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Price was $14.14. The rose king is a two player game that is essentially an abstract game with some card drawing luck aspects. The goal of the game is to move a crown piece using cards to unclaimed squares on a board, thus claiming those squares for yourself. While the rules are very easy to learn, the strategy element is more deceptive. While hand management is important, chance also feels like it plays a major role. While i enjoyed playing, i didn't feel i had much ability to control the flow of the game over the course of multiple move. If your card draws are not helpful, it is easy to get into a situation where you set up your opponent. . Overall, this is a conceptually interesting game that works fine as a quick pick me up or when a simple game is desired, however it is too luck dependent for me to go back too often.

-F. Mahood

Rose king england, 15th century – on one side, the house of york, its heraldic badge featuring a single, snow white rose. and on the other side, the house of lancaster, its own heraldic rose -thames & kosmos rose king game

  • Items: In This Strategic Game, One Player Commands The House Of York And The Other, The House Of Lancaster.
  • Items: The Players Use Their Power Cards To Bring Territories Under Their Control, Aiming To Keep Their Territories As Contiguous As Possible.

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The rose king is a 2 player game that was originally published back in 1997. In the modern gaming world that almost makes rose king a bit of a mini-classic as most euro games never get republished almost 20 years after they were released. . The rose king is an abstract strategy game for 2 players with simple rules, a bit of hidden depth, and a bit of luck. It's a perfect information game in that every turn you know exactly what your potential moves are and you know what moves your opponent can make after your turn. However, this is not chess - each player is limited by the cards they have been dealt. I personally like this amount of luck, but some will not. If you're looking for a luckless abstract game this is not it. But that's not to say it isn't a great game. . The game has elements of othello, checkers and chess (and has more luck than any of those). Overall the game is very tactical. You might be able to plan a little bit a move or two ahead, but that's it. . The gameplay basically consists of this: each player has up to 5 cards that allow them to move the crown piece from its current position. These cards can move the crown left, right, up, down and diagonally from 1 to 3 spaces depending on the number on the card. Where the crown lands you place a rose of your own color. If that space is already occupied then you can't move there unless you use one of your 4 special use cards that allow you to steal that spot and flip the token from the opponent's color to yours (ala othello). Two huge things about doing this: one, you can only do this 4 times in the game so timing is very important. Two, this action can swing an entire game from one direction to another. The reason these special actions are so huge is because at the end of the game you score based on the number of roses you have that are connected squared. A single rose is worth 1 point. Two roses are worth four, three roses are worth 9, and so on. So splitting up a huge occupied section can have a massive impact. On each turn you have the choice of drawing a card (but only up to five in your hand), playing a card and moving the crown, or playing a card and a special action card to flip a rose. Game ends when there are no more rose tokens or neither player can take a turn. There are a couple of other rules, but that's the gist of how you play. . As a serious gamer who also games with casual/non-gamers i recommend the rose king to just about anyone looking for a 2p player game that plays in about 30 minutes. The rules are simple enough for casual gamers to quickly understand. The publisher rates this as playable by 10 year olds, but some children as young as 8 will be able to play this acceptably. I would say this is a great game to playing one-on-one with your 10 and up child. The game is also great between 2 adults. The game has enough depth for many serious gamers who are just looking for something quick to play and are okay with tactics over strategy. For both groups, however, i have a few words of caution. This is an abstract game so if you're looking for thematic play this isn't it. Two, if you're looking for a serious game like chess with perfect information, lots of strategy and zero luck this is also not your game. . I've played a number of these small box 2 player games, many of them published by kosmos. I wouldn't say the rose king is best of this type, but it is very good. I personally think targi is one of the best 2p small box games available today, but that one is not really for casual gamers. The rose king is closer to patchwork in terms of depth with patchwork being a bit deeper as it has far less luck. Overall i'd say this belongs in anyone's collection who's looking for a light 2p game and either likes or doesn't mind it being a bit abstract. The Best rose king as-of ( Oct 2021 ) | Thames Kosmos-Toys And Games Review Items Thames & Kosmos The Rose King Game 2 players, for ages 10 and up, created by dirk henn. In this strategic game, one player commands the house of york and the other, the house of lancaster. The players use their power cards to bring territories under their control, aiming to keep their territories as contiguous as possible. They also deploy their heroic knights to take over enemy territories and cause surprising upsets .

