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Price was $103.74. Slide works perfect. I put it on a 4ft platform and the slide is at the perfect angle. The kids will have tons of fun for years.

-Y. Pearce

Cool Wave Slide, Ne 4675-1t Color: Forest Green Pictured In Forest Green This Slide Set The Standard For Backyard Slides Well Over A Decade Ago And Is Still Popular Today. Mounts To Deck Heights Ranging -Cool Wave Slide, Green

  1. Special: Features Sturdy, Smooth, 1-piece Molded-plastic Construction.
  2. Special: Lumber Required: One 2″ X 4″ X 8′ For Mounting.

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Our kids love the slide! super easy to install. It was installed and being used within 20 minutes of being delivered. Hubby put some supports at the top under the lips on the sides so our teenager (and us of course! ) can slide with the kids. It does bow slightly when adults slide, but not enough that i worry about how safe it is. He may run a 2x6 under the sides at some point just to be safe, but i'm not sure that's even necessary. We attached it to a 4' deck. Best cool wave slide, | Swing N Slide Dropship-Toys And Games Review as-of ( Oct 2021 ) Special Cool Wave Slide, Green This slide mounts easily to 42" to 52" slide platform. Features sturdy, smooth, 1-piece molded-plastic construction. Lumber required: one 2" x 4" x 8' for mounting. Weight limit: 250 lbs. For private backyard use only! do not use in public settings! .

Cool wave slide, green Review (ne 4675l)

Great quality, and seams to hold up well. Product was a little "thinner" than i would have hoped for, but in this price range i'm not sure what i was expecting. Kids love it! -D. Williams

Swing N Slide Ne 4675l Slide Green

  • Order: Toy
  • Brand: Swing-N-Slide
  • Color: Forest Green
  • EAN: 0032866146752
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:10.50 inches
    Length:91.50 inches
    Weight:16.00 pounds
    Width:20.00 inches
  • Manufacturer: Swing N Slide (DropShip)
  • Recommended Max-Age: 120
  • Suggested Min-Age: 24
  • Model: NE 4675L
  • MPN: NE 4675L
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: NE 4675L
  • Sub-Type: Toy
  • Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  • UPC: 032866146752
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defects

cool wave slide, Toy, Ne 4675-1t color: forest green pictured in forest green this slide set the standard for backyard slides well over a decade ago and is still popular today. mounts to deck heights ranging 3'6' - 4'4'. this slide requires one 2' x 4' x 8' size peice of lumber for mounting, and can hold up to 250 lbs when assembled. features: -includes one slide -mounts to deck height ranging 3'6' - 4'4' -rated to hold up to 250 lbs -requires one 2' x 4' x 8' size piece of lumber for mounting -8 feet long and weighs 17 lbs. -limited warranty cool wave slide assembly instructions *please note: swing-n-slide products are not intended for commercial use and will not be shipped to commercial addresses. Cool Wave Slide, Green (NE 4675L-Swing N Slide).

Swing N Slide Ne 4675l Slide Green Toy

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I recently built a tree house/fort and this was the perfect addition to make it a fun play place. It is super easy to install with about 3 heavy duty screws that are included. Smooth sliding and the side rails offer good support to keep the kids on track or to slow down. This is a sturdy plastic slide, but i would warn others that anyone over 150lbs may be pushing the weight limit. I expect this to last for a long long time and would buy it again.

Cool Wave Slide, Green
Click to see NoticeCool Wave Slide, Green (Swing N Slide)"Great slide to accompany my swing-n-slide alpine kit. Seems very durable. Only have provisions for three screws (included) to attach to a swing set, but once i popped them in place it seemed to be sufficient."

