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Price was $7.99. We had pokemon cards everywhere. I was losing my mind. . I bought this & a few card sheets from walmart & bam, the clutter was contained! . . We seperated ours with alphabet sheet seperators & it really helped my son find the card he wanted quickly (it's also helping up a but on phonics).

-J. Taylor

Pokemon X Y 2 3-ring Pokemon 2 Inch, 3 Ring Binder With Pokemon Xy Characters. Accepts Standard Card Pages, A Great Way To Keep Your Collection In Order. -Ultra Pro Pokemon X Y 2 3-ring Binder

  1. Bonus: Storage Sheets Must Be Purchased Separately.
  2. Bonus: Fits Any Standard, 3-hole Pages Or Paper.

Price Cut Ultra Pro Pokemon X Y 2 3-ring Binder (Collectible Card) Up 84237

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I purchased two of these binders. Both my 13 year old son and my 11 year old son collect pokemon cards. I originally bought them a regular binder; when they received this binder they were ecstatic. Not only does it look cool, it holds alot more of their cards. Best pokemon x y 2 3-ring | Ultra Pro-Collectible Card Review as-of ( Sep 2021 ) Bonus Ultra Pro Pokemon X and Y 2" 3-Ring Binder Great way to store your awesome pokemon card collection. Storage sheets must be purchased separately. Fits any standard, 3-hole pages or paper .

Ultra pro pokemon x and y 2 3-ring binder Review (up 84237)

I bought this along with the pages that fill the binder for my grandson. It's a nice binder and it's holding up well. The rings close tight every time. I think it's a good deal, especially after seeing the same exact binder on another site for $33. 00 ! -O. Zelda

Ultra Pro Pokemon 3 Ring Binder

Ultra Pro
Product Dimensions
Height:2.00 inches
Length:11.50 inches
Weight:0.24 pounds
Width:10.50 inches
ItemPart/Serial Number
Ultra Pro
Recommended Max-Age
Suggested Min-Age
Part/Serial Number
No Warranty

pokemon x y 2 3-ring Toy, Pokemon 2 inch, 3 ring binder with pokemon xy characters. accepts standard card pages, a great way to keep your collection in order. Ultra Pro Pokemon X Y 2 3-ring Binder (UP-84237-Ultra Pro).

Ultra Pro Pokemon 3 Ring Binder Toy

pokemon x y 2 3-ringUltra Pro Pokemon X and Y 2" 3-Ring Binder (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Big christmas gift hit! you will have to buy the pages separately. Well made binder. Very colorful and easy to open and close clamp.

Ultra Pro Pokemon X Y 2 3-ring Binder
Click to see NoticeUltra Pro Pokemon X Y 2 3-ring Binder (up 84237)"For the price i definitely paid to have it name on the binder. It is just the binder so i had to buy card protector pages (i found on here) to put all the cards (also found on here) in. It would be nice to have a deal on all of those."

Ultra Pro 25/9 Pocket Silver Series Page Protectors

25 ultra pro silver storage pages: gaming (pokemon / yugioh. / magic) trading cards collecting pages (silver series 9-pocket pages) no pvc - acid free, patented, heavyweight polypropylene, uv protection, lays flat, super strong welds, highest clarity, made in the usa, & top loading. This page is the one used for standard size trading cards. Best quality 9-pocket page on the market.

Ultra Pro 25/9 Pocket Silver Series Page ProtectorsUltra-Pro-Pocket-Silver-Protectors

Price :    $3.50 (was $7.89)
  • Perfect for baseball cards or great for magic the gathering card
  • Just the right size to start your album and add pages without buying a entire box
  • The 25 (twenty five) count pack 9-pocket page
  • Holds up to 9- 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 cards - no pvc
  • Acid free - archival storage
Brand :    ultra pro
Size :    1-Pack
Weight :    0.13 pounds
Model :    074427807962
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (ultra pro product review) for Ultra Pro 25/9 Pocket Silver Series Page Protectors available as-of ( Sep 2021 )