Thames & Kosmos The Rose King Game Review (691790)

This two-player game is much simpler than the rules might have you believe. All you do is take turns placing tiles, and at the end you count up all tiles sharing a side as groups and get points for larger groups. You start with 4 special cards that let you change the other player's tiles into your own color, and you can only play/change tiles according to the cards in your hand. It requires a surprising amount of strategy, but isn't at all difficult to play. . The instructions don't mention which house is which, but the online store description says york is white and lancaster is red. Doesn't matter to the gameplay, but since it is supposed to be based on the battle between those houses, i thought it was nice to know. -H. Michele

Thames Kosmos Rose King Game

Thames & Kosmos
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Length:7.90 inches
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Width:1.80 inches
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rose king Toy, England, 15th century - on one side, the house of york, with its heraldic badge featuring a single, snow white rose. and on the other side, the house of lancaster, its own heraldic rose depicted in blood red. the war of the roses, a dynastic struggle for control of the english crown, has erupted between the two houses. in this strategic game, one player commands the house of york and the other, the house of lancaster. the players use their power cards to bring territories under their control, aiming to keep their territories as contiguous as possible. they also deploy their heroic knights to take over enemy territories and cause surprising upsets. who will be crowned england's new king? . Thames & Kosmos Rose King Game (691790-Thames Kosmos).

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Great two player game!

Thames & Kosmos Rose King Game
Click to see NoticeThames & Kosmos Rose King Game (691790)"My wife and i play this regularly. Great small strategy game that plays quick with just the right amount of luck. Often the move you don't make can be far more important than the one you do. Easy to learn and games usually last no more than 20 min. Highly recommend this game, especially at its current price at right around 15 dollars. My one gripe would be that i wish there were more move cards. You end up having to reshuffle the draw deck sometimes 3-4 times per game. Other than that, a solid fun 2 player game."

Queen Games Thebes

In this game the players travel back to the end of the 19th century to take on the roles of the famous archaeologists who discovered so much in so short a time. The names schliemann evans carter and koldeway are still famous today. Like those they seek to emulate the players seek to discover those antique treasures and places which have been buried in the sands for thousands of years. Each player takes the role of an archaeologist. They first travel across europe to find useful knowledge of different archaeological areas and then they excavate at places they expect to find treasures. The players score points for discoveries at these locations. Also the players can acquire articles to assist them in excavation and travel and will visit exhibitions to present their finds.

Queen Games ThebesQueen-Games-60461-Thebes

Brand :    queen games
Weight :    3.31 pounds
Model :    60461
Quantity :    1
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Thames & Kosmos Kahuna Board Game 2-Player

Who will rule the south seas? two kahuna ancient sorcerers of the pacific compete for dominance on an archipelago consisting of twelve small islands. Using their magic and wisdom, they struggle for control of the islands. They anxiously await the cards handed to them by fate. But when the time is right, they move to capture one, two, or even more islands, trying to gain the upper hand. At the mercy of the magical powers of the south seas, they quickly realize that even the best magic is no good without strategy.

Thames & Kosmos Kahuna Board Game 2-PlayerThames-Kosmos-Kahuna-Board-2-Player

Brand :    thames & kosmos
Color :    Multi
Size :    7.9
Weight :    0.90 pounds
Model :    691806
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Compete for dominance on an archipelago consisting of twelve small islands
  • At the mercy of the magical powers of the south seas, they quickly realize that even the best magic is no good without strategy
  • Using their magic and wisdom, they struggle for control of the islands
  • At the mercy of the magical powers of the south seas
  • They anxiously await the cards handed to them by fate
Price :    $14.04
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Asmodee Parfum Board Game

Parfum takes players to the wonderful world of fragrances. Using ingredients such as vanilla, lavender or violets, the players distill precious essences in order to create unique perfumes. Only the player catering to their clientele's preferences will be able to sell their perfume. Each customer favors their specific fragrance that must be contained in a bottle to convince them to buy it.

Asmodee Parfum Board GameAsmodee-10141ASMQ-Parfum-Board-Game

Brand :    asmodee
Color :    Multi-colored
Weight :    3.62 pounds
Model :    10141ASMQ
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (asmodee product review) for Asmodee Parfum Board Game available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
Price :    $9.99
  • From the same authors as fresco - marco ruskowski and marcel suelbeck
  • Interesting and accessible to beginners to advanced players.
  • Unique theme.
  • Double sided game board for 2 or 4 and 3 players.

