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Price was $23.98. This item was a christmas gift for my 7 year old grandson. He love it! he was very excited when he opened it at christmas.

-O. Terry

Wowwee Coji Coding Robot Toy (Wowwee) Coji The Coding Robot Teaches Your Child To Program Using The Language Of Emoji’s. Your Junior Coder Will Have Fun Problem-solving Using The App To Control Coji’s Actions. Coji Also Toys And Games

  1. Supplementary: Program Using Emoji Language.
  2. Supplementary: Play Games That Test Your Memory And Problem-solving Skills.

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Some of the critical reviews on here crack me up. Did you not do any research on this before you bought it? this is a entry level coding robot best suited to for 4 to 8 year olds depending on your particular child's interests and understanding of technology. Our 4 year old is the type that understands and can use any electronic device he gets his hands on, apple, android, kindle fire. Doesn't matter he has a knack for it. He also loves remote control cars, tractors. Anything he can drive. So this toy was a perfect fit. It works just as described. The folks here complaining about it. It's not a self aware robot like cozmo. It's a programmable one with a little feedback thrown in for fun. So, if you have a smart kid with their own tablet that likes to play with electronics this would be a perfect gift. Best WowWee COJI The Coding Robot Toy as-of ( Oct 2021 ) | Wowwee Import-Toys And Games Review Supplementary WowWee COJI The Coding Robot Toy Download the app to control coji from your smart device. Program using emoji language. Play games that test your memory and problem-solving skills. Develop stem skills. Play with or without app. requires three aaa batteries (not included) .

WowWee COJI The Coding Robot Toy Review (0802)

Overall good product. The only drawback is the app. It sometimes hangs requiring robot and app restart. Also app doesn't fully function on nexus 7 tablet but fully functions on nexus 5x phone. -M. Rebecca

Wowwee Coji Coding Robot Toy

  1. Rank: Toy
  2. Brand: WowWee
  3. EAN: 0771171108023
  4. Product Dimensions:
    Height:7.87 inches
    Length:7.87 inches
    Weight:2.20 pounds
    Width:4.72 inches
  5. Manufacturer: WowWee Import
  6. Recommended Max-Age: 84
  7. Suggested Min-Age: 48
  8. Model: 0802
  9. MPN: 0802
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: 0802
  12. Group-Order: Toy
  13. Category: TOYS AND GAMES
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  15. Product-Name: WowWee COJI The Coding Robot Toy
  16. UPC: 771171108023
  17. Warranty: 90 Day Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects

Toy(771171108023:Toys And Games), Wowwee Coji Coding Robot Toy (0771171108023:Wowwee), Coji the coding robot teaches your child to program using the language of emoji's. your junior coder will have fun problem-solving using the app to control coji's actions. coji also reacts to physical stimulation such as tilting and shaking - simply hilarious. "lol" as coji steals your "heart" with pre-programmed reactions..

Wowwee Coji Coding Robot Toy Toy

Wowwee Coji Coding Robot ToyWowWee COJI The Coding Robot Toy (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Love this coding robot! my 6yr old daughter has played with it every day since i gave it to her for christmas. She loves that it works with the online store fire tablet at my house, or the ipod touch at her mom's house. And in the car she plays with the different macros in the robot without the app. I'm happy she's learning to love coding and hoping she grows from there. It's very easy to use and sturdy. (she's already dropped it a couple times).

Wowwee Coji Coding Robot Toy (Toys And Games) 0802
Click to see NoticeWowwee Coji Coding Robot Toy (0802)"Its a basic programming toy fors kids (dads). We love it."

Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse

Fun toy! similar to bee bots! easy to use and amusing!

Create a step-by-step path for the programmable robot mouse using the 30 double-sided coding cards to provide a hands-on introduction to coding concepts. The mouse lights up, makes sounds, and features 2 speeds along with colorful buttons to match coding cards for easy programming and sequencing. Includes activity guide. Use with the robot mouse coding activity set (ler 2831) for more play options, learning opportunities, and fun! mouse measures 4 l and requires 3 aaa batteries, not included.

Learning Resources Code & Go Robot MouseLearning-Resources-Code-Robot-Mouse

See Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse (LER2841) FAQ.

I got this to go with the bigger set. More fun for two children, less fighting when one parent has to try and won't hand over. -Notice from I. Wimbish, Newcastle upon Tyne

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I use this mouse at school with my third graders. I have them solve math problems and they then program the mouse the find the answer on the large chart i made. It is very engaging and the students love the coding aspect of the activity. It basically kills two birds with one stone. . My only issue with the mouse is that its turns aren't always the sharpest. I thing the ball bearing that the mouse has in the front doesn't move as smooth as it needs, so the turn radius is off. As a result, the mouse doesn't always end up where we need it to be. . Overall, this is a great product and much cheaper than some of the other products that are similar. It is great for an engaging activity with students, especially with such a strong push for stem activities.