25 Rare Pokemon Cards 100 HP Higher Assorted Lot No Duplicates

Ordered this because it was the only one i could find with good reviews, and boy did they deliver! no duplicates, all black star rarity, all 100+ hp, along with not one, but two reverse holos, and every single card is in mint condition. The first was a roaring skies dragonite, and the second was a league promo crobat from hgss unleashed. Among the non-holos, i got a skarmory, krookodile, talonflame (which i've actually been looking for to buy time with my flareon ex, now to get fletchinder. ), wigglytuff, and metagross. . I'll give a full list for those curious about the possibilities:. Crobat : 110 hp : hgss unleashed 14/95 : reverse holo w/ play! pokémon logo. Dragonite : 150 hp : xy roaring skies 51/108 : reverse holo. Talonflame : 130 hp : xy roaring skies 15/108. Wigglytuff : 100 hp : xy 90/146. Skarmory : 100 hp : xy roaring skies 69/108. Krookodile : 140 hp : bw emerging powers 62/98. Metagross : 150 hp : xy ancient origins 50/98. Gothitelle : 130 hp : xy furious fists 41/111. Porygon-z : 130 hp : xy ancient origins 66/98. Honchkrow : 100 hp : xy phantom forces 52/119. Blissey : 130 hp : xy phantom forces 81/119. Swalot : 110 hp : xy phantom forces 38/119. Whiscash : 110 hp : xy primal clash 41/160. Yanmega : 110 hp : xy phantom forces 4/119. Walrein : 150 hp : xy primal clash 48/160. Claydol : 100 hp : xy ancient origins 33/98. Ludicolo : 130 hp : xy primal clash 37/160. Barbaracle : 110 hp : xy flashfire 49/106. Breloom : 100 hp : xy primal clash 16/160. Parasect : 100 hp : xy breakthrough 2/162. Tangrowth : 120 hp : bw legendary treasures 2/113. Gyarados : 130 hp : xy ancient origins 20/98. Dragalge : 100 hp : xy flashfire 71/106. Breloom : 100 hp : xy furious fists 50/111. Abomasnow : 130 hp : xy breakthrough 40/162. . And a photo of them (piled up, not much room to spread them out) is attached and includes the kind of packaging you can expect when you open whatever box they get mailed in.

Level-up your game with this assortment of 25 rare, high-powered pokemon tcg cards! every monster in this set is guaranteed to have a minimum of 100hp, and each one will feature the "black star" rarity symbol (no common or uncommons cards included! ).

25 Rare Pokemon Cards 100 HP Higher Assorted Lot No DuplicatesPokemon-Cards-Higher-Assorted-Duplicates

25 Rare Pokemon Cards 100 Hp Higher Assorted Lot No Duplicates (Pokémon) FAQ.

I got this pack as a gift for my nephew who is 6 and just getting his collection of cards going. He is old enough to understand the importance of the 100hp cards, where as my 4 year old nephew just likes the pictures more or less. This pack delivered on what it said it would and my nephew was very pleased as we sat and studied each one. I was also happy with the assortment of types of cards (pokemon type that is) and i didn't have any duplicates. -Notice from P. Guest, Gloucestershire

Click to Show 25 rare pokemon cards 100 hp higher assorted lot no duplicates (pokémon) Details

All of the cards were good, i got no duplicates and 100hp or higher as promised! and all of these cards were rare, all of them had a star at the bottom right corner. A lot of them were holo/re holo. Pretty sure they are not fake but not 100% sure. Also i did get 25 cards exactly. . Here is my list of cards(in order of hp and alphabetical order):. -absol, hp 100, holo, 2015. -diggersby, hp 100, 2014. -escavalier, hp 100, 2014. -skarmory, hp 100, 2015. -diggersby, hp 110, 2015. -genesect, hp 110, reverse holo, 2013. -swalot, hp 110, 2014. -tangroth, hp 120, 2013. -gyarados, hp 130, 2013. -hippowdon, hp 130, 2015. -kyrogre, hp 130, reverse holo, 2015. -kyurem, hp 130, holo, 2013. -leavanny, hp 130, holo, 2013. -ludicolo, hp 130, holo, 2015. -talonflame, hp 130, reverse holo, 2014. -reshiram, hp 130, holo, 2013. -exploud, hp 140, reverse holo, 2014. -flygon, hp 140, holo, 2015. -nidoqueen, hp 140, 2015. -togekiss, hp 140, 2015. -unfezant, hp 140, 2015. -dragonite, hp 150, 2015. -feraligatr, hp 150, reverse holo, 2014. -rhyperior, hp 150, 2015. -salamence, hp 160, holo, 2015

25-rare-pokemon-cards-100-hp-higher-assorted-lot-no-duplicates-(pokémon) set picture

- D. AnonymousReceived my cards right on time. Only one was below 100 hp and it was 90 hp. All good cards. Some foils. No doubles, cards are real. Wanted my review to be straight to the point for you.