Climbing Cargo Net

Climbing cargo net climbing cargo net climbing cargo net the climbing cargo net is a great climbing accessory that can be easily added to swing-n-slide play sets. Constructed of durable nylon rope and wooden dowels. Weight limit: 150 lbs. Helps build endurance and strength while providing hours of fun. Features/specifications promotes coordination, balance, and strengthclimbing cargo net is constructed of nylon rope and strengthweight limit of 150 poundsrecommended for ages 3-10 yearssome assembly requiredmeets and/or exceeds astm safety standards for backyard residential use only

Climbing Cargo NetSwing-N-Slide-WS-4481-Climbing-Cargo

Brand :    swing-n-slide
Color :    Multi-Colored
Size :    30" W x 96" L
Weight :    6.50 pounds
Model :    WS 4481
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Meets/exceeds astm safety standards
  • Saves time by eliminating miter cutting
  • Weight limit: 150 lbs
  • Constructed of nylon rope and wooden dowels
  • Requires additional lumber for mounting (not included- see installation manual for details)
Price :    $53.15
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (swing-n-slide product review) for Climbing Cargo Net available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Kodiak Custom Play Set Hardware Kit wood included

Kit includes: 24 time-saving brackets 2 belted swing seats multi-colored tarp 2 sets of play handles 4 plastic climbing rocks fully-illustrated plans with 3 projects for you to choose from flexibility to customize with accessories sold separately. This kit does not include lumber nor slides.

Kodiak Custom Play Set Hardware Kit wood includedKodiak-Custom-Play-Hardware-included

Price :    $167.06
  • Up to 14 children can play
  • Kit includes: 24 time-saving brackets, 2 belted swing seats, multi-colored tarp, 2 sets of play handles
  • Designed for the do-it-yourself family
  • For residential use only. unable to ship to commercial addresses
  • It's up to you - simply choose your accessories, lumber and nails/screws (sold separately)
Brand :    swing-n-slide
Color :    beige
Size :    1
Weight :    41.00 pounds
Model :    WS 5010
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (swing-n-slide product review) for Kodiak Custom Play Set Hardware Kit wood included available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Jungle Gym Kingdom 2 Heavy Duty Swing Hangers Wooden Sets Playground Porch Indoor Outdoor Seat Trapeze Yoga & Hanging Steel Locking Snap Hooks 1260 lb Capacity Ebook Install Guide

There are no hardware or instructions included. I used 1/2" galvanized lag screws (4" long) with a 5/16 pilot hole. Those babies aren't going anywhere. You could drill a hole through your beam and use lag bolts instead, but if you're using a 4"x6" that means you need a 7" bolt to have enough room to go through the hanger, beam, washer, lock washer and still have enough room for the nut. The hardware for that will run you about $10/ set. You will also need a drill bit long enough to get through the beam and if you mess up, it's a serious pain. (i'll stick with the screws). . As for the hangers, the bolt that goes through horizontally gets in the way a bit when trying to use a socket wrench to tighten down your screws/ bolts. I had to resort to using a crescent wrench 1/4 turn at a time once i got close to having them screwed in. 2 out of six gave me this problem. Like other reviewers stated, they are very sturdy, quite, and swing smoothly. I really feel they should come with spacing and hardware recommendations. Disclaimer! i am not a professional swing set builder, just a mom who builds a lot of stuff. Use these with the hardware you feel most appropriate at your own risk.

Uses: look at the pictures above at the very top left which will give you a couple of suggested uses for this swingset hanger. Dimensions: the bottom picture above has dimensions. As you can see, these are rather large and quite beefy and heavy, but in a good way. Installation: this comes with two 1/2" pre-drilled holes for bolting installation to wooden beams, cedar wood, rafters and/or concrete. Screws/bolts are not included, but you may use 3" lag bolts, hex bolts, carriage bolts as best fits the condition for installation choices: ideal indoors or outdoors swing hangers for sports playscape accessories, plastic coated swinging chain inside or outside door, hanging swing n slide bracket accessories or swings seat, also hangs playstar commercial grade swings, super spinner, flying antigravity aerial yoga sling inversion, gymnastics rings equipment, climbing rope ladder with platforms or hanging chair, baby infant toddler buckets swings, trapeze rings swings, swing seats belts, web, sky chair, orbit, net, pod, nest , web, cocoons, a ez wood frame bracket, swing-set brackets kit, door, porch swing springs, hammock cradle chair suspension hardware kit, swivel hook snap, or other swing set stuff. Rust: the surface of jungle gym kingdom's swing hangers is coated with dacromet , not galvanized. The process is that dacromet is baked on, coated again with dacromet , then baked on a second time, and coated again with dacromet and baked on for a third time. Salt-spray tests are used to determine the protection duration for various surface treatments. Through salt-spray testing, dacromet has proven to be every bit as capable at preventing rust in comparison to galvanized. In fact, it can be debated that dacromet is better.