Learning-resources-code-&-go-robot-mouse-(ler2841) set picture

- G. RuffMy eight year-old got this for christmas and loves it because she loves coding the mouse to go through mazes that she builds. You don't need to buy the more expensive version that includes maze materials since you can use blocks and whatever else your child dreams up to create a path for little guy - promotes more creativity while engineering!

Having fun with this mouse with 3rd graders. A great introduction to coding. After using the cards provided, we used a large 5 inch square grid board. We practiced sending the mouse to a certain square in different ways. Then we put "cheese" in one square an a couple of obstacles as well. Keep adding more obstacles. Lot's of fun and challenging. Only problem is that the mouse doesn't always go in a completely straight line. I had to nudge it at times.

X. Guest, West Sussex

Brand :    learning resources
Size :    -
Weight :    0.50 pounds
Model :    LER2841
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (learning resources product review) for Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
  • Use with stem robot mouse coding activity set, sold separately, for more play options
  • Ideal for ages 5+
  • Part of the stem line of activity sets that help students experience stem through hands-on activities and experiments while challenging them to think critically, solve problems effectively, and acquire the skills needed to enter stem-related fields
  • Introduce children to coding with this easy programmable mouse; mouse lights up and sounds and also features two speeds are perfect for tabletop or floor play
  • Use the pictorial direction coding cards to plan a path; then, program the mouse with easy push-button controls and send him on his way to follow your commands

Mrs. Grossman's Stickers-Classic Cars

Mrs. Grossman-stickers. Fun stickers for any and every occasion! available in a variety of designs: each sold separately. Size and number of stickers per package varies by design. Made in usa.

Mrs. Grossman's Stickers-Classic CarsMrs-Grossman-MG199-58043-Grossmans-Stickers-Classic

  • Great for kids, scrapbooking, paper crafts and more
  • Fun stickers for any and every occasion
  • Available in a variety of designs: each sold separately
  • Size and number of stickers per package varies by design
  • Made in the usa
Brand :    mrs grossman
Color :    NA
Weight :    0.1 pounds
Model :    MG199-58043
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Art And Craft Supply :    Best Home (mrs grossman product review) for Mrs. Grossman's Stickers-Classic Cars available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

It is a good playing and learning set, well working and easy to use. 4 starts instead of 5 because modern kids are generally so spoiled with their excessive number of toys and games that they need extra attractive entertainment to get interested and return to the game. In this very well working and well designed set, mouse is going to the cheese and makes some fun sounds, but need some more rewarding and attractive details to keep kids interested. Even if these extra details were just dumb plastic decorations, maybe they could keep the kid come back more to this very good developmental activity.

Build your maze, and then use the coding cards to create a step-by-step path for the programmable robot mouse. Program the sequence of steps, and then watch the mouse race to find the cheese! this deluxe set includes 30 double-sided coding cards, 10 double-sided activity cards, cheese wedge, and activity guide to provide the perfect hands-on introduction to coding concepts. Create endless maze path possibilities with 16 maze grids, 22 maze walls, and 3 tunnels. Add multiple players with the programmable robot mouse (ler 2841), sold separately. Mouse lights up, makes sounds, and features 2 speeds. Mouse measures 4"l and requires 3 aaa batteries (not included).

Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity SetLearning-Resources-Robot-Mouse-Activity

See Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set (LER2831) FAQ.

This is a great game, and it really is a good introduction not only to programming, but to logic (and math) - to the idea of algorithms in general. It also teaches kids the idea of "following the rules" and "what a mouse can and cannot understand" - the kind of commands it takes. For the younger kids, even setting up the board as in the picture, is a challenge in itself, and a very useful challenge in maps/spacial orientation at that. . The mouse itself is very cute; the commands are easy to implement. . I did take one star off for a couple of minor annoyances:. - the mouse doesn't always precisely execute each turn, which means it may end up going off course. It's not so bad as to affect the algorithm unless you have many-many moves, but it means the mouse can run into the purple walls when there's a tight turn. . - whenever the mouse finds "cheese", it stops executing instructions, even if it had a further sequence programmed. I can see why they made it this way, but it also makes it impossible to program the "go there, get the cheese and bring it back here" kind of programs. . - kids need to remember to press "erase memory" in order to program a new sequence. I do understand this choice though - otherwise there would be no memory at all if you think too long between adding new instructions, and that would be even more annoying. . On the plus side, this is one of those games where the "puzzles" are not limited by the number of instruction cards. It's very easy for a parent (or for a kid themselves) to make up their own puzzles. . Our youngest one just turned 3, and he's still struggling with the concept of programming the mouse, but he likes it and is definitely getting some idea. Our next oldest is 8, and she's already programming (in scratch and trying out python), so this is "too simple" for her, but the mouse is cute enough to keep both her attention and her 11 year old's brother, and make them interested in playing with their younger brother. . On a funny note, our youngest was actually quite hesitant about touching the mouse at first (he was a bit scared of it). And even now, when it's running, he makes sure to get out of the way. -Notice from P. Yvette, Slough

Click to Show learning resources code & go robot mouse activity set (ler2831) Details

I am so excited to be giving this to my granddaughter. The best stem product for a 6 yr old. She will have to count and enter (click), but she will get to move around while she is programming the robotic mouse to run a maze she will set up, and can change over and over again.