My daughter for her pack of cards today! i'm an old collector so a lot of new faces and a few familiar ones but regardless they're awesome and in great condition!

U. Cindy, New Hampshire

Brand :    pokémon
Color :    clear
Weight :    0.6 pounds
  • May include cards from any series.
  • All cards have standard borders and backs. because this is a random assortment, contents may vary.
  • Every card has a minimum of 100hp!
  • An assortment of 25 rare pokemon cards.
  • All cards are genuine and english-language.
Price :    $4.29 (was $9.28)
Model :    NA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (pokémon product review) for 25 Rare Pokemon Cards 100 HP Higher Assorted Lot No Duplicates available as-of ( Sep 2021 )

100 Assorted Pokemon Trading Cards 7 Bonus Free Holo Foils Pok mon

Really nice set of cards for a younger person who's just starting to collect. I'm very pleased with this purchase and its price overall. The cards arrived in amazing condition in a reasonable amount of time. There is a wide range of cards including trainers and we even had an extra halo. I'd definitely order these again.

This collection contains 20 common/uncommon/rare cards.

100 Assorted Pokemon Trading Cards 7 Bonus Free Holo Foils Pok monAssorted-Pokemon-Trading-Cards-Bonus

100 Assorted Pokemon Trading Cards 7 Bonus Free Holo Foils (Pokémon) FAQ.

Very happy with my order. Cards shipped quickly and arrived before expected. Good condition, one of my cards was damaged but only slightly. I had a duplicate of that one so no big deal. I was concerned about order after reading some of the reviews, but i am entirely happy with my order and would order again. It's a great set for those just starting to collect. I received 111 cards, and i had about 30 duplicates, but i ordered with the understanding that it was possible to receive some. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. -Notice from U. Susan, Aquitaine

Click to Show 100 assorted pokemon trading cards 7 bonus free holo foils (pokémon) Details

Great selection. While i did get some doubles and triples of cards realistically this is a killer price for the amount and variety of awesome cards you get. Great starter pack and the holos were awesome. My 7 year old loved them. We did them as a gift and party favors for her birthday. It worked out perfect thanks!

100-assorted-pokemon-trading-cards-7-bonus-free-holo-foils-(pokémon) set picture

- K. DonnaIn my opinion its money well spent. It is a christmas present so i dont know my 8yr olds reaction but ours has vulpix, electrabuzz, voltorb, drowzee. Ones that im familiar with from pokemon go along with a bunch i know nothing about. The cards are clean and crisp. Very few duplicates, but even so, i couldve split the deck between my boys. Im actually going to submit this and buy more to see if it was a fluke

There was one rare, about ten holographics and a bunch of commons and uncommons. I got this for my brother, he's really into pokemon cards right now and with pokemon go being fresh, he really enjoyed getting this as a surprise gift. . Having said that, there were several duplicates with some having three or four copies in the lot, but that's ok. This product is great to purchase for a young collector or enthusiast, but you're better off buying singles if you want to get specific cards. It was neat that two of the cards were matched and a holo altaria had a holo swablu to go off of and a groudon spirit link came with a kyogre spirit link, so someone put this together manually, or at least put the holos in, and it shows. A good price for what you get.