Vikings On Board Game

Prepare yourself for the season of exploration! vikings on board is a big box, family strategy game in which you will use your viking tokens to claim actions on the board which best benefit your clan's voyage. The ships are composed of several different segments, which switch from ship to ship based on the actions you claim. Your goal is to have the most of your clan's pieces on a ship when it set sail, to claim the biggest portion of its points. Pay close attention: your rivals will be eager to change the composition of your ships, as well as the value of their merchandise! .

Vikings On Board GameBlue-Orange-04300-Vikings-Board

Price :    $24.00 (was $24.55)
  • For 2-4 players. ages 8 +
  • Family strategy game
  • Time to play: 30-60 minutes
  • Designed by charles chevallier
  • Worker placement game
Brand :    blue orange
Weight :    2.65 pounds
Model :    04300
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Tally Ho

The hunter becomes the hunted in this humorous two-player game! one player picks up the axe and rifle to assume the roles of lumberjacks and hunters, while the other player slips into the furs of foxes and bears. Both parties hunt ducks and pheasants - and each other - to earn points! at first, the forest is peaceful under a canopy of unrevealed tiles. But as the tiles are flipped, pandemonium breaks out among the pines. The lumberjack hacks away at the trees to give the hunter a clear shot at the fox. But the bear is right behind him, ready to stand up to these human bullies. The chances are equally balanced between the animals and the humans. In the beginning, luck runs the show. But as the hunting continues, the players must become increasingly strategic to prevail. Happy hunting.

Tally HoThames-Kosmos-691837-Tally-Ho

TALLY HO Benefits
Brand :    thames & kosmos
Color :    multi-colored
Size :    7.9
Weight :    0.88 pounds
Model :    691837
Quantity :    1
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Toy :    Best Toys And Games (thames & kosmos product review) for Tally Ho available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
Price :    $15.49
  • The game begins in a lush forest of unrevealed tiles; as the tiles are flipped, pandemonium breaks out among the pines
  • One player picks up the axe and rifle to assume the roles of lumberjacks and hunters, while the other player slips into the furs of foxes and bears
  • 2 players, for ages 8 and up, created by rudi hoffman
  • Hunt ducks, pheasants, and each other to earn points!
  • As the hunting continues, the players must become increasingly strategic to prevail

San Francisco Cable Car

This is such a fun game. It's cheaper than ticket to ride and easier to play, yet can be more strategic. You pretty much connect your colored stations to terminals and the more cards in between, the more points you get. You can also block opponents, or they could unexpectedly help you. Great for all ages and skill levels.

At the beginning of the 20th century in san francisco, cable cars are seen everywhere in town. Every player expands his cable car lines and is awarded points for every line connected to a destination station. If he is able to connect his line to the power station in the center, the received points are doubled! who will own the most successful cable car lines at the end of the game?

San Francisco Cable CarQueen-Games-60552QUG-Francisco-Cable

San Francisco Cable Car (Queen Games) FAQ.

Cable car is a really good abstract tile-placement game. Actually, this edition offers two games in one box, which makes it a great value. The primary game requires you to connect pathways to score points. This is much more dynamic than it sounds, because each tile has 8 connecting lines that can take paths in different directions. Thus, tiles that you place to score points for yourself can end up benefitting other players as well. . The second game also requires you to connect paths, but players don't have an individual color for which they score. It's an economics game in which each player is looking at potential point values for 8 different rail colors, trading stock certificates to try and have the largest shares of the most valuable colors after all the tiles are placed. Both games have only a single page (front and back) of rules, and simple "draw one, play one" mechanics. . I think i got a 4-star abstract game and a 4-star economics game in one box, which for me makes this a 5-star product. Excellent quality wooden pieces and thick carcassonne-type tiles. People who don't play many board games will enjoy it for its ease of play, and people who play a lot of strategy games will find plenty to think about in a game that only takes 90 minutes to finish, even with 6 players. -Notice from Q. Garner, Croydon

Click to Show san francisco cable car (queen games) Details

Fantastic route building game. If you like tsuro and it's like, you'll love this game.

San-francisco-cable-car-(queen-games) set picture

- X. LaraThis is a gamer's version of tsuro that actually works well with 2 players but plays up to 6 people. At less than $15i would recommend this for any gamer, especially if you gravitate towards abstract games.


