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Price was $34.03. The tweaks to pandemic's standard play are significant. The biggest is that there's no shuttles between cities anymore - it is 1848, after all. Now, to have rapid transportation between distant cities, you have to build railroads. There's also sailing between ports, but that costs a card. There's also no curing and eradicating diseases - all you can do is research them (four researches is a win. ) this means you don't pick up all 3 cubes after a research. Players can now water purify regions, which act like quarantines from state of emergency for several cities. . The roles are likewise different from the standard, too. There's no medic. There's no researcher. There's no dispatcher, and so on. For instancve, the nurse behaves like a modified quarantine specialist, blocking a region she's bordering. . Oh, and the artwork is absolutely gorgeous, too, evoking mid-19th century artwork. . If you need a nice twist on pandemic, iberia is great.

-V. Courtney

Pandemic: iberia board in pandemic iberia, the year is 1848, and diseases are spreading fast under the burning sun of the iberian peninsula. take on the roles of a nurse, a railway man, and a rural doctor, -pandemic: iberia board game

  • Feature: 45 Minute Playing Time.
  • Feature: Ages 8 And Up.

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If you are a fan of pandemic then you will love iberia. It has the same basic premise, cure all 4 diseases, but with a theme around 1848 spain. There are several noticeable changes to the formula the largest being no longer able to "fly" to locations using your cards. They also add features that are more fitting of the time period: you can travel from port cities to others for a cost, railroads can be built to help transportation, purifying water can help slow the spread of disease, etc. . The quality of the game is fantastic and the artwork is beautiful. There is even a specialized scenario that adds further twists to the standard pandemic rules. If you are a fan of the original game? then you will thoroughly enjoy this stand alone version. The Best pandemic: iberia board as-of ( Jun 2020 ) | Diamond Book Distributors-Toys And Games Review Feature Pandemic: Iberia Board Game For 2-5 players. 45 minute playing time. Ages 8 and up .

Pandemic: Iberia Board Game Review (zmg 71120)

Very enjoyable variation of pandemic. Since it takes place in the old days, you never find a cure. You just try to control the disease by discovering its cause. In this game you can use your movement points to build railroads instead of moving. It takes more time to get there at first, but once the railroad is in place you can move the entire length in one move, instead of plodding around in a horse drawn carriage. -D. Matherly

Z Man Games Zmg 71120 Pandemic

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pandemic: iberia board Toy, In pandemic iberia, the year is 1848, and diseases are spreading fast under the burning sun of the iberian peninsula. take on the roles of a nurse, a railway man, and a rural doctor, among many others, and work as a team to push back the new threats that are malaria, typhus, cholera, and the yellow fever. from barcelona to lisboa, travel by carriage, by boat, or by train, and help the iberian populace by developing railways and distributing purified water in this new version of pandemic. discover a unique part of the world during the historically significant time period that is the construction of the first railroad in the iberian peninsula called the spring of nations. being a collector's edition, note that this game will have a one-time only print run! . Pandemic: Iberia Board Game (ZMG 71120-Z Man Games).

Z Man Games Zmg 71120 Pandemic Toy

pandemic: iberia boardPandemic: Iberia Board Game (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

A nice blend of being similar enough to pandemic to feel familiar and different enough to present new demands for strategic thinking. If you like pandemic, you'll almost certainly like iberia. I also think the game would play well if you had never played pandemic, though in that case it probably means that you'd go on to buy the original as well. I've forgotten who said this about pandemic (not i), but it's really a logic puzzle posing as a board game. This holds true of iberia, as well. Also true of both, the game has so many variables that every time you play it it's different. Like the original pandemic, an instant classic.

Pandemic: Iberia Board Game
Click to see NoticePandemic: Iberia Board Game (Z Man Games)"Pandemic in spain and portugal in the mid-19th century. If you are familiar with pandemic than this is very similar. The game comes with regular play which is similar to pandemic where you have to cure the four diseases although its different in that instead of building your regular research station you have to build color specific hospitals. Other cool things are that you can use actions and discard color cards to put on water which makes it if the card is drawn you take off a water instead. The roles are pretty unique. The game comes with two other scenario's influx of patients challenge where you have move patients to hospitals to be treated. Historical diseases challenge where you play with (black) malaria, (red) typhus, (blue) cholera and (yellow) yellow fever."

Star Wars: Rebellion Board Game

Awesome game. Well balanced yet asymmetrical. Gorgeous components. Relatively steep learning curve but all the rules work well once you've had a bit of practice. The universe seeps into every detail of the game: you feel like you are a part of an alternative star wars story. The grand scale allows you to fill in your own details of the story your game is telling. An absolute blast. Not for the faint of heart however: it's a very long game. But worth it!

"star wars: rebellion is a board game of epic conflict between the galactic empire and rebel alliance for two to four players! experience the galactic civil war like never before. In rebellion, you control the entire galactic empire or the fledgling rebel alliance. You must command starships, account for troop movements, and rally systems to your cause. Featuring more than 150 plastic miniatures and two game boards that account for thirty-two of the star wars galaxy's most notable systems, rebellion features a scope that is as large and sweeping as any star wars game before it. Yet for all its grandiosity, rebellion remains intensely personal, cinematic, and heroic. As much as your success depends upon the strength of your starships, vehicles, and troops, it depends upon the individual efforts of such notable characters as leia organa, mon mothma, grand moff tarkin, and emperor palpatine. As civil war spreads throughout the galaxy, these leaders are invaluable to your efforts, and the secret missions they attempt will evoke many of the most inspiring moments from the classic trilogy. You might send luke skywalker to receive jedi training on dagobah or have darth vader spring a trap that freezes han solo in carbonite! contents include: 1 game board (split in 2 halves), 170 plastic miniatures, 25 leaders (with stands), 10 custom dice, over 170 cards, 1 learn to play booklet, 1 rules reference".