O. Zelda, West Virginia

Brand :    pokémon
Weight :    0.35 pounds
Model :    3197880
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (pokémon product review) for 100 Assorted Pokemon Trading Cards 7 Bonus Free Holo Foils Pok mon available as-of ( Sep 2021 )

25 Twenty Five Single Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Coupon Pages - Nine Pockets Page 9 Top Load / Vertical Slots

Ultra-pro 9-pocket pages ) . Coupon page (page was designed to hold cards measuring 2 3/4" x 3 1/2"). . Pages are clear on both sides. Sheet size: 8" x 11 1/2". Holds up to nine - 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 coupons and other sized items. Archival quality. Acid free. Pvc free. Super clear. Very strong. Prepunched holes. These pages fit in our standardsize albums and other 3-ring binders

25 Twenty Five Single Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Coupon Pages - Nine Pockets Page 9 Top Load / Vertical SlotsTwenty-Single-Ultra-Pro-9-Pocket

Brand :    ultra pro
Color :    Clear
Size :    9-pocket
  • Look for other size coupon pages (each size sold separately)
  • Great for coupons and couponing . veritical slots
  • Also good for other sports & gaming cards
  • 25 (twenty five) single ultra pro 9-pocket coupon pages
  • Holds up to nine - 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 coupons and other sized items
Price :    $3.99 (was $6.26)
Model :    Ultra Pro
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home :    Best Home (ultra pro product review) for 25 Twenty Five Single Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Coupon Pages - Nine Pockets Page 9 Top Load / Vertical Slots available as-of ( Sep 2021 )

Pokemon Poke Ball 2 3-Ring Binder

Pokémon album with reinforced 2" d-rings. This 3-ring album holds ultra pro 9-pocket pages and has a beautiful 4-color printed embedment cover. Features a poke ball print.

Pokemon Poke Ball 2 3-Ring BinderPokemon-Poke-Ball-3-Ring-Binder

Price :    $9.80
  • 3-ring album
  • Holds ultra pro 9 pocket pages
  • Poke ball print
  • Reinforced 2" d rings
Brand :    ultra pro
Size :    2"
Weight :    0..45 pounds
Model :    85249
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (ultra pro product review) for Pokemon Poke Ball 2 3-Ring Binder available as-of ( Sep 2021 )

BCW 100 9-Pocket Plastic Sheets

The bcw pro 9-pocket page is an acid free archival quality product that is designed to protect, store and display your trading cards. This product features high clarity and top loading pockets with strong welds. Bcw 9-pocket for ages fit all standard 3-ring binders and albums. 100 9-pocket sheets.

BCW 100 9-Pocket Plastic SheetsBCW-100-9-Pocket-Plastic-Sheets

Brand :    bcw
Color :    Clear
Size :    9 Pocket
Model :    PRO9T-100
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Strong welds
  • Pvc-free material
  • Made in the united states
  • Great for storing trading cards and organizing coupons
  • Holds up to 9- 1/2 3 1/2 cards
Price :    $7.43
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for BCW 100 9-Pocket Plastic Sheets available as-of ( Sep 2021 )

100 Assorted Pokemon Trading Cards.

After reading the other reviews here, i decided to purchase anyway. My 9-yo son was heartbroken when his pokemon card set was stolen at school (which he had taken there for an afternoon pokemon club). The cards were a mix of his own cards and those inherited from his older brothers. . I was not disappointed. Were there duplicates? yes-10 pairs, to be precise. Three other pairs were different numbered cards for the same characters. All of the rest were unique. And all of the cards were in good condition. I don't know a lot about pokemon so i can't say how good the selection is (in terms of rarity or the most desired characters), but i can say that it is a lot of different cards, and to a boy who has gone to pokemon club for two weeks now with no cards, they are a godsend. Thank you for helping my boy smile again.

100 assorted pokemon trading cards lot toy

100 Assorted Pokemon Trading Cards.100-Assorted-Pokemon-Trading-Cards

100 Assorted Pokemon Trading Cards Bonus 6 Free Holo Foils (Pokémon) FAQ.

Just as promised. Came with 6 holds, had about 20 trainer card, but i got various cards i had been wanting. To name a few cards i got was a lapras, charmander, gastly, seel, dew gong, hunter, slowbro, slow poke, pup lip, vulpix, and a few other great ones. Awesome variety, and i think i only got two repeats which is great! -Notice from I. Jennifer, Bromley

Click to Show 100 assorted pokemon trading cards bonus 6 free holo foils (pokémon) Details

I bought these for my young daughter after it became evident that she really likes pokemon. After reading some other reviews i was a little cautious about purchasing these as there were some reports of excessive duplication of cards or outright inclusion of fake cards (different card quality, different language, wrong stats or skills). One reviewer recommended purchasing this from the seller: super games inc. I took a gamble and ordered this and 2 other pokemon grabbags directly from them. I was pleased that not only were the cards carefully packaged but there were absolutely no fake cards and rarely any duplicates. If i ever need to purchase trading cards again, i will start with super games inc. As my seller of choice. I will be including photos of my purchases.