H. Shirley, Shropshire

Brand :    queen games
Model :    60552QUG
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (queen games product review) for San Francisco Cable Car available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
Price :    $17.18
  • Great for 2 or more players
  • Playing time: 30 minutes
  • Easy to learn
  • Beginners to advanced players
  • Family game

Asmodee Greed

Greed: a game by donald x. Vacation for 2- 5 players. America. The late 60's. Following the beat generation, hippies and the counter culture dominate the street scene now. So peace, love and understanding rule the day? yeah right. Not everyone chooses to reject materialism. As post- war immigration and migration change the demographics of the us, gangs re- emerge as a form of identification, protection and ultimately. Wealth. The gang conflicts aren't just driven by territory. They are also driven by business opportunities. Gang bosses invest more and more into legal business affairs, but don't hesitate to unleash their thugs on the competition to gain an advantage. You are not the good guy this time. The stakes are high and your competitors are enemies - in the boardroom and on the street. It's gangland war and only greed that counts! make sure that you get your share of the city's wealth by any means legal or otherwise.

Asmodee GreedAsmodee-Q20011-Greed

Price :    $18.95 (was $20.95)
  • Playing time: 20 minutes
  • Beginners to advanced players
  • Card drafting game
  • Family game
  • High level of interaction
Brand :    asmodee
Model :    Q20011
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (asmodee product review) for Asmodee Greed available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

World Monuments Family Board Game

World monuments is a game by piero cioni. In world monuments the players take the role of master builders and construct monumental buildings of historic significance. In each game the players choose one of four buildings and start constructing it from the ground up: the capitol in washington, the cathedral notre dame in paris, the st. Peters basilica in rome or the mausoleum taj mahal in agra. Only the most talented master builder among the players will gain many points and have a chance of winning the game, after the building is completed.

World Monuments Family Board GameWorld-Monuments-Family-Board-Game

World Monuments Family Board Game (Queen Games) FAQ.

We have a lot of board games. We like trying games that you won't find in the toy department. This is an easy to understand board game that is fun for the whole family. The set up is easy and it doesn't take too long to finish. We (husband, 7 year old, and me) built our first monument in about 15-20 minutes - including set up. It is not our favorite game so i only game it 4 stars. But it is one we will play again and again. You will enjoy if you are interested in architecture or like building games or toys. Also, the art for this game is beautiful! -Notice from T. Miller, Sefton

Click to Show world monuments family board game (queen games) Details

Great game for the family.

World-monuments-family-board-game-(queen-games) set picture
Brand :    queen games
Weight :    3.50 pounds
  • Playing time: 40 minutes
  • Beginners to advanced players
  • Family game
  • Easy to learn
  • 3d building game
Price :    $19.37
Model :    10261
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (queen games product review) for World Monuments Family Board Game available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Batavia Board Game

About 400 years ago, merchants from many different countries organized themselves into companies, making it easier for them to send larger fleets of ships to the far east. They hoped for huge profits from these voyages. In batavia you are one of these merchants. Win the auction of ship cards and you also win start player for the round. Lay down as many ship cards as you can for the trading post you want to travel to, in an effort to win the majority seal. Winning the majority seal allows you to move to that trading post. Pick up the commodity by taking the trading post title off the game board. Trade in trading posts for gold. Mark the commodity with one of your crates. Points will be given at the end of the game to the player or players with the most crates in each of these commodities. During the game, pirates threat to attack! as players lay down ship cards for the various countries, move the ship cubes for those countries up the ship cube cannon track. The cannon moves up this very same track for every ship card that is played. Once the cannon reaches 25 in a 4 - 5 player game, the country with the most ship cards laid down are blown up, meaning they are removed from the game and ship cubes and cannon are reset accordingly. When a player plays ship cards and can no longer find the matching trading post on the board, the game comes to an end with all players having one last chance to get to a trading post. Batavia can be played by 3 - 5 players ages 10 and up, in 60 minutes. Travel to the most lucrative trading posts in the far east. Collect the most commodities to win. In batavia! .

Batavia Board GameQueen-Games-60501-Batavia-Board

Price :    $15.97
  • Playing time: 45 - 60 minutes
  • Family game
  • Beginners to advanced players
  • Strategy game
  • East india sea merchant game
Brand :    queen games
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    60501
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (queen games product review) for Batavia Board Game available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Treasure Hunter Game

In this fast paced drafting game you put a team together in order to claim the most lucrative treasures or the abilities which give you extra rewards. The treasures may be hidden in the frost mountains, in the jungle and even in some lava caves. Make a wise choice while selecting your cards because the sneaky goblins are just waiting to steal your hard earned treasures. Contents: 1 game board, 75 equipment cards, 1 round marker, 24 goblin tiles, 62 treasure tiles, 75 gold coins, rules.