Learning-resources-code-&-go-robot-mouse-activity-set-(ler2831) set picture

- J. AldanaI was looking for a stem gift for my 6-yr-old. She loved this! some observations but not complaints: the board is unnecessary. The mouse will travel on any hard, flat surface. The board is difficult to snap together into different shapes for each coding project. It's easier to just leave the board in a square or move the mouse to a table top. The benefit of using the board provided is that there are grooves to place the purple walls. Using the purple walls helps my kid visualize in advance what path the mouse must take to get the cheese. Great stem gift for first time coders.

This was a gift for my 5 year old. She really loved setting up the maze and did well programming colby. Everyone had a chance to play with colby while my (grown up) brother and i challenged each other to program really tough courses. Good fun and i hope to catch her playing and programming more!

V. Mable, Oldham

  • Mouse lights up and sounds and also features two speeds are perfect for tabletop or floor play
  • Part of the stem line of activity sets that help students experience stem through hands-on activities and experiments while challenging them to think critically, solve problems effectively, and acquire the skills needed to enter stem-related fields
  • Program the mouse with easy push-button controls to follow your created maze and find the cheese
  • Introduce children to the fun of coding and puzzle solving with this colorful, programmable mouse with maze! a great way to introduce young children to science, technology, engineering, and math
  • Ideal for ages 5+
Brand :    learning resources
Size :    -
Weight :    4.05 pounds
Model :    LER2831
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (learning resources product review) for Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar

I love the concept of this toy, and it seems very well-made. The kids really love it, but my 1 year old and 3 year old still don't quite get that they are giving it commands. My 7 year old is having all the fun! i am not sure what age group it is made for, but i'd say probably older 3's-6's is the proper age group for this. We bought all of the extension sets, but we quickly learned that each command takes awhile, which means that it needs a lot of space. More space than most houses have "open. " that is the only reason i knocked it down to 4 stars. The kids bore easily if it is constantly bumping into walls and cabinets. We try to keep the chain smaller to help.

Code-a-pillar inspires little learners to be big thinkers by encouraging preschoolers to arrange (and rearrange) the easy-to-connect segments in endless combinations, sending code-a-pillar on his path. This learning toy encourages experimentation while developing important skills like problem solving, planning & sequencing and critical thinking. There's no end to the combinations kids can make mix up the segments and put them back together to send code-a-pillar in a different direction every time! where can you make him go next? every time kids change and rearrange his segments, code-a-pillar takes a different path. Every time with cool sounds and lights wherever he goes! includes 1 sound segment, 3 straights, 2 right turns and 2 left turns to send the learning fun in endless directions! kids can even configure the segments to make code-a-pillar reach targets they set up throughout the room. Code-a-pillar is one of the new think & learn toys from fisher-price that goes beyond abcs and 123s to help children learn how to think independently. Each toy fosters 21st century skills like curiosity, experimentation and problem solving in ways kids haven't seen before. They're engaged in hands-on, open-ended discovery that helps them become lifelong learners.

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillarFisher-Price-DKT39-Think-Learn-Code-a-pillar

See Fisher-price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar (Fisher Price) FAQ.

I like this toy a lot but it started to malfunction after a week of having it. It does turn on right but once it starts to go it shuts off automatically right in the middle of its segment, like the first or second one. I tried to blow out all the dust in each usb port but it doesn't seem to be working. This toy is expensive and i thought it wouldn't have these kind of problems already in the first week. Did anyone ever experienced this kind of problem with the code-a-pillar? if so, how did you fix it? thanks. -Notice from P. Delgado, Rhode Island

Click to Show fisher-price think & learn code-a-pillar (fisher price) Details

Tl; dr - all in all, great toy, but i took off a star for the noise level because this thing could wake the dead. . My lord this thing is so loud. Not a reasonable level of loud for a kids toy either, but loud enough to wake everyone in the house up if my son wakes up before everyone else. There is no volume control either. Don't get me wrong, this is a really great toy - but if you're the type of person who fantasized about throwing your kids noise making toys out in the middle of the night - maybe reconsider getting this. . Otherwise, it really is neat. He makes some fun noises and has lots of great light effects. I think my favorite thing about it though, is as he's going along if he runs into an obstacle, he stops. You then can pick him up, adjust him, and push his button and he picks up where he left off in his movement series. . His connections are usb, so sometimes i worry my very enthusiastic toddler will shove them together too hard and break them. He's only had it for a day or so, but so far so good. The connections are strong enough that he carries it around and it doesn't fall apart. . The base set of extensions are great as well. They are definitely more than enough so that your kid won't feel like they are missing out if you never buy the expansion pack set of extensions, but we definitely intend to just because they seem like fun. . This is a great buy, and we all really enjoy it, and definitely plan to buy some extension packs. If you dont mind that it makes constant loud noise, you won't regret buying it.