Star Wars: Rebellion Board GameStar-Wars-Rebellion-Board-Game

Star Wars: Rebellion Board Game (SW03) FAQ.

Fantasy flight has really been hitting home runs with their line of star wars games. I own x wing miniatures which i love. I didn't end up pulling the trigger on imperial assault or armada. As much as i love these games at times the bigger more epic games are harder to get to the table with my gaming group, since most of my friends enjoy lighter more casual games, so this is what i usually buy. This all went out the window when i saw star wars rebellion! it just looked so huge and so epic and i needed to have it! i was really hoping that it lived up to the hype and my expectations. And. Well. It did! . . The pieces and game board are beautiful, totally living up to ffg standards. I'm not one who paints miniatures, and quite honestly i don't think these miniatures need despite not being pre-painted. The board itself is broken up into two boards that go together. Each of these are roughly the size of a normal board game board, so it's huge! and the detail on the board and the different planets, then detail, on the cards, the dice are quality. I really can't say enough about the components of this game. . The game play itself is also amazing. Looking at the rule book it seems daunting like the game is going to be super complicated, but it's not! there are a lot of nuances which take a few plays and checking to rules reference book to make sure your getting everything right. But all in all for the scope of this game, very easy to learn and teach. The only thing i was worried about was the balance of the game. My friend and i played 3 times in the first week i got the game swapping dark side and light side each game play. The first 3 games the imperials won every time. This may have just been a fluke or us just getting use to the game, because the last game play i won as the rebels quite decisively. We have yet to try the team version of the game so i cannot speak as to whether it is fun or not, but i'm sure it's fine, this game really is designed for 2 though. . In conclusion if your a star wars fan and like games in any way, get this game. If your not a star wars fan but love epic sci-fi games, get this game. If your looking for a great 2 player game, get this game. The only ones who shouldn't get this game are people who don't like longer games and don't care for star wars. But if this seems even remotely appealing to you, try it out. Wait scratch that. Buy or buy not, there is no try. -Notice from I. Linda, Niedersachsen

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Probably the best star wars board game out there. Best played with 2 players, but it can be played with 4 though. In a 4-player game, the players are in 2 teams and split responsibilities. . Includes tons of miniatures. I recommend getting a storage case for all of them. I bought the "plano 1354 4-by rack system 3500 size tackle box" for $16 on online store. It fits all of the miniatures, cards, dice, and pieces pretty well. The only things that wouldn't fit in it were the game board and rule books. . The first few games will take a really long time to play while players get used to the rules, which seem complicated at first, but weren't really that bad once we go them down. Our first game took 5 hours. Once learning the rules by heart, i can see this game getting down to maybe 2 hours. . Pros:. - a lot of fun, especially for players of the original pc game of the same name or just star wars fans in general. - tons of plastic miniatures with decent weight to them for being plastic. - easy introductory game rules with guided setup to ease new players into the game. - advanced rules for people who are familiar with the basic rules and want more options. - the board is huge! 44" x 22" once laid out, then you need space around it for parts not put on the board. . Cons:. - some of the miniatures (a few out of over 100) were slightly misshapen. - some of the various decks are on mini cards. I'd prefer them on regular sized cards like the others. - takes at least two hours to play once you know the rules well. - setting up a game can take up to 10-15 minutes.

Star-wars:-rebellion-board-game-(sw03) set picture

- G. PeggyJust a few tidbits. . -not a game for the faint of heart. This is an in depth game that requires patience to get through. Most of my games last 3-4 hours. . -very very thematic. Feels like you are a part of the star wars universe. . - game says it supports 4 players, but this is a 1v1 game at it's core. . -lots of pieces with a decent amount of setup and tear down time. . -love how this is a cat and mouse game the entire time. Feels very balanced with neither side feeling over powered. . -only thing i dislike is the dice rolling. The game is a blast until you begin to battle. Then it feels cumbersome and slow. Luckily it's just a small portion of the game.

Unboxing: star wars rebellion comes in a good side box and it is heavy. This is because it is packed full of miniatures, card, tokens, two large game boards (that are placed next to each other to make one large one. ) everything is very good quality as one might expect after fantasy flight game s other star wars games. . The miniature are small, made to fit a number of them on sections of the board. These aren t like the x-wing miniatures or imperial assault but are more risk like. The death stars and the super star destroyers are a good size though. . The characters come in the form of standees punched out from the same thick sheet as the tokens. There are both empire and rebel characters that will keep maybe star wars fan happy: the emperor, darth vader, boba fett, luke, leia, and han all are present plus a number of others. We ve posted an unboxing on youtube:. . . . . Once we play the game we ll post a second video with a review and i ll update this review here.

N. Susana, City of Bristol

Brand :    fantasy flight games
Weight :    3.75 pounds
Model :    SW03
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (fantasy flight games product review) for Star Wars: Rebellion Board Game available as-of ( Jun 2020 )
Price :    $39.99 (was $75.98)
  • Contains more than 150 plastic miniatures to represent your military forces
  • A classic star wars experience, in which the actions of a few heroes (or villains) decide the fate of the galaxy "
  • A board game of epic conflict between the galactic empire and rebel alliance for 2 - 4 players "

King of New York Board Game

A follow up game that's actually better than the original? surprising. But this game adds more "things to do" and also balances it towards winning by victory points. Crushing buildings for points, health, and energy adds some flavor and additional strategy to the game play. In fact i'd say it's far easier than winning by victory points than killing everyone else. Most games end that way now. This version makes the original look a tad inferior. Looking forward to the expansion pack.

New city. New rules. New monsters. Same fight. To be the king!   there's always something happening in the city that never sleeps. Maybe it's the lights, maybe it's the energy, or maybe it's the giant monsters trying to demolish the place!   get ready for richard garfield's follow up to the best-selling king of tokyo! who will be the king of new york?   king of new york introduces lots of new ways to play, while still keeping the core ideas of king of tokyo.   there are buildings to stomp! vengeful military units to destroy! six brand new monsters!   every roll of the dice might mean that your monster feels the ouch, as military units open fire.   will you grab the spotlight and become a celebrity superstar?   or will you become the defender of the city and befriend lady liberty?   each of new york's boroughs has its own charms, but to truly rule the big apple, you have to control manhattan.   defeat the other monsters and rule the city. Become the king of new york!