Jungle Gym Kingdom 2 Heavy Duty Swing Hangers Wooden Sets Playground Porch Indoor Outdoor Seat Trapeze Yoga & Hanging Steel Locking Snap Hooks 1260 lb Capacity Ebook Install GuideJungle-Gym-Kingdom-Playground-Capacity

Jungle Gym Kingdom Playground Capacity (0796890745021) FAQ.

I had another hardware that was very disappointing because it made a lot of noise and was not secure, although i followed the directions to the tee. This product was absolutely solid and very secure in it's quality and performance. As a good measure, i also sent an email to the company with my inquiries and concerns and they responded very promptly and kindly with candidness. I just wished that i could have had a discount of some sort as i compared others. Again, i will cut through the red tape for all of you - get this hardware, it is superb! -Notice from K. Shayna, Dudley

Click to Show jungle gym kingdom playground capacity (0796890745021) Details

I purchased several of this style bracket at the large orange retailer on their online site. Higher price and didn't come with the clips which were another $7 for stainless steel versions; $3. 50 or so for zinc. These were an identical weight and duty and are working very well for us. This was a much better value than the other pieces i've purchased without the hassle of trying to figure out which hangers to purchase to make it work. I actually had to return and repurchase hangers several times locally to fit the other versions as some of the 400 pound rated hangers are too thick to fit into the holes, but the 350 pound rated in the same thickness did fit. With this set, didn't have to do any of that.

Jungle-gym-kingdom-playground-capacity-(0796890745021) set picture

- R. VeronicaI built a swing set and bought 2 sets of these hangers. One was used for a 40" net swing, and the other was used for a 16" infant swing, which will eventually be replaced by a standard belt swing. These hangers are great! the quality is excellent and the price was very competitive. They don't make any noise. They swing very easily, and they are very heavily constructed. I used 5/16" x 3" lag bolts with flat washers. I do wish that i'd paid more attention and gotten thicker bolts; however, after attaching these with an impact wrench, nothing has moved at all. We put about 230 lbs on it and swung it very aggressively just make sure. It passed with flying colors! i would definitely recommend these.

Used these to put a swing in my basement, they are heavy duty! we don't need that much strength now (baby swing for 8month old) but it won't go to waste when they are older and want to put a rope ladder, rings etc up. And maybe mom or day want to demonstrate how to use it! great product. Would have give it 5 starts but the clips are not big enough for the rings, the narrow end doesn't want to sit in the ring so you have the larger end up. Which is a pain in the butt to clip in and out. I'll probably have to go out and buy larger ones.

