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Price was $9.16. This is a great set of little dinosaurs! i am so pleased with this purchase! i ordered these to put on cupcakes for my grandson's 3rd birthday. Dinosaurs are his favorite things to play with besides army men. There is a big variety of dinosaurs and for being so small, i think they look great. Even after i set aside the ones to put on the cupcakes there are still a bunch of dinosaurs to put in with his other gifts. I know he is going to love these and they are about the size of the little green army men he plays with all the time. He loves to fight army men against dinosaurs so he will have loads of fun with these. After his birthday party this coming weekend i will add pictures of them on the cupcakes and with his army men.

-A. Reed

Vinyl Mini Dinosaurs 72 Pack Includes 72 Vinyl Dinosaurs In Assorted Colors And Styles. Each Measures Approx. 2. 5″ Long. Kids Love To Play These. Adds Realistic Details To Their Pretend Play Indoors. Fun -Vinyl Mini Dinosaurs 72 Count

  1. Reviews: Up To 2 1/2 Inch.
  2. Reviews: Assorted Colors And Styles. There Are Additional Pictures Above To Show The Different Types.

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These mini dinosaurs are the perfect cupcake topper for your dinosaur party! i washed them in soapy water and dried them before putting on the cupcakes. They come in a great variety and wash well for use after being put on cupcakes. My sons now love using these in their water table and for indoor play, as well. They shipped fast and arrived in perfect condition. Best vinyl mini dinosaurs | Fun Express-Toys And Games Review as-of ( Dec 2020 ) Reviews Vinyl Mini Dinosaurs (72 count) Hard plastic / vinyl figures.. Up to 2 1/2 inch.. Assorted colors and styles. there are additional pictures above to show the different types.. Brand new in sealed polybag. .

Vinyl mini dinosaurs 72 count Review (39 1086)

Happy with these little guys but also disappointed this says 72 count, when i received them the bag they were in had large holes in the sides and the figured had fallen out inside the shipment box. I counted them to ensure i received 72 and only counted 65 it would've been nice to have received the full product that i had paid for. Other than that these figures are durable and colorful i have yet to give them to my daughter as they ate a christmas stocking stuffer but i'm sure she'll love them. Gave 4 stars arrived quickly and in perfect condition except for missing pieces. -P. Hadley

Vinyl Mini Dinosaurs 72 Count

  • Order: Toy
  • Brand: Fun Express
  • Color: Dinosaurs (72-pack)
  • EAN: 0780984419349
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.80 inches
    Length:6.20 inches
    Weight:0.45 pounds
    Width:6.10 inches
  • LegalDisclaimer: ...
  • Manufacturer: Fun Express
  • Recommended Max-Age: 36
  • Suggested Min-Age: 60
  • Model: 39/1086
  • MPN: 39/1086
  • Quantity: 72
  • Part/Serial Number: 39/1086
  • Sub-Type: Toy
  • Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  • UPC: 885961314584

vinyl mini dinosaurs 72 Toy, Pack includes 72 vinyl dinosaurs in assorted colors and styles. each measures approx. 2. 5" long. kids love to play with these. adds realistic details to their pretend play indoors. fun for the sandbox too! great for party favors! Vinyl Mini Dinosaurs 72 Count (39/1086-Fun Express).

Vinyl Mini Dinosaurs 72 Count Toy

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What does a 20-something year old have to do with a big bag of plastic dinosaurs, you ask? well let me tell you! . These dinosaurs come on adventures with me. They travel with me. I keep them in my purse just as a conversation starter! everyone always asks, "why do you keep a bag of plastic dinosaurs in your purse? " and i just laugh and tell they're missing out on all the dino fun! . Just the other day the dinosaurs and i went hiking to these hot springs and it was absolutely beautiful! we had lots of fun. Made friends with some nudists! good times with this bunch.