King of New York Board GameKing-New-York-Board-Game

King New York Board Game (Iello) FAQ.

Thank you! we are having so much fun with the game! -Notice from W. Valdez, Ontario

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I bought this for my brother on his birthday and he loved it!

King-new-york-board-game-(iello) set picture

- M. JoannaKing of tokyo is a hard game to top. It's party-friendly. It's easy to pick up. Amongst the ideal 4-6 player range, it cycles among frantic alliances and betrayals. The theme is comical and the artwork, particularly its cards, are top notch. It's one of those games you can reliably bring along to please even those who aren't board game aficionados. It has but one glaring problem: turtling. It's far too effective a strategy to merely avoid entering tokyo as much as possible, racking up victory points while your opponents fight amongst themselves. Which is pretty dull compared to the backdrop of stretching your roll to try to get that last attack face in order to eliminate an opponent. . King of new york provides a novel counter to this. In place of the number faces of the dice are the new features of destruction, celebrity, and ouch. Cities now fight back - military units break out in response to damage - and you can funnel these units to where your opponents are stationed. No monster is very safe for long. This isn't a small rebalance. You'll probably discover that while the rules remain pretty similar, habits from kot are counter-productive in kony. It speeds up the game and rewards careful consideration. There's less room for error when choosing when to heal, when to gather energy, and when to attack. . The only slights i can manage: the cards from kot are mostly incompatible given these changes. Which is sad since some of them are pretty fantastic and i would love to include them. Second, the scoring placards haven't changed other than the artwork for new characters. So they still suffer from the problem of not very visibly showing health and victory points except through a very small window. This leads to lots of neck craning or 'health check' announcements. Neither of these are enough to dock kony out of five-star territory. All of the charms from before are still here, just refined.

Great game, adds a lot of content to the king of tokyo, makes it more of an in-depth game. Box came damaged and warped, but was packaged very well, so i'm sure the damage occurred before shipping, which is a little disappointing.

T. Rowe, Wigan

Brand :    iello
Weight :    2.20 pounds
Model :    I 51170
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (iello product review) for King of New York Board Game available as-of ( Jun 2020 )
Price :    $8.88 (was $45.95)
  • Incredible artwork by regis torres
  • 60 minute playing time
  • For 2-6 players
  • Simple, fast-paced and lively as king of tokyo, with more depth and decisions to be made
  • Takes about an hour to play

Pandemic Legacy Red Board Game

After playing this game, i now understand why boardgame geeks votes this the top game of all time. Pandemic is fun: not my favorite, but a very solid coop. Pandemic legacy is a blast! the way the game develops and changes over time, based on my team's actions, is fantastic. Literally no two games are ever alike. We're 4 months into our 12 month campaign and having a great time. I highly recommend!

The world is on the brink of disaster. In pandemic legacy, your disease-fighting team must keep four deadly diseases at bay for a whole year. Each month will bring new surprises, and your actions in each game will have repercussions on the next. Will you let cities fall to the diseases? will your team be enough to keep the viruses at bay for a whole year? craft your own unique pandemic experience with pandemic legacy.

Pandemic Legacy Red Board GamePandemic-Legacy-Red-Board-Game

Pandemic Legacy Red Board Game (Z Man Games) FAQ.

This game is a game that has revolutionized board gaming for me. . First, let me say that every description of the game i heard left me not understanding why i would want to purchase it. Let me just say, if you like pandemic, purchase this. . The best description i have heard (that best approximates the experience) is that playing pandemic legacy is like watching a season of a television show. By this i mean that as you play the game, the decisions made in the last game will effect all games going forward. Now you can not rewind the season, and it will continue on, so good luck! . . We are currently playing two copies of this game (thus have purchased it twice) as we wanted to play the game with another set of friends. . My one suggestion would be to have more then one player read the rule book as misunderstanding of rule nuance (or legacy deck card nuance) can lead to the game becoming too hard (or easy) -Notice from F. Elizabeth, North East Lincolnshire

Click to Show pandemic legacy red board game (z man games) Details

Wow! my kids got this for me christmas 2015, and we have been playing it this year as defined in the rules. Oh yes, 'the rules', they are intricate and i am only able to keep up with every detail because this is a cooperative game. So far we have won 7 out of 10 playing sessions and succeeded to meet our objectives all but one month. (the faded figures caught us off guard and has proved to be our biggest challenge since 'invading' the yellow region. ). Enough about our problems. This is a bit of advice to you: learn how to play pandemic (we also expanded our original game set with on the brink and in the lab) before even thinking about legacy. And play the game with a team you can work with. Read the rules closely and read them again before each playing session. Make sure everyone remembers the details about their character and their relationship with others. Believe me when i say that every detail will have an influence on whether you win or lose. Yes, some details will hurt you, but more often than not you will find yourself in dire straits if you ignore, forget or simply overlook a minute instruction that was intended to help. Do we recommend this game? highly! are you capable of winning? that depends on you and the draw of the cards. Draw two epidemic cards back to back and it will test your mettle to its limits. Run or you will be scarred for life. Utilize your capabilities or your team will suffer. Don't think for a moment that you have things under control. Outbreaks will be your ruination if you don't plan for every contingency. May i remind you, this is pandemic at its worst or should i say its best. ? . . Adding my end of year note: we finished the game and saved the world for future generations. Based on the scoring tiers at the end of the game we finished just shy of the top level. This was a family night for the entire year 2016 and it was a challenge, but every episode enjoyable. Still a five star game for our group!