100-assorted-pokemon-trading-cards-bonus-6-free-holo-foils-(pokémon) set picture

- K. MableI think the phrase "you get what you pay for, " applies perfectly for this lot of pokemon cards. I will start off by saying that i did, indeed, recieve exactly 100 pokemon cards with only two of them being first edition, plus an extra 6 foil cards. This is a good lot of cards for a relatively cheap price. Don't expect to be able to build an effective deck out of this alone, or even a deck at all. This lot works best as a small addition to someone's collection or a great start to a new one. Out of all of the cards i recieved, only two of them were damaged, and the damage on these two cards, while noticeable, was not that significant. Also, i did recieve a significant number of duplicates, 42, to be exact. That said, this is can certainly be worth the $16 it costs, depending on the person and what they're buying it for. . I will now list the exact cards that i recieved and list the bonus foil cards. . Regarding the 6 foil cards, let me say that they are not "promo" cards, the 6 cards that i recieved were in no way, "promotional cards". They were simply a few common and uncommon cards that were all reverse holo. This means that the area around the picture was holo, not the picture itself. Just to clarify. . Foil cards:. . Pupitar 38/95 - uncommon. Spearow 62/95 - common. Kakuna 32/95 - uncommon. Plusle 36/95 - uncommon. Tropius 66/95 - common. Dunsparce 29/95 - uncommon. . Energies: 10. . Fire - 4. Water - 2. Fighting - 2. Earth - 1. Psychic - 1. . Trainers: 16. . Recycle 61/62 first edition. Gambler 60/62 first edition. Pokedex 87/102. Pokemon flute 86/102. Gold berry 93/111. Giant stump 75/92. Switch 95/102. Poke ball 85/100. Pokemon center 114/130. Full heal 82/102. X2 super potion 90/102. Energy flow 122/132. Energy removal 92/102. X2 energy retrieval 81/102. . Total pokemon: 74 rare/1 - uncommon/25 - common/48. . Lightning: 1. . Magnemite 61/97. . Psychic: 3. . Jynx 31/102. Slowpoke 73/111. Haunter 43/130. . Normal: 4. . X2 rattata 66/82. Eevee 51/64. Bagon 43/108. . Water: 4. . Snorunt 64/108. Marill 66/111. Sealeo 37/108. Krabby 51/62. . Fire: 9. . X2 vulpix 68/102. X2 cyndaquil 57/111. X2 growlithe 28/102. Arcanine 23/102. Charmeleon 24/102. Monferno 41/100. . Fighting: 25. . X5 kabuto 50/62. Brock's geodude 68/132. X2 geodude 47/62. X3 graveler 37/62. X3 golem 36/62. Machop 53/108. Machop 59/82. X4 machop 52/102. Medicham 34/108. Brock's onix 69/132. Makuhita 57/109. Mankey 61/82. Horsea (delta species) 31/101. . Grass: 28. . Nidoran (female) 57/64. X2 nidoran (male) 55/102. X3 nidorino 37/102. Oddish 58/64. Erika's oddish 47/132. X2 erika's oddish 70/132. X2 dark gloom 36/82. Zubat 70/82. X2 zubat 57/62. Tangela 96/130. X2 erika's tangela 79/132. Weepinbell 64/130. Kakuna 33/102. Sunkern 114/132. Seviper 23/108 (rare). Koga's weezing 50/132. Chikorita 54/111. Caterpie 45/102. Weedle 86/112. Venonat 63/64. Bellsprout 66/130. . Hope this review helped! thanks for reading!

