. They all work fine but it's odd there are two types.

T. Pete, Wisconsin

Brand :    liberty imports
Weight :    1.54 pounds
Model :    8815
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Huge 120 pcs play food assortment (exactly as pictured)
  • The perfect accessory to enhance playtime experiences
  • Fun, vivid colors and realistic food makes play time even better
  • Includes a variety of foods including fruits, vegetables, meats, breads, pastries, beverages, sandwiches, breakfast, snack, pizza, dessert and more!
  • Official liberty imports item - lifetime warranty guaranteed
Price :    $14.61 (was $19.85)
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Step2 Cooking Essentials 20 pieces Baking Set

Bring the essence of pretend gourmet baking to child s play with this realistic pastry set. Little bakers can pretend to create breads and pastries just like professional chefs with this 20-piece set including a wooden pastry board, rolling pin, pastry wheel, whisk, spoon and spatula, stainless mixing bowl, bear-shaped cake pan, muffin pan, loaf pan, 3 cookie cutters, oven mitt, 5 measuring spoons, and a measuring cup. Utensils included are made from real wood and bake ware from high quality stainless steel. Sets are dishwasher safe; wash all pieces thoroughly before use.

Step2 Cooking Essentials 20 pieces Baking SetStep2-Cooking-Essentials-pieces-Baking

Price :    $20.49 (was $24.00)
  • Utensils are made from real wood and bake ware from high quality stainless steel
  • Wash all pieces thoroughly before use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 20-pieces set includes wooden pastry board, rolling pin, pastry wheel, whisk, spoon and spatula, stainless mixing bowl, bear-shaped cake pan, muffin pan, loaf pan, cookie cutters, oven mitt, measuring spoons, and measuring cup
Brand :    step2
Color :    Multi Colored
Size :    20 pc.
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    803599
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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step2 lifestyle dining room pots and pans set Price : 14.99, was : 0 as 2017-03-20
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Step2 Lifestyle Dining Room Pots Pans Set (700399) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for step2 lifestyle dining room pots and pans set

We have an older step 2 kitchen with burners on the stove which make noise or did before we lost the original pots and pans that went with the kitchen. I purchased these to make up for the ones that we lost since my daughter now uses the kitchen. The plastic is very durable and the pots and pans work with the older kitchens burners to make noise. I love the color update since the last pots and pans i had were an ugly blue, now they actually look like our adult version of plate colors.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Are the bottoms of the pot and pan designed to make contact with the step 2 kitchen to activate the "boiling water" sound and the "frying pan" sound?

(1) Question: Do the salt and pepper shakers make real noises as if they are real?

(2) Question: Can someone tell me the diameter of the plates in this set?

(3) Question: Is there a volume control for the sizzling burner sound? it's so loud.

(4) Question: Does this work with the step2 lifestyle custom kitchen

(5) Question: Will these pots and pans make cooking noises on other kitchens that aren't a step 2 kitchen?

(6) Question: What kind of battery, where does the battery go in, does this set have a tea pot

(7) Question: Is this set bpa free?

(8) Question: Where is this made?

(note) Question: where/how to get Step2 (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Step2's products


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We have an older step2 toy kitchen that we got from a discount store, it was missing the pots, pans, cups, and utensils. These work perfectly with the kitchen set, they even fit into the pot/pan burners on the stove top of the toy to make bubbling and crackling noises. Great buy.

Dress Up & Pretend Play 110613661, Kitchen Playsets 110743661, Kitchen Toys 110343661, Pretend Play 110903661, Toys & Games 110397561Top Step2 Lifestyle Dining Room Pots Pans Set (700399) FAQ Content

Best step2 lifestyle dining room pots pans set (700399) in review

I don't have the kitchen that goes with this set. I use it with another kitchen set and it fits well. The utensils are almost the same size as toddler utensils. The set is perfect for little hands and the kitchen set. The los play with this a lot. They are always mixing up something in the pots.