Fisher-price-think-&-learn-code-a-pillar-(fisher-price) set picture

- S. RussellThis toy is so cool. I almost think my husband and i like it better then my son. Haha it makes all kinds of noises & music. Each pc of the code a pillar can come off and be moved around the other pieces to make the pillar go in different directions first. You basicly get to choose the path it runs. I think that its pretty neat that you can buy more parts for it and just keep adding on as much as you want. As you can see in pictures each pc does something different. My kid loves it.

I know why this toy was a top toy purchase for christmas 2016 - pretty awesome for adults and children. It runs best on a hard floor, but can make it across plush pile carpet especially if you remove some of the command links. Kind of noisy with all the music and bells. Maybe they should make it so you can silence it while still turned on. The 5 year old recipient is already starting to practice changing the order around to make it move differently. I did purchase a few of the additional links to add more movements. The toy includes a couple of plastic disks to encourage children to find a way to get the toy from the green start disk on the floor to the red stop disk. I don't think that will happen for a while but an older child or an adult would certainly have fun trying to reach the goal.

B. Rita, Delaware

Brand :    fisher-price
Color :    multi-colored
Weight :    3.05 pounds
  • Each segment lights up as the action happens
  • Kids connect the segments to make code-a-pillar go forward, left, right or wherever they choose
  • Can you reach the target? challenge kids to configure the segments so code-a-pillar can get to the targets
  • Motorized head segment features lights, sounds and blinking eyes to bring code-a-pillar to life
  • Letter identification, categorization, objects and properties
Model :    DKT39
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (fisher-price product review) for Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

WowWee CHiP Robot Toy Dog - White

My son are very happy this dog is amazing

Chip is an intelligent, friendly robot puppy. Using advanced sensors and smart accessories, chip is always alert, and ready to play. How you respond uniquely shapes his behaviour, so your chip will have his own personality.

WowWee CHiP Robot Toy Dog - WhiteWowWee-CHiP-Robot-Toy-Dog

See Wowwee Chip Robot Toy Dog - White (5805) FAQ.

My daughter loves chip. Goes back to the pad fine and she loves watching it play fetch, dance and do yoga. But. The watch does not work. Would never even take a charge so that functionality is not available. The replacement watches are out of stock so i'm guessing this is a common problem. -Notice from E. Kristen, Halton

Click to Show wowwee chip robot toy dog - white (5805) Details

Chip was an early christmas present for my 10 year old nephew, and he loves it! travels without a problem on hardwood, or rugs and follows all commands. I would definitely recommend.

Wowwee-chip-robot-toy-dog---white-(5805) set picture

- P. BrendaVery cute! so far, my 7yr old loves it, it was the 1 thing he really really wanted from santa. The games it plays are fun, the tricks it does are entertaining and it seems to respond pretty well to commands. The app that works with it is pretty neat, teaches responsibility for caring for chip, as far as feeding, play time & battery level. I like how it knows when it needs to recharge itself & goes to its bed on its own, that is a great feature! some people were saying you cant charge it without its bed but that's not true (i hate when people leave bad reviews for things they just did not read in the instructions or are misinformed about! ) it tells you, you can hook up a regular usb cable right to chip directly- it was same exact charger as my cell phone - which is great for travel, emergencies, if the battery dies and chip cannot sit himself on his bed, etc! so far so good with it overall really no complaints except that our real dog does not like this imposter lol

He's absolutely adorable. I look forward to the regular updates to see what wowwee has done to improve chip. I hope the beaconsense would be refined further in the process as the updates come, as he still runs into walls. It would be great if chip could easily find his way back to his charger because sometimes he struggles. But otherwise, this is awesome. The wowwee team is great and i've had some minor issues with chip; whenever i open a ticket through their website, customer service pulls through and they are able to solve all my problems/.