Vinyl Mini Dinosaurs 72 Count
Click to see NoticeVinyl Mini Dinosaurs 72 Count (Fun Express)"These are tiny little dinosaurs, about 1 in to 1. 5 in (guestimate). There are 3 each of 24 different kinds. Made nicely with great variety of colors. All the dinos were in great condition upon arrival in a small clear plastic bag. My 4 yr old son and nephew will love them, especially because there is enough to go around. You can't beat online stores price anywhere, $8. 50 for 72 dinosaurs! of course with free shipping ; )"

Inflatable Brachiosaurus Dinosaur, 48 Long

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Inflatable Brachiosaurus Dinosaur, 48 LongInflatable-Brachiosaurus-Dinosaur-48-Long

Brand :    jet creations
Color :    Green
Size :    48"
Weight :    0.50 pounds
Model :    DI-BRAC4
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Inflatable Brachiosaurus Dinosaur, 48 Long available as-of ( Dec 2020 )
Price :    $6.90 (was $9.25)
  • Exceptional performance
  • High quality
  • Proprietary design
  • Featuring 4 color printing process and superior construction
  • Makes a captivating display and is sure to turn heads for people to ask, "is that real? "

Ya Otta Pinata T-Rex

This pinata is designed after a terrifying dinosaur from way back when! the t-rex pinata is a big red paper mache traditional pinata that is shaped like a oversized dinosaur. No filling included. A standard size pinata holds a recommended limit of 2 lbs. Of candy. How do i insert the candy into the pinata? on each pinata there is a clear sticker labeled "insert candy here. " under that sticker and a layer of tissue, there is a pre-made hole. Press sticker or use scissors to create an opening. What is the best way to hang the pinata? all pinatas have a built-in hang loop at the top. This loop should be used to hang the pinata from a sturdy support, away from anything fragile. Adult supervision is strongly recommended.

Ya Otta Pinata T-RexYa-Otta-Pinata-YA-12710

Brand :    ya otta pinata
Color :    multi-colored
Size :    Large
Weight :    0.75 pounds
Model :    YA 12710
Quantity :    1
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  • Dim: 22" x 7 1/2" x 10"
  • Under that sticker and a layer of tissue, there is a pre-made hole. press sticker or use scissors to create an opening.  
  • All pinatas have a built-in hang loop at the top.  
  • Holds 2lbs of candy/toys
Price :    $11.28 (was $31.89)
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Inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex, 37 Tall

The inflatable tyrannosaurus is made with heavy duty non-7 phthalate vinyl. 4 color process imprint. Copyrighted by jet creations inc.

Inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex, 37 TallInflatable-Tyrannosaurus-Rex-37-Tall

Price :    $10.59 (was $12.23)
  • Size: di-tyr3 43 l x 17 w x 37 h (inflated size)
  • 100% rf welding
  • 4 color process imprint
  • Heavy duty non-7 phthalate vinyl
  • Medium safety valve
Brand :    jet creations
Color :    Green
Size :    37"
Weight :    0.70 pounds
Model :    DI-TYR3
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (jet creations product review) for Inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex, 37 Tall available as-of ( Dec 2020 )

Dinosaur Dino Blast 16 Guest Party Supply Bundle 3 Items - Dinner Plates, Dessert Plates & Napkins Creative Converting

Plan a prehistoric party of gigantic proportions with this fun dino blast party ensemble!

Dinosaur Dino Blast 16 Guest Party Supply Bundle 3 Items - Dinner Plates, Dessert Plates & Napkins Creative ConvertingDinosaur-Blast-Guest-Supply-Bundle

Brand :    creative converting
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  • 16-count package of paper dinner plates with fun dino blast print, approximately 8. 75 inch in diameter
  • 16-count package of paper dessert plates with fun dino blast print, approximately 6. 75 inch in diameter
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Price :    $17.35
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Dinosaur Dino Happy Birthday Banner Fossil Jurrasic T-REX Garland - Party Decoration Supplies

Every dinosaur fan will love this dinosaur fossil themed "happy birthday" banner. Scavenging the fossil fields we discovered some amazing t-rex bones! celebrate your little child's dino-mite birthday with this unique handmade dinosaur banner! the perfect display for a dino party or a jurassic park - jurassic world themed celebration!