F. Rose, New Jersey

Price :    $18.36 (was $18.60)
  • Industrial built high quality swingset hanger - perfect swing set brackets for all swing set products indoors or outdoors including gymnastics rings ceiling mounts, porch swings and yoga trapeze swings
  • Lubrication is not necessary for maintenance
  • Mounting bolts/screws not included due to various mounting options hangers total weight limit - 1, 260 lbs (safe operating load up to 500 lbs) snap hooks total weight limit - 440 lbs
  • Diyers - exceptional quality swing set hangers these top of the line parts are for use inside / outside, rafter, beam, cedar, wood, concrete, tree to create your own playscape, playground, swingset, porch swings or hammock chair swings
  • Quiet and smooth - custom vinyl washers specially designed to prevent metal rub creating a quiet, smooth, exceptional swinging! experience the kids and grandkids big smiles as they enjoy their playground swinging during spring, summer and fall swinging seasons on their wooden play sets
Brand :    jungle gym kingdom
Color :    Dacromet
Model :    0796890745021
Quantity :    2
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (jungle gym kingdom product review) for Jungle Gym Kingdom 2 Heavy Duty Swing Hangers Wooden Sets Playground Porch Indoor Outdoor Seat Trapeze Yoga & Hanging Steel Locking Snap Hooks 1260 lb Capacity Ebook Install Guide available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

EZ Frame Bracket

This is the heart of our kit designs. No miter cuts, galvanized steel, determines proper a frame angle. Astm certified.

EZ Frame BracketSwing-N-Slide-NE-4467-1-Frame-Bracket

Brand :    swing-n-slide
Color :    Green
Weight :    0.65 pounds
Model :    NE 4467-1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Carriage bolts, screws/nails sold separately
  • A-frame construction requires two ez frame brackets
  • Can be used on any wooden swing set
Price :    $5.39 (was $8.23)
Toy :    Best Sporting Goods (swing-n-slide product review) for EZ Frame Bracket available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Kids Rock Climbing Holds - Mounting Hardware 10 Pack

10 assorted rock climbing holds swing set accessories and jungle gym accessories this is a 10 piece set of plastic rock climbing holds designed to be used on an existing jungle gym or outdoor playset. Whether you are adding on to an existing play set or replacing worn out rock climbing rock holds this set will work for you. Includes -total of 10 rock climbing holds (5 different styles - 2 of each) -mounting hardware & screws -installation instructions disclaimer - these are intended for the use with standard residential swing sets or jungle gyms and should not be used to go higher than a standard playset. Not designed for commercial use.

Kids Rock Climbing Holds - Mounting Hardware 10 PackKids-Rock-Climbing-Holds-Mounting

Brand :    squirrel products
Color :    multi
Weight :    2.25 pounds
Model :    SQ-28
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (squirrel products product review) for Kids Rock Climbing Holds - Mounting Hardware 10 Pack available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
Price :    $19.99
  • Hardware included: 1-1/2" allen head bolt (2 per hold), flat washer (1 per bolt), weld nuts (1 per bolt) for installation on a 1" thick board. for installations on thicker structures additional hardware may have to be purchased.
  • Swing set accessories: looking for your next set of swing set accessories? the 10 assorted rock climbing holds designed to add on to an existing playset or swingset, or to replace worn out climbing rocks.
  • Durable design: rock climbing holds for kids are made with durable plastic construction. each hold has 2 holes for the metal mounting screws (included) for a strong hold to the rock climbing wall.
  • Intended use: this product was designed for residential use only and should not be used in a commercial environment. climbing holds are designed for the sole purpose of children's playsets and should not be used for rock climbing walls or any environment over 6 feet tall.
  • Outdoor fun: what child doesn't like to climb? with these 10 climbing rocks turn any jungle gym into a climbers dream. includes 2 rocks of each of the 5 different colors/designs totalling 10 rock climbing holds.

Swing-N-Slide Pirate Ship Wheel

Help stir your child's imagination with the pirate ship wheel. This 12 inch plastic wheel is modeled after a real steering wheel. Attaches to any play set and includes all hardware and easy to follow instructions.

Swing-N-Slide Pirate Ship WheelSwing-N-Slide-WS-1524-Pirate-Wheel

Price :    $12.29
  • Ship's wheel encourages imagination
  • Meets and/or exceeds astm safety standards for backyard residential use only
  • Easily attaches to any play set
  • Includes illustrated plans and hardware for easy installation
Brand :    swing-n-slide
Color :    Green
Model :    WS 1524
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (swing-n-slide product review) for Swing-N-Slide Pirate Ship Wheel available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Seat Heavy Duty 66 Chain Plastic Coated - Playground Swing Set Accessories Replacement Green

The yellow part of the chain is great! no pinch, also grab grip for our 3 year old. The entire chain isn't the yellow coated part. But pleanty of length is coated. The seat is very well made.