W. Yvette, Windsor and Maidenhead

Brand :    wowwee
Color :    White
Weight :    2.00 pounds
  • When low on battery, chip automatically returns to his smartbed to recharge himself
  • Chip is a smart, affectionate, trainable robot dog
  • Chip responds to you through touch, the included smartband, and the chip app
  • The smartband allows chip to recognize and follow you; chip will also play fetch with the smartball and bring it back to you
  • When getting started with chip, be sure to download the latest chip app (free) from the app store or google play to take advantage of the latest features!
Model :    5805
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Boost :    Best Toys And Games (wowwee product review) for WowWee CHiP Robot Toy Dog - White available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Bloxels: Build Your Own Video Game

This board and app combination is a fantastic tool/game/toy. It really is! the idea of having a physical piece to make game design feel "more real" is terrific and it's great for my 7 year old son, who loves his minecraft and legos and all those things. . However: the initial setup of the board was a major pain in the ass. It really was. Between my husband and i, who are respectively an accomplished computer scientist and a reasonably tech-savvy gamer, we played with the board for over an hour last night each and some more this morning. The board is not matte enough to use in super bright light, but it's not shiny enough to use in low light. We finally made it work in our son's room which has a medium ceiling light with a white light-filtering glass housing, positioning the board so that we can have the light off to the side to get light without glare. Also, my son's kindle wouldn't get a good picture of the board because it's an older kindle and has a lower quality camera. (my phone, with a really good camera, did work very well once we got the right setup area for the board. ). . Now, my son has been playing with the board and making his own individual characters and levels and "what if" scenarios, exploring what the game can and cannot do, for the last couple of hours. He's having a blast and getting to be creative and think about game logistics and design! it's exactly what i hoped he'd get out of the game! but getting to this point gave me a few extra gray hairs for its difficulty. . I'm hoping that as mattel refines this concept they can make setup easier so that the average person can do this much more easily. Getting to the point where it's fun for a kid (should really be able to be set up by the child in question) is way too difficult for the average person unless they get lucky on the first or second try.

Build your own video games with bloxels! the innovative video game creation platform makes concepting and execution easy. Watch your game world come to life as you create and animate play spaces, characters and objects because you are the artist, game designer, storyteller, programmer, publisher and player! the physical pieces in the bloxels game set work with the free bloxels builder app to digitize your creations, put them on-screen and make them playable. Just download the free bloxels builder app to your smart device (not included) to get started. Then use the 13 x 13 gameboard and colored blocks to design a room, create the art for game elements and bring your heroes and villains to life. When creating game rooms, each color in your design represents a different element, like terrain, water or a hazard. When working on art, the blocks represent the pixelated image. There are eight different colors and 320 blocks for lots of endless possibilities. Once you have finished adding blocks, snap a picture with the "in-app camera" to digitize your creation. Go from blocks to "bloxels" instantly! on-screen test your game, edit layouts and change the colors of your art assets. The process of building the game is easy to follow, with instructions and tutorials to help beginners. From creating the map of your game to animating your characters to adding power-ups to full-on playing, you make the decisions and produce the work. When your game is ready for the world to play, post it to the bloxels infinity wall to share. Fellow 13-bit builders can play your game and buy your creations to use in their own games, earning you coins. Coins you earn can be used to buy content from other players to remix within your game in new and creative ways. How will your game evolve? how will it start? what story will you tell? get ready to get in the game - video game development - with bloxels. Includes gameboard, 320 blocks, challenge poster and instruction manual; the bloxels builder app is downloadable for free. For a list of the latest supported devices, please visit colors and decorations may vary.

Bloxels: Build Your Own Video GameBloxels-Build-Your-Video-Game

See Bloxels: Build Your Own Video Game (Mattel) FAQ.

I first saw bloxels at a mini maker event with my 8 year old and got very excited to get it for him for christmas. I love the concept of being able to make your own video game, all on your own, complete with your own characters and villains. I also like the fact that it simulates the old school video games. We went through the challenges after christmas and he was able to complete it with no issues. What i thought would probably be one of his favorite gifts was not so. It actually became one of my favorite gifts. He hasn't taken to it yet and isn't interested in even starting his own game. However, he will happily play the games i create. I got a bit confused when i started to build my game. But after that, i understood the steps and my games have been improving. . I have to admit, i'm a bit addicted to this app. Many things such as characters, animations and props can be made/built directly on the app. However, if you want to add "brains" to the enemies, such as the size, power, coins collected when defeated, etc. That needs to be built on the board. And yes, you need a tablet to play and build. I believe you can also use a phone but the screens would be too small in my opinion. . I do agree that the photo capture functionality needs some work. Most of the time it doesn't capture the correct block color. There's an adjust functionality after you capture the photo to adjust the color of blocks and sometimes that works but a lot of times i have to retake the photo over and over again. So now i only use the board to add brains to the enemies i create. . I read in the reviews that other buyers found there aren't enough blocks in this set. This is a starter set and you can buy additional blocks to add. However, i find there is enough to build characters and props for my games. If not and you need more blocks you can capture your photo then go in and edit and add the additional blocks in the app. . If your child is really into programming, coding and building their own games i would definitely recommend this. If they are only interested in playing video games, like my son, then maybe not so much. I think perhaps when he's a little older he may be interested in creating his own game. I would say the age group would be 8+ -Notice from H. Kristen, Wisconsin