Dinosaur Dino Happy Birthday Banner Fossil Jurrasic T-REX Garland - Party Decoration SuppliesDinosaur-Birthday-Jurrasic-Decoration-Supplies

Price :    $11.88
  • Materials - made of a single layer of 110 lb heavy cardstock paper, ribbon, print outs and held together with tulle.
  • The perfect display for a dino party or a jurassic park - jurassic world themed celebration!
  • The banner comes almost assembled. but you need take 10 seconds to connect dinosaur jaws and leg with affiliated brads .
  • Measurement - the banner measures from head to tail 51". the string measures roughly 9. 8 ft. letters can be moved closer together or further apart on the ribbon depending on your preference.
  • Reusable - simply store it in the bag for next party and never put it on wet places.
Brand :    geefuun
Color :    white
Size :    Medium
Model :    GF-DB2013
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Fun Express Assorted Dinosaur Stampers - 24 Pieces

Fun express assorted dinosaur stampers - 24 pieces

Fun Express Assorted Dinosaur Stampers - 24 PiecesFun-Express-Assorted-Dinosaur-Stampers

Brand :    fun express
Size :    1-Pack of 24
Model :    FUN-IN-12/1687
Quantity :    24
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (fun express product review) for Fun Express Assorted Dinosaur Stampers - 24 Pieces available as-of ( Dec 2020 )
Price :    $6.17 (was $6.90)
  • Plastic. each measure 1-1/2"
  • Ages 3+

Lot Of 12 Assorted Water Growing Dinosaurs

Get more for your money with a growing novelty toy. These dinosaurs will grow up to 600% of their original size when immersed in water. They will shrink as they dry out. Fill up party favor loot bags with growing novelty toys to get more toy for less. Lot of 12- assorted

Lot Of 12 Assorted Water Growing DinosaursLot-Assorted-Water-Growing-Dinosaurs

Brand :    u.s toys
Weight :    0.1 pounds
Model :    1903699
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Grows up to 600%
  • Size: 2" (before grown)
  • Growing water dinosaur design
  • Lot of 12
  • Assorted colors & styles ship at random
Price :    $4.99 (was $5.25)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Lot Of 12 Assorted Water Growing Dinosaurs available as-of ( Dec 2020 )

Fun Express Cool Dinosaur Tattoos 6 Dozen Discontinued manufacturer

Cool dinosaur tattoos. Assorted styles. Easy to apply and remove. Non-toxic. (6 dz. /unit) 2". Great gift for parties and favor bags. Also great for kids all ages! .

Fun Express Cool Dinosaur Tattoos 6 Dozen Discontinued manufacturerFun-Express-Dinosaur-Discontinued-manufacturer

Brand :    fun express
Model :    FNEIN-14/440
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (fun express product review) for Fun Express Cool Dinosaur Tattoos 6 Dozen Discontinued manufacturer available as-of ( Dec 2020 )
Price :    $2.15 (was $4.69)
  • Easy to apply and remove. non-toxic. (6 dz. /unit) 2"
  • Assorted styles
  • Cool dinosaur tattoos

vinyl mini dinosaurs 72 count Price : 7.9, was : 9.16 as 2017-05-28
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I was kind of hesitant to order these seeing some of the reviews, but decided that i can live with them even if i get the four-color unrealistic version. But alas! they arrived exactly as pictured, and i counted 24 different species of dinosaurs (so 3 of each species)! can't wait to use them on my daughter's 4th bday party next weekend! (btw they do have a plastic smell, but after soaking them in dish detergent water for a few hours the smell faded. )

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Does this set contain a parvicursor?

(1) Question: Are these dino's small enough to be used with the toy grabber and claw?

(2) Question: Can it fit into the easter eggs?

(3) Question: It says of us origin, but are they made in the us or just stored and shipped from here?

(4) Question: Are these small enough to be cupcake toppers?

(5) Question: What is the volume of one package of dinosaurs? two cups? half a liter? i'm looking to fill a pinata, need to know how many packages to buy.

(6) Question: Are there any marine reptiles like mosasaurs?

(7) Question: How many different species are there? how many of each? are the numbers of each consistent from package to package?

(8) Question: Are they heavy enough to hold down a helium balloon tied to it?

(9) Question: Hi! the package have 72 mini dinosaurs?