Pandemic-legacy-red-board-game-(z-man-games) set picture

- V. WilliamsThis game is absolutely amazing. My boyfriend and i just started playing it and have finished through february of the "12 month" campaign so far, and when i woke up this morning, the first thing i said to him was "i want to play more pandemic. ". . We had never played pandemic before, so we did a few practice rounds first without the legacy rules in effect. Feeling pretty comfortable with it, we moved ahead in the campaign. Opening the special boxes and putting stickers on the board feels like christmas. The first time it told us to destroy a card, we looked at each other wondering who was going to be brave enough to rip it up. The way new cards are entered into play, with rules changing permanently (or at least seemingly permanently) as you go, objectives changing and adding on to one another, makes each game a unique experience with changing strategy. There are funded events, characters added into play, upgrades and scars added to characters, mutations added to the diseases, and at the end of each game, depending on whether you won or lost, your funding either goes up or down, which will make the next game either easier or harder. I don't know how anyone could go back to regular pandemic after this. . At first i hadn't wanted to buy both pandemic and pandemic legacy, but now i think i understand the need for both. As the game's board changes and is modified, i think we'll need a regular pandemic board (and the expansions! ) for playing afterward. Though maybe we'll need to keep some of the new modifications we learned in legacy? only time will tell. . Next week, i'm starting a new legacy campaign with four players. I'm hoping that is even more exciting (will report back soon), but for now, i'm happy to have found a complex and engaging co-op game for two players. . Update:. And for people wondering if you can start over with the legacy campaign after you finish the 12 months, my feeling is that the answer is no. Even if you don't destroy cards, some of the changes are somewhat permanent, adding new rules at certain stages or placing new stickers over the old ones. Each time there is an outbreak in a city, it gets a sticker permanently leveling it from 1-5 (rioting to destroyed) which changes the play. So even without destroying cards, you're using the stickers. I don't think you could play through it again after you finish as the 12-month campaign, but i figure it is likely that whatever state the game is in by month 12, you can keep playing that campaign over and over.

The big draw for me was the long-term consequences of one's decisions. Events and actions taken early in the campaign matter all the way to the end of the game. Plus, how often do you get a chance to have permanent component change during a campaign? destruction of components, additions, amendments, more additions - the little surprises with each month of play added a frisson of anticipation. It was the boardgame equivalent of an advent calendar, and i found that quite cool. . The price can be daunting, but look at it this way - divide it evenly among your core players, and it becomes quite affordable. . Drawback - this is a commitment of time. For best effect, all players involved really need to play through the entire campaign, which will be 12-24 full game sessions.

I. Widmer, Islington

Brand :    z-man games
Weight :    4.54 pounds
  • Ever-changing elements means that every game will be unique to your group
  • An epic twist on the now classic pandemic mechanisms
  • Shape the world, the characters, and even the diseases
  • For 2-4 players
  • 60 minute playing time
Price :    $37.52 (was $43.13)
Model :    71171ZMG
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (z-man games product review) for Pandemic Legacy Red Board Game available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Pandemic: In The Lab Expansion Game

This is an expansion - you need pandemic and pandemic: on the brink in order to use it adds depth and complexity includes new roles, events and scenarios

Pandemic: In The Lab Expansion GameZ-Man-Games-ZMG-71102-Pandemic

Brand :    z-man games
Color :    One Colour
Size :    One Size
Weight :    1.50 pounds
Model :    ZMG 71102
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (z-man games product review) for Pandemic: In The Lab Expansion Game available as-of ( Jun 2020 )
Price :    $30.99 (was $32.37)
  • Adds depth and complexity
  • This is an expansion - you need pandemic in order to use it
  • Includes new roles, events and scenarios

Pandemic Reign Of Cthulhu Board Game

It took me about a month to win my first beginner's match of pandemic on my phone. Its a pain. I play exclusively on the lowest difficulty and i lose more than i win. Trading cards is restrictive. The time limit via the player deck is short. Bad draws can end a game prematurely. I once experienced a turn 1 epidemic into 4 outbreaks. Why would i play such a torturous affair with friends would i could play the far more accessible and reasonable forbidden desert? . . Since i gained a better grasp of pandemic, i bought my first physical copy of pandemic via its latest lovecraftian sequal and have found it far more enjoyable. It is easier, has effective use of its done to death lovecraftian horror theme, and has cool figures. . For those who play the original pandemic, events are now relics, the medic is now the hunter, the scientist is now the detective, disease cubes are now cultist figures, and cures are replaced with sealing gates. "epidemics" and "outbreaks" are merged into an awakening event, in which one of eight old ones are activated, permanently inhibiting the players. This means, at a minimum, there will be four awakenings in a perfect game! failure conditions happen more quickly and the game can spiral out of control faster. There are no buildings to build, but there are fixed transportation stations. Cultists are universal in color, and have a much smaller supply. There are also shoggoth enemy units that can speed up awakening if not defeated. . Like every lovecraft board game ever, each character has a sanity limit, and when it reaches zero, your character becomes insane, trading their current ability for a new one, usually an inferior one. . And most importantly, my favorite change: trading is easier! in the original, you had to stand in the exact spot to trade a card, making the researcher a crutch. Instead, players merely have to stand in the same colored region to trade cards. Life is sweet! . . This feels like a true and better sequel to pandemic, and if you like the original at all, you can't go wrong with this.

Beings of ancient evil, known as old ones, are threatening to break out of their cosmic prison and awake into the world. Everything you know and love could destroyed by chaos and madness. Can you and your fellow investigators manage to find and seal every portal in time? hurry before you lose yourself to insanity.

Pandemic Reign Of Cthulhu Board GamePandemic-Reign-Cthulhu-Board-Game

Pandemic Reign Of Cthulhu Board Game (Z Man Games) FAQ.