Treasure Hunter GameQueen-Games-10171ASMQ-Treasure-Hunter

Brand :    queen games
Model :    10171ASMQ
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (queen games product review) for Treasure Hunter Game available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
Price :    $27.95 (was $31.71)
  • A game by richard garfield -author of magic -the gathering
  • A new spin on drafting systems
  • Easy to learn
  • High quality components

thames & kosmos the rose king game Price : 14.14, was : 0 as 2018-09-23
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Not a bad game. My wife and i played it and she liked it. That is always a plus. Maybe because she beat me by one point. There is some strategy and not a lot of rules which is also a plus in my book. Another good edition to the kosmos line.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Are the tokens in this edition wood or cardboard? thank you

(note) Question: where/how to get Thames Kosmos (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Thames Kosmos's products

Board Games 110522661, Games 110022661, Toys & Games 110397561Top Thames & Kosmos Rose King Game (691790) FAQ Content

Best thames & kosmos rose king game (691790) in review

Simple to play, hard to develop a consistent strategy. Great 2 player game.

W. Hannah, Barking and Dagenham

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E. Williams, Essex says

We actually really love this game! i heard it was like chess, and we really like competitive thinking games, but this surprised us. The theme is cute, taking over territory is similar to chess but with the special knight cards it allows you to take over an already occupied space this is where it gets good! . Having that option four times in a game make you more strategic, do you hold out and wait to use your cards. Will you ever get the card with the correct moves to get you where you need to go? . We played it three times in a row on our first day it arrived. It's that competitive and fun:-). . This is also a fairly quick game 20-30min if that. There wasn't alot in the box, and the rose tokens are not that attractive, wish they were made better and actually looked like roses but that aside the game is a keeper!

A. Nellie, Idaho

Fun thoughtful little game. Easy to pack, easier to learn. Just enough strategy to be interesting. Wife loves it.

R. Joanne, Maryland says

Perhaps my favorite of kosmos' 2-player line.

X. Joanna, Doncaster

Love this game. It's hard to find great two player board games but you will find that this one is defiantly one of those! it's short, involves some planning and strategy and is great filler game for those nights you play a couple 2-3 hour board games and need a nice short one tossed in the mix. Buy it because you won't regret it.

B. Candy, Bournemouth says

I really like this game. It is better than their other game tally ho! (even though it is a good game) because you use cards to tell where you move instead of turning over tiles and have to jockey for position or have to try to get your guy across the board to clear something. In this game you have basically 2 options but you do have another option but you can only do it 4 times a game. Option 1 is move using the card and move that number of spaces in that direction as long as there is an empty space then you put your color token there. (note you have to have enough spaces to move so you can't discard a 3 card and move 1 or 2 spaces) option 2 is to draw a card but you have a 5 card hand limit. Option 3 is 4 times a game if you want to use a move card and a enemy tile is there you can discard a hero card and change the color to yours. At the start of the game each players is given 5 cards and the red team goes first. The crown starts in the middle and you have to move on the first turn since you have 5 cards already. Then players choose from one of the options above until all the tokens are out or nobody can make a legal move and has their 5 card limit (yes, you have to move even though you don't want to). Scoring is done based on how many of the tokens you can connect in a line(horizontally and vertical and all off shoots not broken by and empty space or the opponents color but not diagonally). You count them up and square them so 1 rose is 1 point but if you connect 10 roses you get 100 points. Add all the various points together and that is your total and whoever has the most points wins.

X. Arnett, Midi-Pyrenees

This is an abstract strategy game for two players. You have a set of five cards that dictate the direction and distance you can move the central crown. You move it that distance and place a token of your color (red or white). Then the other player does the same. Repeat. The idea is to get large groups of your own tokens because you will score groups by their square (so a group of 4 16pts, but a group of 8 64pts). You can disrupt the other players groups using four cards that allow you to flip their tokens to your color. I've found it's important to use these as it ends up as a wasted opportunity to not use them. . This is a good game, but it's also pretty simple. The theme is meaningless here, but the components are nice and the board looks good. There isn't a whole lot of strategy, but you can see the other player's cards, so you can try to anticipate their moves and play defensively. It's a light game, but it's fun and is a solid 2-player game, which can be hard to come by.