Fun enjoy many exciting hours of backyard family fun with jgk's playground swing set seat, enjoyable for kids and adults. A comfortable swing seat is a vital part of your outdoor swingset accessories. It can be used as a tree swings seat or by easy connection fo jungle gym kingdom swing hangers. Weightyour flexible playset seat will conform to most anyone and hold up to the 300 pound weight limit. Pinching don't forget the plastic coated chains protect little fingers from pinching use goes well with jungle gym kingdom 18" trapeze bar with rings, baby / toddler bucket swings, disc rope swings and other swing set stuff. This is the perfect soft swing for those rock climbing kids to hold on to, so let them sit back and enjoy the comfort that their new swing will bring to their smiling faces. Enjoy!

Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Seat Heavy Duty 66 Chain Plastic Coated - Playground Swing Set Accessories Replacement GreenJungle-Gym-Kingdom-Plastic-Coated

Jungle Gym Kingdom Plastic Coated (0796890745182) FAQ.

This seat features a stronger chain and higher supported weight limit than most seat/chain sets in its price range. It easily takes the weight of the adults in our family. The plastic seat itself is comfortable, heavy, and appears durable. Our family loves it! -Notice from F. Joanne, Missouri

Click to Show jungle gym kingdom plastic coated (0796890745182) Details

I initially ordered a different version and thought the chains were a bit small. Ended up with this heavy duty version and couldn't be happier. Now i can swing with my kids and not worry about it breaking. Colors are bolt and should last. Seat feels of very sturdy construction and chain wont pinch your fingers with the yellow coating. Two d rings are included to connect the chain to the seat but you'll need your own for attaching the chain to your tree/swing set.

Jungle-gym-kingdom-plastic-coated-(0796890745182) set picture

- E. EricksonEverything came well packaged and was delivered on time. This was a christmas gift so we had to wait until good weather to hang it up. The swing appears to be well manufactured with good materials and was rather easy to hang in place of the old swing. Because it is still winter, the kids haven't had much opportunity to use it yet, but i believe it will withstand their use.

My mom accidently bought this, she didn't know what she was doing on online store and accidently hit the "one click" purchase button. Well, she bought it by accident and i was thrown for a loop, but we kept it and now we're gonna set it up in the backyard for the kids. It came in great condition and it looks exactly like in the picture chains and seat!

O. Maria, Wiltshire

Brand :    jungle gym kingdom
Color :    green
Weight :    4.40 pounds
Model :    0796890745182
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (jungle gym kingdom product review) for Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Seat Heavy Duty 66 Chain Plastic Coated - Playground Swing Set Accessories Replacement Green available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
Price :    $26.99 (was $29.99)
  • Safe comfortable swing seat is copolymer plastic with grommets seat - green chain - yellow
  • Upgrade shackle hardware not intended for commercial use designed for residential use
  • Fun outdoors for kids, friends and adults enjoy your new swing set accessory parts or replacement swing seat on their playground, a must have diy swing set attachment!
  • Fully assembled connected 66" 2/0 zinc-plated chains 30" yellow plastisol coating specifically designed not to pinch little fingers
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs attaches easily to jungle gym kingdom swing hangers (sold separately)

Safety Handles

Safety handles safety handles safety handles are the perfect addition for any play set entrance or climber safety handles this pair of handles offers a helping hand while promoting safer play. Includes 2 green plastic handles designed to provide a comfortable grip for small hands. Mounting hardware and fully illustrated instructions included. These safety handles are easy to install and provide additional support and assistance. Features finger indentations for an easy, secure grippromotes safe backyard playincludes two handles, all mounting hardware, and instructionssome assembly requiredmeets and/or exceeds astm safety standards for backyard residential use onlybold green coloring