Seller: collector's cache. Disclaimer: i know diddly squat about pokemon. I was a kid during the original wave of pokemon insanity back in the day but it wasn't my thing. I now have a 9yo who has just got into it. We don't have smart phones or devices where she can play games digitally but she loves the cards and books. These came faster than i expected (3 days i believe), in good condition and well packaged. There seem to be very few duplicates, and since she is trading cards a few duplicates are actually a good thing. Judging by the amount of excited squealing and the frequent running in to show me some card or other it seems to be a good lot. I was going to give them to her for christmas but she was sick the day they arrived so i gave them to her to cheer her up and amazingly she suddenly got better :)

Z. Meyer, Hamburg

Brand :    pokémon
Weight :    0.25 pounds
Model :    nicht bekannt
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (pokémon product review) for 100 Assorted Pokemon Trading Cards. available as-of ( Sep 2021 )

ultra pro pokemon x and y 2 3-ring binder Price : 7.99, was : 0 as 2017-12-17
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Ultra Pro Pokemon X Y 2 3-ring Binder (up 84237) Reviewed by on wujus.com

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Came in perfect condition. My son loves that he can see all his pokemon cards and his little brother can't ruin them!

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Is this just a binder? and you buy sheets to hold the cards inside?

(1) Question: What are the dimensions of this binder?

(2) Question: Can this be used as a school binder?

(3) Question: Can you take the pokemon inserts out of the binder, in case the binder falls apart?

(4) Question: Haw much cards can it hold

(5) Question: How many cards does this binder hold?

(6) Question: Does it come with pages

(7) Question: Does this fit 4 pocket or 9 pocket sheets?

(note) Question: where/how to get Ultra Pro (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Ultra Pro's products

Albums 1105402252, Albums, Cases & Sleeves 1108014735, Games 110022661, Toys & Games 110397561, Trading Card Games 110242661Top Ultra Pro Pokemon X Y 2 3-ring Binder (up 84237) FAQ Content

Best ultra pro pokemon x y 2 3-ring binder (up 84237) in review

Good folder. Good price. Would buy again! my son loves it! great for school or to hold trading cards!

A. Hadley, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

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R. Patton, Wisconsin says

Big hit for my child! . Binder wise, obviously cheaper can be found but i'm told for pokémon it's a great buy (our local department stores had them for a bit more) regardless, my loves for binder and was so excited to get it so we are very happy with the purchase.

S. Cortney, Portsmouth

My kids love their pokemon cards and love these binders because now the cards are not all over my house. Does not come with pocket page protectors but the upside is you can put as many in as you like. Definitly not like some of the other that only hold so many with no room to grow. My guess is you can probably fit 75/9 pocket pages before it fills up. We have 25/9 in now but i am happy to know i can buy more and everything will still be in one place.

D. Wayt, Rotherham says

My daughter loves pokemon and put her cards in this, do wish it came with the inserts to put the cards in, however, because if thats your plan for this, you will need to buy the binder card inset sheets separately

G. Glenda, Indiana

Very nice quality. Exactly as described. Fun colors. I purchased this binder to start my son's pokémon card collection. He has over 100 in it and still plenty of room. It's very cute. I am pleased with the product.

M. Carol, Sachsen-Anhalt says

Our grandson was thrilled! i bought the box of pages for this notebook. Nice & easy for him to organize his cards. Sturdy book. Great gift for your pokemon fan!

V. Emily, Hounslow

Beautiful binder, no plastic card sheets are included though so be sure to order some when you get the binder. Online store prices for the plastic sheets are much better than everyone else.

J. Williams, New York says

Grandson loved it and that makes me love it. I wanted to find something that he could put his collection in. This was the cutest one i could find and he was thrilled with it.

E. Maria, Bury

This was a christmas gift for my great-grandson. It is a very pretty, well-built binder for their pokémon items. Grandson was very pleased with it. It was well-packaged & received very quickly.

I. Moore, Walsall says

I bought this for my 8 year old grandson. He loved it. One day a week they are allowed to bring these to school for trading. Works perfect.

F. Bertie, Nebraska

Purchased for my granddaughter for christmas who loves pokémon cards. She asked for this specific binder, so i know she will love it.

U. Harrison, Yukon Territory says

This three ring binder is great. The color is bright and exciting for your pokémon fan. I know my grandson is going to love it christmas. Very sturdy well made. However this is just the binder alone you have to purchase the card holder pages separate.

B. Adrienne, Minnesota

This binder is great! brand new and will last for a good amount of time from the handling of an 8 yr old boy. Add the 9 pocket page protectors and this becomes an awesome set up for kids to store their cards until they're ready to make a deck to do battle! my son and i couldn't be happier!

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