Y. Hurst, Virginia says

This game is in the same category as chess and checkers: a strategy game based on spatial relationships. The moves are determined by cards, though, so the element of chance is increased. This evens the playing field a bit - the most skillful player doesn't automatically win. . This is also the kind of game where it may not be possible to see who's winning till the end, when you do the math to identify the winner. This keeps suspense and interest up till the end. So if you play chess and often find yourself being the player who suffers through a long stretch of the game after it's obvious that you're overmatched, you should definitely add this game to your collection. That also means that you don't have to memorize the possible moves of a piece, so younger players can enjoy the game as well. . This is a beautiful game, too with medieval motifs on the gameboard, cards, and playing pieces. The board is small - nice for those of us who play in coffee shops. All the parts are sturdy, too. . The game is inspired by the wars of the roses, but you don't need any historical knowledge to play it successfully. This should be a classic.

J. Maria, Vermont

A good two-player, checkers/othello combination kind of game. Easy enough for an eight-year old to understand, in a reasonably small box, and with quick setup and play time. Decisions are limited to the cards in hand, which helps things move along and adds randomness to pure strategy.

T. Anonymous, Torbay says

The rose king is (loosely) themed around the wars of the roses period in english history, which concerned the fight between the houses of york and lancaster, over the succession to the throne. . The components are fine, especially at this price point. They are pretty typical for kosmos small-box 2-player games: the cards are a smaller format than "poker" cards, and are on thinner stock with a basic matte finish; the "rose" tokens are decent, and are diecut cleanly. Play takes place on a nice, small-format board which is printed with an antique-looking map of central england, prominently including the cities of york and lancaster, and their immediate surroundings - this is the only nod to theme, though. . The game itself is a total abstraction, and the two primary mechanics involved in gameplay are area control and hand management. Each player draws from identical decks to obtain a hand of cards which show their allowable moves. Once played, the crown token (which is a location marker, placed atop the last piece placed each player turn) is moved to the space corresponding to the instruction on the card. The crown can not be moved to a space that is already occupied, so positioning can literally "shut your opponent out" for one or more turns, allowing multiple moves to be made. . There are also some one-time-use special cards (4 per player) that allow a player to flip one token already on the board, changing the allegiance of that area. . The game is won by the player who has built up the most influence on the board, in total. Influence comes from the number of orthogonally contiguous areas that are wholly marked with that player's color (white or red roses, again, one of the very few touches of theme). A single, isolated white rose will earn the white player (york) one point. 2 white roses together, however, are worth 4 points (2x2), an area of 3 contiguous roses is worth 9 points (3x3), and the scoring proceeds in like fashion, squaring the number of roses in each controlled area. So, as you can see, joining up your control markers (and thereby consolidating influence) is the most effective means of scoring. The "special action" cards, mentioned briefly earlier, can be used to break up an opponents larger blocs of control, or to join up two or more of your own, relatively isolated smaller enclaves. . I am a devoted fan of kosmos games, and really enjoy their 2-player offerings. That being said, the rose king is not the best of the lot. I like this game very much - it is especially crunchy in the mid-game, when the areas on the board are beginning to coalesce and one can start to plan their strategy; concentrating on one or more large blocs, and (conceivably) writing others off as not worth improving. Unfortunately, the drawing of cards into the hand to provide your possible moves introduces a little too much of a dependence on luck into the game. Also, and this is my biggest criticism, there is just no compelling theme. This game could be about birds, trying to establish the biggest nesting colonies; or about rival shepherds staking out the best pasturage; and so on. . At this price, it is a terrific two-player game with decent components and an interesting - if completely abstract - area control puzzle. Not sorry i bought it.

O. Palmer, Nottingham

This game is simple, fun, and different every time you play. It's the perfect cross between chess and checkers. Shame it's small and only for two players.

A. Palmer, Harrow says

I am a fan of the old and complex kingmaker game from the late 1970's so i was intrigued with this two-player game designed around the wars of the roses. This is a strategy-based game; if you enjoy chess and/or checkers and have a historical bent, you will likely enjoy playing the rose king game. This is a combination of luck and strategy. I like a thoughtful game that takes a bit of skill. An enjoyable strategy game for two. By the way, i'm definitely a yorkist.

G. Cunningham, Cumbria

This is a fun game. I like that it is quick and easy to learn. Of course, i also like that i actually beat my husband at a game, but i'm guessing that is just beginner's luck and he'll beat me next time. My teenagers also enjoy playing this game. You don't need to know how to read so even the younger kids can play with us.

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