Safety HandlesSwing-N-Slide-NE-4410-Safety-Handles

Brand :    swing-n-slide
Color :    Green
Size :    Single
Weight :    0.1 pounds
  • Mounts easily to most wooden swing sets
  • Mounting hardware included
  • For residential use only. unable to ship to commercial addresses
  • Constructed of plastic
Price :    $8.99 (was $10.54)
Model :    NE 4410
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Sporting Goods (swing-n-slide product review) for Safety Handles available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Wrangler Custom DIY Hardware Kit wood included

Just add wood, slide, and wood screws for a custom play set design. Doing it yourself has never been this easy! the wrangler diy hardware kit features our best selling design features, including a tower and swing beam combo. This diy play set kit provides parents the most project flexibility and accessory options at a value driven cost. This kit is a hardware only kit including two swing seats, swing hangers, iron man rings, ladder rungs, safety handles, and hardware necessary to build. Includes fully illustrated plans with different design configurations.

Wrangler Custom DIY Hardware Kit wood includedWrangler-Custom-Hardware-wood-included

Brand :    swing-n-slide
Color :    Green
Size :    1
Weight :    0.26 pounds
Model :    WS 5056
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Sporting Goods (swing-n-slide product review) for Wrangler Custom DIY Hardware Kit wood included available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
Price :    $101.99
  • Meets and/or exceeds astm safety standards for backyard residential use only
  • Includes illustrated plans and hardware
  • A cost effective alternative to build a custom play set
  • Slide sold separately
  • For backyard residential use only; unable to ship to a commercial address

Extra-Duty Swing Seat

I bought this for my grandson who is 2 years old and he loves it. The chains are covered with a plastic wrap so it doesn't hurt his fingers, and if his mom wants to sit in the swing with him, it will hold both of them just fine. It is a very durable and good quality swing and chains.

"swing-n-slide" extra duty swing seat extra duty belted ultra double swing seat kit includes swing seat and chains reinforced with chain link for added security use with extra-duty swing hangers (sold separately) large-capacity traditional swing seat keep the whole family safe and secure weight capacity of 250 lbs. (with hangers) backed by the manufacturer's lifetime limited warranty designed for use with swing-n-slide play sets

Extra-Duty Swing SeatSwing-N-Slide-NE-4886-Extra-Duty-Swing

Extra-duty Swing Seat (Swing N Slide) FAQ.

I was researching buying a pre-built swing set or building one myself and went with the latter choice since i was able to build a much nicer set much cheaper by buying each part individually. We bought this swing about 6 months ago. We picked the extra-duty swing because we wanted to be able to swing next to and sometime with her without any concerns about safety. It is the perfect size for an adult. We also bought her the matching regular duty swing. We use the swings all the time and they have held up great! the swings have been exposed to a hot and wet summer. Some of the other items we bought for this swing set have not held up very well, fading considerably in the sun, but not this swing. It still looks brand new! the plastic on the chain is a nice accessory as it eliminates the annoying pinching an unprotected chain can cause. I would highly recommend this product and would purchase additional products from swing-n-slide. This is a comfortable and durable swing which will get a lot of use for years to come! -Notice from N. Candy, Havering

Click to Show extra-duty swing seat (swing n slide) Details

Well. This is indeed, extra duty. Perfect for the kid (5 y. O. ) and will even hold my fat ass. Hung it from a tree that has a single rope secured to it. No need for straps or anything. . Barring theft (hanging in front yard) or natural disaster, this is definitely the last swing i will ever buy for my daughter. I could see raising it as she grows but this swing will last as long as she needs. . The rubberized chain protectant already paid for itself as my wife pushed our kiddo too hard and right off the seat. The rubber gave her sometimes grab on and kept her from getting pinched. . I had a hard time with the cost initially but the value of knowing i'll never have to replace or repair this thing exceeds the difference in cost between this and inferior swings.