Click to Show bloxels: build your own video game (mattel) Details

This "game" is the coolest! i bought this for my 5 year old son and he loves it! it can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. We build a couple characters and imported them into the game. It's so neat seeing your creation come to "life! " he usually likes to just use characters he made on other people's video games, which you can access through an online community built into the app. But you could get as detailed as you want to; create textures for the ground and import them, make huge levels, design traps, bad guys. It's really impressive! a huge win for any video game enthusiasts, future coders and dreamers alike.

Bloxels:-build-your-own-video-game-(mattel) set picture

- M. EvelynMy son and i played bloxels even before i purchased the physical board. Creating your own characters and video game world is mostly very exciting! the excitement ends quickly when it's time to capture your board and it doesn't quite go as it should. I would recommend you make sure your lighting is bright, but too bright will also cause problems. In our case natural sunlight did not suffice. I used an adjustable lamp but made sure it was about a foot and a half from the board then the magic continued. I would also encourage parents to let your kids figure out the buttons and game play on their own before jumping in to simplify everything.

There is so much that you can build and tweak to make your own video game world. My son bought a board with his allowance after watching a youtube promo from vat19 and several of their bloxels channel videos. Using both physical and digital formats, bloxels provides endless opportunities to inspire creativity and imagination. Lots of fun. I'll be buying one for myself so that we can play together and build faster.

V. Linda, Thurrock

  • Build your video games with a mix of physical and digital tools that include designs to help get you started creating your first game
  • The bloxels builder app is free to download to your compatible device (not included)
  • Create game rooms, characters and game art using the 13" x 13" gameboard and 320 blocks in eight different colors
  • The toy insider stem 10 winner. get into the game - hands-on video game development - with bloxels video game creation platform
  • When creating game rooms, each color in your design represents a different element, like green for terrain, blue for water or red for a hazard. when working on art, the color blocks represent the pixel art
Brand :    mattel
Weight :    3.00 pounds
Model :    FFB15
Quantity :    1
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Toy :    Best Toys And Games (mattel product review) for Bloxels: Build Your Own Video Game available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

ROBOT WARS Coding Board Game - Learn Play Computer Programming. Geeky STEM Toy Gift Boys Girls ages 7 years up. No Prior Coding Skills Required

A fun filled coding game that can be enjoyed by kids, adults and families alike. Introduces how a computer (or robot) executes the code through sequential logic. Java code is blended into english commands so that anyone who can read english can play this game. Computer programming for kids made easy through robot wars! how the game works: players are being tested against their skills of instructing robots through the war, in an artificial war zone. First one to reach the middle grid of the board wins and will be selected as commander of robots. Select color of your choice for celeb and shoot through enemies as you approach the winning grid. Shoot cards will be distributed equally to all the players. First player starts the game by picking up the top card of instructions deck and moves his robot according to the command on his instruction card. If he gets to move to a new grid on the board using this card, he can collect the top card of resources deck. Each player picks up an instruction and moves to collect resources. When it is first players turn again he can choose between playing his resource and picking up a new instruction. As the game goes on, you will collect more resources and strategize your game better. Skills covered: sequential logic conditional logic if-else syntax while loop syntax for loop syntax functions bugs robotic movements components: 1 game board . 4 celeb game markers (plastic robot toys) 1 rule book a deck of instruction cards a deck of resource cards shoot cards about card board learning: card board learning is a company working towards introducing important educational and life skills through tabletop games. Our products are widely used in stem homeschooling and as educational gifts. Currently developing best possible board games on coding for kids and math.

ROBOT WARS Coding Board Game - Learn Play Computer Programming. Geeky STEM Toy Gift Boys Girls ages 7 years up. No Prior Coding Skills RequiredROBOT-WARS-Coding-Board-Game

Brand :    card board learning
Color :    Navy Blue
Weight :    0.77 pounds
  • Fun filled educational game. players get to shoot other players' robots through the war. commands for bots are written in java, but readable as simple english
  • No prior coding skills are required for kids or parents to play the game. contains miniature robot coding toys, .
  • Learn computer programming like never before! beginner and strategy levels to enhance progressive learning in kids
  • The game is a highly interactive way to introduce coding to kids. it adds programming logic and syntax to kid's skill set and makes them ready for future of work.
  • Specs: 2-4 players, ages 7 years and up, 40 - 60 minutes. strategize your cards smartly to eliminate the other robots and reach the winning zone first!
Model :    CBLRW1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for ROBOT WARS Coding Board Game - Learn Play Computer Programming. Geeky STEM Toy Gift Boys Girls ages 7 years up. No Prior Coding Skills Required available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

Create one-of-a-kind animations using the minecraft animation studio! inspired by the virtual game, this exciting toolkit comes with everything you need to make your favorite characters come to life. Choose from one of six iconic environments to set the stage for your movie then use the mini-figures and accessories to act out a story. Download the free app, which makes the objects appear to move on their own, and use your mobile device to aim and shoot: you've just created your own minecraft animation! switch and swap out environments to tell any story you want. Kids will be able to create, share, and show off their animations with other fans of minecraft. Includes 1 movie stage, 6 different backgrounds, 3 exclusive mini-figures, over 18 other environment accessories, and a device holder.

Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation StudioMattel-CMH76-Minecraft-Stop-Motion-Animation

Brand :    mattel
Color :    multi-colored
Size :    Standard
Weight :    1.66 pounds
Model :    CMH76
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • The minecraft animation studio combines real-life objects with a mobile app so that kids can direct their own beginnings and endings
  • Make one-of-a-kind minecraft films!
  • Includes 1 movie stage, 6 different backgrounds, 3 exclusive mini-figures, a device holder, and over 18 other accessories 
  • Use your mobile device to aim and shoot then swap out environments to tell a different story
  • Create, share, and show off your animations with other fans of minecraft
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

WowWee - Coder MiP STEM-based Toy Robot - Transparent

Coder mip is a new, programmable version of the world's favorite balancing robot - featuring red accents and a cool new see-through design to show off the robotic components inside. You can control coder mip with simple drag and drop commands, using the app on your bluetooth smart tablet or smartphone. Customize coder mip's reactions to different inputs such a clapping, hand gestures, and pokes and create a robot that is right for you. Coder mip can balance multiple objects on his matching tray while moving or standing still, just like the original black and white mip versions. You can also drive him over his matching ramp. This robot has an inquisitive personality and communicates through motion, sounds, and led lights in his eyes and chest. His sensors allow him to navigate his surroundings and respond to hand gestures. You can also make him dance or play games with him using the app.

WowWee - Coder MiP STEM-based Toy Robot - TransparentWowWee-Coder-STEM-based-Robot-Transparent

Brand :    wowwee
Color :    Coder MiP
Size :    n.a.
Weight :    1.00 pounds
  • Cool new see-through design with red wheels and accents
  • Drive coder mip around and over his ramp while he balances multiple items on his matching tray
  • Simple drag and drop commands let you customize coder mip's actions/reactions
  • Programmable version of the world's favorite balancing robot with a brand new app
  • Create if-then statements and play games using the coder mip app on your smart device
Model :    0866
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (wowwee product review) for WowWee - Coder MiP STEM-based Toy Robot - Transparent available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

WowWee - MiP Toy Robot - White

Bought this for my 6 yr old grandson and he loves it! not sure his parents appreciate replacing the batteries but heck! that's why i'm the grandmother.

Introducing mip! mip has an inquisitive and responsive personality communicated through motion, sounds, and rgb led eyes. With his unique dual wheel balancing, mip is able to navigate his surroundings, follow hand gestures, and even follow objects around. Unique dual-wheel balancing with fast speeds and on the dime turning. Hand gesture command recognition. Comes with a tray accessory that can be plugged in. Watch mip balance multiple objects while moving or standing still! multiple robotic modes including roam, stacking, dance, and programming.

WowWee - MiP Toy Robot - WhiteWowWee-MiP-Toy-Robot-White

See Wowwee - Mip Toy Robot - White (0821) FAQ.

My husband and i were really excited at first, but it took our seven year old a bit of time to warm up to this little guy. It's pretty fun once you get the hang of it, but there's quite the learning curve - first just to figure out what it is you can do with it (my son can read instructions, but none really come with it, and we aren't really in the habit of letting him go look through youtube which is where ultimately we had to go get our intel). Once we got some initial info, then he was able to get into it a bit more and figure out more by himself. This isn't the first toy i have this problem with - i get that we are in a techy age, but i feel like toys should still come with useful intro info. Even the wowee website is completely useless in terms of actual info, every time i did my search all i got was the page selling the product - 'here are all the features'. That you will have to look all over the internet in order to figure out how to activate and use. :) so for that reason, i give it four stars. And also because in the end, i didn't think it was amazingly terrific, to be honest (now i'm thinking about the programming app). I feel like there could be more flexibility with the app. So anyway, cute and entertaining - but not something i would absolutely recommend to all my friends. -Notice from A. Sherry, Arkansas

Click to Show wowwee - mip toy robot - white (0821) Details

Our 7 year old son saved his money and bought this for himself. He loves it. There is an app that you can install, we have ours on an ipad, that acts as a remote control. The robot can also be programmed by the user.