(note) Question: where/how to get Fun Express (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Fun Express's products


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We bought these for our daughter's 7th birthday party, as she is going through a dinosaur phase and wanted a dinosaur themed party. She was so thrilled. They were the perfect size to put on top of her cake in a prehistoric scene, as well as to put in "magic eggs" (baking soda and water made into a paste to cover the dinosaurs to look like an egg, then you "paint" them with vinegar to melt the dried baking soda away, having them "hatch". ) we also put them in the grab bags. . My daughter took one of each out of the package when we first opened it, and i was impressed she knew the names of most of them from her dinosaur book. She was excited to search out the ones she didn't know and figure out what they were as well. . I loved these so much that i ordered a second set to make valentines for my 2 kids' classes at school. (you're dino-mite! ) it was a huge hit for both of their classes. . We always take a few with us everywhere we go for a quick go-to toy to entertain when waiting for our food at restaurants, standing in lines places, or when we're at the park and they're taking a break. Since they're so affordable, i'm not worried about losing them, and it's always fun when they decide to give one to one of their new friends they meet. We can always order more, when needed!

Action Figures & Statues 110399561, Action Figures 1101754152, Toys & Games 110397561Top Vinyl Mini Dinosaurs 72 Count (Fun Express) FAQ Content

Best vinyl mini dinosaurs 72 count (fun express) in review

These vinyl mini dinosaurs are so much fun. I know most people would think i was getting them for a boy, but these are actually for my baby girl who is obsessed with dinosaurs. She loved the movie jurassic world and that brought on a love for dinosaurs. This set is perfect and the price is definitely right. They are all so colorful and bright which is great for allowing a child's imagination run wild. There are three of each of the dinosaurs and 24 different types of them. I plan to keep a set for my daughter and then keep the rest in case we lose some. You know more is always better with toys. A parent needs backups! i would definitely recommend as they are well made.

L. Beale, Nebraska

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O. Florence, Texas says

Grandson (3 yrs) wnted a dinosaur for a preschool project and these 72 dinosaurs made jurassic park look feeble. He loves them and has named just about everyone of them. Durable and a great variety. Very happy with these.

L. Barbara, Bolton

These are awesome, i used them to make dinosaur egg soap with my kids and they got such a kick out of it. Awesome purchase! i plan on using these around the house for my son's joint birthday party that is dinosaur themed. Such an awesome huge pack, i had enough for soaps, i'm going to put some in each goodie box, around the cupcakes, etc. And i already gave my kids a pile to play with, and they actually stand up. That is hard to find with little micro dinosaurs.

C. Jennifer, Tameside says

I bought these for my 3 1/2 year-old grandson. I have packed them in a camera bag along with some other small toys and we take them to restaurants with us to play with before the food arrives, along with other toys for his twin sister. . There are 24 types of dinosaurs, 3 of each type. They are made in china. They are small but that's what i wanted. . My grandson moves these around with the mini construction equipment i also bought.

F. Gina, Hampshire

I bought these vinyl mini dinosaurs for my grandson. This pack has 72 all in different colors and styles. Each one is about 2. 5 inches long. These are so great for their imaginations. They can be taken outside or inside. Just remember its a choking hazard under the age of 3.

X. Terry, Norfolk says

These are great quality for price. I'm a homeschooling mom, so we purchased these for using with with school for math and sensory play. I'm actually quite impressed with detail. I saw that others had been disappointed by colors, but that others were really pleased with this purchase. So i decided to take the leap and test them out myself, and i'm very pleased. They look exactly as they are described in the picture. My son is into dino's right now, and although he's only in preschool yet, it is the only way he is willing to approach any form of learning. It has to be connected to dinosaurs.

K. Carol, Oregon

These little dinosaurs are just great. I think we counted twelve different species, all recognizable and pretty much correct in terms of physiognomy. My six-year-old boy is utterly obsessed right now with dinosaurs and absolutely loves these for that reason-the ceratosaurus has the proper bump on his nose, dilophosaurus has his ridges on his head, tyrannosaurs has two fingers, and so on. This is not a small thing. Many time, toymakers figure kids won't know or care about the difference and they don't have to be careful to get things right. I know we wouldn't still be playing with these, eight months after purchase, if they weren't so nicely correct. . They are just the right size for cupcake toppers. My son permitted me to use some of these for this purpose, given that there are multiples of each species. But most of them we have had to keep. . I am buying another set for my son's kindergarten treasure box, for other kids to find and have fund with.