Fantastic adaptation of cthulhu mythos to the always fascinating format of pandemic. First timewe played was at gencon, looking like the 4 of us were going to win, when all of a sudden everything went south in one turn where we kept having to turn over extra old ones finally reaching good olde cthulthu himself, thereby losing the game. For those who love pandemic and love the everything cthuhu this gane is teh perfect combination. Can see ultimate ways this game can provide future expansions. -Notice from Y. Jacqueline, Manchester

Click to Show pandemic reign of cthulhu board game (z man games) Details

Pandemic cthulhu really keeps to the spirit of the pandemic games. We had a lot of fun playing with a group of four and as experienced scientists used to dealing with disease we had an advantage dealing with this new threat, so next time we will have to kick up the difficulty. I love the flavor of this game, being a monster hunter was so much more thrilling than being a medic i must say. I'd recommend it to anybody with an interest in co-op games. The play time and difficulty were consistent with baseline pandemic and much shorter and simpler than other cthulhu standards like arkham horror. You should definitely give it a whirl, just try and stay sane!

Pandemic-reign-of-cthulhu-board-game-(z-man-games) set picture

- W. ZeldaThis was more fun than expected, of course i ended up playing with a host of mythos fanatics who quickly dove into the gameplay. While similar to the original pandemic, there are enough nuances and variations to this edition to warrant playing and exploring fully. It is indeed a separate game, but one can see the pandemic dna woven throughout. An entertaining game through and through, it would likely be accessible even to non mythos fanatics, but you'd have to ask one of them.

If you like the cthulhu mythos and want to play a game set in it, but don't like the tedium and complexity of clunkier games like arkham horror, then pandemic reign of cthulhu is an excellent choice. It's built on the pandemic mechanics, but with an eldritch horror flair that plays out quite well. . Instead of dealing with a worldwide plague of disease, you instead take on a plague of evil in a more localized setting, focusing on the new england towns of arkham, innsmouth, dunwich, and kingsport. Players travel around the board dealing with cultists and shoggoths while attempting to close four gates, the only win-condition of the game. In contrast, there are quite a few different ways to lose, keeping the tension high and making for an ultimately frustratingly fun game. Sanity mechanics allow for players to go crazy while still having an effect on the game, and an increasing number of old ones and elder gods showing up ramps up the difficulty tremendously. . The game isn't too difficult to set up, and the rules easy to understand and locate what information you need on the spot. There are far fewer bits to keep track of than arkham horror, and the game as a whole sets up and plays out in about the same amount of time it takes neophyte players to simply get to game start on arkham horror. . Overall, quite a fun game even when you lose. Pandemic reign of cthulhu keeps you coming back on the hope that this time, just maybe, you might actually seal that last gate before you're overrun.

U. Diana, Tameside

Brand :    z-man games
Weight :    3.00 pounds
Model :    71140ZMG
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Custom die and figures
  • 40 minute playing time
  • For 2-4 players
  • Over 10 old ones with unique powers
  • Classic pandemic gameplay with a horrific twist
Price :    $8.88 (was $37.77)
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HABA Karuba - An Addictive Tile Laying Puzzle Game Whole Family Made in Germany

Wife, son and i played this at bggspring 2016 and we were so amazingly impressed with the accessibility of this game. It's not the most exciting game for adult players (although, it's still quite fun), but it is exciting when mixing adult and kid players which is extremely rare. Our son is 5, and this game is listed as 8+. According to the written rules, i agree with the 8+ assessment; however, we came up with "5 year old rules" which evens out the game quite well. In the game, you need to play tiles positioned correctly (number in upper left), but we let our son rotate the tiles in any direction - bam 5 year old can now compete with his parents in their 30s. As he gets older, we'll remove the handicap, but i foresee this being a staple in our game collection for quite a while.

Finally! after a long boat trip, the treasure hunters have reached the island of karuba and can go on the hunt for hidden treasures. Who will lead their expedition team along the smartest route through the jungle trails, pay attention to the other players and keep an eye out for gold and crystals along the way? the most important thing is to start running in time! hurry up and be the first to reach the temples to collect the most valuable treasures. But be careful! many paths have dead ends- so you need to be patient and attentive in order to discover the best way through the jungle. The expedition team with the most valuable treasures wins the game. An addictive tile-based puzzle game for 2-4 treasure hunters ages 8-99. Game length: approx 40 minutes. Designed and written by rudiger dorn and illustrated by claus stephan. Karuba was nominated for a 2016 spiel des jahres award.

HABA Karuba - An Addictive Tile Laying Puzzle Game Whole Family Made in GermanyHABA-Karuba-Addictive-Laying-Germany

Haba Karuba - Addictive Tile Laying Puzzle Game Whole Family Made In Germany (HAB300932) FAQ.

Really fun, quick and neat little package game. Easy to learn, but can have a depth not quite realized, especially when you find yourself blocked off from one of your temples, because you lost sight of all your objectives lol. Kids and adults will really enjoy this fun game. . One of the best parts of playing this game is whether you play with 2, 3 or 4 players the game takes abouth the same time to play. Your first game(s) from box open to close might take you 40-45 mins to play as you will be learning/ teaching the rules but once everyone gets the rules you can easily set up, take down and get two games during and hour lunch break. Yeah i play a lot games on my lunch break at work. :) -Notice from B. Pamela, Texas

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Karuba is a unique and creative tile based game that is different each time and does not get old. Takes about 35- 45 minutes to play. I have played with adults who love it and wanted to play again. I have played with my kids many times (ages 10, 8, & 8) and they love it. The components are very well made, bags are included for the game pieces. I was and still am impressed. I just wish more than 4 could play. I suppose you could buy 2 and then 8 people could conceivably play. Though today's price is more than what i purchased it for - it is still worth it. A great game to have in your collection.

Haba-karuba---addictive-tile-laying-puzzle-game-whole-family-made-in-germany-(hab300932) set picture

- V. DorothyWhat a great family game. Fun, thematic, easy to learn and teach. My wife and two sons (ages five and nine) love playing this game.