Wowwee---mip-toy-robot---white-(0821) set picture

- X. JacquelineWe do like this mip and it has a very cute personality, and has been fun so far. Be advised that your hand motions will not really work to command the robot but the ap on the ipad works very well. We wanted to report that this particular mip is about 7. 5 inches high and apparently there is another mip that is around 10. 5 inches high. It's very unclear why there are two different sizes, and it's also not clear when you order it on online store so be sure to check the details and stats before you place your order. This mip is just surprisingly smaller than imagined. It also came in a plain brown cardboard box (sort of sketchy packaging) marked wowee but said "from china" and it initially made me nervous that this was a scam and it was not a true mip. Do not expect this robot to come in the proper packaging you would see in a store, but it did have a manual inside and was well packaged inside. If you end up having questions or problems, it seems unclear who to contact since the wowee website is not "user friendly" and does not seem to provide direct customer service. Overall, we paid $60 for this mip and are happy with it.

Want something to keep your kidos entertained? this is the thing. Very durable, fun, and best of all they still play with the mip i bought 4 of these, last christmas, 2015 for each of my grandchildren, 11, 12, 9, and 8 years old. They still play with them even after a year. That says a lot about a toy

N. Mays, Rochdale

Brand :    wowwee
Color :    MiP Robot White
Weight :    0.66 pounds
Model :    MiP Robot (White)
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Sound detection system allows your wowwee robot to react to noises in its environment.
  • Ble allows your wowwee product to seamlessly connect to and interact with your smart devices.
  • Gesturesense allows your wowwee robot to respond to gesture-based interactions like swipes, claps, touch and more.
  • Free app provides control and/or enhanced gameplay on your smart device.
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for WowWee - MiP Toy Robot - White available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Wowwee Coji Coding Robot Toy (0802) Price : 21, was : 0 as 2017-02-14
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My kids love this. They are 5&8 yrs old, and just won't let it go! great value and actually educational!

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Is coji a coding robot

(1) Question: Does it work with an ipad mini?

(2) Question: Is coji compatible with all tablets?

(3) Question: Will it work with an ipad 2?

(4) Question: Will this work with a kindle fire hd?

(5) Question: Will this work with the online store tablet

(note) Question: where/how to get Wowwee (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Wowwee's products


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Really cute robot! great for the price and ideal for children with beginning or no skills in coding. My 8 year old loves him and named him 3

Kids' Electronics 110461661, Remote- & App-Controlled Figures & Robots 110404343, Toys & Games 110397561Top Wowwee Coji Coding Robot Toy (0802) FAQ Content

Best wowwee coji coding robot toy (0802) in review

High quality, very beautiful, fast delivery, recommended shop.

A. Gina, Ealing

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T. Eva, Harrow says

This is a very simple coding toy, but for my 4 and 6 year old it is perfect. Its a great first step. I wish it were louder and came with more games, but my kids are beyond happy with it!

X. Cortney, Rhode Island

My kids love coji. My 5 year old plays with it nonstop for hours. Mostly on manual mode, but sometimes he programs him too, especially when he's showing it off. It's a wonderful toy and if the kids learn a few concepts about coding along the way that's even better.

Y. Clara, Hartlepool says

Excellent fun and simple

L. Wayt, Oldham

Excellent for children, it entertains them a lot and helps them to develop cognitive and spatial as they learn to move it in its outline. Exelente para los niños, los entretiene mocho y los alluda al desarrollo cognitivo y espacial ya que aprenden a moverlo en su contorno.

Z. Mahood, Minnesota says

Son loves this thing, he plays all the games with ease thru the app. He also figured out you can go manual on the controls as well like a remote control car.

N. Jessica, Darlington

This is a very simple coding toy, but for my 4 and 6 year old it is perfect. Its a great first step. I wish it were louder and came with more games, but my kids are beyond happy with it!

I. Jennifer, Camden says

This is an incredible buy and an awesome stem toy! i bought this to use with my first grade students, and i can't wait to let them try it. I've been having fun with it, too!

O. Maria, Maine

Bought this because my 5 year old who loves robots wanted to play on the app. We thought it would be to hard for him because it says "coding robot" but after getting it we realized how wrong we were! the app makes everything simple and easy for him to understand. It's been fun and interactive, even the adults have enjoyed driving it around the house. I'd recommend this to anyone who has a robot loving family member and if it ever breaks i'd buy it again!

N. Cindy, Gloucestershire says


S. Brendon, British Columbia

Fun toy. Working with kids to see how they really learn with it. Did have some problems with the code working correctly and i'm trying to work with their tech support.

Q. Taylor, Virginia says

Bought this for my nephew for christmas and he loves it! it allows your kid to program moves and emoji's. Very cute toy!

W. June, Kentucky

This is very easy to use and is perfect for young coders! my son is 4 and he has no problem figuring this out.

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