E. Cecilia, Lorraine

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Y. Lewis, Wisconsin says

My kids out grew their step2 kitchen that still looks brand new, minus the few cups, bowls and utensils that we lost over the years. When my sister said she was looking for a play kitchen for her kiddies, i told her save her cash and take ours. I told her i would look into finding a fix for the missing items so it would be like-new again. I searched and found this set here! all the pots and pans fit the burners so cooking sounds are working. All of the items resemble what we lost minus some minor color changes to the spatula turner and big serving spoon, big whoop they work and that's what matters. So if you are looking to resell donate or spruce up an old step2 delux kitchen this is the set you will need. Gotta love making what's old new again!

O. Cindy, Berlin

I purchased the step2 lifestyle dining room pots and pans set because i had gotten a used grand kitchen for my daughter and of course they were not included. I had bought my daughter another set pots by melissa and doug, but that didn t active the boiling/frying sounds the kitchen does. When these pots arrived my daughter was super excited as the frying/boiling sounds worked. To see her face light up was a great feeling, now those are the only 2 pots/pans she plays with.

Y. Clara, Colorado says

Bought these for my daughter for her play kitchen! i am very impressed! love step2 and all their products!

C. Gloria, Worcestershire

So glad that i found these since these are the pots and pans that make the stove burner of the step2 kitchens make their noise. Sturdy little dishes that should last the life of the kitchen!

N. Ross, Wolverhampton says

We purchased this dish set to go with a step 2 kitchen we bought at a garage sale for my 18 month old son. He loves that everything is sized for him and i loved the price. It's everything that would have come with the kitchen if we had bought it new. But even buying them separately it didn't come close to the price it would have normally spent. The pans fit perfectly on the stove and make the sizzling and boiling sounds. It's so cute to see him "cook" up meals and "drink" out of the cups. And even though we don't use much salt and pepper on our food, he was able to identify the shakers. I would buy again when and if needed and would recommend to anyone with a step 2 kitchen. Only reason it doesn't get a 5 star is that i would have loved it to be a set of 4. So both parents and baby could play eat together a meal. I could buy another set, but i feel that it would be too many pans.

F. Elizabeth, Indiana

Bought this set for my beautiful niece to play with the step2 kitchen she has. It s been a huge success with her. The bottom of the pots and pans are designed to connect with the step2 kitchen stove which make bubbling/sizzling noises which she loves. This product is described exactly as it is and very affordable. This was a great buy and definitely recommend.

A. Perez, Northwest Territries says

I bought a used play kitchen for my church and discovered the animation when i took it apart to clean it. This is exactly what we were missing. The pot and pan is a lot of fun, the kids love it. Thank you for making the set complete. Its a joy to watch the magic wow factor on their faces.

I. Emily, Surrey

We had all of these to start with when we purchased the step 2 kitchen, but by the time we got to kid 2, most of them were missing. Must be some kid vortex or something that kitchen toys and lego duplos, b/c we used to have complete sets. By getting this specific set, the pots work on the stove and bubble again, which he loves.

D. Imelda, Virginia says

You get a lot for the price and they are fun to play with. We found a step2 play kitchen at a thrift store so all of the dishes, etc were missing. These pots/pans fit perfectly and make a bubbling noise when placed on the burner which makes the kitchen a lot more fun and interesting for my toddler.

U. Newell, Ohio

We have a step2 kitchen that came with two pots, two bowls and two plates- not enough for all of the pretend cooking that we do! the pot and pan in this set are the same that came with the kitchen and they fit perfectly on the stove to make the sizzling/bowling sounds. The cups, plates and utensils in this set are different than the ones that came with the kitchen. These are a thinner plastic and different design. They serve their purpose though as additional place settings at their step2 table. The pitchers are a nice addition to the kitchen!

M. Paige, Thueringen says

Sturdy cookware for play cooking. No cracked ones yet. They have been thrown stepped on. You know children sometimes like to even stand a little higher. Been tested by 5 & 3 year olds still in great condition.

X. Harrison, Merton

We bought the step 2 kitchen used from another family and the original accessories were not included. We bought this hoping the pot and pan would work with the kitchen. It all worked as expected. So cute to hear and see the pot boiling and the pan frying! glad they make these accessories available and you don't have to buy a whole new kitchen to enjoy the extra features!

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