Karuba is great for when you don't have enough time or energy for a long gaming session of pandemic or catan, but still want to have some game time with family or friends. Our 10-year-old was able to understand the game pretty easily (but got a little frustrated at the level of planning), and our 13-year-old gamer daughter loves this game. You can adjust the difficulty to some degree by where you put the starting pieces, but a lot of the game is about luck of the draw and waiting for that "right" piece. Definitely a keeper!

Y. Evelyn, Somerset

Brand :    haba
Weight :    2.73 pounds
Model :    HAB300932
Quantity :    1
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Price :    $25.99
  • Lay your tiles on a grid to form paths in a fast-paced strategy game, racing against other players to snag the loot first. the faster you are, the more points you earn. every game plays differently!
  • An addictive tile-based puzzle game for 2-4 treasure hunters ages 8-99. game length: about 40 minutes. simple to learn, while giving the player plenty of important decisions to make along the way.
  • Premise: a team of adventurers gets dropped off on the beach of a mysterious island and set off through the jungle to hunt for treasure, their ultimate goal being to ransack ancient temples.
  • Designed and written by rudiger dorn and illustrated by claus stephan. karuba has won a "major fun" award and was nominated for germany's prestigious 2016 spiel des jahres award
  • Contents: 4 islands, 64 crystals, 12 gold nuggets, 16 temple treasures, 16 adventurers, 16 temples, 144 jungle tiles and 1 set of game instructions. made in germany.

Pandemic State of Emergency Board Game

"on the brink" and "in the lab" are such game changers in very interesting ways that they are the superior expansions. "state of emergency" is unfortunately not as good, but it still has its interesting bits. The hinterlands module, while an interesting concept, adds too much clutter to the main board, and the relatively slight change in overall game play is not worth the extra clutter and extra footprints of the two new boards that only have two cities each on them. The quarantine markers also only seem to impact the game in a minor way. However, the super bug challenge is quite interesting, and new roles are always fun to try out. In the end, it's pandemic, so it's still going to be fun and i am glad i have it, but this expansion is the most passable if you're not going to cave and buy them all. My expectations were set high by the previous expansions, so i almost gave this 3 stars, but i concluded that it was probably 4 stars after all.

Saving the world just got a little bit harder! three new challenges await you in this new expansion for pandemic:- the hinterlands challenge: the diseases are spreading from animals to humans. - the emergency events challenge: unpredictable events have nasty effects on the game. Try to use quarantines to stop the spread of disease across the board. - the superbug challenge: a fifth disease that cannot be treated threatens the world! produce vaccine doses after finding its cure in order to fight off this threat. You must eradicate the superbug disease to win.

Pandemic State of Emergency Board GamePandemic-State-Emergency-Board-Game

Pandemic State Emergency Board Game (Z Man Games) FAQ.

This expansion to pandemic brings a few more roles, quarantine markers, and 3 new modes to the game: superbug, hinterlands, and emergency events. . The superbug is pretty hard and i rarely use the emergency events; not because they are bad but because the game is often quite difficult as it is. The emergency events will throw out a rule when drawn like "no more direct flights) and the superbug makes you gather vaccine doses from a factory you build to cure infected locations. . I enjoy the hinterlands a little more because it adds 4 new locations to the map. The tokens to add to the board are a little obnoxious in size and could be replaced with little stickers or tiddlywinks. The new role cards are great but there are only a few and basically only useful to parts of this expansion. (the veterinarian is completely useless unless playing hinterlands. ). . The best part of the expansion that is now used in all my games of pandemic are the quarantine markers. You can now quarantine a location as an action and it blocks an infection at that location twice. Overall, i really enjoy this expansion (as i enjoy all expansions for this game) and recommend it. If you can only afford one expansion, this is not the one to buy; get the expansions in the order they were released: on the brink, in the lab, state of emergency. . In my opinion. -Notice from J. Juliana, Idaho

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Lots of fun.

Pandemic-state-emergency-board-game-(z-man-games) set picture

- G. GuestIf you have played pandemic before this is a great add-on for the game. Please note that this is an add-on. This is not a complete game but expands the one you currently have. This add-on adds a much more difficult aspect to the game as well as additional roles and situations.

Myself and a group of friends recently started doing some game-nights to break up the week, so we review the "tabletop" youtube channel quite frequently, and pandemic was one that looked amazing! . . I bought the original game and absolutely loved it. It's a very challenging game, 9 times out of 10 ending up loosing but it's great to play a cooperative board-game for once! . . Got this "expansion" to change the normal game up a bit and that it did. Would highly recommend it! . . Bought it and the expansions that go with it below:. . Main game: in the lab expansion: https:// on the brink expansion: https://www. Online store. Com/dp/b00cag5lj2/ref cm cr ryp prd ttl sol 22. State of emergency: https://www. Online store. Com/dp/b00sduq3le/ref cm cr ryp prd ttl sol 9

B. Ross, New Jersey

Brand :    z-man games
Weight :    1.41 pounds
Model :    71103ZMG
Quantity :    1
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  • Adds new roles, events, and a new disease to pandemic!
  • Not a standalone expansion. pandemic required to play
  • For 2 to 4 players age 13 and up
  • Play a complete game in about 45 minutes
Price :    $26.00
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Pandemic: The Cure

Pandemic: the cure, a dice-based version of the popular pandemic board game, sets up in less than a minute and plays in 30 minutes. As in the board game, four diseases threaten the world and it's up to your team to save humanity. You and your team must keep the world's hotspots in check before they break out of control, while researching cures to the four plagues.   players roll dice each turn to determine the actions available to them. They can fly and sail between the six major population centers of the world, treat disease in their current region, collect samples for further study, and exchange knowledge to help them in their goal of discovering cures. Each player takes on a different role that has its own unique set of dice and abilities - and players must take advantage of their specializations if they are to have any hope of winning the game. The dispatcher, for example, can spend dice to fly others around the board, while the medic is particularly adept at treating disease. Players can roll their dice as often as they like, but the more times they re-roll for the perfect turn, the more likely the next epidemic will occur.   at the end of each turn, new "infection dice" are rolled to determine the type and location of newly infected populations. If any region on the board is infected with more than three dice of a given color, an outbreak occurs, spreading disease into an adjacent region. If too many outbreaks take place, too many people get infected, or the rate of infection gets too high, all the players lose. If, however, the players can discover the cures to the four diseases, they all win and humanity is saved! .