S. Ross, Alabama says

My 2 year old gets toted around to his two older siblings events constantly, and for a kid who finds being confined longer than 1. 7 seconds to be torture, i need toys that can fit in my purse and give him some variety. He enjoys sorting these and making them "roar" at and fight with each other. And they're tiny, like smaller than your pinky finger, so he can play with several at a time. The best part about having 72 is that if one or two get left behind, we have back-ups! if your kid (or husband) puts small objects in his/her mouth, this is probably not a set for you as they could definitely get lodged in a throat with how tiny they are. My son is the first of my 3 who doesn't need to taste everything that fits in his hand so these are fine for him. He did try to stick one up his nose, but they aren't that small so no problem there. There are a lot of multiples of most of the dinosaurs, but you can't expect 72 different species of dinosaurs. I find it nice when my younger son has the "swimming one" that i can dig out another for my older son before wrestling ensues. These would fit great in easter eggs too. They also fit perfectly in every nook and cranny of your house so i'd recommend not dumping the whole lot at once; but hey, if you have spare time for a fun mommy treasure hunt, go for it. For a little more than a dime a piece, these were a good find.

T. Elizabeth, Reading

Purchased these for easter eggs. I did have to cram a few of the larger dinosaurs into the regular sized plastic eggs but they fit. I purposely placed their tail in the tiny hole of the egg for the hatching affect. My two year old is still playing with them months later.

F. Anonymous, Croydon says

These dinosaurs are amazing! i ordered two packages, totaling 144 dinosaurs of these to give to a friend of mine for christmas. Being that we are in college, i really didn't know if he would like them, but all was well because he thought they were pretty cool. Then something amazing happened. We set all of the dinosaurs up on my friend's roommate's desk, in a ceremonial circle with a pedestal in the center. On the pedastal? none other than raptor jesus. My friend and i then observed over the next 72 hours how raptor jesus brought the good word to the other dinos, and the conversion of many to raptorism. It was so great to know that so many dinosaur's lives had been changed forever for the better. The whole event was staggeringly beautiful, but my friend's roommate came back and needed his desk for bio homework, so that ended that. Overall, great product.

T. Peggy, South Dakota

These dinos are the same size and a better quality than the "army men" we played with as children. Very colorful, very detailed, with 3 each of the 24 different types. I presented them to my three year old grandson by hiding them in groups where he would find them a few at the time, and he loved this. . I would not give these to children who are prone to put things in their mouths.

I. Brendon, Barnsley says

I use these little dinosaurs in my fossil classes for the cub scouts. I put inside a ballon fill with a little water and free. In a few hours you have frozen dino eggs. The kids throw them on the concrete until they can get to the baby dino. Fun! fun! fun!

R. Shawna, Slough

We were a bit worried by some of the reviews and photos complaining of cheap-looking single-color dinosaurs, so we were quite relieved when the 72 dinos arrived today in vibrant multi-hued glory. Roughly 3 pairs (by color) of each of 12 different dinosaur types were included, as shown in the photograph, exactly 72 in all. The dinosaurs not standing in the photo would not stand up, though with some futzing (the plastic is fairly soft and can be adjusted with firm, persistent pressure) we may get all but the pterodactyls standing yet. . Most of these creatures are about 2" long and about 3/4" wide (compare to the ruler in the photo). The pterodactyls are 1 1/2" tall with a 2 1/2" wingspan. Some minor flash is evident on some of the dinos (that's the little flat pieces of undesired plastic left over from the seams of the injection mold), which an adult can remove with a razor knife if it bothers them. When the package says they are not for children who like to put things in their mouth, believe them - the shape of some of the lower slung quadrapeds is such that they are a significant choking hazard. Besides, for the bi-peds, very small children are unlikely to be able to stand them up anyway - they teeter a bit and require a steady hand. . Some reviewers have complained that the colors are wrong. But since we've never seen dinosaur skin, how would they know? it's a toy. Kids like bright colors (and these are very bright! ). Deal with it. . We also bought the giant bucket of dinosaur action figures playset - 32 dinosaurs and accessories, and they are much larger - the pterodactyls for example are 3" tall with a 4" wingspan, and are even more colorful (though you get fewer, larger dinosaurs at a higher cost). Whether you opt for the large inexpensive herd of small dinosaurs in this product, or the smaller more expensive herd of large dinosaurs in the other, i think you'll be pleased. I suspect we'll just keep both - maybe our granddaughter will have some grown up dinosaurs with a lot of kid dinosaurs. It will be fun to see where her imagination takes her!

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