Extra-duty-swing-seat-(swing-n-slide) set picture

- W. AllenThese are great swings! we ordered 3 of these and will be ordering one more when it's time to replace the baby swing. They have been up for over a year, out in the texas sun. They have not rusted, tore, warped, or faded in that time. They are probably more heavy duty than the average family needs but they are perfect for us. The swingset gets used daily by my children and the rest of the kids on the street, so you can believe that the swings get abused quite a bit. These also hold a ton or weight. My husband is 250+ and these hold him no problem. I also often swind on these while holding a 2 year old on my lap and have not had any problems, which for me would be having my hips pinched. These are nice and wide!

I bought 2 of these swings. My main concern with my purchase was that it shows a green seated swing with yellow rubber chains but tells you color may vary. That made me leery bc we built our swing & all the toys on it are yellow & green. So i msg online store & they were nice about it but basically you get what you get. But can return it if you aren't happy with it. I went ahead & took the chance bc i couldn't find a different store that sold these swings. The swings arrived a day earlier than what it was supposed to so i was extremely happy with that & to my surprise i got the color swings i wanted & that was pictured. They seem to be good swings. So far me & my son like them. We tried them out yesterday. Some ppl said the yellow rubber was a concern but i have the same brand trapeze with the same yellow coated chains & they still look brand new so i'm thinking these will stay nice a long time too. I'll update if i need to in the future but so far we are pleased with them. Nice & sturdy. Again my only concern with the process is it would be nice if ppl could select what color they want. Some ppl may be picky like me & want their swingset to match. Lol

Y. Guest, Devon

Brand :    swing-n-slide
Color :    Green
Weight :    5.00 pounds
  • For residential use only. unable to ship to commercial addresses
  • Supports up to 250 pounds when attached to heavy duty swing hangers (sold separately)
  • Builds core body strength
  • Meets/exceeds astm safety standards
  • Includes two 58" length chains
Price :    $29.74 (was $36.49)
Model :    NE 4886
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Extra-Duty Swing Seat available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

cool wave slide, green Price : 103.74, was : 0 as 2017-05-20
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Fast shipping. Got it early. I installed it on a 51" deck. I was confused on the install though because i wanted to just screw it to the deck but the directions were indicating a 2x4 box. . I will likely brace the sides

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: The weight limit in the online store ad says 250lbs. but when i got the slide the instructions says 105lbs. i looked up online store again and it's the same slide

(1) Question: Is this slide really 8 feet long? it says to mount it to a deck between 3'6" and 4'4", but an 8" slide seems way too long for that.

(2) Question: Can the slide be attached to a top bunk bed?

(3) Question: What is the exact width at the top (mount)? 10. 5" seems narrow

(4) Question: Could you tell me how long this slide is in feet? thanks

(5) Question: What is the length of this slide ?

(6) Question: The specific slide length was not given. can someone help

(note) Question: where/how to get Swing N Slide (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Swing N Slide's products

Play Set Attachments 1108197247, Play Sets & Playground Equipment 110424661, Slide Attachments 1100297247, Sports & Outdoor Play 110024661, Toys & Games 110397561Top Cool Wave Slide, Green (Swing N Slide) FAQ Content

Best cool wave slide, green (swing n slide) in review

I misunderstood the six foot dimension to mean that the top would be six foot off the ground rather than that the slide was six feet long. Otherwise it was easy to install and met expectations. According to our 4-year-old granddaughter it was the best birthday present ever!

K. Anonymous, Lambeth

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P. Ruff, Brighton and Hove says

This slide is great as it is for toddler and small kids - the ones the slide was designed for. But what happens when big brother or sister decide they want to go down the slide? or even mom or dad? for this reason i recommend a pair of 2x6's, one down each edge. The slide has a slot just the right size. Not hard to do. Boards do not need to be cut wavy, straight will do and then you don't need to worry about it collapsing.