Pandemic: The CureZ-Man-Games-ZMG-71150-Pandemic

Brand :    z-man games
Weight :    1.93 pounds
  • Dice-based version of the popular pandemic board game
  • Standalone game
  • Great replay value
Price :    $32.99
Model :    ZMG 71150
Quantity :    1
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Pandemic The Cure Experimental Meds Super-Expansion Board Game

Face dangerous new threats in pandemic: the cure - experimental meds as a fifth virus spreads across the globe and hot zones make their entrance, changing the rules for the worse! fortunately, new medical experts have joined the fight to help you.

Pandemic The Cure Experimental Meds Super-Expansion Board GamePandemic-Cure-Experimental-Super-Expansion-Board

Price :    $39.95 (was $52.95)
  • Face dangerous new threats in pandemic: the cure - experimental meds
  • For 2-5 players
  • 30 minute playing time
Brand :    z-man games
Model :    ZMG71151
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Terraforming Mars Board Game

Very very good game! a lot of fun and not that difficult to learn and tech to others. Give this game a try and you will most likely enjoy it.

In the 2400s, mankind begins to terraform the planet mars. Giant corporations, sponsored by the world government on earth, initiate huge projects to raise the temperature, the oxygen level and the ocean coverage until the environment is habitable. In terraforming mars you play one of those corporations and work together in the terraforming process, but compete in doing the best work, with victory points awarded not only for your contribution to the terraforming, but also for advancing human infrastructure throughout the solar systems and other commendable achievements. The players acquire unique project cards, which represent anything from introducing plant life or animals, hurling asteroids at the surface, building cities, and establishing greenhouse gas industries to heat up the atmosphere. You compete for the best places for your city tiles, ocean tiles and greenery tiles. When the terraforming process is complete, the player corporation with the most victory points wins.

Terraforming Mars Board GameStronghold-Games-6005SG-Terraforming-Board

Terraforming Mars Board Game (Stronghold Games) FAQ.

Buy this game, don't hesitate, buy it. If you like euro games this is an excellent choice, and if there is any inkling for science themes then this one fits extremely well. Plays very with 2 or 3 players and has a nice solo play as well. Drags a bit with 4, but mainly a learning curve type thing. -Notice from P. Kelly, Pennsylvania

Click to Show terraforming mars board game (stronghold games) Details

This is an incredible game with a very cool engine building mechanic that offers tons of choice. We received it this morning and quickly played it twice. I, already, cannot imagine my game library without it. It would rate 5 stars were it not for the component and packaging quality. . Online reviews had prepared me for mediocre component quality and poor artwork. Component quality was as expected yet still mildly disappointing considering the cost of the game. The board is a lighter weight than that of most games i own and i feel like i must be super careful when unfolding it to keep from accidentally tearing it at the scored spots. The player boards are printed on a pretty flimsy card stock but nothing that can't be improved with some laminate. The box, however, was sub-par and the clever but cheap cardboard tray inside was destroyed by shipping. . While my first impression was that the game board was small and drab, i quickly realized that the board was perfectly sized. Much of the game is played out on the tableau of cards each player creates in front of themselves and on the player boards that they use to manage resources. The game board is primarily used to track victory points and the game ending parameters by placing various tiles and player markers on the surface of the planet. The drab topography of mars quickly fills with colorful tiles and and player markers and looks very impressive by the end of the game. . The only real problem lies with the packaging. The box is of a lighter quality that most of the games on the market and does not need to be nearly as large as it is. It is much to large too hold the folded game board securely. They try to account for the small board the larger box with a clever cardboard tray that is cut, scored and folded to hold the board floating in the middle above a center area intended for the other components. The tray is printed to look like the surface of mars and would be quite neat were it not printed on such a cheap grade of cardboard that it was destroyed in shipping. The game board and components are too heavy for the tray and a good shake (like a kid with a christmas present or a ups deliveryman) will cause the heavy components to destroy the tray that holds them. . Again, i consider the game to be a must own. I do, however, suspect that i will wish that i had waited for the second edition with improved components and packaging. When you shell out $60. 00 for what essentially amounts to an intellectual property and some cardboard, you should get quality cardboard!

Terraforming-mars-board-game-(stronghold-games) set picture

- B. MeghanMan, what can i say about this one? . . Object is to build a corporate engine to produce oxygen, heat (to raise planet temperature) and place oceans. There is a generous amount of cards that are drawn upon to build your tableau. It is a great engine builder game. You are also competing against fellow corporations (ie: the other players). The corporation that you pick has a special ability or you can use the generic starter corporations. I would recommend skipping those beginner corps and go with some variety. . You draw cards at the beginning of your turn and decide which ones you want to keep to put into action, you have to pay for the ones you keep and the others are discarded. Cards have various requirements to put into your tableau, cost, temperature requirements, oxygen requirements, ocean requirements or certain other card requirements. Some cards you are just going to want to take even though the planet parameters don't allow you to use them (yet at least! ). . I love the theme, cards are loosely based of technologies that are close to what is possible. I love laying out tiles and seeing the planet surface literally come to life. . Component quality is top drawer. The gold, silver, and bronze cubes are awesome and feel great. They will eventually chip a little on the corners but that is the nature of the beast. . The game also plays excellently solo. I have played at least a dozen times and it is different each time with great replay value. . If you like the terraforming theme, mars, and the like, give this one a shot. Love it, love it, love it.

This has been a great board game to bring out to my table. Has a great theme and plays great. They only reason i give it a 4, really a 4 1/2, is the components could have been a bit better. . I highly recommend this game though if you can find it available.

L. Mahood, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Brand :    stronghold games
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    6005SG
Quantity :    1
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Price :    $71.49 (was $76.95)
  • Compete for different milestones and awards worth many vps
  • Over 200 different projects to complete
  • 1 to 5 players ages 12 and up

pandemic: iberia board game Price : 24.95, was : 34.03 as 2017-04-02
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The F.A.Q. for pandemic: iberia board game

Ended up being a perfect gift for someone who really liked pandemic but didn't own a copy of it. While shopping on online store for alternatives, i stumbled upon this title; i had never heard of it. Other than the pdf rulebook, i couldn't even find any additional product information on z-man's own website. Simply put, it's basically a 19th century alternative take on pandemic, set in spain and portugal. Apparently z-man produced this as a limited-edition, intending to run a single printing of it. I don't know how collectible that makes this game, but maybe it'll become difficult to find in future. Gameplay wise, if you like pandemic, you'll like this too as its similar, but def not the same game. For one thing, movement is more of an issue because: 1800s. Players (period appropriate roles) can spend actions to build railway track though, which extends a player's range as expected. In this version of the game, you don't cure diseases, but rather you "research" them. The process is the same, but outbreaks can be controlled by placing purified water markers in areas adjacent to high risk zones. You burn through these to prevent the placement of disease cubes (which are wood in this version). These mechanics make the game feel more unique/thematic without messing too much with the winning pandemic formula. The artwork contributes to the experience, and really ties everything together; it's the icing on the cake. Also worth mentioning is that the game can support 5 players out of the box vs. Normal pandemic which technically requires the "on the brink" expansion for a 5-player game. At this point i can't say with certainty which version of the game is "better", but it's nice how iberia is self-contained and has no expansions to deal with/try and consolidate. That simplicity can be a good thing.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Is this an expansion to the original game?

(1) Question: There are currently two listings for this game; one at $50 msrp and this one i'm commenting on at $60 msrp. what's the difference between the two?

(2) Question: In what language is it?

(note) Question: where/how to get Z Man Games (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Z Man Games's products

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Best pandemic: iberia board game (z man games) in review

My favorite board game now, even more than legacy. The setting and flavor are so authentic and intriguing, with lots of ways to make each game different. If you like the pandemic formula, this is a fresh, endlessly replayable edition i highly recommend!

N. Rhonda, Northern Territory

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A. Elanor, California says

Gameplay is great. There's enough similarity with the base game that it will be somewhat familiar for anyone that knows pandemic, but there's enough difference that it takes completely different strategy to play. There's no need to have played the original, it just cuts down on some of the explanation for new players. The art is wonderful and thematically relevant, which goes a long way in my book. I can tell a lot of care went into making this. It comes with a little book of concept art, which adds nothing to gameplay but on it's own is beautiful and interesting. I highly recommend this game. I will say that the historical diseases challenge had a slightly vague ruling issue that could have been addressed, but it was easy to find a faq forum on bgg that clarified.

B. Broyles, Leicestershire

This game takes the familiar mechanics of pandemic, adds a ton of theme, more mid-term strategic thinking and more variability in the box to deliver an incredible gaming experience that will satisfy families as well as more experienced gamers. If you don't believe me, try to win with all 4 special disease cards in play. And if you do win, please come back here to tell me how, because i keep getting my butt kicked by this game. As an added benefit, the artwork and components in this game are incredibly gorgeous. If you are looking for an interesting co-op game or if you are already a fan of pandemic, this game will certainly be a hit! i could not recommend it more.

X. Pamela, Aquitaine says

This is a great variation of pandemic. In fact we like it better than the original. The game play is nicely balanced, with the difficulty of not being able to "cure" a disease nicely offset by the ability to prevent cubes from being placed in regions that have had water treatment. I also love the addition of railway building to allow for movement, it adds a nice element of early game strategy to ease difficulty later on in the game. The board, game pieces, and cards are all very high quality, with obvious attention to detail in material choices to give a sense of the past (wood instead of plastic). I would recommend this to any fan of pandemic or any fan of board games in general.

Q. Sheila, Gateshead

As a big fan of the original pandemic game, i was a bit weary of this version when i first saw it, but figured i'd give it a shot since the gamemakers have never failed me before. This game did not disappoint - note that this is not an expansion to pandemic; rather, it is a standalone game. If you've played pandemic before, there are definitely many similarities: you still you lose the game if you run out of disease cubes, run out of player cards, or have too many outbreaks; you still need five cards of a color to research (rather than cure) a disease, and you have to do it at a research station; turns still consist of four actions, drawing two player cards, and infecting cities. . When i first opened the box and started to read the instructions, i was a bit worried that i had just bought a second pandemic game, just with a different board and some beautiful artwork. However, once i dug a little deeper, there are notable differences that force you to completely change your strategy. . First, you are researching diseases, rather than curing them. As a result, you can never eradicate a disease, and there is no way to outright prevent cubes from a certain color from being placed on the board. However, there is a new action: purify water; this requires actions, but allows you to place purification tokens into a "region", which is basically an area enclosed by the lines joining cities. Each purification token prevents the addition of one disease cube into a city that is touching the region. . Second, movement around the board is trickier - the game is set in iberia (now spain and portugal) in the mid 19th century. As a result, flying is not an option. There are port cities, and you can move between them by discarding a city card matching the color of the destination city; or you can build a network of railroads to connect the cities. . To date, we have played about a half dozen games, winning half and losing half. Every game we have won has come right down to the wire, where we wouldn't have survived another turn; every game we lost was also close, where we would have won with one or two more turns. Once you have mastered the base game, there are actually rules and cards for two additional challenges: the "influx of patients challenge" and "historical diseases challenge. " we haven't played these yet, so i can't speak to them. . Overall, a great game for pandemic fans to try if they are looking for a new challenge!

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