A. Bertie, Minnesota

Used this slide on bunk beds. worked out great!

O. Elizabeth, Massachusetts says

This works great off my daughters play fort, she loves it!

R. Suzanne, Aquitaine

Very nice

G. Stacey, Languedoc-Roussillon says

Attached this to our playhouse we built for our kids. It has three holes in the top slide part and we just screwed it into the playhouse decking. We have a three year old and he can definitely catch some speed and air on the bump in the middle, but he loves it. Time will tell how it holds up to the elements.

Y. Sheila, Indiana

We purchased this slide to simply put on a hill (without a ladder). It works well and is safer for our little boys. The price was right and free shipping, nothing compared. I really like this purchase.

L. Cathy, North Carolina says

Great slide!

V. Helen, Sutton

I purchased this slide in yellow (thinking yellow will stay cooler) because i thought it would be perfect for my toddler and family. It had a price drop and came to $86 after tax. This price was comparable to stand alone slides for his age group (but they are a little steep for him. ) i thought it would be cool to attach it to our deck, which is a lower slope, since he is under two. (we will be adding a safety hand rail to our deck stairs. ) when i was a kid, i always dreamed of having a slide instead of stairs. . The slide came with directions but no hardware. The insert said that the weight capacity was much lower than the 250 lbs advertised online. I called the company and they said they would email me the "updated schematics" which had the 250 lb capacity. I was worried i received a knock off, or cheaper version. I am not sure i didn't. My husband screwed wood to the bottom of the slide and made two stakes to attach to that to secure the ground beneath the slide as directed for stability. He dug deep enough to bury part of the landing as well (as directed). We installed the same brand safety handles safety handles in the front and back (his older friends will probably try to climb the slide) these were excellent quality and cost about $11 for a pair. . The slide is incredibly flimsy. I am 5ft 1" tall and 125 lbs (a junior size 5) -the slide bowed quite a bit ( and my hips were a struggle to fit). The slide is meant for small children. My 220 husband attempted the slide. It held, so it "will hold" but it is not very stable so i feel the claims are very misleading. It can hold the weight, yes, but a five foot tall person (me) can not fit on the slide. I was hoping with the higher weight capacity (250 lbs) it would be a functional slide so we could slide (on occasion) with our toddler or our 13 year old would be able to use it and play with him. We will have to add supports to hold the 13 year old's 85lb weight comfortably (which we will do). Now is this because we have it at a less steep incline? possibly? i am not an engineer. However the slide did not meet my expectations. . I still highly recommend it, but only if you know what you are getting. You need to have the skill set to reinforce it if it is for anyone other than a small child, it is not a family slide. With this said, it is really good for the price (at the $86 i got it for) compared to other toddler slides, however, i would have paid more for a slide that was more durable and allowed me to fit on it width wise. Instead now i have another diy project for a slide that's not family appropriate ( but great for "littles").

P. Miller, North Lincolnshire says

Great slide for the price. It can get very fast depending on the slope you have it at so i would test it out with an experienced slider first and then adjust from there. I reinforced mine along the sides (underneath) with 2 x 3's so that it could take the adults. It's fast even for us adults :).

N. Kathlene, Minnesota

Light weight construction but a good value for the price. It says it will hold 250 but i would say no more than half that on a regular basis. I reinforced the sides by putting a 2x4 in the channels on both sides to stiffen it some.

E. Newell, Michigan says

This was put in our family room with a 4 foot platform. My kids are over the moon in love with their indoor slide! it is so cold and snowy out right now and they can burn energy doing one of their favorite things- sliding! this slide is a great deal as others cost 4 times as much. The platform was easy to build and if you have a saw and a drill, you will be able to build one yourself. It isn't hard at all. We love it! we may move it outside in the summer but for now, it's perfect right where it is.

W. Anderson, Franche-Comte

Looks great with our swing set!

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